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  1. Buffalo Bisons (Pl) Players: Connie Mack, Dummy Hoy, Deacon White, Lady Baldwin, George Keefe, Alex Ferson, Larry Twitchell, Bert Cunningham

41. 1901 Results + Spotlight: Dummy Hoy
dummy hoy baseball legend. * 39year-old Sox outfielder bats .293 * Hits AmericanLeague s first grand slam * First deaf player in the big leagues
Where they wound up
how many games they won
how far back they finished CUBS
Baseball legend
* 39-year-old Sox outfielder bats .293
* Hits American League's first grand slam
* First deaf player in the big leagues
* Plays 14 major league seasons
* Said to be responsible for ump signals * Inspires ball-and-strike hand signs * 1901 is only year with a Chicago team * Many think he belongs in Cooperstown Sox are managed by pitching star Clark Griffith, who finishes with a 24-7 record. Sox owner Charles Comiskey raids Cub roster to nab pitchers Griffith and Nixey Callahan At this time, the Cubs are not yet the Cubs. They're called the "Orphans." Go to next year Results Home 1901-10 Attendance Tri?via The Slide

42. Baseball Fever - The BBF HoF All-Timeline
baseball Fever is a baseball discussion forum made for serious baseball fans,historians, hoy, dummy 23.0 Williamson, Ned 22.9 McCarthy, Tommy 21.6

43. Baseball Fever - Negro League Stats Debunked
baseball Fever is a baseball discussion forum made for serious baseball fans, President, dummy hoy Committee MSM Productions, Ltd. 1095 Meigs Street

44. Guide To Baseball Fiction: Plays
The Signal Season of dummy hoy. Chicago Chicago Plays, 1986. Star deafmutecenterfielder dummy hoy breaks in to pro ball.
Guide to Baseball Fiction: Plays
by Tim Morris
The University of Texas at Arlington
Back to the Main Guide Page Albert Camus, La chute Baseball plays are a minor genre, far outnumbered by prose fiction and even by films. But there are a few notable plays and I will try to list them here. For the moment no alphabetical index, or even separate page, is necessary.
  • Abbott, George, and Douglas Wallop (book); Richard Adler and Jerry Ross (music and lyrics). Damn Yankees. (1955). Fan sells soul to bring Senators the flag. Adapted from Wallop's 1954 novel . Energetic and adult musical that has remained in the American repertoire. Filmed in 1958 with original stars Ray Walston and Gwen Verdon; revived in 1994 with Bebe Neuwirth. Boocock, Paul. Boocock's House of Baseball. (2005). One-man show that "examines contemporary American politics through the vehicle of baseball." "Mr. Boocock serves up a stream-of-consciousness mishmash full of baseball moments that are too well known to be illuminating and Republican-bashing that is too simplistic to be funny" Neil Genzlinger in the New York Times, 4 July 2005. Dresser, Richard.

45. Baseball Crank: BASEBALL/HISTORY: Who You Calling Dumb?
dummy hoy played the outfield for 14 seasons from 18881902 for the hoy s exploits are recounted in several places in the greatest baseball book ever
"You gotta believe!" Tug McGraw "No compromise with the main purpose, no peace till victory, no pact with unrepentant wrong." Winston Churchill "Luck is the residue of design." Branch Rickey Categories Baseball 2002-03 (566)
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46. New Book Explores The Hidden Language Of Baseball"
Paul Dickson baseball Commentator Author in the American Sign Languagespoken by William ‘dummy’ hoy, a deaf major leaguer from 1888 to 1902.

47. Paul Dickson -- Baseball Commentator & Author
Dickson loves to talk about baseball. He is author of The New Dickson baseball spoken by William ‘dummy’ hoy, a deaf major leaguer from 1888 to 1902.

48. Oakland A's Fan Coalition - Athletics Baseball Enthusiasts Dedicated To Watching
While on the subject of deaf players, dummy hoy has commonly been Deane, bythe way, is now writing the regular Saturday baseball column for the Oneonta
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Historical Hot Stove
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Search Now: Fund Raiser: Order Merchandise! Historical Hot Stove by Bruce Markusen Previous Columns Cooperstown Confidential - Regular Season Edition Pride In Pinstripes Perhaps we take for granted that a player like Pride has been able to forge a journeyman career in the major leagues and a solid career in the minors despite playing with only a small percentage of his hearing. Yet, we shouldn’t take make the mistake of assuming that deafness is only a nuisance in the path toward the big leagues; just try playing a game of softball with cotton stuffed into both of your ears and feel the short-term havoc it plays with your equilibrium. Making the major leagues is tough enough; making the major leagues without complete use of one of your primary senses is downright laudatory—and testament to a player’s will and dedication to the game. For that, Curtis Pride deserves an added helping of respect. Although Pride is one of a handful of deaf players to make the climb to the majors, he is not the first deaf player in big league history—and not the most famous either. Both of those honors belong to 19th century legend William “Dummy” Hoy (unfortunately, “Dummy” was a commonly used nickname for players during the game’s early history). Both determined and athletic, Hoy not only overcame a lack of hearing but also proved that being 5’4” and 148 pounds doesn’t necessarily exclude one from professional success on the ballfield. Hoy’s lack of size and absence of hearing discouraged major league teams from giving him a shot until he was 26, but the hardworking Hoy made up for his late start by collecting over 2,000 hits, batting .288, and playing a terrific center field (including one game when he threw out three runners at the plate). Some historians consider Hoy a player of sufficient quality to merit consideration for the Hall of Fame.

49. Gallaudet University - Gallaudet Today Newsletter
baseball field named for William dummy hoy hoy, an icon of professorialbaseball, was deafened at age 2 and attended the Ohio School for the Deaf.

50. Media Releases
A new homepage focusing on William Ellsworth dummy hoy (18621961), the firstdeaf The hoy Website will give fans, baseball buffs, and Deaf Sports
Media Releases November 14, 1999
A new homepage focusing on William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy (18621961), the first deaf major-leaguer, is now online. It’s sponsored by, a division of MSM Productions, Ltd. Hoy is a legendary figure in the Deaf community. He is considered the originator of the hand signals used by umpires throughout the world: raising the right hand for a strike, the left hand for a ball, and the signs for "out" and "safe." Some baseball historians still consider this claim to be hearsay, folklore, or myth. Umpire Bill Klem, who began his professional career in 1905, 2 years after Hoy retired from professional baseball, is officially credited with inventing the signals, as noted on his plaque in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. But diligent research has turned up old newspaper and magazine accounts describing Hoy’s use of signs on the field as early as 1888 and 1891—well before Klem began umpiring! While these achievements (and these are only a few of the total) would seem to be more than sufficient for induction into the Hall of Fame, Hoy has been consistently bypassed. Why? Probably because he was deaf.

51. Media Releases
In November 2000, the dummy hoy Committee voted to transfer its get WilliamEllsworth dummy hoy elected to the National baseball Hall of Fame;
Media Releases January 15, 2001 A NEW AFFILIATION
In November 2000, the "Dummy" Hoy Committee voted to transfer its affiliation from the USA Deaf Sports Federation to MSM Productions, Ltd., the parent company of, which designed and hosts the "Dummy" Hoy Homeplate (Website). The new affiliation will make for a more effectively organized Committee and efficiently run outreach campaign. The William "Dummy" Hoy Committee Hall of Fame/Outreach Campaign Its mission is twofold:
  • Hall of Fame Induction Campaign–to get William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame;
  • Other projects include purchasing Hoy memorabilia and artifacts for a possible mini-museum, and helping to get Hoy inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. To raise funds for the Committee, MSM Productions, Ltd. also plans to design and sell commemorative pins and T-shirts, among other items. Matthew S. Moore, President of MSM Productions, Ltd./, is serving as President of the Hoy Committee. Randy Fisher of Belmont Hills, PA, who previously chaired the AAAD/USADSF Hoy Committee, continues as Vice President. His responsibilities remain the same. Steven R. Sandy of Columbus, OH, is in charge of Special Projects. Other Committee members, including Robert F. Panara of Henrietta, NY, also continue in their old capacities. A new Advisory Board will consist of well-known figures in the Deaf Sports and baseball communities. The first appointments will be announced later.
  • 52. Take Me Out To The Ball Game, Part 1
    He was known as dummy hoy. Robert s father explained that the hurtful name Why might playing major league baseball be even more exciting for Robert
    Sample Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Part 1 Worksheet
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    Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Part 1
    By Toni Lee Robinson Robert hefted the bat. He swung again and again. There was a wonderful tingly stretch in his muscles. His body felt fluid and light with energy. He felt like he could fly! His dream was about to come true. For several years he had played with minor league teams. Today he would play his first major league game.
    The majors would be a milestone for any player. For Robert, it was like belting a homer to the moon. Robert had been born with almost no sense of hearing. In some ways, life had been harder for him than for other kids. He had to learn different ways to communicate. He learned American Sign Language. He could talk with his hands.
    His parents had insisted that Robert learn oral speech as well. For most of his life, he had gone to two different schools. His first years were spent at a school for the deaf. Then he had "mainstreamed" in a public school for part of the day. He also spent extra hours each day at the deaf school.

    53. Stephen Jay Gould: His Mis-Measure Of Baseball
    He writes “dummy hoy belongs in the Hall of Fame by sole virtue of his excellent, According to Gould, around the turn of the century, baseball drew
    Stephen Jay Gould: His Mismeasure of Baseball by Cyril Morong Email Before he died in 2002, Stephen Jay Gould was one of the world’s most famous scientists and one of the world’s most famous baseball fans. That is why his posthumous book, “Triumph and Tragedy in Mudville: A Lifelong Fan’s Passion for Baseball” is so disappointing. He makes several statements that do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. Lets start with Dummy Hoy, who played outfield in the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. He writes “Dummy Hoy belongs in the Hall of Fame by sole virtue of his excellent, sustained play over a long career (p. 128).” No, he is not even close. He is 462 nd in Win Shares (WS) per Plate Appearance and 546 th in Total Player Rating or TPR (.425 per 648 plate appearances-see the links on my homepage). His career OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) was .759 while the position average was .767. Bill James gives him a B+ in fielding while Pete Palmer has him with +10 in career fielding runs. His career offensive winning percentage (OWP) is .568 while the position average is .560 (this is park adjusted). Through 2002, he was tied for 306 th in career runs created against the league average. He was 299

    54. Baseball's Conscience Finally Gets His Due / Communist Ties Obscured Walnut Cree
    William Ellsworth dummy hoy, baseball s first deaf player (1888 1902), who isthe reason umpires adopted hand signals to go along with the vocal calls of

    55. - A Celebration Of Baseball
    It was once said that every boy builds a shrine to some baseball hero, and beforethat Charlie Hough, Ralph Houk, Elston Howard, Frank Howard, dummy hoy
    A CELEBRATION OF BASEBALL GALLERY FORUMS SEARCH CONTACT US It was once said that every boy builds a shrine to some baseball hero, and before that shrine, a candle always burns.
    Welcome to this virtual celebration of baseball where many candles glow in honor of big league heroes. 211546 Visitors since January 4, 1999. OPINION RUMINATIONS INTERVIEWS THE CHALLENGE Take Our Test Honor Roll PLAYER OF THE YEAR GUEST COMPOSITIONS THE FRONT OFFICE Mission Statement The Curator Broadcast Archives STATISTICS GLOSSARY ... APICALS Players who were among
    baseball's absolute best. SUPERNALS Players who performed
    with greater excellence
    than that of most others.

    56. Computer Software, Childrens Educational Software, Home Design Sofware, Language
    Over 3000+ high resolution baseball card photographs from 1887 1914. George Howell, Harry hoy, dummy Hudson, Nat Huggins, Miller Hulswitt,

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    57. DeafSports News » Dummy Hoy
    Post He is the greatest deaf baseball player in America, period. dummy HoyBiography book Subscribe to DEAF LIFE, the 1 magazine of the Deaf Community

    58. Baseball Card Photographs CD Training Courseware
    baseball Card Photographs CD, 1887 1914 Over 3000+ high resolution baseball card George Howell, Harry hoy, dummy Hudson, Nat Huggins, Miller Hulswitt, History/Baseball Card Photograp
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    Baseball Card Photographs CD
    Baseball Card Photographs CD : Baseball Card Photographs CD, 1887 - 1914
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    59., Part Of MVN
    All baseball. All the Time. Brought to you by the Most Valuable Network. Sipek succeeded William “dummy” hoy and Luther “dummy” Taylor as the third deaf, part of MVN
    All Baseball. All the Time. Brought to you by the Most Valuable Network.
    September 07, 2005
    19 to 21
    In this edition of 19 to 21, John Shiffert looks at Christy Mathewson 19 to 21: No, that’s not Tom Seaver #32, September 6, 2005 News Item: October 7, 1925 – Christopher Mathewson dies at Saranac Lake, New York at the age of 45. It is hard for us to imagine, 80 years later, just how traumatic an event the death of Christy Mathewson was for the baseball world. Even though Matty hadn’t thrown a pitch in more than nine years, he was still, well, the best word is “revered,” throughout baseball. Not only was he, at the time, widely considered the greatest pitcher of all time, but he was even more widely held up as a paragon of virtue, manliness and all the other values that were so highly prized in post-Victorian society. These two images played off each other to the extent that Matty’s image seemed to make him a greater pitcher than he really was (not that he wasn’t great) and his prowess on the mound led normally-level-headed writers to flights of embarrassing literary fancy. Perhaps one of Matty’s biographers, Ray Robinson, said it best… “His enormous devotion to the game and to principle, his attractive physical appearance, his razor-sharp, eclectic intelligence, his sometimes frightening honesty that bordered, as some insisted, on unmitigated self-righteousness were the stuff of a `collaboration between the Almighty and a composer of fiction,’ as Donald Honig has written.”

    60. DKTC News
    dummy hoy enjoyed a long and successful career in baseball 18 seasons onprofessional teams, including 5 seasons with the Cincinnati Redlegs.
    Last updated:
    21st Edition Spring 2005/Summer 2005 A Message from
    The Deaf Kids and Teens Club will have two great events coming up! We will have the 2005 Deaf Adventure Camp which will be at Camp Kerns on August 7 to August 12. Also, please save the date for Saturday, September 24th as we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of DKTC! We will have a spaghetti dinner at Antrim Park on Olentangy River Road. Please come and show your support!
    DKTC had hit it off real well this year!! We had great events for the past few months. See the DKTC Guest Speakers section and the DKTC Events section below. DKTC is one of a kind of program in Central Ohio that provides self-esteem, leadership, character building and a rich learning experience to youth who are deaf and hard of hearing between the ages of 9 to 18. If you wish to learn more about this most wonderful program or become a part of it, please do contact Chris Johnson, Deaf Youth Program Coordinator at 614-841-9991 (TTY/Voice) or by email at or AIM: ChrisDSC .
    DKTC Guest Speakers
    February 2005 Kevin Hall
    April 2005 Joe Murray
    May 2005 Cheryl Prusinski

    Cheryl came to the YMCA to give a presenation about DWAVE (Deaf Women Against Violence Everywhere). It was established a year ago to help Deaf women. Cheryl is the President of DWAVE. She asked DKTC to create some art projects to help raise funds for DWAVE. Those art projects are made for the silent auction. She explained how their organization works. We created beads and crafts such as pins, magnets, bracelets, and necklaces. We hope that the silent auction is a big hit!!! We'd love to do those projects again in the near future.

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