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  1. Schmeichel: The Autobiography by Peter Schmeichel, Egon Balsby, 2000-03

41. CategoryFootball (soccer) Goalkeepers - Wikipedia, The Free
Articles in category Football (soccer) goalkeepers peter schmeichel Harald Schumacher Toni Schumacher Mark Schwarzer David Seaman

42. Gourt :: Sports :: Soccer :: Players :: Denmark
Oh What A Goal! soccer s Greatest Moments on DVD and Video Laudrup, Brian Laudrup, Michael Sand, Ebbe schmeichel, peter Tomasson, Jon Dahl
Show Order Customer Help Contact Us Home ... Denmark document.write(''); Ads by Medbanner Gronkjaer, Jesper
Laudrup, Brian

Laudrup, Michael
Tomasson, Jon Dahl
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World :: Dansk :: Sport :: Fodbold :: Fansider for enkelte spillere
Elkj¦r Larsen, Preben : Includes a short profile.
Gravesen, Thomas
: Facts and profile.
Helveg, Thomas
: Includes facts and profile.
Henriksen, Rene
: Includes facts and profile.
Jensen, Claus
: Includes profile and facts.
Jensen, Niclas
: Includes facts and profile. Jorgensen, Martin : Includes facts and profile. Laursen, Martin : Includes facts and profile. Lovenkrads, Peter : Includes facts and profile. Poulsen, Christian : Facts and profile. Rommedahl, Dennis : Euro 2004, Includes pictures, facts and profile. Rommedahl, Dennis : Includes facts and profile. Skov-Jensen, Peter : Euro 2004, Includes pictures, facts and profile. Sorensen, Thomas : Euro 2004, Includes pictures, facts and profile. Sorensen, Thomas : Includes facts and profile. Tofting, Stig

43. Gourt :: Sports :: Soccer :: Players :: S
Oh What A Goal! soccer s Greatest Moments on DVD and Video schmeichel,peter@ Schuster, Bernd@. Seedorf, Clarence@ Shankly, Bill@
Show Order Customer Help Contact Us Home ... S document.write(''); Ads by Medbanner S¼k¼r, Hakan
Schmeichel, Peter

Schuster, Bernd
Suker, Davor
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44. All Things Footie :: ‘essential Post Weekend Browsing For The Discerning S
All Things Footie, for up to date football (soccer) news, betting, match reportsand analysis, Player of the week peter schmeichel (Aston Villa)
All Things Footie
This site would look much better if you upgraded to a newer browser capable of supporting web standards Monday, August 27, 2001
All hail (and disagree with) the second All Things Footie weekly (Premiership) awards..... Performace of the week : Aston Villa vs Manchester United
Player of the week : Peter Schmeichel (Aston Villa)
Goal of the week : Kevin Lisbie (Charlton vs Ipswich
Team of the week :
Peter Schmeichel
Aston Villa Mark Delaney
Aston Villa Rio Ferdinand
Leeds Marcel Desailly
Chelsea David Weir
Everton Robert Pires
Arsenal George Boateng Aston Villa Seth Johnson Derby Damien Duff Blackburn Matt Jansen Blackburn Duncan Ferguson Everton Think I'm talking rubbish? want to object to the inclusion of Peter Schmeichel? (go on, I dare you) - head on over to the forum and make your noise. In a little addendum to the Jaap Stam issue, since writing this morning I've read a quote from Sir Alex about having someone lined up... I reiterate my thoughts regarding Kevin Hofland and Phillipe Mexes (who I watched as a 16 year old in the FIFA under 20's World Cup a couple of years ago - and he looked fantastic then). However I will add that Fergie may be worried about signing a young player to fill such experienced boots, leading to the possibility of Laurent Blanc or Valencia's Roberto Ayala , both experienced players but age surely favours the latter. Maybe he'll buy in Blanc and one of the youngsters? you couldn't say United don't need another defender and youth + experience could easily be a formula for success. It's all down to the shrewdness of the Scotsman now, th two week gap and international games before the next game should help matters though.

45. All Things Footie :: ‘essential Post Weekend Browsing For The Discerning S
All Things Footie, for up to date football (soccer) news, betting, sitting behindthe goal and saw peter schmeichel s face close up, I have to go for…
All Things Footie
This site would look much better if you upgraded to a newer browser capable of supporting web standards Monday, March 18, 2002
Brammaul Lane Starting outside the Premiership today, the events at Brammall Lane were extraordinary to say the least. What on earth was George Santos thinking of? his lunge at Andy Johnson on another day would have snapped the Albion players leg in two. For anyone who missed it, Sheffield United had three players sent off and two withdrawn due to injury, forcing the game to be abandoned (FA rules decree this if less than seven players from one team are on the field of play). allegedly issued some unusual managerial instructions There is however a more original solution to the problem; how about replay Premiership matters look pretty boring in comparison, United win again; despite conceding three goals and being outplayed for the most part by West Ham. The ever present Sven Goran Eriksson will not have been impressed by World Cup hopeful Joe Cole but the excellent Michael Carrick his head.

46. - SOCCER- THE GILES FILES: 10 Villains And A Superhero
Yet big bad peter schmeichel has become the Villains superhero. Five shutoutsin ten EPL games this TRECKER MLS must reach beyond just soccer fans
HOME SOCCER RUGBY CRICKET ... EPL Fantasy THE GILES FILES: 10 Villains and a superhero Story Tools: Print Email GILES ELLIOTT / Posted: 1414 days ago Take me to your new leader! Yes, it's true. Flying saucers have landed on planet Earth and aliens have invaded the EPL. Aston Villa are top of the table. It is not the first time that the Villains have stolen a march on their big-name rivals, but the Aston Villa of 2001-02 is a very different animal from the sleeping giant that has flattered to deceive in the past. Back in January 1999, when the Birmingham club last led the league, manager John Gregory had not yet completed a year in charge. With Villa chairman "Deadly Doug" Ellis' penchant for disposing of the battered remains of his henchmen (11 of them, to be precise), it was not thought that Gregory's fate would be any different. So how has he survived? And just what is Villa doing at the top of the tree, even if they do have an Angel? The answer lies in a bedrock of belief that has stabilized the seismic zone of Villa Park. An earthquake was waiting to happen. In the space of a year, the value of shares in the club halved, financial losses doubled, and crowds plummeted from fourth highest in the league to eleventh. Fans found any reason not to go to Villa games, and trust me, there aren't many reasons in Birmingham. Supporter anger focused on the Aston Villa chairman, now approaching 78 and no less a tyrant than ever, and his transfer policy. In July, just a month after an anti-Ellis candidate stood in the UK's general election, two of Villa's England internationals, Gareth Southgate and David James, were sold to balance the books. With the tremors by now right under John Gregory's feet, something had to be done.

47. - FOX SOCCER- Quote Of The Week
Fox Sports World Report soccer analyst Bobby McMahon writes every Tuesday February 8, 2005 — Former Manchester United goalkeeping great peter schmeichel
HOME SOCCER RUGBY CRICKET ... SHOP OTHER EXPERTS: Select an Expert General Quote of the Week Story Tools: Print Email XML Bobby McMahon / Fox Soccer Channel Posted: 72 days ago Every week, FSC's Bobby McMahon presents his Quote of the Week. Fox Sports World Report soccer analyst Bobby McMahon writes every Tuesday. July 5, 2005 Sunday Herald columnist Gabriele Marcotti comments on the charm offensive launched by the Glazers. June 28, 2005 June 21, 2005 June 14, 2005 June 7, 2005 Someone's telling porkpies. May 31, 2005 Daily Telegraph , on Liverpool's amazing performance. May 24, 2005 May 17, 2005 The Guardian May 10, 2005 La Gazzetta dello Sport was not impressed by Milan's performance in sneaking into the Champions League final after being out played by PSV for long stretches of the semifinal. May 3, 2005 The Observer on Chelsea's Tuesday night visit to the Anfield cauldron. April 26, 2005 April 19, 2005 April 12, 2005 April 5, 2005 The Times March 22, 2005 March 15, 2005 The Guardian March 8, 2005 March 1, 2005 The Observer February 22, 2005

48. SPORTSLINKS.NET - Soccer (new) - provides player statistics, profiles, images, (Denmark) schmeichel, peter - official site; (United Kingdom) Shearer,
Help Include Home Sports ... Soccer : Players
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49. Colorado Rapids. The Official Site Of The Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer Te
the form he showed immediately after his arrival from Major League soccer in2003. peter schmeichel did some amazing things here, he said.

50. Football (soccer) Positions -- Facts, Info, And Encyclopedia Article
The (The soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal) goalkeeper (Click link for more info and facts about peter schmeichel) peter schmeichel
Football (soccer) positions
[Categories: Football (soccer)]
In the (An active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition) sport of (Click link for more info and facts about football (soccer)) football (soccer) , each of the eleven players in a team are assigned to a particular named position on the field of play. These positions describe both the player's main role and by implication their location on the pitch. As the game has evolved, (The branch of military science dealing with detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy) tactics and team (An arrangement of people or things acting as a unit) formation s have changed, and the names of the positions and the duties involved have been required to evolve too.
The fluid nature of the modern game means the positions in football are not as formally defined as in sports such as (A form of football played with an oval ball) rugby or (A game played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field 100 yards long; teams try to get possession of the ball and advance it across the opponents goal line in a series of (running or passing) plays) American football . Even so, most players will play in a limited range of positions throughout their career, as each position requires a particular set of skills. Footballers who are able to play comfortably in numerous positions are referred to as

peter schmeichel. POSITION Goalkeeper DATE OF BIRTH- 18.11.63 PLACE OF BIRTH-Gladsaxe, He says I m so involved in soccer, I find music relaxing.
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52. Bay City Times Democrat
of key imports in goalkeeper peter schmeichel and midfielder Eric Cantona, Beckham, perhaps the bestknown soccer player in the world even known
Home News Sports Business ... Sports Soccer: The Magic of Man U
By Colin Stephenson, The Star Ledger They are Manchester United the world's wealthiest and most popular soccer team and they're playing in New Jersey on this autumn night, against Italian power Juventus in an international exhibition. It is the third stop of a four-game barnstorming tour, ostensibly to prepare the team for its upcoming season in England's Premier League but perhaps more importantly to help secure a marketing foothold in the world's biggest market. Trying to describe the aura of a team that means so much to so many in so many areas the club estimates it has a following of over 50 million worldwide is hard to do. "In most markets other than the U.S., we are the Beatles meets Michael Jackson meets the New York Yankees," said Peter Draper, the team's marketing director. Tim Howard, the former MetroStars goalie who signed with the team earlier this month and is expected to start Thursday night, put it another way. "It's fantasy," he said. "People who love soccer in America can't fathom what Manchester United is really about." So for those of you who love soccer and those of you who don't we'll try to explain what Manchester United is all about. Titles are one thing, lore is another. Many people point to the highs and lows in United's 125-year history which includes having its stadium bombed by the Germans during World War II, and a 1958 plane crash that killed eight players as the reason for the club's following.

53. Player Of The Year Award Player of the Year Award peter schmeichel 62 1.05 4.Brian Laudrup52 0.88 5.Raí 46 0.78 6.Frank Rijkaard 39 0.66 7. Player of the Year Award
It was held every year in the month of January, from 1993 to 2004. Th vote for the year 2004 was delayed until February due to logistical reasons. The rules for the vote are similar to those of the France Football award; in particular, each voter choses 5 players, at most 2 of the same nationality, in order; these obtain 5 to 1 points. (The nationality restriction was dropped for the 2003 vote, in which voting was restricted to 173 pre-selected players.)
Year winner club country Marco van Basten Milan AC Netherlands Roberto Baggio Juventus FC Italy Romario CR Flamengo Brazil George Weah Milan AC Liberia Ronaldo FC Barcelona Brazil Ronaldo FC Internazionale Brazil Zinedine Zidane Juventus FC France Rivaldo FC Barcelona Brazil Luis Figo Real Madrid CF Portugal Michael Owen Liverpool FC England Ronaldo Real Madrid CF Brazil Pavel Nedved Juventus FC Czech Republic Ronaldinho FC Barcelona Brazil
Yearwise Top-10
(59 votes) player pts ppv 1.Marco van Basten 207 3.51 2.Hristo Stoitchkov 87 1.47 3.Peter Schmeichel 62 1.05 4.Brian Laudrup 52 0.88 5.Raí 46 0.78 6.Frank Rijkaard 39 0.66 7.Dennis Bergkamp 36 0.61 8.Jean-Pierre Papin 30 0.51 9.Bebeto 25 0.42 Thomas Hässler 25 0.42 NB: ppv signifies points given per voter

54. Player Of The Year 1993
soccer The WINNER of the Vote for this Year (1993) Magazines France FootballL Equipe peter schmeichel Manchester United FC Denmark 2 3 2 2 2 34 13. Player of the Year 1993
The vote for the second annual REC.SPORT.SOCCER PLAYER OF THE YEAR vote is over. 31 days of voting have passed and I have processed 149 votes. That is a huge increase since the first vote (59 votes). The contents of this article: Distribution of this post Results Reflections Geographical breakdown of votes Demographic analysis (split into two parts) A. Country of Origin B. Country of today (i.e. from where the letters were sent) Names of Voters Previous Winner(s): 1992: MARCO VAN BASTEN, Milan AC, The Netherlands DISTRIBUTION LIST FOR REC.SPORT.SOCCER PLAYER OF THE YEAR The USENET newsgroup Rec.Sport.Soccer The WINNER of the Vote for this Year (1993) Magazines: France Football L'Equipe World Soccer Guerin Sportivo Kicker Voetbal International Sport und Toto Soccer International (US) Soccer America overview file 1992 vote 1994 vote
About this document
Prepared and maintained by Kent Hedlundh for the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation

55. Gigablast Search Results
Sand, Ebbe (6); schmeichel, peter (8); Tomasson, Jon Dahl (5). Related Categories.Sports soccer UEFA Denmark (18); Regional Europe Denmark
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Sports Soccer Players ...
  • Tomasson, Jon Dahl
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    Gravesen, Thomas

    Facts and profile. [archived copy] [stripped] [older copies] - indexed: Apr 26 2005
    Helveg, Thomas

    Includes facts and profile. [archived copy] [stripped] [older copies] - indexed: Apr 26 2005 Henriksen, Rene Includes facts and profile. [archived copy] [stripped] [older copies] - indexed: Apr 26 2005 Jensen, Claus Includes profile and facts. [archived copy] [stripped] [older copies] - indexed: Apr 26 2005 Jensen, Niclas Includes facts and profile. [archived copy] [stripped] [older copies] - indexed: Apr 26 2005 Jorgensen, Martin
  • 56. Manchester United Player And Manager Profiles On Video And DVD
    Bryan Robson peter schmeichel Lee Sharpe Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Dwight A tribute to the soccer star Denis Law who was signed up by Bill Shankly to
    PRIDE OF MANCHESTER - Celebrating life in the Rock'n'Goal capital of the world! About Us Contact Us Advertise Home ... more man utd videos player and manager profiles on dvd/video General David Beckham George Best Steve Bruce ... page 4 Denis Law Denis Law - The King He was the greatest player of his generation, the only Brit good enough to play for Brazil according to Pele. He was the most expensive, the most explosive and the most electric player in the game and, alongside Best and Charlton, he formed the most exciting forward line any club ever had. This profile of Denis Law includes interviews with colleagues, with the great man himself, and action from his footballing career. This programme was released in 2003. Duration: 65 minutes. buy on dvd buy on video bid for item let us find it The Denis Law Story A tribute to the soccer star Denis Law who was signed up by Bill Shankly to play for Huddersfield United on his sixteenth birthday and later went on to become the first British player to be bought by a European club for a six-figure price tag. This video was released in 1990. Duration 50 minutes.

    57. Merlin English Soccer
    2000 Merlyn s Premier Gold soccer. Box (36 packs), $115 B4 peter schmeichel,$15. B5 Sol Campbell, $15. B6 Paul Ince, $15. B7 Emmanuel Petit, $15
    Merlin English Soccer
    2000 Merlyn's Premier Gold Soccer Box (36 packs) Set (150 + 20 Top Soccer Cards) Subset: $25/set Magic Moment (10) $12/ea
      David Ginola, Nicolas Anelka, David Beckham, Michael Owen, Dqight Yorke, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Peter Schmeichel, Treble League Champion, FA Cup Champion, Champion League Winners.
      1999 Merlyn Gold Soccer Box Set (150) Best Heroes (10)
        B1 Arsenal Champion Card
          B2 Dennis Bergkamp
            B3 Sutton / Dublin / Owen
              B4 Peter Schmeichel
                B5 Sol Campbell
                  B6 Paul Ince
                    B7 Emmanuel Petit
                      B8 Tony Adams
                        B9 Tore Andre Flo
                          B10 Michael Owen Club Badge (20)
                            Arsenal, Liverpool, M. United
                              All the rest
                              1998 Merlyn English Soccer Set (150) Team Badge (20) Golden Moment (5) $20ea Call Hot Shot (5) $20ea Call
                              Merlin English Soccer Set Price 96 Merlin Soccer 97/98 Merlin Soccer (150) 98/99 Merlin Soccer (150) 99/2000 Merlin Soccer (125) 98/99 Merlin Soccer Club Emblem (20)

    58. EBaum's World Forum - Greatest Soccer Player.
    I m one of few Americans who pays attention to soccer. first of all, his nameis spelled schmeichel. i admit that peter may have accomplished more
    eBaum's World Forum Sports Page PDA View Full Version : Greatest soccer player. MrDeliquent 12-10-2004, 10:34 PM Who is the greatest soccer player of alll time ?
    Mine goes to Zidane. Pure brilliance. end of story. James Bond 007 12-11-2004, 12:56 PM This is gonna be abit of a daft thread bcoz no offence but most of the people in this forum are American so they dont know too much about football so Pele will win your vote easily bcoz most people will just go with the obvious (in this case Pele) I am not saying he isnt the best player of all time but I have a feeling this thread will be a landslide in the favour of Pele.
    The best 3 players ever IMO are Maradona, Pele and George Best but I bet 99% of the people on this forum dont even know who George Best is.
    Best player of all time though if I was to pick one is Diego bcoz apart from bein a fat, coke snorting cheat he was also the most talented footballer ever to grace planet earth end of!
    PS How can you put Henry on the list but no Platini?
    Platini is probably the best French footballer ever with God aka Zidane a very close second.
    PPS No room for Bobby Moore, Puskas or Rossi?

    59. SoccerPulse Community
    Full Version peter schmeichel The Great Dane soccerPulse Community GeneralDiscussion soccer Video Video Compilations
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    60. Schmeichel Peter Schmeichel Football Player Photos Peter Schmeichel Signed Autog
    schmeichel peter schmeichel Born Gladsaxe Denmark 1963 European Super Cup 1991League Cup 1992 Premier League 1993 1994 1996 1997 1999 FA Cup 1994 FA 1996

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