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         Yagudin Alexei:     more detail
  1. INTERNATIONAL FIGURE SKATING magazine April 2001 Volume 7 Issue 1 (Ice Skating Magazine, Alexei Yagudin on cover, Jamie Sale & David Pelletier, Lucinda Ruh spinning sensation, Katarina Witt reigning diva)

1. Alexei Yagudin Official Site
Photo by Jay Adeff for Ice Skating Magazine

2. AlexeiFans.Com - The Alexei Yagudin Fan Centre
Large fansite for Alexei Yagudin of Russia, 2002 Olympic champion in men's figure skating. News, information, photos, fun, and more!

3. Skate Music List
Krylova Oleg Ovsiannikov Michelle Kwan Irina Slutskaya Michael Weiss Alexei Yagudin music quality, better sound systems in the skating rinks.

Newest photos from Canadian Stars on Ice. All photographs on this site were taken by myself. Photographing figure skating started as a small

5. SLAM! Sports - Figure Skating
CrossCanada star on ice Apr 16 Not just a dream. More Figure Skating Headlines Who is the CFL's best starting quarterback?

6. Excite Italia - Yagudin, Alexei Skaters Ice Skating Skating
MP3 DIRECTORY Directory Sports Skating Ice Skating Skaters Yagudin, Alexei 18 siti nella categoria Yagudin, Alexei

7. Alexei Yagudin Fan Site
World Championships in Nagano, Japan. Stars on Ice in Canada Contents - BBS(Japanese OK!) Links @ You are 952815 th lover of Alexei.

8. Alexei Yagudin Heart Of A Champion
I am not Alexei Yagudin.To reach him visit How to reach Alexei.Thank you! o) Image created by Tiffany Russia

9. Forever Alexei
Fan site with information and photos.

10. Alexei Yagudin
Contains news, photos, articles, and wallpaper. In Russian.

11. Alexei Yagudin | AlexeiFans.Com | The Alexei Yagudin Fan Center
alexei yagudin is the 2002 Olympic Champion in men s figure skating, ice Optional; alexei yagudin Soars Aloft April/5/2005 {Filed under interviews}
Enter site
Dear visitors...
Please read closely and do not make hasty assumptions, as this is as hard for me as it is for my visitors. I have not updated AlexeiFans.Com since May 10th, 2005. I will not be coming back to update the site anymore. My interests have changed, and I have not followed the Alexei news for a long time. In other words, I've lost interest. This directly affects the site because I built it on the foundation that I was a big fan, but I'm simply not anymore. I have closed or given away my fanlistings related to him, and as you might have noticed, I have closed the gallery also, partly because I need the space. I am not closing the site. When I began the site on September 8th, 2003 two years ago, I thought it would be around forever and that for years to come fans could visit and learn about him. I dreamed that I would always be a fan, that his skating would always interest me, and that I would have the drive to update it everyday like I always have. But now that drive has simply left me. I realize that after months of thinking about this, I can't hide from it or run away from it anymore. Leaving my visitors hanging like this is not fair, especially since everyone has been so kind and understanding to me. I know that I learned much about web design through this site, and I matured a lot. I know that I wouldnft be where I am today in web design if it wasnft for Alexei. So what am I getting at? The site will stay open, but only as an archive. I won't update it anymore, and everything will stay as it is. I don't have the heart to close it. If youfre thinking that this is sad, I agree. It is sad. This is a list of areas of the site that will be altered, so that you have a head's up on what will change:

12. Alexei Yagudin - Figure Skater Bio And Skating Videos - Smucker's Stars On Ice
2005 marks alexei’s third season with Smucker’s Stars on ice. Bio, pictures,figure skating videos, alexei yagudin content and other items appearing on

13. Smucker's Stars On Ice Store
Smucker’s Stars on ice, America’s most prestigious figure skating tour, Katarina Witt, Kurt Browning, Gordeeva Grinkov, alexei yagudin,

14. Make Free Alexei Yagudin Cell Phone Wallpapers With Pix2Fone
alexei yagudin pictures, photos, wallpapers, profile ..Home ice skating Y ..? alexei yagudin.. alexei yagudin photos, videos ..3d fireplace
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Free Pix2Fone service lets you create Alexei Yagudin cell phone wallpapers and backgrounds in a snap.
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Search results for: Alexei Yagudin
Below are top websites where you may find great collections of Alexei Yagudin pictures.*
pics, free wallpapers and videos

Summary: ...Alexandre Borges..Alexandria Karlsen..Alexei Yagudin..Alexia..Alexis Arquette.....Search ..DFS Models ..Chicago Gigs ..Extra Wallpapers ..Alto Celebs ..The Celebrity..
Alexei Yagudin pics, free wallpapers and videos

Alexei Yagudin pics and resources.
Summary: ...easy access to any information on Alexei Yagudin: pics, wallpapers, videos, etc. You.....Alexei Yagudin here. Home Page : A : Alexei Yagudin.. : Alexei.....and contact, posters, games, pictures, wallpapers, bio and other download stuff. ID..

15. Alexei Yagudin Closeups Figure Skating Photos By Tracy Marks
alexei yagudin, Expressions on ice II, figure skating photography, ice skatingphotos by Tracy Marks.
Expressions on Ice II, October 12, 2003
Simsbury, Massachusetts
Tracy Marks

BELOW: Alexei Yagudin Closeups
Taken during autograph time outside the rink
SEE ALSO: Alexei "Feelings" at Simsbury
Alexei "Memorial" at Simsbury

Alexei Yagudin "Racing"

Alexei Yagudin Marlboro 2002

BACK TO: Alexei Yagudin Simsbury page one Go to Expressions on Ice II Index Go to Alexei Yagudin, Marlboro, 2002 Go to Champions on Ice 2002 Photos Go to Webwinds Skating Gallery Over 1000 figure skating photos! Go to Tracy/Torrey's Ebay Skating Photo Listings If interested in purchasing any of these photos, please contact Tracy Marks without permission. Website owners however may use two photos on their web sites provided they are and linked to Please notify Tracy Marks if you are using photos. ENJOY! Last update October 24, 2003 Since April 3, 1997, you are visitor to Tracy Marks' personal site, Webwinds

16. Alexei Yagudin
Talk to alexei yagudin about skating past and present. alexei yagudin Ididn t see the ice dancing, but I saw the ladies program (the short and long).
var nEditorialCatId = 333; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(' Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help Alexei Yagudin What's New Join Now • Homepage Group Welcome ... Tools
2002 Olympic figure skating: Alexei Yagudin Friday, March 8, 2 p.m. ET - USA Today Online Chat Alexei Yagudin is a three-time World and European Champion in men’s figure skating. While his performance at the Olympic Games in Nagano was less than exhilerating (he placed fifth after skating with pneumonia), his 2002 Olympic gold will probably make up for past disappointments, particularly since Yagudin scored the highest scores ever awarded to a single skater in Olympic history. Talk to Alexei Yagudin about skating past and present. Arlington, VA : AlexeiYou brought down the house in Salt Lake! I loved watching you perform. What are your immediate plans? Will you stay in the amateur ranks or turn professional? Congrats on your Olympic gold medal!!
Alexei Yagudin: It's only been two weeks since I finished the Olympics, so I haven't made a decision yet. I feel really powerful now, so I'm definitely not turning pro now. Japan : I read an article that says you celebrated the gold medal at the local McDonald's with french flies and wine. Why McDonald's? Were't there any other good places to celebrate? Or, do you particularly love McDonald's?

17. Ice World: Alexei Yagudin's Photo Gallery
alexei yagudin. CLICK ON THUMBNAILS BELOW TO VIEW The Following BackgroundHas Been Provided By ice skating Graphice Lovena!
Alexei Yagudin
2003 Stars On Ice
2002 Skate The Nation
2001 Skate The Nation
2001 World Championships
2000 Skate Canada International
The Following Background Has Been Provided By:
Ice Skating Graphice Lovena!

Photo Gallery
Reviews Encounters ...
Web Rings

18. Star
alexei yagudin The Star On ice Want to join the Figure skating Webring? This alexei yagudin s Webring site is owned by Rissa.
Alexei Yagudin
The Star On Ice Yags and Lawrie at their house..:) Cute pic!! This website is owned by Rissa :)
Alexei Pics
(cute ones!)
All About Alexei


Competition Results

Cartoon Strips
(by me!)
Quotes By Alexei

Other Cool Links

Contact Alexei
E-mail Meeee!! Wait and look at the pic of Alexei... it fades!!! This Perfection On Ice Webring site is owned by Rissa Previous Next Random ... Join the Ring This Figure Skating Webring site is owned by Rissa Want to join the Figure Skating Webring Webring graphics designed by TrYnYtI PaGeS!!! Skip Prev Prev Next ... List Sites This Alexei Yagudin's Webring site is owned by Rissa Previous Next Random ... Join You need Java to see this applet.

19. Alexei Yagudin ImprovIce 1999 Ice Skating Photos By Tracy Marks
alexei yagudin Improvice 1999 photos copyright 1999 by Tracy Marks yag72105.jpg (13705bytes) yag72116.jpg skating Photo Index Go to Improvice Index
Alexei Yagudin
ImprovIce 1999
Go to:
Skating Photo Index

Go to:
Improv-Ice Index

Note: Tracy Marks' (torreyphilemon's) auctions. For more information, email

20. Webwinds Ice Skating Photo Gallery By Tracy Marks, Figure Skating Photos, Photog
ice Chips 2003 Marlboro Aug 2002 with alexei yagudin This is an index of1000+ of my ice skating photos from Champions on ice, Stars on ice,
Webwinds Ice Skating Gallery
photos at and
NEW! Evening with Champions 2003
Expressions on Ice 2003

Champions on Ice 2003

Ice Chips 2003
Marlboro Aug 2002
with Alexei Yagudin
Marlboro Sept 2002
with Sasha Cohen
Photo Sales at Ebay

Men Skaters
Women Skaters
Pairs Skaters Index ... Books and Videos Barnes and Noble Associate for Figure Skating Books!
This is an index of 1000+ of my ice skating photos - from Champions on Ice, Stars on Ice, Evening with Champions, Ice Chips, [Improv Ice, ISCC Simsbury shows, and other 1998 - 2003 figure skating shows. Because I optimized all photos to under 30kb, most should load in 20 seconds or less. I also color corrected, sharpened, cropped and enlarged many photos for better viewing. ENJOY (and please respect Photos may not be copied or reposted without permission)! Note also: Due to space limitations, photos are now on four sites - Windweaver, Webwinds, Webwinds at Geocities, and Webwinds at Katia Gordeeva and Ilia Kulik Alexei Yagudin, SOI 2002 Sasha Cohen, COI 2002

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