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  1. Lebron James: Basketball Legend (Inspiring Lives) by Shanya Worthy, 2010-01
  2. James Worthy: L.A. Lakers 1987 Basketball Championship Series by Jerry Carpenter, Steve Dimeglio, 1988-06

101. Career Stats For Jim Kelly - Nba Basketball Score And Minnesota
career stats for jim kelly nba basketball score and minnesota high school In a heave of a massive sigh, worthy of destroying all sound barriers,

102. James Worthy Hand Signed Lay-up 8x10 Photograph
Drafted number 1 overall in 1982, worthy helped the Lakers to 3 NBA Championships. This 8x10 photograph has been hand signed by james worthy and it includes

103. The Lantern Online
Cavaliers worthy of attention, , The Lantern, a newspaper of Ohio State. When it comes to basketball, I prefer college to professional.
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Cavaliers worthy of attention
Published: Friday, April 16, 2004 When it comes to basketball, I prefer college to professional. And as the lone Duke fan on campus, I have had moments where I've been spoiled by great play and witnessed championships.
But I have also experienced seasons cut too short. Thanks for the traveling violation - well I guess you could call it a fall - at the end of regulation in the NCAAs, Trajan Langdon. And thanks for the missed free throws against Indiana, Jay Williams.
But that's neither here nor there. Maybe I'm a little bitter, but all I'm trying to say is I feel your pain, Cleveland Cavalier fans.
At the same time, I don't feel your pain, either. While I have witnessed the lackluster squads the Cavs have fielded since the days of Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, "Hot Rod" Williams and Larry Nance, I haven't felt the pain of a Michael Jordan jumper at the buzzer like the fans of Cleveland.
But I did, however, feel an inkling of pain this season when the Cavs missed the playoffs. There isn't one particular team I have followed in the NBA, but I can honestly say I followed and rooted for the Cavs this season.

104. New Measurement Techniques And A Binomial Model Of The Game Of Basketball
worthy gets the ball from Scott and puts it on the floor going for the layup, Recording all this information during a fastpaced basketball game is not
New Measurement Techniques And A Binomial Model Of The Game of Basketball
The second goal of this paper is to check the accuracy of a binomial distribution in describing the game of basketball. A simple way to check this is to test a relationship known as the Pythagorean Method. The Pythagorean Method is a simple mathematical relationship between the number of points scored and allowed by a team and the team's winning percentage. First used by James (1984) in baseball work, we will empirically expand the Pythagorean Method to basketball and compare results with those predicted by a simple binomial model of the game.
The Possession Scoring System
The new scoring system we developed is not designed to replace traditional scoring methods, which are quick and efficient for tabulating cumulative statistics. This scoring system, known as the Possession Scoring System, was designed to collect as much information as possible about the game, which means giving up the simple tabulating techniques. All that is really needed to score a game using this system is something to write with, four sheets of lined paper (both sides will likely be used), and a decent understanding of basketball scoring rules. The NBA usually has several people working to keep official stats, but this method only requires one person. That one person, however, must work fast. The System is very simple. It focuses on the player with the ball, following the ball from player to player until the ball is turned over to the opposition through a shot attempt or turnover. For example, a scoresheet for part of a Detroit-Los Angeles Lakers game might look something like this: [Editor's Note: In the original document, many of the following symbols were in subscripts or superscripts.]

105. Worthy Of Their Hire § Unqualified Offerings
worthy Of Their Hire. I remember the years of “amateur” Olympics Mark Spitz and In the amateur days, the US Olympic basketball team had a role as a
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Unqualified Offerings
Looking Sideways at Your World Since October 2001
February 22, 2002
Worthy Of Their Hire
Faced with that much crap, one hardly knows where to start. might And Russian hockey players lived like dukes. themselves. And the members of the IOC lived like bandit chiefs. And it was great for foreigners. Contrariwise, the NHL-vs.-USSR games of the 80s proved that the Russkies really were pretty good at hockey. Needless to say, as soon as Russian players got the chance to earn NHL money, they took it, too. Posted by Jim Henley @ 10:39 pm , Filed under: Best of Unqualified Offerings
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