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  1. Seton Hall Pirates Men's Basketball Players: Nikos Galis, Chuck Connors, Eddie Griffin, Andrew Gaze, Paul Gause, Adrian Griffin, Ramón Ramos
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The International basketball Network HOME TALK NOW! PLAYER PROFILES SHOP nikos galis, Greece Nocioni, Andres, Argentina Nowitzki, Dirk, Germany
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Comments About nikos galis, The Patriarch of Greek basketball If you don tknow who nikos galis is, please visit Stuart s wonderful nikos galis Player
Hellenic Hoops Home InterBasket.Net Home InterBasket.Net Forums Comments About Nikos Galis, The Patriarch of Greek Basketball Compiled February 4, 2004 If you don't know who Nikos Galis is, please visit Stuart's wonderful Nikos Galis Player Profile from the main InterBasket.Net page. "I've seen Galis doing things that I have not seen neither Lakers nor Celtics doing." -European and NBA Hall-of-Fame player Bob McAdoo One of the best players of all times in Europe. I don't say this because he is Greek, but because that is the case. He was voted as the best European player in 1987-8 (?). In fact I remember that Alexander Petrovic (brother of Drazen Petrovic who was also a candidate for the prize that year) said: "Drazen is my own brother, but I confess that I voted for Galis!!"
-Stojan-Silvij "Nifel" Koshevski "I have the feeling that if Galis wants to score a basket, he will score, no matter what the opponent does. He is always determined to succeed." -Legendary Lithuanian center Arvydas Sabonis Galis was among the 2 or 3 best European players with Drazen Petrovic. Most of the European people who know about basketball would claim at least that and probably rightly so. Who was better between them (Galis, Petrovic, Sabonis) is a subjective thing anyway. I cannot hide my preference for the first, even though the second was a much better shooter. But Galis could "balance" his body close to the basket in a unique way so he could shoot

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Europe s all time greatest basketball, nikos galis was honered at the Olympics.By the way in 1972 the most famous olympic basketball game ever,
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Search: Lycos Tripod Aeon Flux Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next Hoboken Chess Club. Hoboken, N.J. 201 232-6741 Chess and Sports Home Upcoming Events Childrens Chess School Tournaments / Fridays and Hudson County Championship ... Mission Section IV-Fouls
A personal foul is illegal physical contact which occurs with an opponent after the ball has become live.
b. A technical foul is the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct or violations by team members on the floor or seated on the bench. It may be assessed for illegal contact which occurs with an opponent before the ball becomes live.
My Best Friend former High School basketball buddy and EUROPEAN ALL TIME GREATEST BASKETSBALL PLAYER Nick Galis Carries the touch in Greece!
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Former Pirate Basketball Great Nick Galis Carries Olympic Torch into Opening Ceremonies Torchbearer Nick Galis '79 approaches Athens Olympic Stadium for the Lighting Ceremony at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games (photo courtesy of Getty Images) ATHENS, GREECE - Nikos Gallis, known to Seton Hall basketball aficionados as Nick Galis, was one of a select group of Greek athletic figures to carry the Olympic Torch to Athens Olympic Statdium as part of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies on August 13. Galis carried the flame into the stadium, and the Olympic cauldron was lit by sailing Olympic winner Nikos Kaklamanakis.

13. Greece Basketball / Kalathosphero / Greek Basketball
Greek basketball Players. nikos galis Fans Home Page. Jake Tsakalidis NBA Page.Regional. Crete basketball. Rhodes basketball
Greece Basketball Kalathosphero Greek Basketball Basketball organization: Hellenic Basketball Federation (Member of FIBA since 1932) / Address: Refer to FIBA federation member listings Basketball: Official webiste Eurobasket General: BBC Country Profile Maps World Atlas World Atlas (Greek Isles) ... World Newspapers Media (in Greek): Adesmeytos I Apofasi I Avgi Eleftherotypia ... To Vima Media -Regional (in Greek): Chios News I Dimokratiki (Rhodes) Eleftheria (Larissa) Minima-hania (Chania Creta) ... O Xronos (komotini) Media (online): Travel Daily News Media (in Armenian): Azat Or Media (in English): Athens News Kathimerini English Edition Macedonian Press Agency (MPA) (online) Media (in German): Athener Zeitung Greek Basketball Organizations Elliniki Omospondia Kalathospherisis / Hellenic Basketball Federation Hellenic Basketball Federation Hellenic Basketball Clubs Association (HEBA / ESAK) E.Ka.S.Th Greek Referees Association Greek Basketball News

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International basketball Player Sites Amateur / Streetball. German Graham.Greece. nikos galis (Aris AC). Israel. Ofir Binyamin Nadav Henefeld
International Basketball Player Sites You may be interested in: Basketball Coaches Sites CLICK HERE For NBA Basketball Player Site Listings: CLICK HERE Rules for listing basketball player sites: Only sites dedicated exclusively to one particular player will be listed. -Team sites or sub-pages from a roster page do not count. -Site can be a personal player site or a fan's site, but should be comprehensive. -Fan sites of NBA players will not be listed. They are adequately covered elsewhere (click Basketball Fan Sites We will only publish official NBA player sites for their utility, particularly if they include info on player foundations. -If NBA players of foreign origin have sites, they will be listed but under their country of origin. -American players playing in foreign leagues can always be featured here Australia Andrew Bogut Brad Rosen Rouben Vesmadian Argentina Emanuel Ginobili: ManuGonoboli site Manu Ginobili Fanpage NBA Matchup SuperGino ... Fabricio Oberto Belgium Dan Goethals (Big Dan 12) Doum (Dimitri) Lauwers Pieter Loridon Robin Minjauw ... Ann Wauters Brazil Demétrius 9 - Demétrius Conrado Feracciu Official player page Guilherme 12 - Guilherme Giovannone Official player page Marcelinho - Marcelo Magalhaes Machado Oscar Schmidt Women Janeth Arcain Hortência Marcari Magic Paula Gonçalves Cameroon CamBasket Site Home of Cameroonian basketball players Canada NBA: Jamaal Magloire Youth Deserve A Chance To Dream / Magloire Foundation Steve Nash Home Page Official Upperdeck Site Other:

15. Basketball In Greece
and quotes about Nickos galis, the shooting guard that transformed the gameof basketball in Greece. nikos galis Profile and career highlights.
Basketball Directory
A1 Division - Official site of the Hellenic Basketball Association (HEBA). Greek A1 information, participating team detalils, and stats.
AEK Athens
- Fan site. Roster, fixtures and results, detailed statistics, and historical data.
AEK Athens
- Official site. News plus image gallery.
Aris Salonika
- Fan site. History, backroung info and picture gallery.
Iakovos Tsakalidis
- Player profile and detailed statistics from
Nick the Greek
- Biography and quotes about Nickos Galis, the shooting guard that transformed the game of basketball in Greece.
Nikos Galis
- Profile and career highlights.
Olympiakos Piraeus
- Official site. News, rosters, history.
Olympiakos Piraeus
- Fan site. Provides a useful backgroung but has no recent updates.
Olympic Stadia in Athens
- Photos and information about the basketball arenas of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
Panathinaikos Athens
- Official site. News, sounds, honors.

Title, Mr. Name nikos. Surname galis. Nationality Greece. Date of Birth 1957.Function Player. Biography The greatest greek basketball player.

Mr. nikos, Filippou, basketball. Mr. nikos, galis, basketball. Mr. Panagiotis,Giannakis, basketball. Mr. Fanis, Hristodoulou, basketball. Mr. Memos, Ioannou,

18. Seton Hall
Former Pirate basketball Great Nick galis Carries Olympic Torch into Opening nikos Gallis, known to Seton Hall basketball aficionados as Nick galis,

19. History
It is said that the first basketball game in history was played with fruit in the final – with nikos galis, Panagiotis Giannakis, Fanis Christodoulou,
The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games - Games of the XXVIII Olympiad Daily Summaries:
Sports Basketball History Javascript must be enabled to view this page, although the important information on the page is also available to browsers that do not support scripts.
Basketball was first played in 1891, at Springfield College, Massachusetts. Its purpose was to keep the students busy during winter months. The story has it that a Canadian physical education teacher, Dr James Naismith, got the idea for Basketball from throwing a scrunched-up ball of paper into a basket. It is said that the first Basketball game in history was played with fruit baskets. The sport developed quickly. Precise rules were formulated and the equipment was improved. Consequently, Basketball won over fans in the USA, and soon after it was attracting attention internationally. It spread and became more popular around the world, leading to the creation, in the year 1932, of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). A Swiss, Leon Bouffard, served as the first president of the newly-founded Federation, with a Welshman, William Jones, as the general secretary. Meanwhile, Basketball was sweeping the world. In 1935, the first European Basketball Championship was organised in Geneva, on outdoor courts. The World Basketball Championships were first held in Buenos Aires in 1950. 1939 ended with Oregon winning the first American college Basketball championships (NCAA). In 1949 the American National Basketball Association – the NBA - was founded. The N.B.A. is considered the premier Basketball players throughout the globe.

pair of players who changed Greek basketball for good nikos galis and PanagiotisGiannakis. galis was an offensive talent like few ever seen in Europe,

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