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         Ecology:     more books (99)
  1. Infectious Disease Ecology: Effects of Ecosystems on Disease and of Disease on Ecosystems
  2. A Primer of Ecology with R (Use R) by M. Henry Stevens, 2009-06-11
  3. Forest Ecology by Burton V. Barnes, Donald R. Zak, et all 1998-02-24
  4. Ecology and Field Biology: Hands-On Field Package (6th Edition) by Robert L. Smith, Thomas M. Smith, 2001-12-07
  5. Harnessing America's Wasted Talent: A New Ecology of Learning (The Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series) by Peter Smith, 2010-02-02
  6. Radical Ecology: The Search for a Livable World (Revolutionary Thought and Radical Movements) by Carolyn Merchant, 2005-06-23
  7. Changes in the Land, Revised Edition: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England by William Cronon, 2003-09-01
  8. Freshwater Algae of North America: Ecology and Classification (Aquatic Ecology) by Robert G. Sheath, John D. Wehr, 2002-12-03
  9. Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies by Reyner Banham, 2009-03-05
  10. Advances in Urban Ecology: Integrating Humans and Ecological Processes in Urban Ecosystems by Marina Alberti, 2008-12-10
  11. Foundations of Ecology: Classic Papers with Commentaries
  12. The Ecology of Building Materials, Second Edition by Bjorn Berge, 2009-04-08
  13. Deep Ecology for the Twenty-First Century by George Sessions, 1995-01-24
  14. The Ecology and Behavior of Amphibians by Kentwood D. Wells, 2007-11-15

41. Urban Ecology
An organization dedicated to building ecologically and socially healthy cities.

42. Abraham Gesner Saved The Whales
Who really saved the whales? Abraham Gesner did, by inventing kerosene. This single page is an exposition by James S. Robbins of changing technology and changing pressures on the ecology.
Abraham Gesner
Abraham Gesner ... saved more whales
than Green Peace ever will ...

In 1849, Gesner devised a method to distill kerosene from petroleum.
In 1846 there were 735 ships in the whaling fleet.
Thirty years later, in 1876, the fleet was down to 39 ships.
Kerosene had taken over the whale oil market.

The price of sperm oil reached its high of $1.77 per gallon in 1856;
by 1896 it sold for 40 cents. Yet it could not keep pace with the price
of refined petroleum, which dropped from 59 cents per gallon in 1865
to a fraction over seven cents in 1895.
How Capitalism Saved the Whales
by James S. Robbins
It is an article of faith among environmentalists that the ills of the world can be traced to economic and technological development, especially since the industrial revolution. The changes that took place in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, such as harnessing new sources of energy (moving from water to coal power, for example), the development of the factory system, and the human population explosion, they say, led directly to the current problems with waste disposal, air and water pollution, overcrowding, and misused resources, not to mention global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, and other highly speculative developments.
Fixation on doomsaying can cause environmentalists to forget that the negative consequences of industrialization are minute compared to the positive developments of the industrial age. People are healthier, live longer, and are more productive than ever before in history. But defenders of industrialism can go even further to show that in many cases technological progress has benefited the environment. This is vividly demonstrated in the case of one of the most emotion-laden symbols of environmentalism, the whales.

43. Evolutionary Ecology Research -- A Scientific Journal
A scientific journal which has some sample readings available. Articles are rather technical but provide a good insight into contemporary evolutionary
Serving you better:
EER expands 10% as of Nov 2004
EER adds full-text search
Our articles
Early editions
Sample issue
Citizen's Page
Win-Win Ecology
A professional scientific journal
focusing on
the overlap between ecology and evolution
Editors Advice to authors EER Subscriptions (2006) The Careful Foot People read Evolutionary Ecology Research Quick turnaround! Fully indexed in: Biological Abstracts CAB Abstracts Current Contents Ecology Abstracts Environment Abstracts Zoological Record We depend on you... and we act like it. Expanded coverage of

44. Riviste@Nephila - Magazines@Nephila
Publishes research and review articles on all aspects of animal behavior. Formerly called Monitore Zoologico Italiano.
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riviste utente EEE TZ ... Mostro

Formerly Monitore Zoologico Italiano
Since 1890
provides publication of research and review articles on all aspects of animal behaviour. Articles should emphasize the significance of the research for understanding the function, ecology, or evolution of behaviour. Research articles may be in the form of full length papers or short research reports. The Editor encourages the submission of short papers containing critical discussion of current issues in the study of animal behaviour. Monograph-length manuscripts on topics of major interest, as well as descriptions of new methods are welcome. A Forum, Letters to Editor and Book Reviews are also included. Also available are Special Issues which are not published periodically and which vary in price according to the issue. Editor in Chief
Assistant Editors Francesca Gherardi Alberto Ugolini
Managing Editor
Deborah Benvenuti

Riccardo Petrini

Use these softwares to read our downloaded issues and arcticles
StuffIt Expander Acrobat reader IASGARD 0.9.0 - N

45. Ecology Hall Of Fame
Introduction to people who have influenced the American environmental movement.
Ecology Hall of Fame A Project of EcoTopia/USA Dedicated to the heroes of the American environmental movement. We are pleased to present our six charter inductees: Alan Chadwick
Henry Thoreau

Rachel Carson

John Burroughs
Aldo Leopold

Additional people honored in the Ecology Hall of Fame: Living Legends of the environmental movement:
Would you like to nominate someone for the Ecology Hall of Fame? Timeline of the American environmental movement (for a text-only, no tables version, click here
About the Ecology Hall of Fame
Back to EcoTopia Alan Chadwick Henry Thoreau Rachel Carson John Burroughs ... William O. Douglas

46. BioMed Central | BMC Ecology
Welcome to BMC ecology published by BioMed Central. BMC ecology publishes original research articles in environmental, behavioral and population ecology of
home journals A-Z subject areas advanced search ... my BioMed Central Quick Search BMC Ecology BioMed Central PubMed Central PubMed Jump to article
BMC Ecology
Home About this journal Editorial board Archive Advanced search ... Instructions for authors Editor-in-Chief, BMC -series titles
Peter Newmark
Editorial Director, Biology
Theodora Bloom
Welcome to BMC Ecology published by BioMed Central BMC Ecology publishes original research articles in environmental, behavioral and population ecology of plants, animals, and microbes. BMC Ecology (ISSN 1472-6785) is indexed/tracked/covered by PubMed, MEDLINE, BIOSIS, CAS, Scopus and Google Scholar.
Research highlights
Morphology of fossil salamanders reflects climate change
BMC Ecology A fossil record of the Tiger Salamander shows population-wide changes in body size and morphology in response to climate change over the last 3,000 years, which could help predict the response of the species to future climate change, and the impact on the ecosystem.
Biochemistry of tsetse metabolism
BMC Ecology An analysis of the fate of a bloodmeal in a tsetse fly gives stochiometric estimates of conversion efficiencies of major metabolic pathways, which will enable a deeper analysis of the energetics of this sleeping sickness vector.

47. The Ecology Of The Family
Background paper for a familycentered approach to education and social service delivery.
A Background Paper
For A Family-Centered Approach To Education
and Social Service Delivery
Prepared by
Christie Connard
with Dr. Rebecca Novick
February 1996
Child, Family, and Community Program
Helen Nissani, Director
101 SW Main Street, Suite 500
Portland, Oregon 97204
Table of Contents
An Historical Footnote
A Process, Not A Method Or Content
A DEVELOPMENTAL PERSPECTIVE: GOODNESS OF THE FIT MODEL Child Development Family Development Behavior As A Complex Interaction Of Factors
THE ECOLOGICAL MODEL: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE Head Start Programs Early Intervention Programs Family Support Programs Public Schools
This training module, Working Respectfully with Families: A Practical Guide for Educators and Human Service Workers was developed for the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory's Integration of Education and Human Services Project. The goal of this project is to increase the ability of education and human services providers to form effective and supportive partnerships with each other and with the families they serve. The purpose of this background paper is to familiarize the trainers of these modules and participants in the workshops with the research, theories, and practice knowledge that are the foundation of the workshop. The specific strategies and applications of a Family-Centered Approach are covered in the workshop materials.

48. Centre For Ecology And Hydrology: Home
A leading body in the United Kingdom for research and monitoring in terrestrial and freshwater sciences.
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Explore Our Science
Pick a topic... GM Crops Phenology Butterflies Sustainable farming Drought Climate Change Atlantic Salmon Do trees prevent flooding? Use the Topic Search function to select a popular topic from the list. It will provide you with links to information regarding that topic. If your topic does not appear in the list, please use the search facility above. Latest News Soils reveal carbon dioxide and global warming paradox Tree mallow leads to puffin decline Lancaster labs get ISO accreditation Press Release: ... Young scientists visit CEH Oxford You are here: CEH Web Home
Welcome to the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH)
Our parent organisation is the UK Natural Environment Research Council.
Image of the Month September 2005
Agaric fungus
Peter Carey, CEH Monks Wood.

49. Home - Centre For Human Ecology
Specialising in ecology and community, provides details of MSc Human ecology, transformation and sustainability courses, events and research.
Home What's On Study With Us EcoProjects ... Contact Us Username
Remember me
Forgotten your password?

Introducing CHE... Centre for Human Ecology is a Scotland-based organisation carrying out action, research and education for personal development, ecological sustainability and social justice.
The Dream Job Report 21 Steps to enhance Black and Ethnic Minority opportunities in Scotland are set out in a CHE report for EMPOWER. The report will be launched on 23 September 2005 at the Stone of Destiny, Edinburgh Castle. Read more... New Director, New Fellows At our recent annual general meeting (26 Aug 05), Pauline Jewett was elected to the Board of Directors. Pauline is Countryside Manager with the National Trust for Scotland, we look forward to working with her.
WWF Supports CHE Research CHE has been awarded a research grant of £34,000 over two years by the prestigious Swiss based organisation, the Worldwide Fund for Nature. The grant will provide scholarships for a number of MSc students looking at whether or not community development has a spiritual basis.

50. Institute For Social Ecology - Popular Education For A Free Society
An alternative educational center in Vermont that conducts classes on social ecology and other environmental issues.
  • About
  • Programs
  • Learn
  • Projects ...
  • Site Map
    1118 Maple Hill Rd.
    Plainfield Vt 05667

    eNewsletter Enter your email address to be subscribed to the ISE Newsletter
    The mission of the Institute for Social Ecology (ISE) is the creation of educational experiences that enhance people's understanding of their relationship to the natural world and each other. By necessity, this involves the ISE in programs that deepen students' awareness of self and others, help them to think critically, and expand their perception of the creative potentialities for human action. The purpose of the ISE's programs is the preparation of well-rounded students who can work effectively as participants in the process of ecological reconstruction.
    Offering year-round, interdisciplinary studies to guide social change, including:
    • intensive summer programs in theory and practice; year-round B.A. degree in affiliation with Burlington College; fall, winter, and spring workshops and lectures; and other educational resources.
  • 51. ABSEARCH Home Page: Natural Resources, Wildlife, Ecology, Conservation Biology,
    Databases of publications abstracts in wildlife, fisheries, ornithology, ecology, fire ecology, conservation biology, mammalogy, ichthyology, herpetology, and zoology.
    ABSEARCH Products
    Online Searching Order Now! ... Contact Us

    52. Ecology Center
    The ecology Center promotes environmentally and socially responsible practices through programs that educate, demonstrate, and provide direct services.


    Contact Us

    Job Openings

    ... for Schools
    Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH)

    Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (BASIL)

    Berkeley Biodiesel Cooperative

    Berkeley Community Gardening Collaborative
    Plastics Task Force
    Terrain Magazine, Summer 2005 The Summer 2005 issue is now available for online reading! For our past coverage of everything from the Klamath water wars to solar power, check out Terrain's on-line archives, fully searchable back to the Spring 2000 issue. Market Report: Tomato Time! Read the latest news about the Berkeley Farmers' Markets in our August "Market Report" newsletter. This issue has a special focus on tomatoes. Introducing Our Online Bookstore Having trouble making it to our store in Berkeley? Check out our new online bookstore! It's fully searchable, plus it includes a "Featured Books" section, sorted by category. Upcoming author events are also highlighted. If you're in the area, make sure you pay us a visit in person to check out the many non-book items we carry, including gardening supplies, recycled paper and glass, and more. Reach Out to Tsunami Survivors; Give to the GAIA Relief Fund

    53. The Headbone Derby - Ecology Strikes Back!
    Help Iz and Auggie solve a series of ecological problems happening on Planet Small by finding similar, reallife examples on Earth.
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    With this Derby, students will learn the fundamentals of Internet research and discover challenging ideas about ecosystems and important environmental issues. The Derby does all of this in a fun, engaging context!
    Working closely with educators, we have designed this Derby around science State Frameworks. Our Teacher's Guide includes suggestions for use with each grade level (4-8) and provides you with a host of age-appropriate classroom extensions and related off-line activities.

    54. ScienceDirect - FEMS Microbiology Ecology - List Of Issues More results from Marine ecology Progress SeriesJournal scope includes all aspects of marine ecology, fundamental and applied.
    Register or Login: Password: Athens/Institution Login Quick Search: within This Journal All Journals All Full-text Sources
    FEMS Microbiology Ecology Bookmark this page as:
    Articles in Press
    Volume 54 Volume 54, Issue 1 , Pages 1-166 (1 September 2005) Volume 53 Volume 52 Volume 51 Volume 50 ... Volume 12 Alert me when new Journal Issues are available Add this journal to My Favorite Journals Sample Issue Online More Publication Info Information for Authors Information on the early volume/issue numbering system. ... Elsevier B.V.

    55. Inter Research » Journals » AME » AME Home
    Aquatic Microbial ecology. Print version ISSN 09483055 Online version ISSN 1616-1564. A leading journal in its field, AME covers all aspects of aquatic
    This site will look much better in a browser that supports web standards , but is accessible to any browser and/or Internet device. Search:
    Search whole site Journal Abstracts Search MEPS Search AME Search DAO Search CR You are at: Inter-Research Journals AME
    Aquatic Microbial Ecology
    Print version: ISSN: 0948-3055
    Online version: ISSN 1616-1564
    A leading journal in its field, AME covers all aspects of aquatic microbial dynamics, in particular viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes planktonic and benthic, autotrophic and heterotophic in marine, limnetic and brackish habitats. As a companion journal to MEPS, it strives for the same quality criteria, quick publication and high technical standards. Publication schedules 2005: 4 volumes, 39 to 42 2006: 4 volumes, 43 to 46 Annual rates Subscribe: Most recent issue: Volume 40, Number 2 published on September 6, 2005 AME articles are made freely accessible online 4 years after publication. Articles published in 2000 and 2001 became freely available in January 2005.
    Tables of contents with abstracts:
    Abstracts and full articles in pdf format are added on the day of publication.

    56. Index
    Work experience in grassland ecology, ornithology, botany, and ungulate telemetry.
    Pictures and Links Meghan Faye Dinkins Resume Swiss Alps near Wengen, Berner Oberland, Switzerland.
    Fall 2001.
    Image by Meghan Dinkins rowspan=65 width=313>
    Jan.2002-May 2005
    Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Biological Sciences , Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
    I have taught ecology, general biology, and botany laboratories. My project is on Canada Thistle insect biocontrol effectiveness in western Nebraska.
    Nov.-Dec. 2001    
    Field Assistant, Zoological Institute, University of Ber n , Wengen, Berner Oberland, Switzerland
    Tracked radio collared chamois with large zero-peak antennas mounted on fixed towers. Learned about chamois biology. Ran a palmtop computer.
    April-Oct. 2001    
    Project Biologist, EDM Internationa l-Audubon National Wildlife Refuge, Coleharbor, North Dakota USA Conducted the field operations of an avian power line collision study. Collected, identified, photographed, and necropsied avian specimens (including a federally threatened species) for power line collision injuries. Dealt with television, radio, and newspaper interest in this project. Collaborated with local and national electrical power concerns and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Jan.-March 2001   

    57. Molecular Ecology Home Page
    Molecular ecology journal information, contents lists and abstracts on the Blackwell Publishing website.

    58. MSU College Of Human Ecology
    Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

    59. Ecology Letters Home Page
    ecology Letters journal information, contents lists and abstracts on the Blackwell Publishing website.

    60. Inter Research » Journals » MEPS » MEPS Home
    serves as a worldwide forum for all aspects of marine ecology, fundamental and applied. The journal covers microbiology, botany, zoology, ecosystem research, biological oceanography, ecological aspects of fisheries and aquaculture, pollution, environmental protection, conservation, resource management. Published by John Wiley Sons.
    This site will look much better in a browser that supports web standards , but is accessible to any browser and/or Internet device. Search:
    Search whole site Journal Abstracts Search MEPS Search AME Search DAO Search CR You are at: Inter-Research Journals MEPS
    Marine Ecology Progress Series
    Print version: ISSN 0171-8630
    Online version: ISSN 1616-1599 The leading journal in its field, MEPS covers all aspects of marine ecology, fundamental and applied. Topics covered include microbiology, botany, zoology, ecosystem research, biological oceanography, ecological aspects of fisheries and aquaculture, pollution, environmental protection, conservation, and resource management. MEPS aims for the highest quality of scientific contributions, quick publication, and a high technical standard of presentation. Publication schedules 2005: 20 volumes, 286 to 305 2006: 21 volumes, 306 to 326 Annual rate (upgraded subscription
    including both print and online versions) Subscribe: Most recent volume: Volume 300 published on September 16, 2005

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