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41. Marvin Miller Baseball League
Marvin Miller baseball League. 24 General Managers — only the smartest survive naehring, tim, 483, 1607, 0.286, 0.362, 0.395, 0.757
Marvin Miller Baseball League
Career Batting Leaders
Minimum 1506 PA. Click on column title to sort by that column. NAME G AB AVG OBP ... CS LAST Bonds, Barry McGwire, Mark Thome, Jim Pujols, Albert Helton, Todd Thomas, Frank Giambi, Jason Ramirez, Manny Martinez, Edgar Giles, Brian Sheffield, Gary Belle, Albert Walker, Larry Delgado, Carlos Berkman, Lance Rodriguez, Alex Griffey, Ken Jaha, John Williams, Bernie Jones, Chipper Davis, Eric Edmonds, Jim O'Neill, Paul Ortiz, David Bagwell, Jeff Jefferson, Reggie Klesko, Ryan Mack, Shane Guerrero, Vladimir Palmeiro, Rafael Piazza, Mike Buhner, Jay Stairs, Matt Glaus, Troy Hoiles, Chris Galarraga, Andres Abreu, Bobby Colbrunn, Greg Sosa, Sammy Gonzalez, Juan Hill, Glenallen Molitor, Paul Tettleton, Mickey Lankford, Ray Whitaker, Lou Vaughn, Mo Green, Shawn Chavez, Eric Gwynn, Tony Olerud, John Garciaparra, Nomar Nevin, Phil Nixon, Trot Gonzalez, Luis Burnitz, Jeromy Franco, Julio Davis, Chili Kruk, John Justice, David McGriff, Fred Vaughn, Greg Kent, Jeff Canseco, Jose Floyd, Cliff Baines, Harold Salmon, Tim Bonilla, Bobby Everett, Carl

42. Live Out Your Fantasies Through Baseball
Live out your fantasies through baseball saves after two weeks and when anaverage hitter like tim naehring has four home runs this early in the season.
Wednesday, 4/16/97
Live out your fantasies through baseball
Unique 'league' allows you to love the Giants but root against Barry Bonds By Vytas Mazeika Daily Bruin Contributor I love baseball. I love the crack of the bat, the pitcher's windup, the green fields, and especially the peanuts and Cracker Jacks. And this year, in particular, it's great. There are no labor disputes - just arguments as to whether or not spitting on umpires should be allowed. It feels like everything is all right with the world once again. But I love baseball for more than just simply the sport. Sure I love to watch Roger Clemens effortlessly strike out 20 hitters, Kenny Lofton steal second, third and home on the same pitch, and Mark McGwire hit three towering 500-foot homers. But you see, I am a fantasy league manager. For those of you who do not know what a fantasy/rotisserie league is, here is a quick explanation: based on players' statistics throughout the actual major league games, people who have selected these players in a draft will get points for such things as batting average, home runs, RBIs, stolen bases, etc. So when I watch baseball, I do more than just cheer for a team.

43. 1995 Boston Red Sox Statistics -
Your source for the latest baseball and sports books. 63 61 .270 .367 .375 1310 10 7 13 9 0 93 3B tim naehring 28 126 433 61 133 27 2 10 57 77 66 .307
SPORTS Baseball Football Basketball Books SUPPORT Newly Available Pages Your Sponsorships Quick Index: Players Teams Leagues Managers ... Bullpen You Are Here Teams Boston Red Sox Statistics Schedule and Splits Transactions 1995 Boston Red Sox Franchise Index
, Finished 1st in AL Eastern Division
View League Standings and Leaders

Scored 791 runs, Allowed 698 runs. Pythagorean W-L
Managed by Kevin Kennedy
Ballpark: Fenway Park II
Attendance: 2,164,410 (4th out of 14)
Park Factor
Batting - 102/Pitching - 102 (over 100 favors batters)
Postseason: Lost AL Division Series (3-0) to Cleveland Indians
BR Bullpen: Find or enter more info for this team
what's this?
Your source for the latest baseball and sports books Our gridiron counterpart. Our cager counterpart Subscribe to our mailing list FenwayNation sponsor(s) this page. You can sponsor a page Page Expires: 2005-10-30 Alert Me! The last Red Sox team to win a Division Title. A feisty bunch with a rich cast of characters, including: Willie McGee, Jose Canseco, Mo Vaughn, Roger Clemens. TRIVIA: Name the three players who were on BOTH this roster and the 2003 Red Sox. Statistics Schedule and Splits Transactions Click on the Player for career stats and accomplishments.

44. / Sports / Baseball / Red Sox / Timnaehring
For eight seasons (199097) tim naehring stole the hearts of female Red Sox He is still involved in baseball as the Director of Player Development for
Red Sox Patriots Celtics Bruins ... Red Sox
From the field to the front office
Catching up with Tim Naehring
October 1, 2004 CINCINNATI, Ohio He was a heartthrob to many of the women in Red Sox nation. ADVERTISEMENT For eight seasons (1990-97) Tim Naehring stole the hearts of female Red Sox fans, who were googly-eyed for the baseball stud. "It was a lot of fun being a single guy up in New England," said Naehring about being a Red Sox heartthrob. "Anytime you are in a situation where you are in the public eye it's interesting. I never really dealt with any of that growing up in Cincinnati and all through college." He is still involved in baseball as the Director of Player Development for the Cincinnati Reds. Naehring, who took over the job in October 2000, loved returning home. "It's a great experience for me coming back to Cincinnati and staying in the baseball world," said Naehring. "My career has progressed nicely on this side of it and am very excited about the opportunity the Reds have given me." It's been an adjustment for Naehring to go from playing the game to working in the front office.

45. / Sports / Baseball / Red Sox / Rickburleson
tim naehring, who brought Burleson to the Reds organization. naehring alreadyhad an existing relationship with Burleson, who was a coach with the Sox

46. Baseball's Triple Plays - Batted Into
Phil Gagliano, 1, tim naehring, 1, Woody Woodward, 1. Damaso Garcia, 1, Jim Nettles,1, Ron Wright, 1. Phil Garner, 1, Marc Newfield, 1, Taffy Wright, 1
Players Who Batted Into Triple Plays (1876-Present)
Revised September 9, 2005
Batter Cnt Batter Cnt Batter Cnt Batter Cnt Batter Cnt Ed Abbaticchio Frankie Crosetti Ramon Hernandez Mario Mendoza Rafael Santana Charlie Abbey Lave Cross Whitey Herzog Bill Merritt Hank Sauer Kurt Abbott Kiki Cuyler Otto Hess Chief Meyers Russ Scarritt Willie Aikens Joe Daly Bobby Higginson Clyde Milan Boss Schmidt Bill Akers Tom Daly Pinky Higgins Elmer Miller Joe Schultz Mike Aldrete Alvin Dark Dick Higham Ward Miller Everett Scott Ethan Allen Chili Davis Paul Hines Dale Mitchell Kip Selbach Sandy Alomar Jr. Harry Davis Dick Hoblitzel Mike Mitchell Hank Severeid Max Alvis Willie Davis Gil Hodges Willie Mitchell Cy Seymour Joey Amalfitano Andre Dawson Bobby Hofman Johnny Mokan Orator Shaffer Rich Amaral Chubby Dean Bill Holbert Ben Molina Howie Shanks Brady Anderson Hank DeBerry Walter Holke Don Money Jack Shepard Marlon Anderson Herman Dehlman Bug Holliday Junior Moore Billy Shindle Alex Arias Ed Delahanty Joe Hornung Jerry Morales Burt Shotton Morrie Arnovich Jim Delahanty Rogers Hornsby Keith Moreland Ed Sicking Joe Azcue Gene DeMontreville Tony Horton Ray Morgan George Sisler Charlie Babb Bucky Dent Frank Howard John Morrill Roy Smalley Wally Backman Mike Devereaux Art Howe Wally Moses Bill Smiley Doug Baird Art Devlin Glenn Hubbard Manny Mota Bobby Gene Smith Steve Balboni Jim Donnelly Ken Huckaby Mike Mowrey Earl Smith Kid Baldwin Red Dooin John Hummel Ray Mueller Germany Smith Art Ball Taylor Douthit Randy Hundley Mike Muldoon Harry Smith Sal Bando

47. Baseball's Triple Plays 1990-1999
s of baseball s Triple Plays (1990-1999). Return to DecadeMenu 2 Men On First Wade Boggs Second tim naehring Third......PlayBy-Play
Play-By-Play Descriptions
of Baseball's Triple Plays (1990-1999)
Return to Decade Menu AL Minnesota Twins at AL Boston Red Sox Fenway Park II Bot INNING Score PLAY SEQUENCE: Source: SN Box Scores Men On: First Wade Boggs Second Tim Naehring Third Out# Type Loc: Batr: F F F Jody Reed (BOS) is the batter with a 1-0 count. He hits a ground ball to the 3B (Gary Gaetti) who forces out the runner from second, Tim Naehring (OUT 1) 3B throws to the 2B (Al Newman) who steps on the bag to retire the runner from first, Wade Boggs (OUT 2) 2B throws to the 1B (Kent Hrbek) who putsout the batter, Jody Reed (OUT 3) NOTE: SECOND TRIPLE PLAY OF THE GAME AL Minnesota Twins at AL Boston Red Sox Fenway Park II Bot INNING Score PLAY SEQUENCE: Source: SN Box Scores Men On: First Carlos Quintana Second Jody Reed Third Wade Boggs Out# Type Loc: Batr: F F F Tom Brunansky (BOS) is the batter with a 1-1 count. He hits a ground ball to the 3B (Gary Gaetti) who forces the runner from second, Jody Reed (OUT 1) 3B throws to the 2B (Al Newman) who steps on the bag to retire the runner from first, Carlos Quintana (OUT 2) 2B throws to the 1B (Kent Hrbek) who putsout the batter, Tom Brunansky (OUT 3)

48. Baseball Bill
McGwire and tim naehring brought back those hours I spent in the same pursuits . Nowhere are the values represented by baseball at its finest are on
Pedro Martinez, Fenway Park, Boston MA
For the past several years I have traveled to all of the Major League Baseball parks and many of the minor league ones. In the process I have amassed about 20,000 images of players, parks, fans and many other things relating to The National Pastime. I have met hundreds of wonderful people and made some lifelong friends in the process. From getting to chat with Ernie Harwell to meeting a woman in Texas, who as a young child had met the great Ty Cobb, I experienced a sense of what baseball has meant and continues to mean to America and its citizens. I also had the chance to eat a lot of hot dogs. Travel by train, plane, buses, cabs and just plain walking showed me that not only is the game of baseball alive and well it is thriving in the hearts and souls of our children. Watching the joy in kids faces as they were given smiles and autographs from men such as Mark McGwire and Tim Naehring brought back those hours I spent in the same pursuits. If heroes and heroines still exist in America, they begin their journeys with these acts of kindness. Nowhere are the values represented by baseball at its finest are on better display that at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI, home of the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox. A beautiful, well maintained park, safe, inexpensive and rooted in old traditions is my favorite of them all. No dancing garbage cans or hot tubs are needed to present the game at its best. A preview of a book in the process of being published and a permanent exhibit currently on display at the Sports Museum of New England, with the title "The Real McCoy" can be seen here.

49. West Side A Breeding Ground For Baseball Stars
LaSalle got into the act in the 1980s with tim naehring, naehring and Samplesay that west side baseball has thrived because there have been baseball
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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
West side a breeding ground for baseball stars

Coaches who stayed on for years gave stability across generations By Howard Wilkinson
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Zac Jordan, 14 (left), and Matt Robbe, 14, take part in practice for their AABC Southwest Ohio Baseball League at Kuliga Park.

The Enquirer/JEFF SWINGER A Pete Rose Drive street sign sits next to Western Hills High School where the former Cincinnati Reds star went to school. Drive by Boldface Park's ball fields at the corner of River Road and Fairbanks Avenue in Sedamsville when school is out and kids are out on the diamonds. Look for the shortest kid on the field, pumping his way around second and belly-flopping into third base.

50. Eastern League Baseball
The Official Newsletter of the Eastern League of Professional baseball Clubs, Bryce Florie, Aaron Sele, tim naehring, Bill Hasselman and John Valentin,

51. Eastern League Baseball
The Official Newsletter of the Eastern League of Professional baseball Clubs, Inc . Bret Saberhagen, Tom Gordon, Bryce Florie, Aaron Sele, tim naehring,

52. Reds Minor Leagues A Mess
tim naehring said it was a difference in philosophies that led the club to fireOester. He s a good baseball person, naehring said.

53. Baseball In Cincinnati, Ohio - The Baseball Cube
Cincinnati, Ohio baseball Players born in this city. *MLB Players in bold naehring, tim, 2/1/1967, 3B2B, 1990-1997, MLB, Miami University (Ohio)

54. 1996 Topps Baseball Card Checklist
baseball cards store with online shopping for sports trading cards including 63 tim naehring 64 Orlando Miller 65 Mike Mussina 66 Jim Eisenreich
1 Tony Gwynn SP
2 Mike Piazza SP
3 Greg Maddux SP
4 Jeff Bagwell SP
5 Larry Walker SP
6 Barry Larkin SP
7 Mickey Mantle
8 Tom Glavine SP
9 Craig Biggio SP
10 Barry Bonds SP
11 Heathcliff Slocumb SP 12 Matt Williams SP 13 Todd Helton 14 Mark Redman 15 Michael Barrett 16 Ben Davis 17 Juan LeBron 18 Tony McKnight 19 Ryan Jaroncyk 20 Corey Jenkins 21 Jim Scharrer 22 Mark Bellhorn RC 23 Jarrod Washburn RC 24 Geoff Jenkins RC 25 Sean Casey RC 26 Brett Tomko RC 27 Tony Fernandez 28 Rich Becker 29 Andujar Cedeno 30 Paul Molitor 31 Brent Gates 32 Glenallen Hill 33 Mike Macfarlane 34 Manny Alexander 35 Todd Zeile 36 Joe Girardi 37 Tony Tarasco 38 Tim Belcher 39 Tom Goodwin 40 Orel Hershiser 41 Tripp Cromer 42 Sean Bergman 43 Troy Percival 44 Kevin Stocker 45 Albert Belle 46 Tony Eusebio 47 Sid Roberson 48 Todd Hollandsworth 49 Mark Wohlers 50 Kirby Puckett 51 Darren Holmes 52 Ron Karkovice 53 Al Martin 54 Pat Rapp 55 Mark Grace 56 Greg Gagne 57 Stan Javier 58 Scott Sanders 59 J.T. Snow 60 David Justice 61 Royce Clayton 62 Kevin Foster 63 Tim Naehring 64 Orlando Miller 65 Mike Mussina 66 Jim Eisenreich 67 Felix Fermin 68 Bernie Williams 69 Robb Nen 70 Ron Gant 71 Felipe Lira 72 Jacob Brumfield 73 John Mabry 74 Mark Carreon 75 Carlos Baerga 76 Jim Dougherty 77 Ryan Thompson 78 Scott Leius 79 Roger Pavlik 80 Gary Sheffield 81 Julian Tavarez 82 Andy Ashby 83 Mark Lemke 84 Omar Vizquel 85 Darren Daulton 86 Mike Lansing 87 Rusty Greer 88 Dave Stevens 89 Jose Offerman 90 Tom Henke 91 Troy O'Leary 92 Michael Tucker 93 Marvin Freeman 94 Alex Diaz 95 John Wetteland 96 Cal Ripken 2131 97 Mike Mimbs

55. Global Managers Challenge Complete Active Player List - Out Of The Park Baseball
naehring, Kenneth naehring, tim Nagy, Charles Nasaparamene, Apu Out ofthe Park Developments The place for baseball and boxing simulation games
document.write("");document.write(""); Global Managers Challenge Complete Active Player List
Monday, 7/24/1996 A
Abbott, David

Abbott, Jim

Abbott, Kurt

Abbott, Kyle
Azocar, Ronaldo

Baerga, Carlos

Baez, Kevin

Bagwell, Jeff
Bailey, Cory ... Byers, Randy C Cabrera, Francisco Cadaret, Greg Caines, David Calderon, Ivan ... Cyrus, Billy Bob D D'amico, Jeff Daal, Barbi Daal, Omar Dalesandro, Mark ... Dykstra, Lenny E Eagle, Michael Easley, Logan Eave, Gary Echevarria, Angel ... Everett, Carl F Fabregas, Jorge Fajardo, Hector Fansler, Stan Faries, Paul ... Fyhrie, Mike G Gaetti, Gary Galarraga, Andres Galentine, Raymond Galvez, Balvino ... Gwynn, Tony H Haas, Henry Habyan, John Hager, Alan Hajek, Dave ... Hutton, Mark I Ibanez, Raul Idol, Billy Ignasiak, Ignacias Incaviglia, Pete ... Ivie, Robert J Jackson, Bo Jackson, Chuck Jackson, Danny Jackson, Ken ... Justice, David K Kamagugo, Mitzu Kamieniecki, Scott Karchner, Matt Karkovice, Ron ... Kunkel, Jeff L LaLoosh, Nuke Labat, Timothy Lacy, Kerry Laing, Alejandro ... Lyons, Curt M Maas, Kevin Mabry, John Macdonald, Rob Macfarlane, Mike ... Myers, Rodney N Nabholz, Chris Naehring, Kenneth Naehring, Tim Nagy, Charles ... Nunnally, Jon O O'donoghue, John

56. Baseball Cards Only - The Ultimate Baseball Card Site On The Web
NAEGLE,DENNY (1), naehring,tim (4), NAGELSON,RUSS (1). NAGEOTTE,CLINT (9),NAGY,CHARLES (16) Page made in less than 1 Second(s), baseball CARDS ONLY
Baseball Cards Only
The Ultimate Baseball Card Site on the Web
Buy, Sell, or Trade by e-mail
Richard Alexander, Prop.
Ashland, Oregon
Go To My Home Page
My Current Inventory
YOUR ACCOUNT Hi there - Look around and enjoy! LOG IN REGISTER LOST PASSWORD Player by Last Name - N - ( * ) = Number of cards to be displayed. NABHOLZ,CHRIS NACHREINER,MATT NADY,XAVIER NAEGLE,DENNY ... NYMAN,GERRY
Page made in less than 2 Second(s) BASEBALL CARDS ONLY
Page made in less than 1126816459 Second(s)

57. Diamond Legends - Baseball's Past Comes Alive (k)
tim naehring, $1676000, R/R, 3B/2B/SS, N/A, 19901997. Doug Rader, $1589000, R/R,3B/1B, N/A, 1967-1977. Ken McMullen, $1509000, R/R, 3B/1B/DH

58. Lau School Of Hitting - Learn How To Hit Like A Big Time Slugger!
When tim naehring was mired in an 0for-39 slump with the Boston Red Sox in The consensus among baseball people is that the best way out of a slump is
The Art of Baseball: Mind over batter - the slump
By Larry Stone
Seattle Times staff reporter They are a punch to the gut, a blow to the psyche. They are humiliating, humbling and hurtful. A player in a slump is a sad sight to behold, equal parts wild-eyed desperation and puppy-dog bewilderment. And here's the worst part: Every player, from Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter, gets them. It's just a matter of when, how long it's going to last, and how much of your soul gets scorched in the process. A slump, which derives from the Norwegian "slumpa," can lead to anguish, which often evolves into the Piniellian "kick the water cooler into submission." "A slump is a life-crippling, life-crushing experience," said Pete Siegel, a Southern California hypnotherapist who has worked with numerous major-leaguers, including Damion Easley, Tim Salmon and Scott Spiezio. That's from a clinician. Here's how it looks from the inside, when the weight of the world is inversely proportional to your shrinking batting average — which is beamed on the scoreboard for the world to see.

59. > 2004 Triple-A All-Stars In Rhode Island
tim naehring, Cecil Cooper and Gary Allenson are just a few of the former After the baseballrelated activities, the Rhode Island Philharmonic will
Help Search Member List Portal Full Version: 2004 Triple-A All-Stars in Rhode Island
Cities, Places, Regions The Northeast USA ... Providence Cotuit Mar 4 2004, 10:18 PM PawSox hosting 3 days of All-Star fun in July
For the first time in 27 years, Pawtucket will host the annual Triple-A All-Star game, along with special festivities in downtown Providence.

Journal Sports Writer - Thursday, March 4, 2004
P AWTUCKET For decades the Pawtucket Red Sox brass have traveled to minor-league baseball cities around the country during the All-Star break in July in search of the best mid-summer classic.
McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket
Team president Mike Tamburro and vice president/general manager Lou Schwechheimer, along with a contingent of PawSox staffers, have gone to Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, Rochester, N.Y., New Orleans, Albuquerque, N.M., Memphis, Tenn., and Las Vegas. While the PawSox were impressed with the Triple-A All-Star festivities in these cities, one important franchise was not on that list.
That is until now.

60. Boston Red Sox 8x10 Baseball Photos
hhlogopegZZ.jpg (3308 bytes) baseball 8x10 Photos tim naehring Hideo Nomo No Hitter Otis NixonTroy O Leary Phil Plantier Tony Pena Jeff Reardon
//Top Navigational Bar III (By BrotherCake @ //Permission granted/modified by to include script in archive //For this and 100's more DHTML scripts, visit Baseball 8x10 Photos
Plaques Displays Awards ... Site info Boston Red Sox
Bronson Arroyo 1
Bronson Arroyo 2
Bronson Arroyo 3
Mark Bellhorn
Matt Clement 1
Matt Clement 2
Johnny Damon Grand Slam Game 7 ALCS
Johnny Damon 1
Johnny Damon 2 Johnny Damon 4 Alan Embree Keith Foulke Terry Francona Gabe Kapler Byun Hyung Kim Matt Mantei Kevin Millar 1 Kevin Millar 2 Doug Mirabelli Bill Mueller 1 Bill Mueller 2 Trot Nixon 1 Trot Nixon 2 David Ortiz David Ortiz Ring Hanley Ramirez Manny Ramirez Edgar Rentaria 1 Edgar Renteria 2 Edgar Rentaria 3 Curt Schilling Game 2004 WS Curt Schilling Jason Varitek 1 Jason Varitek 2 Jason Varitek 3 04 ALCS Kevin Youklis 2004 Boston Red Sox World Series Champions 8x10 Photos Also ALCS - NLCS ... Click Here Matt Clement Johnny Damon Keith Foulke Matt Mantei Kevin Millar Wade Miller Bill Mueller Trot Nixon David Ortiz Manny Ramirez Edgar Renteria Jason Varitek Tim Wakefield David Wells Big 4 Hitters 2005 Red Sox 2004 Boston Red Sox World Series Champions 8x10 Photos Also ALCS - NLCS ... Click Here Red Sox Ring Ceremony 1

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