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         Karpov Anatoly:     more books (82)
  1. The World Chess Crown Challenge Kasparov vs. Karpov Seville 87 by David Bronstein, 1990-03
  2. Karpov-Korchnoi: Massacre in Merano (A Batsford chess book) by Raymond D Keene, 1981
  3. Maneuvers in Moscow: Karpov-Kasparov II (Macmillan Chess Library) by Raymond Keene, David Goodman, 1986-01
  4. Kasparov v Karpov 1990 by Garry; Geller, Efim; Lein, Anatoly and Chepizhny, Viktor; Translated by Neat, Ken Kasparov, 1991
  5. Karpov's Collected Games: All 530 Available Encounters: 1961-1974 by D.N.L. Levy, 1975-05-08
  6. Karpov-Korchnoi, 1974 by W.R. Hartston, Raymond Keene, 1974-12
  7. The Caro-Kann in Black & White by Anatoly Karpov, Alexander Beliavsky, 1994
  8. Endgame Virtuoso Anatoly Karpov: The Exceptional Endgame Skills of the 12th World Champion by Tibor Karolyi, 2007-03-31
  9. Elista diaries: Karpov-Kamsky 1996 by Anatoly Karpov, 1996
  10. Karpov's endgame arsenal! by Anatoly Karpov, 1996
  11. Bobby v. Tolya.(Bobby Fischer and Anatoly Karpov)(Biography): An article from: Russian Life by Unavailable, 2010-03-01
  12. 222 games by Anatoly Karpov, 1975
  13. Karpov Versus Korchnoi: World Chess Championship, 1978 by Bent Larsen, 1978-10
  14. The 1990 World Chess Championship, Kasparov vs. Karpov by Bill Wall, 1991

81. Books, My Best 300 Games, Anatoly Karpov
My best 300 games , anatoly karpov. Author s preface I have played a huge Therefore this collection of games can be treated also as a modern chess
"My best 300 games", Anatoly Karpov
Author's preface: I have played a huge amount of tournament and match games during my long chess career, roughly 2,500 altogether. From those games, I have selected only three hundred for this book, - the games I consider my best and most instructive ones. My goal was to represent my most valuable creative achievements of the thirty years that have passed, from 1966 till 1996. The selection was subordinated to the following three criteria: strong opponent, tense fight, and instructive value. Therefore this collection of games can be treated also as a modern chess instruction book, because the games were played mainly in the strongest events of the last thirty years. Under such a strict selection procedure, many interesting and instructive games as well as simply beautiful fragments would have inevitably been missing in this book, if the games had been included into it only entirely. Therefore, the final chapter contains a number of my best combinations and finals which are essential for achieving the abovementioned goal; without them, this work would have been incomplete. I still play a lot and still achieve tournament successes, so it would be premature to accept this book as my final account. I sincerely hope to play a number of good games in upcoming events and to raise my own account of tournament triumphs (I have over 140 of them recently - more than any player in chess history). However, so many chessfriends had expressed their desire to have this book right now that I decided to prepare this sort of an intermediate report on my 30 years in chess. Let reading this work bring you pleasure and improve your understanding of chess inner logic, depth and beauty.

LINDSBORG The United States chess Federation (USCF) and the anatoly karpov International karpov and Polgar have long been ambassadors to chess.
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83. World Chess Championship : Bibliography
Games from World chess Championship events are featured throughout chess literature B anatoly karpov s Best Games. anatoly karpov Batsford, London, 1996
Index FIDE 1948-1990 Pre-FIDE Highlights ... Site map Search Now:
World Chess Championship
Games from World Chess Championship events are featured throughout chess literature. This page lists some key references from the literature. It is far from being exhaustive and is drawn from our meager collection of volumes at hand. Positions which are marked with a on our other pages are linked to the corresponding reference on this page. First, here's a link to the chess section of a well known online book vendor... enter keywords... And here's our bibliography...
Collections covering a single player
My Best Games of Chess. 1924-37
A. Alekhine
David McKay, New York, 1965
Botvinnik's Best Games 1947-1970
Mikhail Botvinnik
B.T.Batsford, London, 1972.
ISBN 0-7134-0694-1
My 60 Memorable Games
Bobby Fischer
Simon and Schuster, New York, 1969.
Bobby Fischer's Chess Games
Robert G. Wade and Kevin J.O'Connell
Doubleday, New York, 1972.
References are only to the annotated games in the book.
Anatoly Karpov's Best Games
Anatoly Karpov Batsford, London, 1996

84. Kasparovo Partijos
1, karpov, anatoly, Kasparov, Garry, 1/21/2, Wch31-KK1, Moscow, 9/1/1984 6, Kasparov, Garry, karpov, anatoly, 0-1, Wch31-KK1, Moscow, 9/1/1984

85. English Meko: Interview With Anatoly Karpov
Interview anatoly karpov new FIDE president? Kasparov became a victim of his own pitiful How many karpov chess schools can we find worldwide nowadays?
E ven a dickhead will do a better job than Ilyumzhinov"
Interview: Anatoly Karpov new FIDE president? "Kasparov became a victim of his own pitiful diplomacy"
by FM Hartmut Metz, translation by Eric van Reem, July 2005 more English chess articles by Hartmut Metz A natoly Karpov is still able to fill headlines. The UNICEF ambassador is engaged in a project involving children who are suffering from iodine deficiency. He has more than 50 chess schools worldwide and he is also working for his own cause: Anatoly Karpov is one of the candidates to follow in the footsteps of the unpopular president of the world chess federation FIDE, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. The European Chess Union (ECU) is positioning the chess legend against the president of the Republic of Kalmykia. Although we hardly see the 54-year old ex-world champion at the board nowadays, Karpov still loves the game. On August 9 and 10 (starting at 16.00) Karpov will play in the Unzicker Gala, celebrating the 80th birthday of Wolfgang Unzicker in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz. Not only the grandmaster from Munich will participate, Boris Spassky and Viktor Korchnoi will complete the field. Is the best chess player ever still playing or did he step back from chess?

86. Chrysalis Books - Anatoly Karpov's Best Games
anatoly karpov is one of the greatest chess players of all time. By karpov, anatoly. anatoly karpov s Best Games. Normal price. £14.99 (approx. $27.76)
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Anatoly Karpov's Best Games
By Karpov, Anatoly
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Anatoly Karpov is one of the greatest chess players of all time. His play is a blend of harmony, logic, tenacity and power. Here he analyses and explains his 64 best games from his quarter-century as a top-class player. His commentaries are especially instructive since, unlike many annotators, he describes his plans and thoughts at the board. Publisher Batsford Publication Date 5 May 1996 ISBN Size (h x w) Binding Paperback Pages
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87. Îôèöèàëüíûé ñàéò Àíàòîëèÿ Êàðïîâà — History
Enter search string. MailList subscribe. The age of the game known in the Western world as chess is an obscure mystery.
English Russian
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Main Chess info History ... Articles
The age of the game known in the Western world as Chess is an obscure mystery. Some unsubstantiated theories date back the emergence of chess to the time earlier than the historical records can prove it. As one legend says an Indian mathematician who also contrived mathematical operation of involution invented chess in about 1000 B.C.
When a sovereign asked the mathematician what award he wanted for that admirable game, the inventor answered: "Let's put one grain on the first square of the checkerboard, two grains - on the second one, four grains - on the third one and so on. So give me that quantity of grain which is needed to fill all 64 squares." The sovereign was happy as he thought that 2 or 3 bags of grain would be enough but if we raise 2 into the 64th power it would result in a number bigger than the quantity of all the grain in the world.
Other unsubstantiated theories based on the archeological findings in Egypt, Iraq and India push the chess creation date further back in time - to the 2-3rd millennium B.C.

88. US Chess Federation
12th World chess Champion Grandmaster anatoly karpov Will Attend The 2005 SuperNationals chess Championship April 10, 2005 - at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel

89. Chess - Columbia Encyclopedia® Article About Chess
Information about chess in the Columbia Encyclopedia®. chess set, chess game, play chess, Click the link for more information. and anatoly karpov.
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Cite / link Email Feedback chess, game for two players played on a square board composed of 64 square spaces, alternately dark and light in color.
Basic Rules
Early History
Played throughout the civilized world, chess has fascinated people for centuries. Though it dates to antiquity (some researchers believe terra cotta pieces excavated from Mesopotamia of 6,000 B.C. were used in chess), there is debate as to which culture its origins should be credited. A Dominican Friar from Italy wrote a chess treatise in the Middle Ages. Its 1474 translation by Englishman William Caxton standardized play for a short time, but it was not until international play of the next century that rules were widely agreed upon. A Syrian, Philip Stamma, acclaimed as the pioneer of modern chess technique, helped popularize the game in the middle of the 18th cent. through publications and play that stressed strategy.
Modern Tournament Play
London was the site of the first modern international chess tournament in 1851. In officially sanctioned modern chess tournaments, players accumulate points won at various levels and can advance toward the top designation of grandmaster. Tournament play uses clocks to limit the time permitted for moves, and the concentration and fatigue of a match require players to be in good physical condition.

90. Informationen Zu Karpov
A karpov Y Balashov V Chekov Encyclopaedia chess Opening Sicilian Defence anatoly karpov anatoly karpov s Best Games anatoly karpov anatoly karpov s
Heute ist: Freitag, 16. September 2005
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91. GM Anatoly Karpov
anatoly karpov was World Champion from 19751985, and FIDE World Champion from 1993-1999. Secrets of Championship chess . karpov s Opening Fundamentals
Biographies GM Anatoly Karpov (Russia) Anatoly Karpov was World Champion from 1975-1985, and FIDE World Champion from 1993-1999. He holds one of the most amazing records in chess - laying claim to over 140 first place finishes in tournaments and matches during his career. Videos by GM Anatoly Karpov
D istributed by 'Karpov Collection'
  • Karpov on Fischer! Volume 1 Karpov on Fischer! Volume 2 Karpov on Fischer! Volume 3 Karpov's Best Games Volume 1 Karpov's Best Games Volume 2 Karpov's Best Games Volume 3 Karpov's Best Games Volume 4 Karpov-Kasparov 1984/85 World Championship Match Kasparov-Karpov 1987 World Championship Match Kasparov-Karpov 1990 World Championship Match
Videos by GM Anatoly Karpov
Published and distributed by

92. Karpov's Best Games Volumes 1-4
karpov s Best Games Volume 1 in the first volume of a series of chess videos devoted to Author GM anatoly karpov Executive Producer GM Ron Henley
Current Projects Recent Releases
  • Karpov's Best Games Volume 1
    Running Time: 82 minutes
    Author: GM Anatoly Karpov
    Executive Producer: GM Ron Henley
    Release Date:
    Karpov's Best Games Volume 2 - i
    Running Time: 73 minutes
    Author: GM Anatoly Karpov
    Executive Producer: GM Ron Henley
    Release Date:
    Karpov's Best Games Volume 3 Running Time: 90 minutes Author: GM Anatoly Karpov Executive Producer: GM Ron Henley Release Date: Karpov's Best Games Volume 4 Running Time: 95 minutes Author: GM Anatoly Karpov Executive Producer: GM Ron Henley

93. World Title Matches And Tournaments - Chess History - World Chess Network
The World chess Championship and Champions 17472001 by Larry Parr Garry Kasparov vs anatoly karpov New York City and Lyon, 1990 +4 -3 =17
About Us Contact Us Retrieve Password Update My Account ... The Concept of the "World Champion" World Title Matches and Tournaments Philidor vs Stamma London, 1747 La Bourdonnais vs McDonnell London, 1834 Saint-Amant vs Staunton London, 1843 Staunton vs Saint-Amant Paris, 1843 ... London 1883
by Larry Parr Previous
The concept of a world chess championship extends back beyond the match in 1886 between Wilhelm Steinitz and Johann Zukertort, a battle that Steinitz won, +10 -5 =5. References to Paul Morphy as a world chess champion or as the champion of the chess world were numerous in the late 1850s and early 1860s. Steinitz himself spoke of being “champion” in the early 1870s. What follows is an annotated list of matches and tournaments that have been interpreted by chess scholars as having something to do with determining who was world chess champion at a given moment. In the case of, say, the match between Alexander Alekhine and Jose Capablanca in 1927, chess writers are unanimous in considering the match to be for the world chess championship. In the case of, say, the second match between Howard Staunton and Pierre Saint-Amant in 1843, only those chess writers who extend the title line back further than Steinitz-Zukertort 1886 would include this event as being for the world title. Here, then, is our list of the world title canon with the match winner listed first:

94. World Champion - Anantoly Karpov
World Champion anatoly karpov. Very much like Petrosian in style, karpov plays highly positional chess. He plays without taking many risks,
History FIDE Ratings World Champions National Champions ... Indian Chess Organisations (The Official Website Of All India Chess Federation) About AICF AICF Forum Financial Regulations W O R L D C H A M P I O N S "Chess is everything, Arts, Science, Sports" Born: 1951, Zlatoust in Ural Mountains Karpov trained by former world champion Mikhail Botvinnik, he won the world junior championship (1969). Anatoly Karpov is 5-times world champion and the star of the Millennium Festival. As the most successful tournament player in history he has achieved 140 victories in major chess events - an outstanding record. ANATOLY KARPOV The champion is a well-known guest in Austria - he was playing in Austrian "Staatsliga" and the European cup for the Viennese Chess Club Margareten. Very much like Petrosian in style, Karpov plays highly positional chess. He plays without taking many risks, and without making many mistakes. He waits for his opponents to make the slightest inaccuracy and then he grinds them to dust. Karpov won the World Championship title in 1975 when Bobby Fischer forfeited the match to him. He held this title for nine years, until he was brought down by Garry Kasparov in 1984.

95. Chess Tigers Homepage
Translate this page Frage Sie waren sogar enttäuscht, als Sie von chess-Classic-Organisator Über anatoly karpov. karpov gewann die Jugendweltmeisterschaft 1969 und

96. Judith Polgar Shocks Anatoly Karpov
over anatoly karpov in the fourth round of 65th Corus chess tournament in Results (Round 4) anatoly karpov (Rus, 2) lost to Judith Polgar (Hun, 3);





The Web

Interviews Specials Slide Shows ... News > PTI > Report Judith Polgar shocks Anatoly Karpov World Cup champion Vishwanathan Anand did not require even a single original move to earn a comfortable draw with veteran Dutch Grandmaster Jan Timman while Judith Polgar shot into sole lead after a thumping victory over Anatoly Karpov in the fourth round of 65th Corus chess tournament in Wijk Aan Zee (the Netherlands) on Thursday. Polgar, the world's best women's player, produced an amazing display of her attacking prowess against the former Russian world champion to take the sole lead with three points. The Russian duo of Braingames match winner Vladimir Kramnik and Evegeny Bareev, Spaniard Alexei Shirov and Anand are close on the heels of the leader half a point behind while as many as five players including Karpov are tied with a fifty per cent score at fifth place. In the Grandmaster Group 'B' tournament, former world junior girls' champion Koneru Humpy drew with women's World championship finalist Alexandra Kosteniuk of Russia to take her tally to 1.5/4. Top seed GM Zhang Zhong of China continued with his winning run in the event and registered his third victory on the trot to maintain a slender half point lead over his nearest rivals.

97. Chess Player Biographies F-Ka
Book Yefim Geller. 19941984. The Application of chess Theory. Cadogan. Black karpov, anatoly Result 01 EventDate 1987.. 1.c4 e5 2.
Chess Tournament and Match History Home Player Biographies A-E Ke-P R-Z Chess player biographies F-Ka
Players on this page: Robert Fischer Boris Gelfand Yefim Geller Robert Hubner ... Gary Kasparov Fine, Reuben Modern Chess Openings (1939) and Basic Chess Endings were for a long time the standard English works in their fields.
Gelfand, Boris (1968- ) Born in Soviet Belarus, he emigrated to Israel circa 2000. Equal 1 st with Ivanchuk at Manila Interzonal 1990. 2 nd after Kasparov at Linares 1990. 1 st ahead of Kamsky at Belgrade 1991. Beat Nikolic but lost to Short in the Candidates quarter-final 1991. Equal 1 st with Anand ahead of Karpov at Alekhine Memorial, Moscow 1992. 1 st at FIDE Biel Interzonal 1993. Beat Karpov in a tournament final at Etoiles, Cap d'Agde 1994 (+3 -1 =2). In FIDE candidates matches, he beat Adams 1994 and Kramnik at Sanghi Nagar 1995 (+2 -1 =5), but then lost to Karpov in the semi-final at Sanghi Nagar 1995 (+1 -4 =4). 4 th after Kamsky and Karpov at Dos Hermanas 1995. Equal 1

98. Karpov Wins Cross-sex Chess Tourney Over Chinese Xie
Russian grand master anatoly karpov wrapped up the crosssex chess contest against women s world champion Xie Jun of China after the last two rounds of a
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Saturday, April 15, 2000, updated at 14:12(GMT+8) Sports
Karpov Wins Cross-sex Chess Tourney Over Chinese Xie
Russian grand master Anatoly Karpov wrapped up the cross-sex chess contest against women's world champion Xie Jun of China after the last two rounds of a series of six-game tournament in Guangzhou on April 13.
The former FIDE world champion defeated Xie in the first of Friday's two 30-minute fixed time games with the white pieces and played to a draw in the second, tallying an overall two-win-and-four-draw record.
The much-publicized cross-sex tournament started here on April 9. Print Discuss It In This Section Russian grand master Anatoly Karpov wrapped up the cross-sex chess contest against women's world champion Xie Jun of China after the last two rounds of a series of six-game tournament in Guangzhou on Friday. Advanced Search Xie Forces Karpov for Fourth Draw in Cross-Sex Tournament Karpov Beats Xie in Third Encounter Xie Forces Karpov for Second Draw in Cross-Sex Tournament ... Mirror in U.S.

99. Ajedrez Fischer Chess Online En Ajedrez ¡Judit Polgar Vence A Kasparov!
Akopian sustituyó a Judit Polgar y Vadim Zvjaginsev entró por anatoly karpov

100. Official Homepage Of The Karpov - Macieja Match
Every world champion is an epoch in chess. And anatoly karpov is not an exception. He proved that he is really the world s strongest chess player of 70 s
Poczta The Ural Phenomenon
"Every world champion is an epoch in chess. And Anatoly Karpov is not an exception. He proved that he is really the world's strongest chess player of 70's and beginning of 80's. He had played a lot of beautiful games and had done very much for popularisation of this game. Karpov certainly has a guaranteed place in the history of chess." (Garri Kasparov)
His way to career began in his place of birth (23.V.1951) - Zlatoust (Ural). There in 1966 he won his first championships showing his virtuosity in playing (koñcówki), deep insight into secrets of positions and very strong nerves. Bear in mind that he was a teenager then.
In 1969 Anatoly won the World Junior Championships and next year he gained the grandmaster title. Under the eye of a great trainer (S. Furman) he was getting stronger and stronger. In 1973 he qualified to candidates' matches and eliminated one by one such players as Polugayevsky, Spassky and Korchnoi. The whole world held its breath waiting for his match with Fischer but the American grandmaster refused to play. On the 3rd April 1975 Anatoly Karpov had been announced a world champion for the twelfth time.
Two more times (in 1978 and 1981) Karpov defended his title of the world's strongest chess player. With an enormous effectivness he played in various tournaments and matches, having won over 150 times - what is up to now a fantastic unbeatable record.

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