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  1. El fútbol es mi vida: Jorge Campos. (futbolista mexicano)(TT: Soccer is my life: Jorge Campos) (TA: Mexican soccer player)(Interview): An article from: Semana by Mary Paz González, 1996-11-14
  2. El fútbol de Houston, protagonista: Por un puesto en la selección.(Jorge Cruz y Zamair Campos, jugadores de fútbol)(TT: Houston's soccer scene vies for ... players)(Columna): An article from: Semana by Tay Polo Miranda, 1999-08-05
  3. La Selección de Aguirre según Javier Solórzano.(Javier Aguirre, entrenador de fútbol)(TT: Aguirre's National Team according to Javier Solorzano.)(TA: Javier ... soccer coach): An article from: Proceso

21. 2002 World Cup EBook - Soccer News, Pictures, Posters, Free T-Shirts, Ecards, Me
soccer World Cup, News, Pictures, Posters. Free TShirts, Flags, Mouse Pads, News, 11 jorge campos (Midfielder) 13 Carlos Humberto Paredes (Midfielder)
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2002 World Cup
Contents Here Group B
Paraguay Roster
The Squad (by jersey number)
The Squad (by field position)
1 Jose Luis Chilavert (Goalkeeper)
2 Francisco Arce (Defend er)
3 Pedro Sarabia (Defender)
4 Carlos Gamarra (Defender)
5 Celso Ayala (Defender) 6 Estanislao Struway (Midfielder) 7 Richart Baez (Forward) 8 Guido Alvarenga (Midfielder) Roque Santa Cruz (Forward) 10 Roberto Miguel Acuna (Midfielde r) 11 Jorge Campos (Midfielder) 12 Justo Villar (Goalkeeper) 13 Carlos Humberto Paredes (Midfielder) 14 Diego Gavilan (Mid fielder) 15 Carlos Bonet (Midfielder) 16 Gustavo Morinigo (Mi dfielder) 17 Juan Carlos Franco (Midfielder) 18 Julio Cesar C aceres (Defender) 19 Daniel Sanabria (Defender) 20 Jose Satur nino Cardozo (Forward) 21 Denis Ramon Caniza (Defender) 22 Ri cardo Olimpia Tavarelli (Goalkeeper) 23 Nelson Cuevas (Forwar d) 1 Jose Luis Chilavert (Goalkeeper) 12 Justo Villar (Goalkeep er) 22 Ricardo Olimpia Tavarelli (Goalkeeper) 2 Francisco Ar ce (Defender) 3 Pedro Sarabia (Defender) 4 Carlos Gamarra ( Defender) 5 Celso Ayala (Defender) 18 Julio Cesar Caceres (D efender) 19 Daniel Sanabria (Defender) 21 Denis Ramon Caniza (Defender) 6 Estanislao Struway (Midfielder) 8 Guido Alvare nga (Midfielder) 10 Roberto Miguel Acuna (Midfielder) 11 Jorg e Campos (Midfielder) 13 Carlos Humberto Paredes (Midfielder)

22. Major League Soccer - All-Star - News Article
WASHINGTON, DC Former LA Galaxy and Chicago Fire keeper jorge campos stole In the 10th minute, National soccer Hall of Fame inductee Wynalda just

23. Presents Jorge De Amorim Campos
jorge de Amorim campos I thank God that He allowed me to play for our nationalsoccer team. I have preached God s word everywhere I have been.
Jorge de Amorim Campos JORGINHO: A RADICAL TURNING POINT Colombia was winning 1 x against Brazil. If that score didn't change, Brazil would be eliminated of the Olympic Games. The game was in second half, and the Colombian team was already rehearsing their cry of victory. By then, the eleven of us were completely exhausted. We needed that victory very badly, but how could we turn things around in a situation like that? We were playing in Bolivia, roughly at 12,000 feet above sea level! It is not easy to breathe at such heightyou inhale but no air seems to come in. PRIVATE Bebeto had the ball. He was running toward the penalty area. He knew what he had to do. He would throw the ball toward the opposite touch line. He and I used to do that at the time both of us were playing for Flamengo. He would attract the defenders of the opposing team against himself and I would come to his rescue behind them. I would get the ball and set it over behind the defenders. It was a win-win situation. There was no way the defenders could prevent that. In the Maracan" stadium in Rio this kind of tactics always workedbut would it work now in Bolivia? My body ached terribly and I was physically exhausted. What could happenI wondered? I took a deep breath and then I prayed. "Lord, I need to get close to that ball." Bebeto threw me the ball. It looked more like a rabbit and it was just about to escape from me toward the goal line. "Lord, please, give me just one more inch of strength", and I ran.

24. Presents  Jorge De Amorim Campos
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Jorge de Amorim Campos JORGINHO: UMA VIRADA RADICAL ol baga o Respirei fundo, corri e orei. Senhor, preciso chegar naquela bola Senhor, s mais esse pique papa-defuntos a partir de hoje, n o bebo mais. Jesus me libertou do v cio. mostrar servi Fair

25. Immigration Brings Soccer To L
Mexican soccer star jorge campos jogged onto the field and the crowd let out amighty roar. If this were an electoral referendum, soccer would be winning in Immigration/04-30-99 Immigr
Immigration Brings Soccer to L.A.
Roar of Soccer at Coliseum
+ Futbol is the fastest-growing sport in California, and a huge immigrant
fan base is proving an attractive target for marketers.
By ANNE-MARIE O'CONNOR, Times Staff Writer
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, April 29, 1999
It could be a carnival, this kaleidoscopic parade of jumbo buses
streaming off the Harbor Freeway, the pickup trucks snaking through
gridlock, the people blowing horns, waving Mexican flags, hurrying down the
street with children clutching their hands and running to keep up. In a few minutes, Mexico will face Argentina on the soccer field, and these ardent Latino fans know the 92,000-seat Coliseum will sell out, as it has before. They don't want to be stranded on the cold outskirts of the red-hot Ground Zero of California's fastest-growing sport. "Besides the Pope, only Brazil against Mexico could draw more people," said former junior lightweight boxing champion Genaro "El Chicanito" Hernandez, signing an autograph for a fan, Jorge Rodriguez.

26. - World Cup Soccer - World Cup Soccer Scoreboard: Match Summary: Parag
49 Kahn bobbles shot by jorge campos and dives on loose ball. 29 - Paraguaysub jorge campos comes on as Santa Cruz limps off.
Updated: Saturday June 15, 2002 04:30 AM ET Sat June 15 Games Denmark England 3 - FINAL Germany 1 Paraguay - FINAL WORLD CUP MATCH SUMMARY Recap Match Summary Today's Scoreboard Germany 1, Paraguay - Final GOAL SCORING GER - Oliver Neuville, 88th min. Live Match Commentary Up-to-the-Second Score: Paraguay 0, Germany 1 FINAL
Final whistle blows as Germany advances to quarterfinals to face either Mexico or the U.S., and Paraguay goes home. Acuna ejected for retaliatory elbow on Ballack, who receives a yellow for clattering into Acuna from behind. Paraguay sub: Cuevas on for Struway, but it's a little late now for the first-round hero. GOAL GERMANY. Neuville shoots near post and scores from seven yards, on Schneider cross from right side. Paraguay sub: Gavilan on for Bonet. 83'- Klose heads well over the bar from far post on corner kick from left. 82'- If score remains tied at the end of regulation, 30 minutes of golden-goal overtime will be played, followed by a penalty -kick tiebreaker if necessary. 81'- Neuville gets space off cross from right, but is surprised and fails to settle when it lands in his lap.

27. - World Cup Soccer - World Cup Soccer Scoreboard: Match Summary: Slove
jorge campos fires a leftfooted shot from outside the top of the penalty areaand gives Paraguay a 54 - Paraguay sub jorge campos on for Alvarenga.
Updated: Wednesday June 12, 2002 09:28 AM ET Wed June 12 Games Argentina 1 Sweden 1 - FINAL England Nigeria - FINAL Paraguay 3 Slovenia 1 - FINAL Spain 3 South Africa 2 - FINAL WORLD CUP MATCH SUMMARY Recap Match Summary Today's Scoreboard Paraguay 3, Slovenia 1 - Final GOAL SCORING SLO - Milenko Acimovic, 45th min.
PAR - Nelson Cuevas, 65th min.
PAR - Jorge Campos, 73rd min.
PAR - Nelson Cuevas, 84th min. Live Match Commentary Up-to-the-Second Score: Paraguay 3, Slovenia 1 Final
Match Report
Final whistle. The three goals by Paraguay's substitutes, combined with a 3-2 Spanish win over South Africa, send Paraguay into the second round. 90' - Cuevas again dribbles through a host of defenders. His shot is saved by Dabanovic. 88' - Only a few more minutes for Paraguay to hold on to advance, and second-half sub Nelson Cuevas stands to be the hero with his two goals. Goal Paraguay. Nelson Cuevas beats three defenders on the dribble and rips a left-footed shot from the top of the box. It rattles off the crossbar and bounces down into the goal. Slovenia's Nastja Ceh sent off, giving each side 10 men.

28. Index Of Soccer Pictures
Other soccer Pictures. Faustino Asprilla Brazilian Player jorge campos jorge campos 2 Roberto Carlos Salvador Carmona (Mexico) Dunga (Brazil)
Our Collection
Of Soccer Pictures U.S. Men's Team
Jeff Agoos Marcelo Balboa Mike Burns Tom Dooley ... Team Celebration U.S. Women's Team Michele Akers Julie Foudy Carin Gabarra Mia Hamm ... Team Photo Arsenal Gunners Tony Adams Dennis Bergkamp Dennis Bergkamp #2 Dennis Bergkamp #3 ... 1997 Team Photo England Soccer David Beckham David Beckham #2 Nicky Butt Eric Cantona ... Teddy Sheringham European Soccer Roberto Baggio Roberto Baggio #2 Patrik Berger Oliver Bierhoff ... Gianfranco Zola Other Soccer Pictures Faustino Asprilla Brazilian Player Jorge Campos Jorge Campos #2 ... Yoda The Jedi Knight

29. MLS Soccer - Colorado Rapids - Interview With Rich Levine, GM
Rich Levine Major League soccer is an outgrowth of the World Cup 94 mission . MLS players such as Alexi Lalas, Tab Ramos and jorge campos,
, Inc.(since 1990)(SoccerNews OnLine WARNING! Prior Permission from MLS is required for ANY use of Logos, photos, trademarks, etc! Rich Levine , Colorado Rapids General Manager Byline: Jon DeStefano Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Rich Levine, the new General Manager of Colorado's new Major League Soccer team, the Colorado Rapids. Rich comes to Colorado straight from World Cup '94 Marketing, where he served as General Manager and General Counsel. Rich brings with him to Colorado not only a sterling reputation amongst the national soccer community, but also his wife Kim and three children, Michelle, Miriam and Jesse. Here's what Rich has to say. Jon DeStefano: Let's start with the big picture. Tell me about Major League Soccer (MLS). Rich Levine: Major League Soccer is an outgrowth of the World Cup '94 mission. With World Cup we had two goals: first, to host the best World Cup in history, and second, to leave a lasting legacy for soccer in the United States. The World Cup showed everyone that, given the chance, U.S. players can compete with the best players in the world, and that, given the chance, the fans would embrace that quality of play. Major League Soccer is the fulfillment of our World Cup goal to leave a legacy of top-caliber soccer to players, coaches and fans in the United States. To me, the most critical aspect is that we are "Major," and in that regard we are pleased to have been selected by USSF and FIFA as the only Division I soccer league in this country. We have begun signing the players and coaches to prove that we deserve Division I stature, and are indeed Major League Soccer. MLS players such as Alexi Lalas, Tab Ramos and Jorge Campos, all of whom have played at top levels internationally, will provide fans what they expect-exciting soccer at its very best.

30. Colorado Rapids. The Official Site Of The Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer Te
55000 Turn Out in LA for Romario jorge campos Farewell Match who will playfor Chivas USA next season in Major League soccer, on the left flank,

31. Football (soccer) Positions -- Facts, Info, And Encyclopedia Article
The (The soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal) goalkeeper info and facts about jorge campos) jorge campos, who also played as a striker.
Football (soccer) positions
[Categories: Football (soccer)]
In the (An active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition) sport of (Click link for more info and facts about football (soccer)) football (soccer) , each of the eleven players in a team are assigned to a particular named position on the field of play. These positions describe both the player's main role and by implication their location on the pitch. As the game has evolved, (The branch of military science dealing with detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy) tactics and team (An arrangement of people or things acting as a unit) formation s have changed, and the names of the positions and the duties involved have been required to evolve too.
The fluid nature of the modern game means the positions in football are not as formally defined as in sports such as (A form of football played with an oval ball) rugby or (A game played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field 100 yards long; teams try to get possession of the ball and advance it across the opponents goal line in a series of (running or passing) plays) American football . Even so, most players will play in a limited range of positions throughout their career, as each position requires a particular set of skills. Footballers who are able to play comfortably in numerous positions are referred to as

32. List Of People By Name: Cam: Information From
Radulphus de Longo, scholastic philosopher; campos, Fernando de, Portugesenovelist; campos, jorge, soccer player; Campra, André, (16601744), composer
showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Games Health ... More... On this page: Wikipedia Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping List of people by name: Cam Wikipedia List of people by name: Cam List of people by name
B C ... Caa-Cal Cam Can-Caq Car Cas-Caz
Cama - Camd
  • Camera, Dom Helder , (died 1999), Brazilian bishop and human rights activist
Cameron, A-K

33. HispanicPRWire - ESPN Deportes 2005 Major League Soccer Schedule;Telecasts Begin
Heriberto Murrieta, jorge campos and Mario Matador Kempes will provide analysis, ESPN Deportes Major League soccer Schedule (All Times Eastern)

34. HispanicPRWire - Hip, Young Hispanics To Honor Their Idols: ‘Premios Juventud’
4) Hugo Sánchez soccer 5) jorge campos - soccer 6) Jose Cardozo - soccer 7)Juan Pablo Montoya –Race Car Driver 8) Julio Cesar Chávez - Boxing

35. Soccer Gaming Forums - Team Creation Option
Include the ability to add a country’s flag on any soccer shirt we create. .and some of my favs; Hugo Sanchez, Nacho Ambriz,jorge campos .i would
Soccer Gaming Forums Action Games FIFA 06 Forum PDA View Full Version : Team Creation Option Brett 15-12-2004, 09:30:PM We need TEAM CREATION options!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look EA just give us the ability to create our own teams. Include the ability to add a country’s flag on any soccer shirt we create. So, if we are creating Peru (for example) and you guys didn’t buy the license, we can still create this team and add the flag to the upper right side of the shirt and make it look pretty authentic (you need to also include plenty of jersey designs/patterns/colors).
Example: I have this game called Phantom-Crash; in it I build a Mech-Warrior and was able to add Peru’s flag on the robot itself. So, you guys can do the same, it is easy and it would save you a lot of problems. Include every flag from every FIFA nation and allow us to create our own national teams or clubs.
P.S.: include tons of player creation option (hair styles etc). Fifa 05 create a player lacks options on hairstyles (sound funny but it makes a difference). FIFA 2002 gave us more options on player editing (remember how many colors it included just for shoes?). Ginger Fish 15-12-2004, 11:24:PM

36. Soccer Gaming Forums - Selección Americana
son delos unicos q recuerdo cuando vinieron a Panama y jorge campos,y Ramon
Soccer Gaming Forums Languages Other Than English SoccerGaming en Español PDA View Full Version : Selección Americana burrito 08-01-2002, 07:59:AM Si tuvieran que formar un seleccionado Americano, como lo harían? (Para jugar un desafio America - Europa)
Yo tengo muchas dudas, pero seleccionaría un equipo asi
Córdoba - Carini - Chilavert
Ayala, I. Córdoba, Samuel, Yepes, Gamarra
Zanetti, Cafu, Sorin, Roberto Carlos
Serna, Almeyda
Kily Gonzalez, Verón, Vampeta, Blanco, Rivaldo, Recova, Riquelme Delanteros Ronaldo, Crespo, Saviola, Angel, Palencia Titulares? Formación 3-4-3, 4-3-3, 4-4-2 Diego colombia 08-01-2002, 10:57:AM buenas formaciones.......;). falta que algien haga un parche. parejanox 08-01-2002, 11:46:AM mi equipo seria 4 - 3 -3 portero- cordoba defensa -roberto carlos , mario yepes, jorge bermudez , francisco arce medio campo - riquelme , veron , ariel ortega delanteros- crespo ,pizzaro, recoba Mauricio 08-01-2002, 03:31:PM creo ke el 95% serian argentinos y brasileños, por ke no hacemos uno excluyendolos, Tom Green 11-01-2002, 08:10:AM

37. Mexican Boss Kidnapped SOCCER SPORT
The soccer world was targeted in 1999 when Alvaro campos, father of former Mexicannational goalkeeper jorge campos, was kidnapped and kept hostage for
Fri 16 Sep 17:02:57 2005 Weather Select your town HOME NEWS SPORT TV ONE Keyword/Search Make TVNZ my Homepage Rugby Cricket Netball ... English Standings Mexican boss "kidnapped" Jul 20, 2005
The coach of one of Mexico's most popular soccer teams was feared kidnapped on Wednesday after he was whisked away following a training session, a club director said. Cruz Azul coach Ruben Omar Romano was dragged from a van in the suburbs of Mexico City shortly after team practice, bundled into another vehicle and had not been seen since, club vice president Alfredo Alvarez told local radio. The capital city's media reported several bullet holes in Romano's abandoned vehicle, but it was not known whether the man who joined the club last December had been injured. "They tell us there was a problem five people arrived, they forced him from the van and took him away in another vehicle," Alvarez said. As police, who maintain permanent surveillance at the first division side's training ground, began investigations, Romano's father made a plea for the abductors not to harm his 47-year-old son, who has lived in Mexico for several years. "I would like to ask the people holding him to be gentle with him because Ruben is a very good person, a good son, a very good father and please bring him back to me as he is, don't hurt him," Jose Romano said in a message to the media.

38. Soccer-Nicknames
soccer Player Nicknames. A PLAYERS (34) Abelardo, Fernandez (esp) Pitu Achterberg, Toffee Saver, Super Kev campos, jorge (mex) El Brody Caniggia,
RB Links
S o c c e r T e a m N i c k n a m e s S o c c e r P l a y e r N i c k n a m e s

39. Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer Tickets - Los Angeles Galaxy Tickets
Los Angeles Galaxy soccer tickets one of the best MLS sold Los Angeles ticketsthat year Mexican National Team goalkeeper jorge campos showed why he is
Los Angeles Galaxy Tickets Click here to buy the
Los Angeles Galaxy Tickets
Help me choose the best ticket(s) for Los Angeles Galaxy
  • Check Inventory - View and sort Los Angeles Galaxy tickets by price, date, row or section. View Seating - Check where your seat(s) are within the Home Depot Center Buy Los Angeles Galaxy Ticket(s) - Proceed to buy your Los Angeles Galaxy tickets through our secure online system.
  • RhinoTickets is the leading provider of Soccer tickets. When you buy Los Angeles Galaxy tickets you can feel secure buying tickets for Los Angeles Galaxy tickets as we have been in business since 1985. To buy cheap Los Angeles Galaxy tickets click on buy tickets here. We have all tickets games plus all Los Angeles Galaxy tickets away games. RhinoTickets is listed with the BBB and provides excellent customer service via online ordering. is an independent ticket broker that has been in business since 1985. We obtain cheap Los Angeles Galaxy Tickets on the secondary market and we are not connected with venue, team, or organization whose tickets we provide.
    Los Angeles Galaxy Schedule
    Los Angeles Galaxy Tickets Information Divide the opening main League Soccer season into thirds when talking about the Galaxy in 1996. Los Angeles won 12 games to begin the season, but a rough mid-season stretch where the Galaxy lost five-straight games kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout the season. Finally, a late-season surge enabled Los Angeles to the 1996 Western Conference crown with a 19-13 mark.The Galaxy continued their hot streak in the playoffs defeating the San Jose Clash 2-1 in a three-game series, Los Angeles Galaxy soccer tickets one of the best MLS sold Los Angeles tickets that year prior to dispatching the Dallas Burn 2-0 on their way to the MLS title game. However, it was not meant to be as the Galaxy finished as runner-up to Washington D.C. United at MLS Cup 1996, For some reasons Los Angeles Galaxy soccer tickets prices picked up in a 3-2 overtime loss at Foxboro Stadium. Despite a heartbreaking loss to D.C. United, the Galaxy returned home to a hero's welcome.

    40. World Football/Soccer Directory
    World Football/soccer Directory. Home Directory Players Mexico. Mexico.Subcategories campos, jorge Hern¡ndez, Luis
    World Football Directory
    Home Directory Players > Mexico Mexico Sub-categories: Campos, Jorge Hern¡ndez, Luis This category doesn't contain any links Add Your Site More Directory Categories: Academic Study AFC - Asian Links Beach Soccer Campaigns ... Players > Mexico
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