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         Trammell Alan:     more detail
  1. Street and Smith's 1994 Official Baseball Yearbook (Frank Thomas - Chicago White Sox cover) by Alan Trammell, 1994
  2. Sports Illustrated - October 22, 1984 Issue: Alan Trammell Cover, Jeff Kemp, Randy White, and More! (Volume 61 Number 19)

101. Baseball Fever - Is Allen Trammell A Good Manager?
baseball Fever is a baseball discussion forum made for serious baseball fans, historians, researchers and other baseball nuts.
Baseball Fever American League Detroit Tigers PDA View Full Version : is Allen Trammell a good manager? Ravenlord 12-14-2003, 09:34 AM Alex Sanchez - OF - Detroit Tigers Dec 14
The Tigers aren't looking to upgrade over Alex Sanchez in center field or Brandon Inge behind the plate.
58 wins. Maybe 60. Asked whether Sanchez or Fernando Vina would bat leadoff, manager Alan Trammell said: "One way or another. They’ll hit 1-2." Source: Detroit News
based off that setence, i'll have to say probably not. though, given the rest of the team, it's still hard to judge (ala Dave Miley). Paulmcall 12-14-2003, 10:46 AM I say, "Let's get him some decent players then decide."
Casey Stengel still lost with the Mets. 12-14-2003, 11:14 AM I dont think you can expect someone to go out and win manager of the year their first time out... Though I know it has been done, it still shouldnt be expected.
I say give him some time. He needs to see what he's got now. Give them some work-outs then decide how he'll bat them. Greenpeach 12-18-2003, 08:02 AM

102. Baseball Fever - Allan Trammell
baseball Fever is a baseball discussion forum made for serious baseball fans, historians, researchers and other baseball nuts.
Baseball Fever General Baseball Hall of Fame Talk PDA View Full Version : Allan Trammell Eddie Collins 03-30-2004, 06:38 PM Is it just me, or is he a candidate for best player not in the hall?
FA: +.9, Range +.36
1,231 Runs
2365 Hits
185 Homers
236 Steals
1003 RBI
.333 Postseason BA
4 GG
I rate him as the 10th best shortstop of all time. where is the support? J W 03-30-2004, 09:51 PM I just don't know. Too many other recently great shortstops, I guess. Maybe Trammell just wasn't in the headlines enough. Maybe people have forgotten already what his numbers meant as a shortstop, in his time. And maybe some people (I'm thinking the Anti Pee Wee Reese crowd) think there shouldn't be ten shortstops in the HOF. Chancellor 03-30-2004, 11:29 PM Trammell is the best eligible player at his position not in the Hall of Fame. That puts him in elite company for the honor right there. Additionally, he's better than over half the Hall of Famers at his position. More supporting evidence. Final answer? Close, but I'm not inclined to say "yes". Trammell, however, may be the most unnoticed great player on the BBWAA ballot presently.

103. Alan Trammell -- Tigers Star Gets Chance At Manager Job
Former Tigers shortstop alan trammell returns to the team to become its manager beginning in the 2003 season.
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Let us know what you think! Click here to take HistoricBaseball's survey Alan Trammell Alan Stuart Trammell
Born : Feb. 21, 1958 in Garden Grove, Calif.
Debut Pos : SS
Ht Wt B T : R Yrs G AB H HR RBI SB BA Alan Trammell biography on Baseball Almanac for complete statistics. When Detroit needed a new manager after the 2002 season, they looked to a familiar face. Former Tigers shortstop Alan Trammell will take over as manager for his former team. Former Tigers outfielder Al Kaline, in an AP story, said the move was a great one for the organization. "He's got a quality that people want to follow him," Kaline said. "Not only can he talk the talk, but he's walked the walk. Certainly, we need that around here." The Tigers suffered through their 9th straight losing season in 2002 and tied the Devil Rays for the worst record in the AL at 55-106. Phil Garner entered the 2002 season as manager, but was fired after an 0-6 start. Luis Pujols became the interim manager and led the team to a 55-100 record. He was fired at the end of the season. The last Tigers' winning season came in 1993. Their last AL East Title came in 1987. The team with Trammell as the starting shortstop won the World Series in 1984.

104. Trammell's Time As Manager Should Come To An End
The franchise needed a recognizable name to revive interest. But that was then, and this is now. And now, alan trammell’s time has come.
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Trammell's Time as Manager Should Come to an End
The Tigers would be best served to find a new skip By Paul Wezner Senior Editor
Date: Aug 1, 2005
In 2002, the Detroit Tigers were in shambles. There was no money available, a lack of star players, a barren farm system, and a general lack of hope and interest in a team that lost more games than any other team in the 90’s. The franchise needed a recognizable name to revive interest. But that was then, and this is now. And now, Alan Trammell’s time has come.
It has been a rocky road since manager Alan Trammell took over a team of misfits and minor leaguers that either weren’t ready or simply weren’t talented enough. Trammell was a rookie manager, and made rookie mistakes, but certainly he couldn’t be held responsible for a team that lost 119 games. But that was then, and this is now. In 2004, the team was no longer a group of misfits. President/GM/CEO Dave Dombrowski went out and brought in solid veterans, including future hall-of-famer Ivan Rodriguez to help re-make a team that needed not just a facelift, but rather reconstructive surgery.

105. Sporting News, The: The Imperfect Science Of The Perfect Ballot - Insider: Baseb
Hall of Famers are elected by 10year members of the baseball Writers Association trammell s double-play partner, Lou Whitaker, was dropped from BBWAA
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