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  1. Chess International Masters: Irina Krush, Henry Ernest Atkins, Ashot Nadanian, Lev Aronin, David Levy, Fedor Bogatyrchuk, Edward Lasker
  2. Chess Woman Grandmasters: Irina Krush, Judit Polgár, Hou Yifan, Susan Polgar, Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Natalia Pogonina
  3. Chess Life: Americans on the Rock, Irina Krush Defeats Akopian and Korchnoi in G by Various Staff, 2007-01-01
  4. American Chess Players: Benjamin Franklin, Humphrey Bogart, Stanley Kubrick, Irina Krush, Paul Morphy, Wilhelm Steinitz, Maurice Ashley

1. Irina Krush
Irina Krush. Elisabeth P htz. Irina Krush. A review of 15year-old Irina Krush's chess victories and achievements would fill several pages.

2. SmartChess Online
(State of NJ) Chess Superstore The Gaming Zone of Irina Krush HOME PAGE Annotated Games INDEX Events INDEX

3. Irina Krush Chess Videos
American Chess Princesses with NM Irina Krush, Elina Groberman, Laura Ross Shirley BenDak

4. Excite Italia - Krush, Irina People Chess Battle Games
Directory Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Krush, Irina 3 siti nella categoria Krush, Irina

5. Krush, Irina People Chess Battle Games Abstract Board Games Games
Krush, Irina People Chess Battle Games Abstract Board Games Games now available, find more information on Krush, Irina.

6. Excite Espa A - Krush, Irina People Chess Battle Games
NOTICIAS MP3 DIRECTORIO Directorio Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Krush, Irina

7. Excite France - Krush, Irina People Chess Battle Games
MP3 R PERTOIRE R pertoire Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Krush, Irina

8. US Chess Federation Players Gallery Irina Krush
Official website and online store for the US Chess Federation. Special coverage of the 1997 World Chess Championship. Background and Features. The

9. Irina Krush People Chess Battle Games Abstract Board Games Games
Buscador Games Board Games Abstract Battle Games Chess People Krush, Irina

10. US Chess Federation: Players Gallery: Irina Krush
Biography and links.
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NM Irina Krush
NM Irina Krush is 15. She was the 1998 US Women's Champion. She is one of the World Team coaches in the Kasparov vs the World match at MSN. Irina has also represented the United States in the FIDE World Junior Championship for Girls and at the Pan American Youth Games. Irina was the Gold Medalist in the 1998 Pan-American Youth Championships in Brazil with a perfect score of 7-0. She has been the top US Player (boys and girls) under age 16 several times on the USCF Top 50 Lists
Past Accomplishments

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11. Krush, Irina USA FIDE World Top Chess Player
FIDE World Top chess Player. krush, irina (USA) m, See Personal info See Personalinfo. Period, Position, Title, Rating, Games. Top 50 Women July 2005

12. Krush, Irina FIDE Online Personal Card
chess Player card. 2012782, krush, irina, F. Federation, United States of America.FIDE title, Woman Grand Master (IM). Current rating, 2452

13. US Chess Federation:
Official website and online store for the US chess Federation. 4, krush, irina,NY, 2443. 5, Levitina, irina, NJ, 2384. 6, Goletiani, Rusudan, NY, 2375
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Kosteniuk, Alexandra FL Polgar, Zsuzsa NY Zatonskih, Anna OH Krush, Irina NY Levitina, Irina NJ Goletiani, Rusudan NY Baginskaite, Camilla CA Belakovskaia, Anjelina AZ Lu, Xiaosha Sarah CA Abrahamyan, Tatev CA Battsetseg, Tsagaan MD Hahn, Anna NY Tuvshintugs, Batchimeg CA Morkunaite, Egle CA Marinello, Beatriz FL Ross, Laura R NY Epstein, Esther MA Airapetian, Chouchanik WA Tsai, Cindy J FL Sagalchik, Olga NY Jezierska, Ivona CA Shiber, Julia NY Pelletier, Katharine A NY Levina, Anna NY Itkis, Hana NJ Melekhina, Alisa PA Alston, Angela J TX West, Vanessa A CA Vayserberg, Tatiana NY Teasley, Dorothy NY Wooten, Aaron G CA Ruggiero, Pamela F CA Goffstein, Daniel IA Weiss, Annie NY Zenyuk, Iryna NY Thompson, Tracey C NJ Ben-Dak, Shirley NY Kerr, Julia K NY Chanadiri, Tamara NJ Roberts-Hoffman, Katie L CO Simo, Judit OK Asami, Marina CA Nikolova, Ettie VA Mc Vay, Karsten A NJ Christiansen, Natasha C MA Kennedy, Shernaz NY Dimitrijevic, Vesna MA Skidmore, Jennifer M MI Parrilla, Medina

14. The Week In Chess
TWIC chess Theory Service. The service is resuming in September with a monthlyformat. 27 Gokhale, Anupama 2243 wim 7 28 krush, irina 2492 im 6.5
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15. US Championships Seattle 2003. Women's Playoff
2003 AF4C US chess Championships, 918 January Northwest Rooms, Seattle. Round 1 (January 19, 2003) Hahn, Anna - krush, irina 1-0 64 D48 Queens Gambit

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US Championships Seattle 2003. Women's Playoff

Press Release by John Henderson 2003 AF4C US Chess Championships, 9-18 January Northwest Rooms, Seattle. AF4C US WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF 19th January 2002 In a fairytale ending to decide the 2003 Af4C US Women's Champion, underdog Anna Hahn, from Jersey City, N.J, caused a major chess upset in the three-way playoff for the crown by beating former champions Jennifer Shahade and Irina Krush. Scoring back to back wins against the two top US women players gave Hahn both the title and the record first prize of $12,500. For Hahn, 26, who was seeded No.6 for the women's crown at the start of the Championship, the final result proved to be the biggest win of her career - and one that shocked many of the commentators and spectators in the playing hall. Biographical details of Anna Hahn, 2003 AF4C US Women's Champion Women's International Master Anna Hahn was born in Riga, Latvia June 21, 1976 and currently resides in Jersey City, N.J. As a child she used to watch her father and grandfather play chess and when she was seven years old her grandfather decided to take her to the local chess club. Her best chess achievements include the Latvian Women's Champion in 1992 and, after moving to the U.S., tying for second place in the World Girl's Championship in 1993. Anna earned her Women's international master title in 1995. In 2000 Anna participated in the chess Olympiad in Turkey, and the women's world championship in India.

16. Irina Krush
A review of 15year-old irina krush’s chess victories and achievements would fillseveral pages. Born in Odessa, Ukraine, she became the youngest woman ever
Game History Play Kasparov Complete history of the Analysts Moves and Commentary! Notation Explanation ... Florin Felecan Irina Krush
Irina Krush A review of 15-year-old Irina Krush’s chess victories and achievements would fill several pages. Born in Odessa, Ukraine, she became the youngest woman ever to compete in the U.S. Women’s Chess Championship at age 11, and won that event in 1998. A Chess Master at age 12, Irina is now the No. 1 woman chess player in the U.S., with FIDE rating 2375 and USCF 2448. She is the No. 1 Junior player under 18 in the U.S. and No. 2 Junior under 21. We are delighted to have Irina as one of our Chess Analysts in this event.
Irina was the Gold Medalist in the 1998 Pan-American Youth Championships in Brazil with a score of 7-0. Her other achievements last year included the Bronze Medal in the FIDE Girls World Championship in Calcutta and the top score in the FIDE Women’s Olympiad in Russia. In January 1999, she won first place in the New York City High School Championship. Irina is making her mark in every corner of the world.
This summer, Irina will play at the World Open in Philadelphia, Chess Superstore’s “Krush Challenge" in New Jersey, the Kingsport Fun Fest in Tennessee and the U.S. Junior Championship in San Francisco. September will find her at the Women’s World Championship in Moldavia. With relentless vigor, she tackles every opportunity she can cram into her schedule, and performs astoundingly well at all of them. Irina is clearly headed for a dominant role in the world of chess.

17. MSN Gaming Zone - Kasparov Vs. The World - Kasparov Wins! Press Release
irina krush, 15, is the US women s chess champion and youngest member of the USOlympiad team. Elisabeth Pähtz, 14, is ranked eighth in the World
Move 58: The Crucial Move Analysis by Garry Kasparov with Commentary by Danny King Kasparov's October 27, 1999 End of Game Chat Transcript Kasparov Wins! Press Release Read Kasparov's Endgame Analysis! ... Faces of the World Team
For Immediate Release
Oct. 25, 1999
World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov Defeats World Team In Kasparov vs. the World on MSN.COM
World Team Resigns on Move 62
REDMOND, Wash. - Oct. 25, 1999 - World chess champion Garry Kasparov achieved victory Friday afternoon in the Kasparov vs. the World online chess tournament on the MSN.COM™ network of Internet services. With 51 percent of the world team voting to resign, the intense game ended at move 62 after four challenging months of play, during which the world team proved to be a formidable opponent.
"Although I have technically won the chess game, I think the real winners are everyone who participated on behalf of the world team," Kasparov said. "The world team was able to take advantage of Internet technology and join together to mount a real challenge. Over the past four months, I have been highly impressed by the proficiency of the collective world team and truly have enjoyed the competition."
Kasparov, from Moscow, and event moderator Danny King, from London, will hold a live public chat on MSN.COM Wednesday, Oct. 27, 10 a.m. PDT at Kasparov will take questions about the game and his winning strategy.

18. The Chess Games Of Irina Krush
chess games of irina krush, career statistics, most famous victories, chessopening analysis, PGN download, discussion forums, and more.

19. The Chess Games Of Mark Bluvshtein
chess games of Mark Bluvshtein, career statistics, most famous victories, chessopening analysis, 8 RousselRoozmon, Thomas 6.5 10 krush, irina 6.5

20. Irina Krush - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
irina krush (December 24, 1983 ) is an American chess player. krush learnedto play chess at age five, emigrating with her parents to Brooklyn that
Irina Krush
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Irina Krush Irina Krush (b. December 24 ) is an American chess player. Born in Odessa USSR (now in Ukraine ), she is widely known for her series of chess training videos, the "Krushing Attacks" series. Krush learned to play chess at age five, emigrating with her parents to Brooklyn that same year ( ). At age 14 Krush won the US Women's Chess Championship to become the youngest U.S. Women's Champion ever. She holds the title of International Master (IM) and has one of three tournament results (norms) necessary to qualify for the International Grandmaster (GM) title. In the April 2005 list, Krush had a FIDE Rating of 2455, 25th best among active female players. Krush gained a measure of fame both inside and outside chess circles during the well-publicized " Kasparov versus The World " chess competition in Garry Kasparov played the white pieces and the Internet public, via a Microsoft host website, voted on moves for the black pieces, guided by the recommendations of Krush and three other young chess experts. On the tenth move, Krush suggested a stunning novelty, for which the World Team voted. Kasparov said later that he lost control of the game at that point, and wasn't sure whether he was winning or losing. In addition to discovering a new move, Krush displayed great patience, tact, and generosity while participating in the bulletin board discussion of the game. Due to her social skill and tireless work on behalf of the World Team, she gradually became the focus of all the team's analytical efforts. The analysis tree she maintained gained considerable authority, and the recommendations therein were chosen by the team for more than forty consecutive moves. Even grandmasters rated considerably higher than her began making primary reference to her analysis tree.

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