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  1. Robin Cousins by Martha Lowder Kimball, 1998-04-01

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6. Compare Prices For Ice Skating Showcase - Great Routines Of The
Ice Skating Showcase Great Routines of the 1980's (1990) Rating Unrated Release Date 04/15/1990 Featuring Robin Cousins, Toller Cranston.

7. Robin Cousins Skaters Ice Skating Skating Sports English LoCuaL
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8. Robin Cousins Skaters Ice Skating Skating Sports English
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9. The Robin Cousins Page
The various careers of robin cousins, figure skating s Renaissance man, from theOlympic gold Blades on ice magazine has an interview with robin cousins
Welcome to the Robin Cousins Page. This site covers the various careers of figure skating's Renaissance man. From an Olympic gold medal and numerous professional championships to his own and other ice shows and TV specials, the West End musical stage, choreography, directing, TV commentary, art exhibits, and movies, Robin Cousins can say "been there, done that."
Blades on Ice magazine has an interview with Robin Cousins
The January/February 2005 issue of Blades on Ice magazine has an interview with Robin, concentrating on his Adventures in Frostavia book.
Another interview with Robin
The Sunday Times has an interview with Robin, who was in Glasgow introducing (but not skating in) the WOOSH! shows in December.
video of Robin Cousins' 1980 Olympic long program is available on DVD and VHS
Olympic Figure Skating Greatest Performance In History Volume II includes Robin Cousins' 1980 Olympic gold medal winning long program and is available on DVD (Region 1) and VHS (NTSC format) from
Congratulations to Robin Cousins on his election to the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame, and his new book and ice show!
Congratulations to Robin Cousins on his long overdue election to the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame for his extraordinary lifelong contributions to the sport of figure skating!

10. Improv-Ice 1999 Photos, Robin Cousins, By Tracy Marks, Webwinds Ice Skating Gall
Improvice 1999 Worcester, Ma. Elvis Stojko s Practice Time robin cousins Final US copyright 1999 by Tracy Marks of Webwinds ice skating Gallery
Improv-Ice 1999: Worcester, Ma.
Elvis Stojko's Practice Time
Robin Cousins' Final U.S. Performance

Please do not reproduce without permission.
All photos were taken from very poor seats at
the end of the large Worcester Centrum arena, the opposite end
from the Improv-Ice stage and the skaters entrance onto the ice,
with a view partially blocked by the tv camera and four rows
of heads, so that I could only take photos when I could sit up
on my knees and focus through the narrow space between heads in a stadium with such poor lighting that even 1600 film had to be pushed two stops for the photos to turn out - photos taken with my old, ailing 12 year old Minolta camera, zoomed out to be about 200, and which jammed on every film and double exposed the last few pictures of every roll (so that I lost all the wonderful shots of Michael Weiss skating with his baby during practice and most Caryn Kadavy photos).... But given the above, these aren't so bad, are they? Many more to come when I return from a week without Internet access........

11. The Complete Book Of Figure Skating - Human Kinetics
the only book of its kind available and a valuable asset to any skater’s library.”robin cousins Director of ice skating Science Development Center

12. Interview Robin Cousins
And he says that British ice skating is terrible. Interview robin cousins . Interview robin cousins He won figure skating gold 22 years ago at the
Home Web Directory What's the Buzz? Escape Hatch ... Free Email Friday, September 16, 2005 12:39:02 AM DIRECTORY Baseball Basketball Boxing ... Womens Sports Chapter Quicklink What's the Buzz Escape Hatch: Open Mic Interview Robin Cousins
He won figure skating gold 22 years ago at the Winter Olympics, now he runs the successful Holiday on Ice troupe. And he says that British ice skating is terrible.
By Guardian Newspapers, 2/11/2002 Swooshing across a rink temporarily laid in the Brighton Centre - a place more generally associated with hosting party political conferences - the tall athletic figure on skates suddenly lifts one leg and spins round several times on the spot. He then swivels downwards on his knees as if trying to corkscrew himself through the ice, before throwing his arms wide in a theatrical flourish and flashing the megawatt smile of the professionally happy camper.
At nearly 45, and despite keeping several knee surgeons in business over the years, Robin Cousins clearly can still cut it. Indeed, watching him in action, one feels the man who won the Olympic figure skating title in 1980 must keep a portrait of himself in an attic somewhere, doing his ageing for him.
Cousins looks no older or less agile than the day he set a million grannies' hearts aflutter with his gold-medal performance in Lake Placid. The one thing, though, that has changed is his bank balance.

13. Guardian Unlimited Sport | Olympics | Interview Robin Cousins
It s more important that there are more people trying ice skating than And for robin cousins, choreographer supreme, that would be a goldmedal result.,10308,648169,00.html
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Interview Robin Cousins
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14. Basingstoke Ice Skating Club Web Site - Robin Cousins Masterclass - 15th/16th Fe
Olympic, World and European Figure skating Champion, robin cousins, was the guestpresenter at Basingstoke ice skating Club s Masterclass Workshop held on
Friday September 16, 2005 - 03:45:23 GMT Site Navigation Home News The Club Adult Members ... Links Related Articles British Figure Skating Championships, Nottingham, 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2004 National Team Challenge - 27th June 2004 Chairman's Chat - 22 April 2004 Synchro News - 22 April 2004 ... News - 20th March 2004 Counter 1 users online
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News Robin Cousins Masterclass - 15th/16th February 2004 Robin Cousins Masterclass - 15th/16th February 2004
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15. Jane S Skating Rink
robin cousins has a tall elegance that has not equaled. The World Figureskating Museum and Hall of Fame Frogs on ice Skate Web skating Sites of
Last Updated: Figure Skating is the perfect union of dance and athletics. I have been enchanted watching performances for years and the artistry and pure raw strength and talent that figure skaters show is a constant delight to view. I have been not thrilled, however, with the stupid politics that constantly rears its ugly head in the judge's voting. The last couple of Olympics have really soured me, as it is worse than even during the Cold War years. But , this is a celebration of the athletes who enthrall us with triple jumps and extended spins and impossible lifts and throws, all artistically done to music. I have frequently dreamed that I am the skater who is performing and, being a dream, I can not only skate perfectly, but actually take off and soar up in the air floating over the heads of the audience. When I hear certain music, I frequently picture a skater performing to it. Yes, I have to admit, figure skating is truly a major part of my fantasy life. I would especially like to thank the following performers for the talent and artistry they have shown over the years: The Dushesnay's Robin Cousins Kurt Browning "Passion"

16. EMailman: Figure Skating Bookstore
(2003) Culture on ice Figure skating and Popular Culture by Ellyn Kestnbaum . Nutcracker A Fantasy On ice Dorothy Hamill and robin cousins with The
New: Figure skating discussion forum for fans and skaters. Accessible via the web or via newsreader.
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  • 17. Figure Skating - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Figure skating is an ice skating sporting event where individuals, mixed couples, Philippe Candeloro Steven cousins robin cousins Toller Cranston
    Figure skating
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Michelle Kwan , a popular figure skater. Figure skating is an ice skating sporting event where individuals, mixed couples, or groups perform spins, jumps, and other "moves" on the ice, often to music. There are international competitions for figure skating, such as the World Championships , and figure skating is also an official event in the Winter Olympics . In languages other than English, figure skating is usually referred to by a name that translates as "artistic skating". The sport is closely associated with show business, such as "spectaculars" where performers skate unjudged, and the crowd pleasing routines at the end of competition held at many tournaments. Many skaters both during and after their competitive careers also skate in ice-skating exhibitions.
    Figure skates differ from hockey skates most visibly in having a set of large, jagged teeth called toe picks (also known as "toe rakes") on the front of the blade. The toe picks are used primarily in jumping and should not be used for stroking or spins. Toe pick designs have become quite elaborate in recent years and sometimes include additional teeth on the sides of the blade. The figure skating blade is curved from front to back with a radius of about 2 meters. Recently

    18. Robin Cousins
    The robin cousins biography is out. It s called simply robin cousins and is Curry skating companies, and predating the Stars on ice tour in the US.

    "Robin Cousins", by Martha Lowder Kimball
    Reviewed by Sandra Loosemore
    The Robin Cousins biography is out. It's called simply "Robin Cousins" and is written by Martha Lowder Kimball, whom many will recognize as the co-author of "Zero Tollerance". While the Toller Cranston book was a zippy memoir told almost exclusively from Toller's own (often outrageous) point of view, the Robin Cousins book is a serious, well-researched biography, told from a more balanced and impersonal perspective. It's described as an "authorized biography" on the cover so it's probably reasonable to assume that Robin himself provided the overall direction for the book, but there are also quotes and insight from dozens of other people whose lives have touched Robin's at various times in his career. As a result, there's something in this book for everybody, not just fans of Robin Cousins himself. Paul Wylie fans will find the section about Robin's years living with the Wylie family fascinating. There's a section about Robin's "rivalry" with Scott Hamilton at Landover. There are sections on his collaborations with Peggy Fleming, Rosalynn Sumners, Doug Mattis, Michael Chack, and Denise Biellmann. And there are numerous quotes from Toller Cranston. One minor flaw in the book is that certain aspects of Robin's life are apparently glossed over or sanitized. For example, there is basically nothing said about romantic relationships or love affairs, and the omission draws attention to itself because there is considerable space devoted to discussion of Robin's other personal relationships, such as his family life and several long-time friendships. It's unfortunate that precisely

    19. Books & Publications
    robin cousins, a fourtime British men s figure skating champion, won the Olympicgold book-magiconice Magic on ice $5.95 Stars bios, skating tips,

    Gift Shop Home

    Adult Clothing

    Children's Clothing

    Figure Skating: A History

    Figure Skating: A History, by James R. Hines. Is a 456-page volume complete with 226 photos detailing all of the thrills, artistry, and competition from the early days of skating to the present time. Now, the only comprehensive history of figure skating in over 40 years can be yours. Reserve your copy by November 30 and recieve a 15% discount! Reserve your copy by calling (719) 228-3467 or order online.
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    Ice Cream
    New! The inimitable Toller Cranston is back. After two books devoted to his own life, he now turns an eye (that misses nothing) on thirty skaters who, in his opinion, have changed figure skating - for good or ill.
    [Add to Cart]
    [View Cart] When Hell Freezes Over New! In this remarkable book he describes both the men and women he has known and how they shaped and influenced him. [Add to Cart] [View Cart] Zero Tollerance New! An intimate memoir by the man who revolutionized figure skating. [Add to Cart] [View Cart] Forever Two As One New! Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner have spent more than thirty years as skating partners and best friends. Linked at the ages of eight and ten, they grew up together, developed a unique pairs style and performing persona, then won the Championship Pairs event at the 1979 World Figure Skating Championships.

    20. Skating Quotes
    robin cousins, skating is now retro and hip robin cousins, ice dance shouldnot be seen robin cousins, skating everywhere is unpredictable, no
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