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         Food Science:     more books (100)
  1. On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee, 2004-11-16
  2. Food Science (Food Science Text Series) by Norman N. Potter, Joseph H. Hotchkiss, 1999-07-01
  3. The Science of Good Food: The Ultimate Reference on How Cooking Works by David Joachim, Andrew Schloss, et all 2008-10-10
  4. Understanding Food Science and Technology (with InfoTrac ) by Peter Murano, 2002-09-25
  5. Essentials of Food Science (Food Science Text Series) by Vickie A. Vaclavik, Elizabeth W. Christian, 2003-05-31
  6. Science of Food, Fourth Edition by K. B. Sherrington, P. M. Gaman, 1998-03-23
  7. Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food by Jeff Potter, 2010-08-02
  8. What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained by Robert L. Wolke, 2008-10-17
  9. The Science of Cooking by Peter Barham, 2001-06-08
  10. Food Texture and Viscosity, Second Edition: Concept and Measurement (Food Science and Technology) by Malcolm Bourne, 2002-03-28
  11. Principles of Food Chemistry (Food Science Text Series) by John M. de Man, 1999-02-01
  12. Elementary Food Science (Food Science Texts Series) 4th Edition by Ernest R. Vieira, 1999-02-01
  13. Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice by Neal D. Fortin, 2009-02-03
  14. Crop Science and Food Production by Douglas D. Bishop, 1983-09

161. Geologic And Paleontologic Cook Book, Educational Resources For K-16
The Kentucky Geological Survey offers recipes for appetizers, desserts and other food that help to explain earthscience concepts.
KGS Home Earth Science Education
Geologic and Paleontologic Cook Book
How to make edible goodies for teaching and fun! Would you like to make edible prehistoric critters? Do you want to explore and mine for edible ores? Would you like to make science fun and tasty? Maybe you just want to start people talking about your next appetizer tray? Then this is the site for you. The following are some edible suggestions. Some were concocted by our own resident paleontologists and scientists, others are links to sites elsewhere on the web. If you know of links to other recipes, or want to submit a recipe yourself, please contact Stephen F. Greb at the Kentucky Geological Survey. The only guidelines are that the activity, model, or exercise, should use food to illustrate, demonstrate, or explain an earth-science concept, and that the activity, model, or exercise can be safely eaten (at least in part) when finished. Prehistoric appetizers Prehistoric desserts Other food-based earth-science delectables

162. The Smorgasbord
Articles on food history, science, recipes for kids, kitchenware and the political impact of food on society.

163. Study Sewage Toxins Might Get In Food

164. America's Test Kitchen
Explanations of cooking and food preparation techniques and why they work.
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Blue Onion Soup?
Peanut Butter Separation
Prying Flavor Out of Dry Spices The Best Fire for Barbecues The Truth About Cutting Boards and Bacteria ... Why Does Cold Food Require More Seasoning? Seasoning Why Does Lumpy Pancake Batter Produce Fluffier Pancakes? Why Does Mixing Method Matter? Why Milk Makes the Meat Tender America's Test Kitchen Is Sponsored By:

165. Dips
A collection of dip recipes from the Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer science. Many from usenet group.
Dip Recipes

166. Nutrition And Food Safety Information Site - EUFIC
Provides sciencebased information on food technology, safety and quality, and nutrition.
init("/gb/"); Homepage Who are we? Archive Links ... Journalist access Search: Advanced search Glossary Discover other
EUFIC websites: A site for the young, play to learn more about healthy diet and lifestyle Interactive educational site on food production, safety and technology Have an Expert team to answer your questions Adult Nutrition
Children nutrition


Functional foods
... more EUFIC Online
If you want to receive regular updates on food safety, healthy eating and lifestyle , change or cancel your subscription, please enter your email here under Last update : 22/08/2005 Homepage Who are we? Archive Useful Links ... Journalist Access

167. Ahlstrom Corporation
USA. Engineered web materials for life science, liquid, air and food filtration, membrane substrates, and absorbent and technical products, from glass fiber, high purity cellulose, polyester, vegetable fibers and composites thereof. Custom design and manufacturing, and converting and laminating services.
This web site requires frameset capable browser. Ahlstrom is a leader in high performance fiber based materials. Ahlstrom, fiber solutions, fiber based materials, specialty paper, nonwovens, glassfiber, glassfibre, self adhesive, labels, packaging, composites, cores, coreboard, filter media, automotive nonwovens, Backings, Headliners, Glassfibre tissues, Abrasive base papers Automotive nonwovens
Engine filtration



168. BDSK Consulting Inc.
Provides general consulting services founded on the principles of evidencebased science. Incorporated partnership of four scientists with collective experience consulting for academia, government, the food industry and non-governmental organizations.

Services Director Profiles Links ... Contact Welcome to BDSK Consulting
Nutrition consulting founded on the principles of evidence-based medicine.

169. Professional Advertising Copywriter IL, Freelance Copywriter, Advertising Copywr
Web site and traditional print copyL literature, presentations and speeches written for financial, legal, industrial, high tech, consumer, food and science markets.

170. Ethnobotany - Access Excellence
Defines the science, explains plant classification, offers articles on medicinal and food plants of Central and South America, and proposes classroom activities for highschool biology students.

171. UF / IFAS News
Provides news releases and photographs on the school's statewide teaching, research and extension programs.
IFAS Home Teaching Research Extension ...
about audio

Video Available Audio Available Photo Available
Click for high resolution Stucco May Have Been Wrongly Blamed For Some Leaky Homes, Says UF Researcher
GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Stucco, a cement-based product used to coat buildings, may have been wrongly blamed for causing at least some of the leaks that struck thousands of Central Florida homes during the 2004 hurricane season, says a University of Florida expert investigating stucco’s water resistance. More... Released: 09.15.2005
Click for high resolution Expanding U.S. Exports To Cuba Creates Opportunities For U.S. Farmers, Says UF Expert
GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Cuba’s growing appetite for U.S. food exports is good news for American agricultural producers, but an end to the current embargo on imports from the island nation could mean both challenges and opportunities for Florida agriculture, says a University of Florida expert. More... Released: 09.15.2005
Click for high resolution Bob Vila To Show Florida Yards And Neighborhoods Storm-Resistant Landscaping
PUNTA GORDA, Fla. - Storm-resistant landscaping will be demonstrated Friday (Sept. 16) when home improvement guru Bob Vila and University of Florida extension environmental horticulture agents help dedicate a new residence built in Charlotte County a year after Hurricane Charley devastated the area.

172. Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
News analysis, science, formulations, and marketing for natural product formulators, R D scientists, brand managers, product and development specialists. From New Hope Natural Media.
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Industry aligns against latest attack on DSHEA

Mars sees a promising future in cocoa flavanols
China News

News about the latest regulatory trends, ingredients and products in China Company news A regular international roundup of people and businesses making the news Periscope The European food industry: what does the future hold? What’s in store for the Sept 14-16 conference The quiet revolution Euromonitor International assesses the growth potential for suppliers and manufacturers in this emerging functional foods market How cGMPs will transform the industry The much-anticipated new cGMPs will initially be a strain on manufacturers, and especially ingredients suppliers, Qun Yi Zheng, PhD, writes, but in the end they will help re-establish industry esteem Taking the 'fishy' out of fish oil Micro-encapsulation is introducing omega-3s into breads and juices for the first time, without compromising taste. Patrick McGuigan explores

173. UF/IFAS EDIS Homepage
University of Florida's official reference resource for more than 4,000 print and electronic publications approved by the University and the Institute of food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).
EDIS Homepage
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EDIS is the Electronic Data Information Source of UF/IFAS Extension , a collection of information on topics relevant to you: profitable and sustainable agriculture, our environment and natural resources, 4-H and other youth programs, Florida-friendly landscapes, communities that are vibrant and prosperous, and economic well-being and life quality for individuals and families.



... Help This page is maintained by EDIS technical staff . Last updated on September 1, 2005 Gainesville, FL 32611

174. Tepnel - Homepage
Offers technology, automation and services to the life sciences research, clinical diagnostic and food testing markets.
Home About Us Contact Careers ... News Search Automated systems, Nucleon manual kits and contract services for DNA extraction. Analytical chemistry, bioanalysis and microbiological testing services for the pharma, biotech and healthcare industries. BioKits range for allergens, GMOs, animal and fish speciation, adulterants, toxins and contaminants. Diagnostic products and services for HLA typing and antibody detection (LIFEMATCH), DNA identity testing and mutation detection. Kits and services for human in vitro diagnostic genetic testing and screening. RFLPs for identity testing Receive our email updates Download location maps

175. MISA
Partnership between the College of Agricultural, food, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Minnesota and the Sustainers' Coalition. Cooperative effort to develop and promote sustainable agriculture.

176. Flavor Manufacturing By Flavor Sciences Incorporated.
Supplier of flavors, both natural and artificial, liquid and powdered for a broad range of food applications.
Welcome to Flavor Sciences. Flavor Sciences, Inc. has been a proud supplier of flavors to many of the finest food manufacturers in America and abroad since 1969.
Our success has been built on our close working relationship with each individual customer. We strive to understand the specific requirements of every project presented and tailor our flavors to meet our customers' needs within the desired price range.
Our flavors are available as liquids and spray dried powders; natural and/or artificial and natural WONF.
We retain KOF-K of Teaneck, NJ as our supervisory service for those with special religious dietary needs.
Our customers are never burdened with minimum order policies or unreasonable lead times. Our goal is simply to supply what you need when you need it.
In compliance with the The Bioterrorism Act of 2002, Flavor Sciences, Inc. has registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Our registration number is 134 752 956 54.
Order flavor samples on line from our list or tell us how we can create a flavor that satisfies your requirements.
We look forward to the pleasure of serving You!

177. Trihalomethanes (THM) In Drinking Water
University of Florida Institute of food and Agricultural Sciences Water Quality Education Resources. health issues related to THM.
Trihalomethanes and Our Water Supply Introduction Comparing risks in our daily lives TTHM health issues The chloramine solution ... City of LaBelle Public Works
Created by: John C. Capece on November 20, 1998
Last updated October 3, 1999 by: Dr. John Capece , Southern Datastream

178. F- In Food
Find out how much fluoride is in the foods and beverages you eat and drink.
see also Part II This table is for reference only and gives a general idea as to the high fluoride content in some foods and beverages. BEVERAGES: Juices 6.8mg/l Gerber's White Grape Juice 0.98 - 1.20mg/l Minute Maid OJ 3.0mg/l Gerber's Graduate Berry Juice 0.78mg/l Dole Pineapple Prune Juice Cranberry Juice Pear Juice Red Grape Juice Cherry Juice Apple Grape Juice Apple Juice Soft Drinks 0.82 -0.98mg/l Coca Cola Classic 1.12mg/l Diet Coke 0.29mg/l Snapple 0.73mg/l Sprite 0.85mg/l Hawaiian Punch 0.45mg/l Hansen's Soda 0.37mg/l Capri Sun 0.79mg/l Publix Orange Juice 0.44mg/l Gatorix Punch Concent. 0.56mg/l Lipton Ice Tea Tea see also: Green Tea Article (L=Leafs, P=Prepared) UK TEAS Iced Tea 180.16mg/kg Coarse Tea(L) 72.62-89.02mg/kg Green Tea(L) 71.11mg/kg Refined Green Tea(L) 30-340 mg/kg Black Tea(16 samples) 4.57mg/l Tea (P) 1.01-5.20mg/l De-caffeinated Teas(P) 2.58-3.69mg/l Milk Tea(fr.Brick Tea) 77mg/kg Pu'er Brick Tea (L) 441mg/kg Bianxiao Brick Tea(L) 6.0-6.9mg/kg Herbal Teas (L) 7.8mg per cup 1 Cup Black Tea (P) 15.6mg/L “Wisdom of the Ancients”
Instant Green Tea (P) 2.95mg/L

179. Food Australia Home
Each month food Australia publishes items of both general interest and thosewhich concentrate on specific aspects of the food industry.
ABN 24 874 852 254
Postal: PO Box 6436
Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia
Phone: +61 2 8399 3996; Fax: +61 2 8399 3997
Email: Webmaster All expressions of opinion contained in Food Australia are those of the authors, unless expressly stated to also be those of food Australia and/or the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Inc. Neither food Australia nor the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Inc. is responsible in any way for any representations which may be made in advertisements or advertorials (ie. advertisements styled in the nature of an article), which remain the responsibility of those persons placing those advertisements or advertorials.

180. Redirector - College Of Human Sciences - Iowa State University
On July 1, 2005, the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and the College ofEducation combined to become the College of Human Sciences.

Directory Index College Search On July 1, 2005, the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and the College of Education combined to become the College of Human Sciences. Consequently, this site has moved.
Please update your bookmarks.
College of Human Sciences
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Dean's Office, E262 Lagomarcino Hall, Ames, Iowa 50011-3190 Phone: (515) 294-7003, Fax: (515) 294-9725,

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