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         Evolution:     more books (98)
  1. I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution by Denis O. Lamoureux, 2009-04
  2. Origins: A Reformed Look at Creation, Design, and Evolution by Deborah B. Haarsma, Loren D. Haarsma, 2007-10
  3. Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose? by Denis Alexander, 2008-11-04
  4. Quantum Evolution: How Physics' Weirdest Theory Explains Life's Biggest Mystery (Norton Paperback) by Johnjoe McFadden, 2002-05-17
  5. Evolution's Workshop: God and Science on the Galápagos Islands by Edward J. Larson, 2002-04
  6. No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam by Reza Aslan, 2006-01-10
  7. The Evolution of Modern States: Sweden, Japan, and the United States (Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics) by Sven Steinmo, 2010-07-19
  8. Refuting Evolution: A Handbook for Students, Parents, and Teachers Countering the Latest Arguments for Evolution by Jonathan Sarfati, Ken Ham, 1999-05
  9. The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature by Matt Ridley, 2003-05-01
  10. Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul by Kenneth R. Miller, 2009-05-26
  11. The Complete World of Human Evolution by Chris Stringer, Peter Andrews, 2005-05-17
  12. Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making Better People (New in Paper) (Science Essentials) by John Harris, 2010-10-05
  13. EVOLUTION OF CIVILIZATIONS, THE by Carroll Quigley, 2010-11-30
  14. Dragonart Evolution: How to Draw Everything Dragon by J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer, 2010-08-19

101. Electric Playground
7.5/10 In the end 4x4 evolution is a greatlooking simulation but only the hardest of the hardcore are going to be able to get into this game. (PS2)

102. Evolution Resources
This Web page is designed to provide easy access to books, position statements, and additional resources on evolution education and research.
Search: Subscribe to our FREE e-newsletter! NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE ... Site Map Career Links Employment Internships Career Guides For Retirees News Links News Archive Top News Science in the Headlines
Evolution Resources
From the National Academies
This Web page is designed to provide easy access to books, position statements, and additional resources on evolution education and research. These materials have been produced by the National Academies and other sources. The site will be updated and expanded periodically.
Evolution in Hawaii: A Supplement to Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science
Evolution in Hawaii
examines evolution and the nature of science by looking at a specific part of the world the Hawaiian Islands. By focusing on one set of islands, this book illuminates the general principles of evolutionary biology and how ongoing research will continue to expand our knowledge of the natural world. This practical book has been specifically designed to give teachers and their students an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of evolution using exercises with real genetic data to explore and investigate speciation and the probable order in which speciation occurred based on the ages of each island. [ read FREE online FREE download
Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences, Second Edition

103. The Apples In Stereo: Tone Soul Evolution ---Ink Blot Magazine
JF's review It'll warm your heart.
Listen To Real Audio
Apples In Stereo,

"Seems So"

at a glance... Hometown: Denver, CO
Formed: circa 1993 Members:
Robert Schneider -guitars, vocals
John Hill -guitars, vocals
Eric Allen -bass, vocals
Hilarie Sidney -drums, vocals
Bands in the family :
Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel , Flydaddys, Beulah , Dressy Bessy, Of Montreal, The Minders, The Frosted Ambassador, Music Tapes, Bablic Notes: Apples In Stereo released a few split 7-inches, including one with fellow 60s-psychedelicists Olivia Tremor Control, on various indie labels before recording their debut album, Fun Trick Noisemaker on spinART in 1995. Quickly won the patronage of some of the big names of American indie rock, touring with Flaming Lips Beck and Pavement , before releasing Tone Soul Evolution in February of 1998. Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone is their latest release. Links: Apples in Stereo Official site. The Apples In Stereo Tone Soul Evolution spinArt , Released Soul? The Apples In Stereo? Aren't they those knowingly twee, postmodern purveyors of pop music? You know, like they made back in the '60s, before everyone realized that having melodies in your songs was, like, uncool? Shouldn't they leave "soul" to the experts? Like Michael Bolton? That's them alright. Yet almost in spite of themselves, Apples in Stereo do create their own kind of soul music. Yes, it's built on melody, with hooks scattered around the songs like so many flourescent pick-up sticks. And yes, it's retro, sounding like the kind of mid-'60s record that was actually proud to be recorded in stereo.

104. The Evolution Evidence Page
A collection of articles about evolution, most of which deal primarily with human evolution, from a variety of sources. They include discussion of the

105. Journal Of Evolution And Technology
HOME JOURNAL TABLE of CONTENTS EDITORIAL BOARD AUTHOR INFO JOURNAL HISTORY. © 2005 Journal of evolution and Technology. All Rights Reserved.
A peer-reviewed electronic journal published by the Institute for Ethics and
Emerging Technologies
ISSN 1541-0099 contents call for papers editorial board how to submit to ... JET Mark Walker and Heidi Campbell
"Introduction to Special Issue on Transhumanism and Religion
" John Hedley Brooke "Visions of Perfectibility" Patrick D. Hopkins "Transcending the Animal: How Transhumanism and Religion Are and Are Not Alike" Stephen Garner "Transhumanism and Christian Social Concern " Michael LaTorra "Trans-Spirit: Religion, Spirituality and Transhumanism" Todd Daly "Life-Extension in Transhumanist and Christian perspectives: Consonance and Conflict " Oliver Krueger "Gnosis in Cyberspace? Body, Mind and Progress in Posthumanism" William Sims Bainbridge "The Transhuman Heresy"
Non-thematic submissions are welcome at any time
Future Theme Issues
Deadline 12/01/06 Longer Healthy Lives Essays on other topics are welcome at any time. Please review our submission guidelines for more information
Call for Papers for Special Issue on Global Health and Sustainable Development
With the "Global Health and Sustainable Development" issue of JET we seek to explore the way that emerging technologies, especially human enhancement technologies, can contribute to the pressing needs of the developing world.

106. Frequently Encountered Criticisms In Evolution Vs. Creationism
Intended to serve as an elementary introduction to the claims some creationists make against evolution. Extensive list compiled by Mark I. Vuletic, of the University of Illinois.
The 2002 version of
Frequently Encountered Criticisms in Evolution vs. Creationism
is now available at This page should redirect you to the new site in 10 seconds.

107. - Journal Of Human Evolution
The Journal of Human evolution concentrates on publishing the highest quality papers covering all aspects of human evolution. The central focus is aimed
Home Site map Regional Sites Advanced Product Search ... Journal of Human Evolution Journal information Product description Editorial board Audience Abstracting/indexing For Authors Guide for authors Subscription information Bibliographic and ordering information Conditions of sale Dispatch dates Journal related information Impact factor Most downloaded articles Other journals in same subject area Related publications ... Select your view JOURNAL OF HUMAN EVOLUTION
Fred Spoor, Susan Ant³n, William H. Kimbel

See editorial board for all editors information
The Journal of Human Evolution concentrates on publishing the highest quality papers covering all aspects of human evolution. The central focus is aimed jointly at palaeoanthropological work, covering human and primate fossils, and at comparative studies of living species, including both morphological and molecular evidence. These include descriptions of new discoveries, interpretative analyses of new and previously described material, and assessments of the phylogeny and palaeobiology of primate species.
In addition to original research papers, space is allocated for the rapid publication of short communications on new discoveries, such as exciting new fossils, or on matters of topical interest, such as reports on meetings. The journal also publishes longer review papers solicited from workers active in particular fields of research. All manuscripts are subjected to review by three referees.

108. Comme Au Cinema
Histoire, casting, bandeannonce, galerie de photos et fonds d'©crans.

109. Phylogeny Programs
SIMPLOT uses PHYLIP to search for mosaic evolution (recombination); MDIV, a program for estimating divergence times, population size and migration rate
Methods By computer Cross-referenced Changes ... Waiting list Here are some 233 of the phylogeny packages, and 28 free servers, that I know about. It is an attempt to be completely comprehensive. I have not made any attempt to exclude programs that do not meet some standard of quality or importance. Updates to these pages are made sporadically. (Note there were no updates of these pages from early 2001 until August, 2003. Updating has now resumed and I am catching up. Here is a "waiting list" of new programs.) Many of the programs in these pages are available on the web, and some of them are also available from ftp server machines The programs listed below include both free and non-free ones; in some cases I do not know whether a program is free. I have listed as free those that I knew were free; for the others you have to ask their distributor. Usually when I say that a program is downloadable from a web site, this means that it is available free. Email addresses in these pages have had the symbol replaced by (at) in hopes of foiling spambots that harvest email addresses.

110. The
Indierock band based in Orange County, California. News, biography, pictures, audio samples, lyrics and shows.

111. Answers In Genesis - Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics
Mega site on scientific evidence in support of the Genesis creation account and a short chronology. Archived articles of Creation Magazine,
@import url("/styles/default.css"); @import url("/styles/entry2Col.css"); @import url("/styles/entry3Col.css");
Answers in Genesis: Upholding the Authority of the Bible from the Very First Verse
Upholding the Authority of the Bible from the Very First Verse Country: Select your country Language: English Good news About us Contact us ... Other creationist jobs
Country Select
Please select your country to get all the benefits of this site: Australia Canada New Zealand South Africa United Kingdom United States Other countries... Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Azores Bahamas Bahrain Balearic Islands Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Canary Islands Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central African Republic Chad Chile China Colombia Comoros Congo Costa Rica Cote d'Ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Europe Faroe Islands Fed. States of Micronesia

112. Yoga And Meditation Retreat Center, Spiritual Retreats Big Island Hawaii
Individual and group retreats in Hawaii including spiritual journeys with dolphins and Merkaba training, also a mailing list, information regarding the center and its mission, and related products.
One week here can change the rest of your life... Find yourself, heal and become whole.
Our dolphin journeys are unique and very special. We focus upon the spiritual level of interaction with the dolphins, encouraging a deep communion and interaction with themexpanding into meditative states while in the water as well as joining them in blissful play and laughter. This is vastly different than what we frequently seepeople chasing them and not respecting that we are entering their home environment, asking to be with them in a sacred way. In joining with the dolphins in their natural habitat, we open to experience all that they have to teach and offer us, and allow them to determine the level upon which they wish to interact with us. The more open we are, the more gifts we might receive! Of utmost importance is our respect for them, as for all sentient beings, allowing them to interact with us in whatever ways they are comfortable.
Click here for Retreats and Workshops!

113. Exploration Of The Universe Division
Beyond Einstein From the Big Bang to Black Holes.The education pages sponsored by the SEU Theme Office at the Office of Space Science at NASA Headquarters
+ NASA Homepage
+ Exploration of the Universe Division
... this could take a while... EUD
Astroparticle Physics X-ray Astrophysics ... Links If you're looking for the Beyond Einstein site, please visit Wed Sep 14 in B2/Rm215 @ 11:00
Lee Lindblom (Caltech)
Preserving the Constraints in Numerical Relativity Tue Sep 20 in B21/Rm183 @ 3:30
Eli Dwek (GSFC)
Interstellar Dust Wed Sep 21 in B21/Rm183A @ 3:30
Lynne Valencic (Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM)
A Re-examination of UV Extinction and Diffuse Interstellar Bands Tue Sep 27 in B21/Rm183 @ 3:30
John Baker (GSFC) Gravitational Waves
  • EUD Colloquium
  • Division Director Seminar
  • Boldt Lectureship Series
  • September 12 - Swift detects most distant explosion. August 10 - John Mather wins SPIE's George W. Goddard award. July 28 - ARCADE /CosmoCam flew overnight across Texas. July 13 - "Three satellites needed to bring out 'shy star'" Volker Beckmann (661) led this work July 10 - Astro-E2 (now Suzaku) launched! Congrats to the XRS and XRT teams in the EUD, and to the entire mission team in the US and Japan. June 22 - "NASA's Hubble Chases Unruly Planet" Mark Clampin (667) and collegues did this work June 6 - Jennifer Scott is awarded 2005 Robert J. Trumpler Award by the ASP
  • 114. UPenn - SAS - Biology
    Paleobiology and the evolution of limb development (University of Chicago).
    07 April 2005
    Congratulations to Dr. Paul Sniegowski , Associate Professor of Biology, the winner of the 2005 Ira Abrams Memorial Award for Distinguished Teaching for Faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences. The Abrams Award is the highest teaching honor in the School of Arts and Sciences. Created in 1983, the award recognizes teaching that is "intellectually challenging and exceptionally coherent and honors faculty who embody high standards of integrity and fairness, have a strong commitment to learning, and are open to new ideas." Dr. Sniegowski has long been known for his dedication to teaching. A committee of undergraduate biology majors chose Dr. Sniegowski for the 2002-2003 Excellence in Teaching Award based on nominations from students He has played a major role in revitalizing our introductory biology courses. His commitment to teaching extends beyond biology to service as a Freshman Advisor and participation in the Penn Reading Project.
    Other features...

    115. AAAS - AAAS Evolution Resources
    communities to explore the religious implications of evolution and seeks to communities in support of research on and education about evolution.
    Log In Join Search Site Map ... Advanced search Events AAAS Board AAAS Book Store AAAS Council AAAS Statements Annual Meeting Archives Awards Development Education Employment Experts Governance International Make a Gift Media Relations Membership Organization Press Releases Science The Program seeks to assist the general public, especially the religious communities, to understand the scientific robustness of the contemporary theory of biological evolution, as well as to address the historical and philosophical dimensions of the cultural debate that surrounds evolutionary biology. Through conferences, lectures, research seminars, and electronic and print publications, the Program assists religious communities to explore the religious implications of evolution and seeks to engage the religious communities in support of research on and education about evolution.
    privacy policy
    Contact info. Mission History ... Employment at AAAS FoldNumber = 9; //How many toplinks do you have? Science, Ethics, Religion

    116. Terrestrial Soup - Intelligent Design Vs Evolution
    Provides information and news about the debate between evolution and intelligent design, creationism, and Christian apologetics.

    117. Evolution Of Evolvability
    evolution tunes the content and frequency of genetic variation to enhance its evolvability.
    Evolution of Evolvability This paper shows how evolution tunes the content and frequency of genetic variation to enhance its evolvability. Genetic evolution is not random or entirely blind. Genetic systems are like nervous systems and brains—they have been structured and organised by evolution to enhance their ability to discover effective adaptations. (For a more general approach to the evolution of evolvability, see Chapters 8 to 12 inclusive of the on-line book Evolution's Arrow. It examines in detail how evolution itself has evolved. It shows how evolution has discovered new and better evolutionary mechanisms (mechanisms that discover and perpetuate adaptations). The book looks at the evolution of pre-genetic, genetic, psychological, cultural, and supra-individual evolutionary mechanisms It also shows how evolution has progressively improved the evolvability of these mechanisms, and how it can be expected to continue to do so in the future. Chapter 8 is at
    John Stewart (

    118. A & E
    Book reviews, articles and responses about atheism vs. evolution.
    We would like to encourage you to write responses to our articles, and also write your own. Please note that this website is a forum for debate from both sides - not just from atheists and evolutionists. If you oppose anything you see on this site, then we would like to know what your view is. We will put all we receive online – but be prepared to defend your writing! Click on the ‘how to respond’ link below for more information and where to send articles. Book Reviews: Tornado in a Junkyard, the Relentless Myth of Darwinism – By James Perloff (Reviewed by Daniel Aston) Darwin on Trial – By Phil Johnson. (Reviewed by Richard Barnett) Darwin on Trial – By Phil Johnson. (Reviewed by James Brown) The Blind Watchmaker – By Richard Dawkins. (Reviewed by Tim Bonnici) New Articles: Supernatural Causes and Cures of Melancholy in the Early Modern Period. (By Richard Barnett) Suicide and Atheism: Camus and the Myth of Sisyphus. (By Richard Barnett) If you would like to write a new article, please click here.

    119. Evolution's Arrow
    Web version of a book written by John Stewart about the direction of evolution and the future of humanity.
    The direction of evolution and the future of humanity
    John Stewart
    Member of the Evolution of Complexity and Cognition Research Group , the Free University of Brussels
    This site includes the full text of my book Originally was available outside Australia only through this website. For a little over a year it has also been available internationally in printed form. The printed version has received a rousing reception including a growing number of very positive reviews, and sparked a unique meeting of evolutionary visionaries in the United States in May 2005. A significant number of printed copies of the book have been sold despite the fact that it can be downloaded free from this website (apparently many people still find a printed book more convenient). is helping to promote a significant evolutionary shift in which increasing numbers of individuals are seeing themselves as having a conscious role in the future evolution of life on earth. uses the methods, tools and findings of science to demonstrate that the evolution of life is directional. Evolution is not an aimless and random process, it is headed somewhere.

    120. Contents
    PhD thesis on the active tectonics of Northeast Altai in central Asia focusing on structural geology, paleostress analysis, seismics and radon gas geochemistry.
    goto Boris Dehandschutter's home page
    The active deformation in most of Northeast Altai ( chapter 1 ) is far from understood, mainly because of the poor tools geologists have in assessing active structures and determining active faults in basement terranes. Except from the historical earthquake related fault movements and deformation in large Cenozoic basins such as Chuya and Zaisan, the timing of Cenozoic faulting and related deformation remains unknown. The Cenozoic kinematics of the major faults in the region has only been estimated from single-image remote-sensing and large-scale modelling on lithospheric scale, and detailed remote-sensing and field-based data are lacking. The behaviour of the tectonic stress field in highly heterogenous basement terranes and its relation to the active and upper crustal movements are poorly understood. And finally, the perception of the tectonic and geodynamic meaning of the specific wrench-zone related deformation in the area, combining range uplift with extensional basin formation is poor.
    The study area a is typical locality of complex active deformation that is difficult to assess by classical geological and/or geophysical tools (based on stratigraphy), due to the lack of a developed stratigraphic sequence for the Cenozoic. We focus on the determination of active and recent deformation and tectonism, using remote sensing, structural field observations and geophysical information. The use of these methods is discussed in the following three chapters (

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