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  1. Southern Jaguars Basketball Players: Avery Johnson, Bob Love, Bobby Phills, Trevor C. Williams, Peter Cipriano, Jasper Wilson
  2. Southern Jaguars Basketball: Southern Jaguars Basketball Players, Southern Jaguars Men's Basketball Coaches, Avery Johnson, Bob Love, Ben Jobe
  3. The Bob Love Story: If It's Gonna Be, It's Up to Me by Bob Love, Mel Watkins, 1999-11
  4. Hoosiers - Classified : Indiana's Love Affair With One-Class Basketball by Bob Hammel, 1997-10
  5. Butterbean: When Glory Is Just a Whisper by Richard Davis, 1994-07

21. My Favorite Bobby Knight Moment -
The guy can coach basketball, there is no doubt about that, I love bob Knight. I miss bob Knight. I will never forget what bob Knight meant to the state

22. The HistoryMakers
Following college, love began his professional basketball career with the Cincinnati Royals. Negro League Baseball Player bob love basketball Player

23. Metroactive Movies | Reviews Ln-Lz
Levity—arguably Billy bob Thornton s best movie—is the story of an solitary exconvict trying to The low-key, realistic love and basketball traces the
Movies Central Metroactive Central Reviews
An-Az Ba-Bm Bn-Bz ... Z
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Full text review
The Locusts
(R; 124 min.) A stranger has a profound impact on a small farming community. Stars Ashley Judd, Kate Capshaw and Vince Vaughn. The Lodger/The Pleasure Garden
(1927/1925) The matinee idol Ivor Novello stars as the new tenant in a Victorian boarding house whose late hours and suspicious behavior inflame the curiosity of the neighborhood. Is he Jack the Ripper? "It was the first time I exercised my style," said director Alfred Hitchcock. "You could say that The Lodger was my first movie." BILLED WITH The Pleasure Garden , Hitchcock's first completed film, made in Munich. It's a story about the melodramatic love lives of a pair of chorus girls (Carmelita Geraghty and Virginia Valli) who are bedeviled by infidelity, madness and murder. "It got a very good press," Hitchcock recalled later. " The London Daily Express ran a headline describing me as 'the young man with a mastermind.' " Silent; Jim Riggs at the organ. (RvB) Lolita (1962)
Full text review
Lolita (1997)
Full text review
Lone Star
Full text review.

24. Basketball Books / Basketball Biography Books
100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro basketball by bob Italia basketball Is My Game How I Learned to love the Sport by Paul E. Zeltwanger Special Section Basketball Books Fiction: Stories, Novels, Poetry Non-Fiction: Biographical, Technical, Trivia ba'sketbol bu'ks l, te'knik Basketball Biographical Books Also refer to: Home Basketball Books - Home Fiction: Basketball Literature - Novels and Short Stories Basketball Poetry Books Basketball Stories Non -fiction: Basketball Biographical Books Basketball Technical Books Basketball Miscellaneous / Trivia Books Check at (no links provided) Series: Basketball Almanac (annual) Basketball Legends (series) Books: 24 Seconds to Shoot: The Birth and Improbable Rise of the National Basketball Association by Leonard Koppett 100 Greatest Basketball Moments of All Time by Alex Sachare 100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro Basketball by Bob Italia 100 Years of Illinois State Redbird Basketball by Bryan Bloodworth, Roger Cushman, Kenny Mossman and Tom Lamonica Adolph Rupp: Kentucky's Basketball Baron by Russell Rice Allen Iverson: Fear No One by John Smallwood America's Dream Team: The1992 USA Basketball Team by Chuck Daly The Amazing Basketball Book: The First 100 Years by Bob Hill and Randall Baron Asphalt Gods: An Oral History of the Rucker Tournament by Vincent M. Mallozzi

25. PopMatters Film Review
Instead, love basketball focuses on Monica s life decisions, on the court and in her own emotional The bob Newhart Show The Complete First Season

26. Love And Basketball (2000): Reviews
San Francisco Chronicle bob Graham. love and basketball if you like either one, here is a movie for you. Read Full Review
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Dallas 362

Dead and Breakfast

Deal, The
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xx Going Down Guess Who Head-On Holy Girl, The ... Look at Me xx Low Heights Made-Up Madison Man Who Copied, The ... Merci Docteur Rey xx Low Heights xx Cup of My Blood xx Going Down Stars indicate the most critically-acclaimed movies.
Love and Basketball New Line Cinema
based on 28 reviews Read critic reviews How did we calculate this? based on 52 votes Read user comments Rate this movie Compare prices at Buy it at Buy it at MPAA RATING: PG-13 for sexuality and language Starring Sanaa Lathan Omar Epps Alfre Woodard Dennis Haysbert , and Debbi Morgan Two college basketball players (Epps and Lathan) have known each other since childhood. Their love of basketball sometimes conflicts with their love for each other.

27. Bob Love
love, bob basketball legend and community activist. Former Chicago Bulls great,. love was their highest scorer for seven years, setting a team record of
Bob Love Click Here to return to the Speaker Roster Home
Love, Bob: Basketball legend and community activist. Former Chicago Bulls great, Click Here to return to the Speaker Roster Home

28. Love And Basketball
Inside Stuttering basketball star bob love was an intelligent man struggling to be understood. (People Weekly). Interview John Edgar Wideman discusses his
var zflag_nid="350"; var zflag_cid="44/43"; var zflag_sid="11"; var zflag_width="728"; var zflag_height="90"; var zflag_sz="14"; in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
Daily Almanac for
Sep 15, 2005

29. The Mid-Majority: Truth, Justice And College Basketball.
real actual journalists are giving The MidMajority some power-conference-sized love. bob Cook, a talented writer and a now-uncloseted IUPUI grad,


The long, strange trip to 100 Division I games during the 2004-05 season.
Most Recent: Sun 3/20/2005
Vermont vs. Michigan State
:: choose :: 100GP Main Menu Random Game 001: USP-DREX (exh.) 11/11 002: QUIN-PENN 11/16 003: STM-MEM 11/18 004: SYR-MSST 11/18 005: AUB-TU 11/19 006: JMU-LAS 11/20 007: UMBC-NOVA 11/23 008: CLEM-BC 11/26 009: NU-HARV 11/27 010: BUCK-PENN 12/1 011: PENN-LAS 12/4 012: NOVA-TU 12/4 013: STJOE-DREX 12/4 014: CCSU-LAS 12/8 015: QUIN-DREX 12/11 016: WF-TU 12/13 017: FORD-NOVA 12/14 018: PRIN-TU 12/20 019: UALB-NOVA 12/22 020: MTSU-NOVA 12/27 021: MON-DREX 12/28 022: CANI-COLU 12/30 023: NCST-STJ 12/30 024: BU-UALB 1/2 025: BROWN-PROV 1/3 026: UVM-NU 1/5 027: HART-BU 1/6 028: BING-BU 1/9 029: MORG-DELST 1/10 030: FLAI-LAS 1/11 031: LAF-LEH 1/12 032: CANI-LOYMD 1/14 033: ARMY-BUCK 1/15 034: UNH-BING 1/16 035: LOYMD-RIDER 1/17 036: CANI-SIENA 1/17 037: BU-NU 1/19 038: SFNY-QUIN 1/20 039: NAVY-HC 1/21 040: AMER-HC 1/24 041: STJOE-PENN 1/25 042: RICH-LAS 1/26 043: MANH-RIDER 1/27 044: BROWN-PRIN 1/28 045: DUQ-LAS 1/29 046: JMU-DREX 1/29 047: BROWN-PENN 1/29 048: HARV-COLU 1/30 049: FAIR-MANH 1/30 050: SFPA-CCSU 2/3 051: PENN-HARV 2/4 052: UMES-DELST 2/5 053: CWM-DEL 2/5 054: PRIN-PENN 2/8 055: VCU-DREX 2/9 056: COLU-PENN 2/11 057: MASS-FORD 2/12 058: QUIN-LIUB 2/12 059: WAG-SFNY 2/12 060: UNCG-CHAT 2/14 061: JAXST-AP 2/15 062: BRAD-EVAN 2/16 063: UALR-WKU 2/17 064: VCU-CHAR 2/19 065: CCSU-FDU 2/23 066: UME-BU 2/24 067: YALE-HARV 2/26 068: ARMY-HC 2/27 069: BROWN-HARV 2/27 070: STONY-UNH 2/28 071: SIENA-IONA 3/4 072: MAR-CANI 3/4 073: LOYMD-MANH 3/4

30. Love & Basketball By Original Soundtrack
A touching and fascinating film, love and basketball also has a solid soundtrack. bob Bowen, Music Coordinator. Johnny Lee, Art Direction, Design

31. Bulls_Sox Training Academy - Players Camp
bob love, Jannero Pargo, Linton Johnson III, Chris Duhon, Each participant will receive a Bulls Players Camp tshirt, basketball and gym bag.

32. Cooper Union Basketball History With The End Of World War II And
bob encouraged me to ignite an effort to reestablish the great tradition of basketball Dennis is tough, he can fly and Dino would love to play with him.


Invitational ...
Sutton Ski Trip



Exec. Council
Cooper Union Basketball History With the end of World War II and the return of the Cooper Union to a peacetime program, basketball returned to the list of our intercollegiate activities. Previous to the war, this sport had always been a part of the Cooper Union, with the team playing such schools as Manhattan College Brooklyn College , John Marshall, and Drew University Our first post-war team was organized in the fall of 1947 and at the same time the school welcomed back Mr. Dave Tobey, who coached our teams in previous years and had returned to take up the coaching duties. It was a sad sight to see a college basketball team without a player who had high school experience. However, under the watchful eye of Coach Tobey the team turned into an aggressive and smart ball club which, to many people's surprise, emerged with a wining record for the season. Between 1947 and 1965, Cooper Union regained its status as a team with a great work ethic, limited talent and an impressive schedule. We knew we had a history and we knew that Dave Tobey had been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Marylyn Hoffner and Al Greenberg began telling me stories of all the great scholar athletes that had competed and the successful careers they had. I knew that world-renowned artist Alex Katz ('A49) had played because when I started teaching at Cooper Union in1966 at the Mcburney YMCA, I played against and with Alex during lunch hour. He has been a great friend of the Cooper Union and a guy I always liked and respected. Irv Brezinsky and Marilyn helped encourage me to call and in time I got to know Bob Scudellari ('A55). Bob encouraged me to ignite an effort to reestablish the great tradition of basketball at the Cooper Union.

33. Basketball Digest: Quick Quiz - Basketball Trivia - Brief Article
Full text of the article, Quick Quiz basketball trivia - Brief Article from bob love. 5. Utah s John Stockton. 6. Seattle s Key Arena (17072). 7.
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IN free articles only all articles this publication Sports Automotive Sports 10,000,000 articles - not found on any other search engine. FindArticles Sports Basketball Digest Nov 2000 Content provided in partnership with
10,000,000 articles Not found on any other search engine. Related Searches
Basketball players / Examinations, problems, exercises, etc.
World records / Examinations, problems, exercises, etc. National Basketball Association / Competitions Featured Titles for
American Handgunner
American Hunter, The American Rifleman Auto Racing Digest ... View all titles in this topic Hot New Articles by Topic Automotive Sports Top Articles Ever by Topic Automotive Sports Quick Quiz - basketball trivia - Brief Article Basketball Digest Nov, 2000
Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it. 1. Who is the active NBA leader in triple-doubles with 31 through the 1999-2000 season? 2. Who is the NBA all-time leader in triple-doubles with 178?

34. Remember The ABA: American Basketball Association Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 Where can I buy an ABAstyle red, white and blue basketball? I love bob Ryan s book The Pro Game. It s filled with full-color ABA action photos.
Remember the ABA:
Frequently Asked Questions Page
IMPORTANT NOTE: Recently, people have e-mailed me a lot of questions regarding the new ABA 2000 basketball league. A lot of you want to try out for the league, collect memorabilia, etc. This is the wrong place to ask those questions. This web site has nothing to do with the ABA 2000 league, and is in no way affiliated with that league. The subject of this web site is only the original ABA that existed from 1967 to 1976. And all of the questions answered below relate to the original ABA. If you have questions about the new ABA 2000 (rosters, tryouts, team records and info, etc.), your best bet is to contact the new league directly from Also, please do not write in asking to purchase the ABA uniforms and warmups found on this web site. All of the uniforms pictured on here are actual game-worn ABA jerseys from the 1960's and 1970's held by private collectors. Most if not all of these collectors have spent literally decades searching for and acquiring these pieces (at very high prices), because of their passion for the ABA. These individuals are simply not interested in selling their prize possessions to strangers through the internet.
Remember the ABA FAQ Contents:
1.0 General Questions

35. Basketball News
Former Chicago Bulls Great bob love to Speak at MSUBillings (July 21, 2003) Following college, love began a professional basketball career with the News/Bob Love.htm
Directory News Archive " JacketBuzz " Newsletter ... Corporate Partners Former Chicago Bulls Great Bob Love to Speak at MSU-Billings (July 21, 2003) BILLINGS, MT – Before Michael Jordan, Bob Love was the most prolific scorer in the history of the Chicago Bulls. On Thursday, Love will be the keynote speaker at the 2003 MYLF Montana Youth Leadership Forum on the campus of MSU-Billings. Now the Director of Community Relations for the Chicago Bulls, Love grew up poor as one of fourteen children in rural Louisiana. His two ambitions in life were to play basketball and speak without stuttering. The first dream came true at Southern University in Louisiana, where he became the school’s first All-American. Following college, Love began a professional basketball career with the Cincinnati Royals. He was later traded to the Milwaukee Bucks and then to the Chicago Bulls, for whom he played eight seasons from 1969 to1976. Love scored 12,263 points for the Bulls, becoming the team’s all-time leading scorer until Jordan broke the record in 1989. Love averaged 23.0 points per game over his eight seasons, earning three NBA All-Star appearances. His jersey was retired by the Bulls in 1994.

36. Bethel Focus, A Magazine For Alumni & Friends Of Bethel University
In basketball terms, you might say Dr. love is the Michael bob has a passion for cardiothoracic surgery, and his devotion for lung transplantation has
@import "/inc/menu/menu.css"; Volume 55 / Number 1 / January 2005
Bethel Focus
News for donors to bethel university
Transplant Surgeon Serves a Transcendent God:
Robert B. Love, M.D. Named Bethel Alumnus of the Year
Dr. Love was thrust into the
national spotlight with a
double-lung transplant on
Marquette Univerrrsity assistant
basketball coach Trey Schwab.
"In basketball terms, you might
say Dr. Love is the Michael
Jordan of heart and lung
transplant surgery."
Related Links: Memories of Bethel Dr. Love recommends these Web sites for information about becoming an organ donor:

37. SportsTalk 1570 WNST Baltimore - All Day, All Night, All Sports
It was like, I m bob and I love basketball. And I want to share that love with you! He worked hard, knew his stuff and was really trying to get better
Click on the host's name to see their biography! "Nasty" Nestor Aparicio Jeremy Conn Terry Ford Bob Haynie ... Aaron Wilson Bob Haynie The Bob Haynie Show - brought to you by: with Bob Haynie Congratulations to Bob for being named "Baltimore's Best Sports Talk Show Host - 2004" by Baltimore Magazine! And...Baltimore's Best Sports Talk Host 2004 by the Baltimore City Paper! Click here for more details Listen Monday thru Friday from 10am to 2pm. To join in the show call the studio line at 410-481-1570 or email Bob at Born January 8th 1965 in East Baltimore, Bob Haynie has been lucky enough to parlay his love of sports into an actual paying job. "I knew at young age that being a professional athlete was out of the question," Haynie said. "So I figured broadcasting would be the next best thing." Haynie got his start in sports as an intern with the Washington Bullets in 1990. " I worked in the season ticket sales office at the Baltimore Arena," he said. "I basically just put stamps on envelopes and took out the trash. It wasn't much, but it was a start." In 1991, Bob covered the Baltimore Bears semi-pro football team for the Avenue Times in Essex and has fond memories of that experience. "Talk about smash-mouth football," he laughs. "That was a fun time. They played their home games at one of my old high schools (Patterson) and they won the championship."

38. BULLS: CharitaBulls
Chicago Park District basketball Programs Since 1995, CharitaBulls has bob love bob love presents the Chicago Park District with a check for over $80000
var site = "bulls"; var page = "news"; init(false); NBA D-LEAGUE WNBA Global Brasil Canada China Español France Germany Japan Taiwan UK Teams Atlanta Boston Charlotte Chicago Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Golden State Houston Indiana LA Clippers LA Lakers Memphis Miami Milwaukee Minnesota New Jersey New Orleans New York Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Sacramento San Antonio Seattle Toronto Utah Washington WIRELESS FANTASY GAMES NBA TV STORE ... Bulls Photos Team History Video Clips In the Community General Info. ...
Visit the Bulls' Community Relations Index

Information Request: Community events/CharitaBulls programs As an organization, we have established a history of community service by contributing time, materials, resources and financial support to the causes of those who share our civic goals.
But even those efforts are not enough to fill the needs that surround us each day. Despite what we can offer from within our own walls, we increase our efforts by enlisting the assistance of our sponsors, our fans and individuals who share our philanthropic aspirations. Recent Events and
Community Calendar
Recent Events

Duhon, Hinrich's Day at the Museum of Science and Industry

39. Basketball In Indiana
Adams, bob. The Eagles A History of Monmouth High School basketball, 19251967. Hammel, bob. HoosiersClassified Indiana s love Affair with One-Class
document.write(""+list[j]+""); Our Site Our Catalog The Web 140 N. Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Basketball in Indiana Basketball in Indiana is very popular. There are accounts in every newspaper on high school, college and professional basketball. What follows is a partial listing of materials available in the Indiana Division of the Indiana State Library about basketball, specifically in Indiana. This does not include a listing of newspapers with articles about basketball. This is a starting point for researchers; for more assistance visit the Indiana State Library. Biographies/Books Microforms Videos Photographs ... Web Sites Biographies and Books: Adams, Bob. The Eagles: A History of Monmouth High School Basketball, 1925-1967 . Indiana: B. Adams, c1995. 796.32 A211e Adams, Bob. The Kangaroos: A History of Kirkland Township High School Basketball, 1917-1949 . Indiana: s.n., 19. 796.32 A211k Alford, Steve. Playing for Knight: My Six Seasons With Coach Knight. New York: Simon and Schuster, c1989. 796.32 A389p Bailey, Damon.

40. ESPN Classic - Reel Classics - 2005 Schedule
If you love sports and movies, tune in to ESPN Classic on Sunday nights at 8 pm basketball specifically the difficulties in dealing with bob Knight.
ESPN Network: ...
Other sports

Reel Classics: 'Bang the Drum Slowly'

Monday, September 12, 2005
Reel Classics - 2005 schedule
Reel Classics, ESPN Classic's weekly sports movie series, presents Bang the Drum Slowly on Sunday, September 18, at 8 p.m. ET. This year's Reel Classics lineup will feature an exciting group of films, including "The Fan" on September 25. If you love sports and movies, then ESPN Classic is the place to be on Sunday nights. The 2005 schedule is as follows: "Bang the Drum Slowly"
Sep. 18

The story of a New York pro baseball team and two of its players. Henry Wiggen (Michael Moriarty) is the star pitcher and Bruce Pearson (Robert De Niro) is the normal, everyday catcher who is far from the star player on the team and friend to all of his teammates. During the off-season, Bruce learns that he is terminally ill, and Henry, his only true friend, is determined to be the one person there for him during his last season with the club. Throughout the course of the season, Henry and his teammates attempt to deal with Bruce's impending illness, all the while attempting to make his last year a memorable one. Director John Hancock based this movie loosely on the life story of Lou Gehrig. "The Fan"
Sept. 25

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