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  1. Chess in Japan: Japanese Chess Players, Hikaru Nakamura, Shinsaku Uesugi, Joël Lautier, Yoshiharu Habu, Miyoko Watai
  2. Chess Life: Hikaru Nakamura, The Marshall Chess Club in the 1950s, Vol. 56, No. by Various Staff, 2001-01-01
  3. Chess Life: Hikaru Nakamura The Youngest Master Ever!, Vol. 53, No. 5, May, 1998 by Various Staff, 1998-01-01
  4. Chess Life: Hikaru Nakamura North American Open Champion, April, 2006 by Various Staff, 2006-01-01
  5. Bullet Chess: One Minute to Mate by Hikaru Nakamura, Bruce Harper, 2009-09-03
  6. New in Chess: Alexey Shirov back on board; Loek Van Wely returns to Foxwoods; Tomsk tops russian team champtionship; Jan Timman on Pawn Structures by Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam, PeterDoggers, et all 2009
  7. Chess Life: U. S. Champion Hikaru Nakamura Tops Foxwoods, Vol. 60, No. 7, July, by Various Staff, 2005-01-01

1. 2005 US Chessmaster Championships
nakamura and goletiani champions! Hikaru Nakamura of White Plains, NY is the new US Champion! Past winners of the US Chess Championship

2. Nakamura, Hikaru People Chess Battle Games Abstract Board Games
Nakamura, Hikaru People Chess Battle Games Abstract Board Games Games now available, find more information on Nakamura, Hikaru.

3. Formez - Nakamura, Hikaru People Chess Battle Games
MP3 DIRECTORY Directory Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Nakamura, Hikaru

4. Excite Espa A - Nakamura, Hikaru People Chess Battle Games
MP3 DIRECTORIO Directorio Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Nakamura, Hikaru

5. Excite Deutschland - Nakamura, Hikaru People Chess Battle
WebKatalog Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Nakamura, Hikaru 1 Web-Sites Nakamura, Hikaru

6. Excite France - Nakamura, Hikaru People Chess Battle Games
MP3 R PERTOIRE R pertoire Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Nakamura, Hikaru

7. Hikaru Nakamura People Chess Battle Games Abstract Board Games
Buscador Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Nakamura, Hikaru

8. Hikaru Nakamura People Chess Battle Games Abstract Board Games
Publicidad Web English Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Nakamura, Hikaru

9. National Scholastic Chess Foundation Hikaru Nakamura Wins National Hikaru Nakamura wins National Open Blitz Championship In the main (slow chess) National Open event, Hikaru also played

10. Nakamura, Hikaru USA FIDE World Top Chess Player
FIDE World Top chess Player. nakamura, hikaru (USA) g, See Personal info See Personal info. Period, Position, Title, Rating, Games

11. Nakamura, Hikaru FIDE Online Personal Card
chess Player card. 2016192, nakamura, hikaru, M. Federation, United States ofAmerica. FIDE title, Grand Master. Current rating, 2660

12. The Week In Chess
TWIC chess Theory Service. The service is resuming in September with a monthlyformat. nakamura, hikaru Gelfand, Boris 0-1 39 B96 Sicilian Najdorf

13. The Week In Chess
The Dortmund Sparkassen chessMeeting 2004 took place in the Dortmund nakamura, hikaru g USA 2601 3.5 ($310) 3. Hoffmann, Asa f USA 2272 3.0 ($ 70) 4.
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OLD FRONT PAGE STORIES 2004 December MORE November MORE October MORE September MORE August MORE July MORE June MORE May MORE April MORE March MORE February MORE January MORE December Pamplona Tournament The Pamplona, Navarra tournament took place 20th - 29th December 2004. The Category 16 main GM event was won by Boris Gelfand. Games in PGN (correction to Naiditsch - Sutovsky rd6 50. ...Qc3+ instead of the give Qe3+) Final Round 7 Standings: 1. Gelfand, Boris g ISR 2693 5.5; 2. Karjakin, Sergey g UKR 2576 4.5; 3. Bruzon, Lazaro g CUB 2637 4.0; 4. De la Riva Aguado, Oscar m AND 2528 3.5; 5. Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar g AZE 2660 3.0; 6. Naiditsch, Arkadij g GER 2611 3.0; 7. Sutovsky, Emil g ISR 2697 3.0; 8. Vaganian, Rafael A g ARM 2640 1.5; Official site: with further info at:

14. Hikaru Nakamura Makes Master At 10 Years, 2 Months
hikaru nakamura makes master at 10 years, 2 months. The Marshall chess Club was 10year old hikaru nakamura, the youngest Master in American history,
Hikaru Nakamura makes master at 10 years, 2 months
The Marshall Chess Club was once again host to another record-breaking event. At the club's weekly Thursday Night Action Tournament of February 26th, Hikaru Nakamura, who already set the record for becoming the youngest player to defeat an International Master in a tournament game when he defeated IM Jay Bonin at the Club's "Last Blunder of 1997" action tournament on December 31st (see previous posting), made chess history once again. Hikaru, who is only ten years and two months old but has already become a veteran Marshall Chess Club tournament competitor, achieved an official USCF rating of 2203 at the end of the February 26th tournament, making him the youngest player ever to earn a Master rating.
Asuka Nakamura
Hikaru Nakamura and his similarly strong (and not much older) brother Asuka have one tremendous advantage. It so happens that their step-father, Sunil Weeramantry, has, for more than 20 years, been America's leading scholastic chess teacher and trainer. They will never have to spend money for grandmaster training. It all comes in-house.

15. Hikaru Nakamura Leads New York Open Chess Championship Under-2200 Section
hikaru nakamura, who just became the youngest chess master in US chess history, hikaru nakamura (left) plays N. Gebran at the Marshall chess Club
Hikaru Nakamura leads New York Open under-2200 section
Hikaru Nakamura, who just became the youngest chess master in US chess history, won his first three games in the New York Open in the under-2200 section to take the lead. All three of the opponents whom Hikaru defeated were rated around 2150. His opponents were Jerry Mc Clinton rated 2144, William W P Perez rated 2131 and Joel P Chu rated 2192. Hikaru Nakamura became the youngest rated chess master in US history in a tournament at the Marshall Chess Club on February 26. Because the February 1 rating list was used to determine entries into the New York Open, he was allowed to play in the Under-2200 section using his old rating of 2044. Hikaru Nakamura is 10 years, 3 months old. He has only been playing chess for 11 years.
Hikaru Nakamura (left) plays N. Gebran at the Marshall Chess Club The official New York Open web site is at Sam Sloan
You can now look up the official ratings of Hikaru Nakamura at the US Chess Federation web site UPDATE: Hikaru Nakamura makes The New York Times Here are links:

16. National Scholastic Chess Foundation 1997 Chess Scholar In The News
Nine year old chess player hikaru nakamura has acquired the habit of winning.He is already a national champion, having won the 1996 National Third Grade

February 1997 Chess Scholar in the News
Nine year old chess player Hikaru Nakamura has acquired the habit of winning. He is already a national champion, having won the 1996 National Third Grade Championship in Terra Haute, Indiana, but he will not rest. His latest feat is unprecedented - in the Greater New York Elementary School Championships, he won the Primary Championship and the Elementary Championship on two successive days, with a perfect score in both events! This amazing accomplishment won special "stop the press" notice from Empire Chess magazine editor Carrie Goldstein. Hikaru is the younger brother of another chess star, eleven year old Asuka, and the stepson of chess coach (and author ) Sunil Weeramantry. Hikaru started playing tournament chess in January 1995, at the Junior Chess Congress East in Stamford. He learned the game on his own, picking up the moves from having been around chess players. In October 1995, with his rating in the 700s, he competed in NSCF tournaments in Greenburgh, White Plains, Greenwich, and Hunter and won five tournaments in a row, with a 20-0 score! By the end of the national tournaments the following spring, his rating had risen to the mid-1300s - a tremendous jump. In the 1996 National Elementary Championships, while listed as 1195, he defeated three players rated over 1500. A sixth round win would have forced a pairing against Asuka, even though they played for the same school, Ridgeway Elementary in White Plains. But the brothers were spared such a dramatic confrontation when Hikaru lost to third-seeded Cindy Tsai of Florida.

17. National Scholastic Chess Foundation Hikaru Nakamura Earns Final International M
About the National Scholastic chess Foundation Thirteen year old HikaruNakamura has earned his final International Master(IM) norm!

Hikaru Nakamura earns final International Master Norm
(February 25, 2001)

Thirteen year old Hikaru Nakamura has earned his final International Master(IM) norm!

He is now an IM elect, and the title may be granted as early as the FIDE Presidential Commission meeting at the end of March in Cannes, France. When it is, he will be the youngest American International Master ever! The record is currently held by Vinay Bhat, who made IM in April, 2000 at the age of 15 years and 10 months.
Hikaru made it look easy , earning the title in a span of only two months, in three consecutive tournaments. Here's how he did it.
Norm #1
. Hikaru earned his first norm in the VIII "Anibal" Open tournament in Linares, Spain, January 8-18. In Linares, Hikaru qualified by scoring 6.5-4.5, again against a Category 7 field (average FIDE rating 2419). The players he faced in the 161-player open included two Grandmasters and seven International Masters. The overall field included 37 GMs and 60 IMs.
Norm #2.

18. 2005 U.S. Chess Championship: Nakamura Wins!
On yesterday, hikaru nakamura won the 2005 US chess Championship held in SanDiego, California. He will celebrate his 17th birthday on December 9th and his
On yesterday, Hikaru Nakamura won the 2005 U.S. Chess Championship held in San Diego, California. He will celebrate his 17th birthday on December 9 th and his performance will go down in U.S. chess history as one of the most inspiring accomplishments.
A pre-tournament favorite, Nakamura has affirmed the "hype" surrounding his meteoric rise. What is more intriguing is the fact that he has made his name without pretension and with strong self-determination. His rise will give further credence the chess is played for the spirit of the battle!
Nakamura's Road to Victory
Round 1: Nakamura
- FM Stephen Muhammad
Round 2:
IM Cyrus Lakdawala - Nakamura, 0-1
Round 3: Nakamura
- GM Alexander Stripunsky
Round 4:
GM Nick DeFirmian - Nakamura, 0-1
Round 5: Nakamura
- GM Sergey Kudrin
Round 6:
GM Gregory Serper - Nakamura, ½-½
Round 7:
GM Gregory Kaidanov - Nakamura, 0-1
Round 8: Nakamura
- GM Alexander Goldin Round 9: Nakamura - GM Ildar Ibragimov, GM Hikaru Nakamura (Photo by Sunil Weeramantry) Tiebreak Playoffs Game 1: GM Alexander Stripunsky - Nakamura, 0-1

19. Nakamura Dives Into "The Matrix"
hikaru nakamura trots out 2.Qh5 against Krishnan Sasikiran of India. However,Lars Bo also meant that it would be great for chess if nakamura would
Hikaru Nakamura trots out 2.Qh5 against Krishnan Sasikiran of India.
Hikaru Nakamura has caused a controversy by employing a line which breaks all standard rules of chess… 1.e4 e5 2.Qh5!? We are often taught that bringing the queen out early is a bad principle, but we have to look no further than Bernard Parham I , to find the top advocate of 2.Qh5. Parham is the creator of "Matrix Chess" which features the infamous 2.Qh5 as a standard order of play.
No reports have been filed as to why the 17-year old U.S. Championship was inspired to play this move sequence against the strong Indian Grandmaster, Krishnan Sasikiran (at the Sigeman GM tournament ). It has been reported that he has been testing it in blitz games. However, players at the ICC and commentators have expressed mixed reviews. Some feel that it is an insult to play such a line against Grandmaster opponents while others feel that it is refreshing that such a move could be played and a reasonable position reached. At one time, the Center Counter game (1.e4 d5!?) was thought to be an insult, but it has garnered the respectable reputation. Here's what the main website said about Nakamura's adventure:
Nakamura surprised Sasikiran with what looked suspiciously like an attempt at fool's mate (1.e4 e5 2.Dh5!?, what is this opening called!?). Around move 35, Nakamura compromised himself positionally in an attempt to play for a win (without really spending any time on this decision). A little while later, he sacrificed a pawn without any obvious compensation. Commentator GM Lars Bo Hansen meant that decisions of this type are not to be recommended against strong GMs like Sasikiran. Sometimes you have to accept that your opponent has earned a draw by defending well!? Lars Bo Hansen meant that Nakamura will have to learn this if he wants to be able to match +2750 players in the future. However, Lars Bo also meant that it would be great for chess if Nakamura would establish himself at the very top with his "I want to win all games" attitude. No matter what, the spectators love it and so do the Sigeman organizers.

20. American Chess Equipment™ - Ultimate Chess™ Cards - IM Hikaru Nakamura
American chess Equipment™ has been Serving the chess Community Since 1982.The Leader in Wholesale chess Supplies and Ultimate chess™ Products.
Your online chess store, providing a full line of distinctive chess equipment, namely; plastic chess pieces, chess boards, chess clocks and timers, chess carrying bags, chess prepak combos, magnetic chess sets, chess teaching supplies, chess accessories, chess items for schools and clubs, demonstration chess boards, and wood chess sets. Cart Help View Cart IM Hikaru Nakamura SITE MENU Home CAPs Price List Products ... The Guide Made in the USA IM Hikaru Nakamura (Limited Edition Signature Series) IM Hikaru Nakamura signed this card December 15, 2001, at the National Grade Level K-12 in Dallas, TX. There were 1454 students in attendance. Reverse Side Contains: - Individual Identification Number - Biographical Information - His game against GM Alexander Stripunsky at Ashville, N.C. Price Break Retail Price: Save up to $6.45 ea. when you order 16+

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