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  1. Baseball's Bigmouth.(John Rocker, baseball player): An article from: New York Times Upfront
  2. John Rocker: An entry from Gale's <i>Notable Sports Figures</i> by Susan Salter, 2004

61. Baseball Prospectus Player Card For JOHN ROCKER Born 10-17-1974
john rocker Born 1017-1974 Bats R Throws L. Actual Pitching Statistics. AGE YEARTEAM W L SV ERA G GS TBF IP H R ER HR BB SO HBP IBB WP BK CG SHO 23 1998
JOHN ROCKER Born 10-17-1974 Bats R Throws L
Actual Pitching Statistics
AGE YEAR TEAM W ... 2003 TB_-A
Advanced Pitching Statistics
Translated Pitching Statistics
AGE YEAR TEAM IP H ER HR BB HBP SO ERA W L SV H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9 23 1998 ATL-N 1999 ATL-N 2000 ATL-N 2001 ATL-N ... 2003 TB_-A 1.0 1 3 1 9.00 .0 .0 27.0 .0 Career 287.7 197 105 21 171 12 338 3.29 20 15 80 6.2 .7 5.3 10.6
Actual Batting Statistics
AGE YEAR TEAM G ... 2003 TB_-A
Advanced Batting Statistics
Translated Batting Statistics
Fielding Statistics as Pitcher
YEAR TEAM POS G ... 1998 ATL-N P 47 1 6 4.3 99 99 1999 ATL-N P 74 1 10 8.0 99 99 2000 ATL-N P 59 1 6 6.0 99 99

62. Baseball Prospectus | Articles
Premium Article indicates baseball Prospectus Premium content, and Fantasy Articleindicates john rocker s (sort of) back, Mariano Rivera gets booed,

63. John Leo By John Leo -- (02/06/2000) COPYRIGHT 2000 JOHN LEO
baseball S SPEECH POLICE SHOULD FIND OTHER WORK. john rocker is a bigoted oaf.But one theme has been nearly missing in the nationwide response to his

64. Mike's Baseball Rants: B' Bye John Rocker Has
john rocker has been released, and to add insult to injury, baseball’sa veryhumbling game. The first thing I think about is after I hear about this, , part of the most valuable network , presents:
Mike's Baseball Rants
This is my site with my opinions, but I hope that, like Irish Spring, you like it, too.
October 04, 2002
by Mike Carminati John Rocker has been released, and to add insult to injury, it was by the Texas Rangers. Texas was his third organization in two years. It seems unlikely that anyone will pick him up. It is less than three years since his infamous remarks to CNN. Posted on Oct 4, 2002 at 12:32 PM
Comments Elsewhere on Welcome The Fourth Outfielder
The Cub Reporter
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65. News | John Rocker, Whipping Boy
I think the only reason john rocker is currently pitching for East Podunk That Major League baseball had absolutely no business restricting rocker from
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  • John Rocker, whipping boy He was torched for talking about New York the way baseball executives do. But he'd still be in the majors if he'd been getting people out. By Allen Barra I must be the only person in America who believes the Atlanta Braves. I think the only reason John Rocker is currently pitching for East Podunk is because he has been pitching lousy for the Braves. Never, ever forget that professional athletes are property, and as long as a property has value its owner isn't going to discard it. Ask Latrell Sprewell.

    66. In The Batter's Box - Eric LeBlanc - Baseball Column - Steroids - John Rocker -
    But these two are the perfect ones to get caught for baseball in general. In other news, john rocker is back and in Long Island of all places.

    Sports Lifestyles Editorial ... Home April 16, 2005 In the Batter's Box
    with Eric LeBlanc More steroids, John Rocker and fighting at Fenway Alex Sanchez? Jorge Piedra? I think those pushing Major League Baseball for tougher steroid penalties were looking for some better first culprits than these two. Sanchez looks more like a stick than a He-Man. And most people are just thinking who is Jorge Piedra. But these two are the perfect ones to get caught for baseball in general. The MLB has had enough of its top players getting bogged down in the steroid scandal. From Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield to Mark McGwire, baseball's elite have taken a big hit. Making examples of two relative unknowns is just what the doctor ordered for PR purposes. The policy gets legitimized. The fans are not hurt by another fallen hero. And since these two players are not big stars, they can continue their careers as if nothing happened. Sanchez made his return Thursday in center field and in the three hole for the Devil Rays and was two for three with three runs scored. Like I said. It's just like it never happened. I'm not saying that the testing is rigged or that star players are getting exemptions. But until a star is identified as a steroid user by the testing, I don't think these results will be readily accepted by the critics.

    67. Former Braves Closer Rocker Back In Baseball |
    john rocker once said retirement would beat playing for a New York team. rocker has troubled return to baseball Associated Press Published on 04/28/05
    var cxType = ""; Register Now It's Free! Log in E-mail preferences Site Index Select a section ajcHOME Nation/World Metro Business Sports Living Opinion Travel Health Shopping Weather accessAtlanta Entertainment Events Restaurants Movies Music Recreation Arts Personals The Vent Lottery Horoscope Obituaries Traffic Customer care Site/Web Yellow Pages Archives Sports Braves Rocker has troubled return to baseball
    Associated Press
    Published on: 04/28/05 CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. John Rocker once said retirement would beat playing for a New York team. Now, the metropolitan area he slammed so hard provides the setting for a comeback bid. Rocker, who missed nearly two years after undergoing surgery for a torn rotator cuff, is back in baseball with the suburban Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic League. His debut was awful. Rocker walked four batters in the ninth inning and lost 4-3 Thursday night to the Bridgeport Bluefish. While pitching for the Atlanta Braves in 1999, the left-handed reliever made derogatory remarks in Sports lllustrated about gays, minorities and foreigners. Rocker later tried to explain himself by saying he was baiting New York fans. EMAIL THIS
    Now they're his fans theoretically.

    68. John Rocker Autograph
    john rocker autograph baseball john rocker Autographed baseball Official MajorLeague baseball autographed by john rocker (Texas Rangers, Braves,
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    69. Baseball
    john rocker visting schools and playing with the kids for no money doesn t sell, rocker is an idiot who is a good baseball player. Just my opinion.
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  • 5/7/2000 5:23:00 PM Travis Ellison from WEST VIRGINIA says Amen!
    thats all i hav to say about this post is, AMEN!! GET EM ROCKER!!
  • 6/4/2000 10:38:00 AM Jerr from TENNESSEE says I disagree on one thing
  • 6/5/2000 6:11:00 PM Jeff fro near Gonz from WASHINGTON says Rocker an idiot
    Jerr, I think Rocker is a very high quality pitcher, but he should know better than to spew forth garbage like that to a reporter. It is one thing to say dumb, stupid things to the fellas at the bar, but a different story to "go idiot" to the media. Rocker is an idiot who is a good baseball player. Just my opinion. Rocker has his, I have mine. By the way, there are a lot of really neat players in the league, like Alex Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez, and Tony Gwinn. Too bad Rocker gets more press than he deserves. Jeff To post a followup to this subject use the following form: Name:
  • 70. John Rocker -
    Recently, baseball Commissioner Bud Selig tossed rocker out of the game until the john rocker’s tirade against homosexuals, minority ethnic groups and

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    ... Tarot Archive Links Links Link to StarIQ About Us Affiliate Programs ... Privacy Statement Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker wound up and threw his best verbal pitch at Sports Illustrated last December. Worse than giving up a home run, Rocker demonstrated an amazing case of athlete’s foot-in-mouth. Recently, Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig tossed Rocker out of the game until the first of May. John Rocker’s tirade against homosexuals, minority ethnic groups and foreigners all but destroyed his promising, rising career with the team of the 90s and maybe the new Millennium. Not a Diplomatic Libra At first glance, Rocker’s (October 17, 1974; Statesboro, Georgia) five planets in Libra belie his less-than-diplomatic outpouring of social slurs. Libra usually bends to social graces, appropriate behavior and deferring opinions in consideration of the feelings of others. But look at Rocker’s Libra lineup. Behind him on the infield of his chart stand powerfully passionate Pluto , delicately balancing Venus , combustible Mars , the blazing Sun and rocky Uranus . This combination is no genteel tea party, even though it’s in the sign of Libra.

    71. Rediff On The NeT: Sack John Rocker, Turner Told
    john rocker Indian Americans joined fellow Americans in criticizing the decisionof baseball officials for ordering loudmouth pitcher john rocker to undergo
    HOME US EDITION January 8, 2000 ELECTION 99



    Search Rediff
    Sack John Rocker, Turner Told
    J M Shenoy Indian Americans joined fellow Americans in criticizing the decision of baseball officials for ordering loudmouth pitcher John Rocker to undergo psychological testing. "This man has poison in his heart, and he hates minorities, including Indian immigrants," said Indian community leader Subhash Razdan. Sending him to a psychiatrist will be like treating cancer with aspirin, a Rocker critic said. Rocker had made derogatory comments about Indians and other Asians, gays and lesbians in an interview with Sports Illustrated. His remarks were confined to his visit to New York a few months ago. The 25-year-old Rocker painted New Yorkers as degenerates and criminals, and sneered at immigrants, saying, "I'm not a very big fan of foreigners." "How the hell did they get in this country?" he asked. Subhash Razdan, who is also a Census 2000 official in Atlanta, joined thousands of others who had demanded that Ted Turner, the media mogul who owns the Atlanta Braves, either suspend Rocker or sack him for his bigotry. "Atlanta is a cosmopolitan city, and it is sad that someone who lives in this city should make racist remarks," Razdan said.

    72. North County Times - North San Diego And Southwest Riverside County Columnists
    And I don t mean john rocker, although the two lefthanders have one thing in baseball s lame drug policy issue played a big part in the rejection.
    Editions of the North County Times Serving San Diego and Riverside Counties Contact Us Archive News Search ... Obituaries
    Archives Last modified Sunday, July 10, 2005 8:33 PM PDT Email this story Comment in our Blog Print this story
    Is John Rocker in the house?
    Javascript disabled. Cannot display HTML ad. By: Steve Scholfield - North County Times Monday morning musings: David Wells is off his rocker.
    And I don't mean John Rocker, although the two left-handers have one thing in common: They talk without thinking. Wells, the former Padres pitcher, was asked his opinion about Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers' assault of two cameramen. Here is what Wells told the Boston Herald about the incident: "The camera guy wasn't hurt. He went to the hospital and pretended he was hurt. He's winking at another (cameraman), going 'Yeah, I'm going to get paid.' The guy's a (expletive) idiot pardon my French but guys do that. It's unbelievable.
    "Be a man and take it, unless he was physically hurt and something happened."
    In Wells' world, it is OK to hit someone just because that person is in the way.

    73. Pigdog Journal (Bad People) -- John Rocker Gets A Standing Ovation
    John Rocker Gets a Standing Ovation
    By Baron Earl
    Bad People
    My favorite Star Track is the one where Bilbo killed the Klingons with his magic sword.
    Mr. Bad Main



    This morning, before heading into work, I was watching Mornings on 2 , a local TV news program. I was trying to get a traffic update before heading out onto the Bay Area's freeway system. While I'm watching, the TV talking heads report that John Rocker received a standing ovation when he returned to the pitching mound last night in Florida. What's more, NO ONE on the news team can figure out WHY. In an interview with Sports Illustrated Magazine two months ago, Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker repeatedly made racist, homophobic, and xenophobic remarks. As a result, he's been reviled by the mainstream press and also received a 14 game suspension which will start at the beginning of the next season. Back to Mornings on 2 … After reporting that Rocker got a standing ovation, the "news team" starts speculating on just why it is that this happened. They speculate that the crowd is "anti-media" and they're showing their support for the underdog. They speculate that the crowd is applauding the public apology that Rocker made weeks after the original interview. They EVEN speculate that the crowd is full of free speech advocates, and they're showing their support for Rocker's first amendment rights. I couldn't believe they could be so dense, so I got on-line and started checking other mainstream news sources. ALL OF THEM seem puzzled by the crowd's reaction. None seem to be able to figure it out.

    74. Observer Newspaper - Viewpoint
    baseball Commissioner Bud Selig suspended rocker for 28 games and fined him $20000 In short, part of john rocker s job is to represent the Braves in a

    75. The Sports Network - Minor League Baseball
    Central Islip, NY (Sports Network) Controversial reliever john rocker had his is there and I m sure we haven t heard the last from john in baseball.

    76. Scotty Kowall's Weekly Tirade John Rocker Honest Southern Yahoo
    Commentary on john rocker. He is a baseball player. He makes his livingplaying a boy s game. All he has to know is how to throw a baseball at an
    Scotty Kowall
    Every Monday In Comedyzine
    The one stereotype John Rocker hurt the most was the southerner. John Rocker is not a mean man. He is an insensitive dumb southern yahoo that lacks social skills and intelligence. The old redneck southerner is alive and well and living inside John Rocker.
    Some feel he should be punished for his statements. Major League Baseball has in the past suspended owner Marge Schott for her statements and will have too do the same to Rocker. I would urge the league as punishment to have the Braves trade John Rocker to the Mets and give him the choice of retiring as he said he would if traded to New York or playing there and learning from New Yorkers about the positives other cultures contribute in an advanced society. Let him choose his punishment, retire or live and play in New York. That would be great. Rocker in a Mets uniform and the Mets fans having to throw their batteries somewhere else as they cheer for the man they love to hate. Now that is poetic justice. Read the Jeff Pearlman Sports Illustrated interview of John Rocker
    Weekly Tirade Index

    77. John Rocker Replaces Newt Gingrich As Poster Boy For The Satanic Church Of The A
    john rocker exercising his Freedom of Speech has become the new poster boy for baseball is as American as apple pie. baseball players are as diverse as
    A newspaper is not just for reporting news, it's to get people mad enough to do something about it. Mark Twain
    John Rocker interview excerpt...
    John Rocker replaces Newt Gingrich as Poster Boy for the Satanic
    Church of the American Flag - The Starrs and Barrs rejoice!!

    John Rocker agreed to have his brains examined after his disparaging comments about almost everyone except white males. While we have some First Amendment concerns about Major League Baseball bothering John about being such a jerk, his having spoken out loud and saying what most "got mine, to hell with everybody else Americans" think but don't say out loud in this politically correct world was worth the price - an admission of sorts and certainly an insight to the white male American psyche's racism, sexism, bigotry, ethnocentricity and homophobic freedom of expression.
    Out of context or not, Rocker told SI, "Imagine having to take the Number 7 train to the ballpark, looking like you're riding through Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It's depressing."
    "The biggest thing I don't like about New York are the foreigners. I'm not a very big fan of foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?" Rocker also took a verbal shot at Japanese women who drive Toyotas. It could even be suggested Rocker might be unpatriotic for his blasting four-time losers. The criminal justice industry in this country, namely lawyers, judges, prison guards and construction companies could know no such boon without crime generally, the war on drugs specifically and a whole lot of people getting busted more than once.

    78. John Rocker
    Disgraced pitcher john rocker, now playing for the minor league Long Island Rick Duncan at Only baseball Matters raises a very intriguing question Why Charting the Real-Time Blogosphere Buzz The Project Most Popular Winners and Losers Interesting Correlations ... Add Your Blog
    John rocker (Rank: #Unpopular)
  • from the John Basedow Dept.:
    Whenever there is news in the world about John Basedow, I will let you know. Link , excerpt: Basedow continues to pitch product, his hair color changing regularly but his head staying wrong for his body. And rather than listen to the price or the benefits, I stare at his otherworldly appearance [...]
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    "This world is not capable of making man happy." - Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005 Much has been, and will continue to be, written about the great sanctity and holiness of Pope John Paul II's life and papacy. I'm quite sure that none of those writings will answer the question, "Did the Holy Fathe [...]
    Published 2005-04-03 02:20:00 John Herald, R.I.P. (1939 – 2005)
    Recently voted most popular photo from our Toronto vacation pics
    Published 2005-07-25 06:35:00 John Peel’s Festive 50 – 1976
    Recently voted most popular photo from our Toronto vacation pics
    Published 2005-07-19 00:04:00 John Roberts and "The War Between the States"
    It's hard to see why this is newsworthy. (Washington Post) When John G. Roberts Jr. prepared to ghostwrite an article for President Ronald Reagan a little over two decades ago, his pen took a Civil War reenactment detour. The article, which was to appear in the scholarly National Forum journal [...]
  • 79. AOL Black Voices: BV Views - John Rocker: The New Token Negro
    Pitcher john rocker feels unloved, and I can understand why. He first blippedacross my radar for cursing and flipping off baseball fans, insulting his

    80. Project MUSE
    of john rocker, a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves major league baseball There were demands that rocker be fired, traded, banned from baseball, etc.
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    Login: Password: Your browser must have cookies turned on Martinson, David L. ""Freedom of Speech and John Rocker: A Window of Opportunity for High School Social Studies Teachers""
    The High School Journal - Volume 85, Number 1, October-November 2001, pp. 30-34
    The University of North Carolina Press

    Although most young peopleas is the case with their eldersare supportive of freedom of speech/press in general, the same is not true when one considers First Amendment questions in specific circumstances. The author suggests that popular culture examples, such as the controversy surrounding the recent diatribe of major league pitcher John Rocker, can assist the social studies teacher in helping students move beyond what are, in fact, meaningless generalities. If this does not happen, the author argues, young peoplelike their elderswill abandon support for First Amendment freedoms at the slightest provocation. Search Journals About MUSE Contact Us

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