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  1. Cantoná dice adiós al fútbol. (el francés Eric Cantoná anunció su retiro)(TT: Cantoná bids farewell to soccer) (TA: frenchman Eric Cantoná announces his retirement): An article from: Semana
  2. The Complete Cantona by Eric Cantona, 1997-10-09
  3. Eric Cantona by Philippe Auclair, 2010-04-19
  4. Complete Eric Cantona: Every Game - Every Goal by Darren Phillips, 2009-11-01
  5. Cantona: My Story by Eric Cantona, George Scanlan, 1994-03-10
  7. Eric Cantona ("FourFourTwo" Great Footballers) by Rob Wightman, 2004-04-08
  8. Eric Cantona by Fergus Kelly, 1996-08-29
  9. Un Reve Modeste Et Fou by Eric Cantona, 1994-01-31
  10. Retratos legendarios del futbol (Spanish Edition) by Bernard Morlino, 2010-04-05
  11. The Secret Diary of Monsieur Cantona by Charles Bogle, 1996-08-01
  12. The Illustrated Cantona Book Club Edition by Eric Cantona, 1996-10-30
  13. Eric Cantona: Association football, Actor, Premier League, FA Cup, The Double, France national beach soccer team, Elizabeth (film), Cate Blanchett

41. Cantona: On Tour, Or Detour?
Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, eric cantona is hard to pin down. To a degree, bravo eric. soccer is over full of journeymen who run, jump and change clubs

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    PRINT PAGE EMAIL ARTICLE ) Font ( ) Font Cantona: On Tour, or Detour? By Rob Hughes International Herald Tribune Wednesday, February 5, 1992 Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, Eric Cantona is hard to pin down. A month ago he was gone, a volatile artiste of soccer declaring himself retired at the age of 25. A week ago, he came back. Back to Sheffield Wednesday across the water in England. He practiced, he talked and, by the weekend, he had gone. We were told the homing instinct was calling him to Provence, to his wife, his son, his dogs and his remote artist's studio. And now? The elusive fellow is back again. Back this time with Leeds United, another prominent English team. The latest bulletin is that Cantona's skills are wowing Leeds' hard working players in training and, if all is fit and well, he will make his debut on Saturday. If anything epit- omized the whimsical business of soccer trading, this is it. Cantona is indecision made flesh; a performer born of a Marseille psychiatric nurse, and an individual so rich from a few years' work he can change his mind and his career's path five times a day as the mood pleases him.

42. French Star's 'Stain' On English Soccer
The future of soccer s most passionate and distressing star is in doubt after Unfortunately, I think eric cantona will have to be taken off the French

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    PRINT PAGE EMAIL ARTICLE ) Font ( ) Font French Star's 'Stain' on English Soccer By Ian Thomsen International Herald Tribune Friday, January 27, 1995 The future of soccer's most passionate and distressing star is in doubt after the English Football Association charged Eric Cantona, the Frenchman forward who plays for Manchester United, with "misconduct bringing the game into disrepute" for attacking a spectator during a Premier League match. Cantona was given 14 days to explain his flying two-footed kick, which set off a fistfight with the spectator Wednesday night at Selhurst Park during United's 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace. It was thought to be the first time that a player in English professional soccer had attacked a spectator. "What happened last night was a stain on our game," the FA's chief executive, Graham Kelly, said at a packed news conference Thursday. "If any offense is proved, the player concerned is bound to face a severe punishment."

43. A Tribute Simply Eric
Whos Who of eric cantona 19921997. unique brand of unforgettable soccer sorcery. Eighteen Premiership goals and four in the FA Cup - which included two
Net-Reds Animation Jorn-Are Johansen
A WHO`S WHO of MANCHESTER UNITED FC A Tribute: Simply Eric click here
CANTONA, ERIC 1992 - 1997 You are visitor nr. since July 1996. Forward 1992 - 97
    6ft 2" 13st 11 lbs
    b.Paris, France, 24 May 1966
    Debut v Norwich City (h) 12/12/92
    Auxerre / Bordeaux / Marseille / Montpelier
    Nimes (Sheff Wed trial) (Leeds United loan Feb 92)
    Leeds July 92
    UNITED Nov 92 - 97
eric_farewell_speech.rm Eric Cantona's Famous farewell speech 1998 [ stream sound
OT Aug 1998 Eric Cantona's Lap Of Honour Singalong![ stream sound
36s-video eric_karate95.rm Eric Cantona REAL-VIDEO: Famous Karate Kick Jan 25th 1995 eric_mistakes.rm Eric Cantona Golden Oldie "Mistakes" History 92-94 A surprise 1.2 million signing by UNITED in Nov 92, Eric Cantona was not manager Alex Ferguson`s initial target when he bid to increase the Red`s goalscoring output. Having failed in his 3.5 million attempt to land Sheff Wed David Hirst, Ferguson was subsequently successful in his bid for the 26 year old Parisian. In many ways it was a moment of

44. Players/Europe/France/Eric_Cantona @ Alpha Soccer
soccer Sites Directory Players Europe France eric cantona. Directory Home Add a Site Modify a Listing What s New What s Cool Top Rated

Alpha Soccer Home
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45. Eric Cantona Information And Links s collection of eric cantona sites and links. eric cantona soccer World My Humble Tribute to MUFC Portraits of Champions eric
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46. Manchester United Cantona Catalyst Poster || EUROSPORT At SOCCER.COM
Buy the Manchester United cantona Catalyst Poster at soccer.COM. One of the most influential English soccer players of the 1990s, eric cantona ruled the

47. Manchester Football Celebrities In MUFC And MCFC
Manchester footballers and soccer stars including Sir Matt Busby, Bryan Robson, eric cantona. Born in Paris, France on 24th May 1966.
Papillon Graphics' Virtual Encyclopaedia of Greater Manchester
Virtual Hosting by
TheServerBank Footballer drawings
by Andrea Reynolds
and John Moss
Manchester Footballers
Giants from Manchester United and Manchester City Football Clubs
Sir Bobby Charlton
Charlton may be fairly said to be the most famous English footballer in the world. He epitomises the highest traditions of sportsmanship and integrity. Born 11th October 1937 in Ashington, County Durham, by 19 he had already played in the FA Cup Final. A natural talent, he was a midfield player and striker of great flair and consistency. He played as a forward for Manchester United from 1956 to 1973, having been one of the few survivors of the Munich Air Disaster in 1958. A miner's son, born into a footballing family, he had joined United after winning England Schoolboy Inter- national honours. He was a high scoring and individualistic player, noted for his long swerving runs and deadly accuracy with a football.
Denis Law
George Best
Born 22nd May 1946 in Northern Ireland, George Best was one of the most outstanding British soccer players of all time, though his career was short-lived. Described as a "wayward genius", he had a superb sense of timing and balance, and appeared twice as a league championship winner with United and won the "Footballer of the Year" award in 1968.

48. Beach Soccer Campionato Europeo Semifinali Zona Sud - Roma  20 Luglio 2002 - Ph
Beach soccer Campionato Europeo Semifinali zona sud eric cantona - Foto 3808, Foto 3815. eric cantona - Foto 3834, eric cantona - Foto 3840
Beach Soccer: Campionato Europeo - Semifinali zona sud Roma 20 Luglio 2002 Andrea Staccioli Graffiti Press Eric Cantona - Foto 3808 Foto 3815 Eric Cantona - Foto 3834 Eric Cantona - Foto 3840 Eric Cantona - Foto 3845 - 3846 Foto 3854 Foto 3860 Foto 3915 Foto 3952 Foto 3957 Daniele Massaro - Foto 3963 Foto 3990 Foto 3993 Foto 3997 Toto' Schillaci anticipato dal portiere portoghese. - Foto 4027 Foto 4031 Foto 4038 Foto 4085 Foto 4093 Foto 4099 Beach Soccer: Campionato Europeo - Semifinali zona sud Roma 20 Luglio 2002 Andrea Staccioli Graffiti Press SPORT H O M E Tutti i diritti riservati - © Graffiti Press AGENZIA FOTOGIORNALISTICA GRAFFITI PRESS - VIA LATINA 515 - 00183 ROMA. TEL. 06/78347445

49. Skipressworld » Cantona Brings Beach Soccer To Tignes
Now Manchester United’s fomer footballing hero, eric cantona, together with his brother Joel, is bringing the Beach soccer Pro Masters event to Tignes from

50. Embracing Familiar Threads
Dee muk maa Cantana ( Very good cantona eric cantona is the former French Johnny Warren, an icon of Ozzie soccer, entitled his autobiography Wogs,
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John Mark Ministries Priscillas Friends WWW Author: Ashley Barker
Embracing Familiar Threads by Ashley Barker, Urban Neighbours Of Hope, Bangkok, Thailand. Like common threads, God weaves our experiences to become the tapestry of our lives and nothing is wasted. One thread that has kept popping up through my life has been soccer. Now, most evenings I wonder a few minutes from our home to The Church of Christ in Thailand's community centre. In its courtyard I play soccer, finding a way of sharing life beyond words, creeds and cultures with the young men of our slum. After living here six weeks, I can connect with the locals in few other ways. Soccer has been a God-given grace weaved throughout my life. As a child it introduced to me a wider world. As a nine year old I joined the local soccer club, Dingley United, which was unusual in Ozzie Rules-mad Melbourne. Johnny Warren, an icon of Ozzie soccer, entitled his autobiography "Wogs, Poofters and Sheilas" because those of us who chose soccer above other football codes were taunted with such sledges. Whether it was the connection with my folks' British background, just enjoying the drama of the game or hearing of places like Brazil and wondering what it would have been like for Pele to grow up in barrios, my world grew larger and such sledging seemed a small price to pay to be part of something bigger, something of world-wide importance.

51. John Powell's Research Project
I chose eric cantona. This French soccer star played well enough to earn the admiration of View Nike s Controversial soccer ad Featuring eric cantona
The Controversial King Cantona
John Powell
University of Georgia

Click here to listen to live Man U fans Cheer on Cantona!
say ohh ahh Cantona.wav

Project Rationale:
Chose a group/person, event, issue etc.. portrayed by the media. Find different outlets of that media portraying the subject selected. I chose Eric Cantona. This French soccer star played well enough to earn the admiration of many,earning the nickname among fans as King Cantona, but his arrogance and antics off the field earned him years of controversy. The purpose of my project is to show the various media outlooks, both U.S. and foreign on The Controversial King Cantona. "The King" himself, poses in his trademark Manchester United Home Uniform Findings:
The realm of Eric "the Red." Here he played into the hearts of Manchester United fans
and football fans abroad. Here he was home, here he was an idol.

click on Old Trafford above to hear the "Glory Man U" chant.
(did they steal the song from Georgia?) Conclusions: Source One: Article from The Spectator Source Two: Eric Cantona Website Source Three: BBC Sports Radio Broadcast Source Four: News Article from Toronto Sun Source Five: CBS News Television Broadcast Source Six: Article from New Statesman and Society Source Seven: Article from Sports Illustrated Source Eight: Article from Press Association Newsfile Source One: Beer is good in Manchester, but Cantona is obviously better

52. DVD.CO.UK - DVD - Manchester United - Cantona - Eric Cantona
Manchester United cantona Genre Sport soccer. Product Type DVD Three features. cantona Speaks, eric The King and Au Revoir cantona.

53. Cantona, Eric Posters - Soccer Players Prints
cantona, eric Posters and soccer Players Prints. Manchester United cantona Catalyst posters Manchester United - cantona Spirit framed print.
Cantona, Eric
Buy a Quality Cantona, Eric poster or print Home Sports Classic Sports Soccer ... Soccer Players Cantona, Eric
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Manchester United - Cantona Catalyst
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54. Andy Lau And Former Manchester United Player Eric Cantona
Former Manchester United player eric cantona plays with a soccer ball during a promotional tour at a shopping mall in Hong Kong July 17, 2005.

55. Red Army Fanclub™ Eric Cantona Tipco Pro Beach Soccer à»Ô´´Ù 199 ¤
The summary for this Thai page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

Most Supported soccer / Football Team. Vote for U favourite team. eric cantona was Born !!! http//

Hangouts Stadium Most Supported soccer / Football Team (Read 4932 Times) eric cantona was Born !!! http//

58. - Soccer - Canada's Sports Leader
HONG KONG (Ticker) Manchester United legend eric cantona believes new owner cantona said at a press conference during the launch of a United soccer

59. World Soccer Action Heats Up
Then, at 19, he became the world s most soughtafter soccer player. With stars eric cantona, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs returning to top form,

60. Eric Cantona, Manchester United Football Club Poster - Buy Online
eric cantona Manchester United Football Club, Football Poster At last a poster to English football with his extraordinary panache on the soccer pitch.
About PopArtUK Affiliates Contact Info Search: Home Art Celebs Film ... New Pictures
Eric Cantona
Manchester United Football Club
Football Poster: At last a poster of Eric Cantona, the icon of the Manchester United football team of the 90's, the Frenchman added that little bit more to English football with his extraordinary panache on the soccer pitch.
  • 64x90cm Poster
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