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         Biophysics:     more books (100)
  1. An Introduction to Environmental Biophysics by Gaylon S. Campbell, John M. Norman, 1997-12-19
  2. The Biophysics Basis for Acupuncture and Health by Shui Yin Lo, 2004-01
  3. Biophysics of Computation: Information Processing in Single Neurons (Computational Neuroscience) by Christof Koch, 2004-10-28
  4. Biophysics: An Introduction by Rodney Cotterill, 2002-06-15
  5. Methods in Molecular Biophysics: Structure, Dynamics, Function by Igor N. Serdyuk, Nathan R. Zaccai, et all 2007-05-14
  6. Cellular Biophysics, Vols. 1 and 2 by T. F. Weiss, 1996-03-06
  7. Molecular and Cellular Biophysics by Meyer B. Jackson, 2006-03-20
  8. Introductory Biophysics: Perspectives on the Living State by James Claycomb, Jonathan Tran, 2010-04-01
  9. Molecular Biophysics: Structures in Motion by Michel Daune, 1999-04-01
  10. Biophysics: An Introduction by Roland Glaser, 2010-11-30
  11. Introduction to Molecular Biophysics (Pure and Applied Physics) by Jack A. Tuszynski, Michal Kurzynski, 2003-02-26
  12. Methods in Modern Biophysics by Bengt Nölting, 2009-10-05
  13. Theoretical Molecular Biophysics (Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering) by Philipp O. J. Scherer, Sighart F. Fischer, 2010-07-13
  14. Muscle Biophysics: From Molecules to Cells (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology)

1. Welcome To Applied BioPhysics Site
An electrical biosensor, Electric Cellsubstrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) for quantitative mammalian cell morphology, attachment, and spreading measurement

2. Biophysical Society
A FASEB member and publisher of the Biophysical Journal. Extensive resources include an online textbook, meetings, and career placement.

3. International Union For Pure And Applied Biophysics
Established worldwide professional society based in England for all biophysicsrelated disiplines.

4. ScienceDirect - Archives Of Biochemistry And Biophysics - List Of Issues
Archive of abstracts since 1993, with PDF of articles available by subscription to Elsevier Science BV, The Netherlands.
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Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics Bookmark this page as:
Articles in Press
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Elsevier B.V.

5. Biophysics Textbook Online
A biophysics hypertextbook, sponsored by the Biophysical Society and endorsed by International Union for Pure and Applied biophysics.

6. Medical Biophysics [BC Cancer Research Centre]
Research focuses on understanding and improving the treatment of solid cancers with radiation and drugs.
Research Departments People Publications Home ... Departments Medical Biophysics Medical Biophysics Medical Biophysics Our label for a commemorative wine produced to honor the 25th anniversary of the Medical Biophysics Department. If you look closely you will see many aspects of our research including a DNA helix, comet, spheroid, multilayer and pion The Medical Biophysics Department (or the Biophysics Department as it was originally named), established in 1973 under the leadership of Lloyd Skarsgard, was the founding research program of the BC Cancer Research Centre. Some of the Department's original junior investigators have now gone on to form departments of their own within this Centre. The initial impetus for the development of Medical Biophysics was the cancer treatment potential of pi mesons at TRIUMF (tri-university pi-meson facility) at UBC. The Department was responsible for the design and construction of the Biomedical beam line, as well as for the pre-clinical testing that was required to fully characterize this new beam before patients could be treated. Over the past 30 years that original research on pions has been supplanted by experiments with radiation sensitizers and hypoxic cell cytotoxins, development of probes for hypoxic cells and multilayer cultures for drug studies, characterization of low dose radiation effects and multimodality therapies. New models for tumour perfusion and chromatin conformation have been developed, as have assays for DNA damage and repair.

7. T-10 At LANL
The Theoretical Biology and biophysics Group (T10) at Los Alamos National Laboratory focuses on the modeling of biological systems and the analysis and informatics of molecular and cellular biological data.
T-10 Theoretical Division Los Alamos National Laboratory Contact Site Map ...
Research Highlights
The Influenza Sequence Database is a curated database of nucleotide and amino acid sequences. It is intended to provide the research community with easy sequence deposit and retrieval capabilities, together with tools tailored, in particular, to the analysis of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase sequences.
Notable News and Announcements
  • Four of the ten most cited LANL publications between 1995-1999 , including the most cited article, were contributed by T-10.
  • George Bell, former group leader of T-10 and director of T Division, died May 28, 2000. Bell, a Laboratory Senior Fellow, came to Los Alamos in 1951, joining T Division's effort to design and develop the world's first thermonuclear weapons. Bell later co-founded T-10 and was at the forefront of the human genome project. He is also remembered as a world-class mountaineer.
Life in Northern New Mexico
Balloon Fiesta Bandelier National Monument Santa Fe Tent Rocks

8. FSU - Institute Of Molecular Biophysics
Contains information on the Structural Biology Research Emphasis, Center of Excellence, Biomolecular Computer Modeling, and Ph.D. Program at Florida State
Institute of Molecular Biophysics - Florida State University
Tallahassee, Fl. 32306
Mail code 4380

9. - Karolinska Institutet
Research at MBB covers many fields of medical biochemistry and biophysics.
to search search staff at INFORMATION ... Home

History of MBB
Visiting address: Scheeles väg 2
Scheelelaboratoriet, Bldg A3
Stockholm Mailing address: Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics
Karolinska Institutet
SE-171 77 Stockholm
Sweden Office: Secretary
Kerstin Bengtson Head
Karl Tryggvason telephone: +46-8-524 87755
telefax: +46-8-313 445

10. Lab. Of Molecular Biophysics, University Of Oxford
Information on the laboratory s work, job vacancies, and graduate opportunities.
Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics
University of Oxford.
Laboratory Information and Activities.
External Links.
Within the University of Oxford. Department of Biochemistry Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences University's main Server University of Oxford Libraries ... Equipment for Cryocrystallography . and Oxford Cryosystems Electronic Reference Library (Medline and other databases). Electronic Journals Collection Other Links.

11. From Solid State To BioPhysics III
Conference aims to understande living matter which, given its enormous complexity, may require some of the techniques at least partly elaborated in solid state physics. Croatia 26 June 2 July 2004


Advisory Committee

Future conferences
International Conference
From Solid State To BioPhysics III
June 24 - July 1, 2006
Hotel 'Croatia'
, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sponsored by:
Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology

Organization (co-)supported by:
Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia

École Polytéchnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Faculty of Science, Zagreb, Croatia

Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia
... University of Dubrovnik, Croatia Co-chairs: László Forró and Davor Pavuna École Polytéchnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Switzerland Conference Scientific Secretary: Sylvia Jeney, EPFL International Advisory Committee: D. Andelman (Israel) N. W. Ashcroft (USA) S. Barisic (Croatia) A. Bishop (USA) N. Ban (Switzerland) I. Bozovic (USA) I. Dikic (Germany) A. Fersht (U.K.) P.G. de Gennes (France) I. Giaver (USA) T. Haensch* (Germany) N. van Hulst* (The Netherlands) A. Heeger (USA) A. Jánossy (Hungary) D. Juretic (Croatia) F. Kafatos* (Germany) G. Margaritondo (Switzerland) M. Milun (Croatia)

Information about Institute, journals online, biological databases.
Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biotechnology Marie Curie Training Site IBB PAS, 2002-2006 The Polish National EMBnet Node Polish-French Centre for Plant Biotechnology ... (in Polish) Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, PAS
Pawinskiego 5a, 02-106 Warszawa, Poland
Switchboard: +48 22 / 659 70 72; Secretariat: +48 22 / 592 21 45; Fax: Last update: May 2005 Webmaster:
Adam M. Nowak

13. Home Page Of The Koch Laboratory
Neuronal computation group at Caltech uses detailed biophysics and microanatomy of cortical neurons to study their complexity from an information theory

[Directions to the lab] [Local use]
... [Jobs]
Last modified: 2004-09-17 22:30:00

14. Department Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biophysics
Faculty, areas of research, courses, departmental facilities, and a tour of the campus.
For more information about this site or the Graduate Program
please contact Ed Johnson

15. Ion Channel, Patch Clamp & Electrophysiology Resources
Structures, patents, research laboratory rankings, news, jobs resource.
Ion Channels,
Patch Clamp
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16. Institute Of Biophysics
Studies molecular structure, functions of biological membranes, ion channels, biopotentials, and extracellular electric fields.
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Journals' Impact Factor 2003 Journals' Impact Factor 2002 Journals' Impact Factor 2000 ... Journal Recent Highlights: Lipids Proposed As Original Life Form Genome Gateway BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES-BAS Go to server Last updated:  10 May 2005 Please send comments to: Webmaster

17. Biophysical Society
A FASEB member and publisher of the _QUOTATION_Biophysical Journal._QUOTATION_ Extensive resources include an online textbook, meetings, and career

18. Hardin Lab Page
Vascular biology laboratory studying physiology, biochemistry and biophysics of smooth muscle; information about research, staff and students, and publications.
Research Projects Lab People Other Lab Activities Recent Publications ... Misc. Photos
Since 18 January 1999 you are visitor:

To contact Christopher Hardin, please click on the mailbox
which is linked to the email address:
or contact by snail mail:
Christopher Hardin, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Physiology MA-415 Medical Sciences Building University of Missouri Columbia, MO 65212 USA Department of Physiology Home Page
last update 28 September 2000

19. Educational Resources And Courses In Biophysics - Career Resources
A biophysics hypertextbook, sponsored by the Biophysical Society and endorsed by International Union for Pure and Applied biophysics.

20. Medical College Of Wisconsin - Biophysics
Home Departments, Centers Institutes Academic Departments and Divisions biophysics

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