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  1. StarGuides Plus: A World-Wide Directory of Organizations in Astronomy and Related Space Sciences (Developments in Hydrobiology)
  2. Directory of Physics Astronomy & Geophysics Staff 1997 by American Institute of Physics, Am Inst Phy, 1997-05
  3. Jane's Spaceflight Directory, 1988-89 (Jane's Space Directory)
  4. Commonwealth of Independent States: 1996-1997 directory of physics and astronomy staff by S. I Shkuratov, 1996
  5. Directory of Physics, Astronomy and Geophysics Staff, 2006
  6. International Physics and Astronomy Directory, 1969-70 by Benjamin D, 1969-01
  7. INTERNATIONAL PHYSICS & ASTRONOMY DIRECTORY, 1969 - 1970. by Donald M.; (Editors) Bain, 1969-01-01
  8. International Physics & Astronomy Directory 1969-70 by W. A. Benjamin, 1969
  9. 2002 Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields
  10. Directory of Physics & Astronomy Faculties in North American Colleges & Universi by Not Available, 1971-01-01
  11. Directory of amateur astronomy - 6 th ed. Ispra. and added. / Spravochnik lyubitelya astronomii - 6-e izd.,ispr. i dop. by P. G. Kulikovskiy, 2009
  12. Jane's International ABC Aerospace Directory 2001 (International ABC Aerospace Directory, 2001) by Simon (ed.). Durham, 2001-05
  13. 2010 Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields (Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy and Related Fields)
  14. Jane's Space Directory 2002-2003

1. AstronomyLINKS - Astronomy And Space Directory, Links, Booksmarks
directories (36) other websites with astronomy and space links publications (26) books, magazines, ezines, periodicals radio astronomy (11)

2. Astronomy
Links to hundreds of astronomy sites.

3. Astronomy By
Includes an online store, classifieds, telescope information, discussion forum, and astronomy links.

4. LII - Results For "astronomy Directories"
Results for astronomy directories 1 of 1 Subject Astronomy DirectoriesCreated by cl last updated May 4, 2005 - comment on this record;query=Astronomy Directories;subse

5. Galacticsurf, The Portal To The Stars
Web portal with extensive collection of internet links on astronomy and space topics.

6. Garbo Astronomy Image Collection
Garbo's astronomy images directories A copyright note The images here date back to the days when WWW was not as prevalent as today.

7. LLEK-Bookmarks-Astronomy
A comprehensive catalog of scientific resources and media worldwide but especially in German and English Directories of Astronomy Journals;

8. Astronomy: Directories UFOseek Directory For Astronomy/Directories
UFOseek directory for Astronomy/Directories astronomy directories.
Astronomy: Directories
Advanced Search only this category Random Link UFOSeek Forum Webmasters Logout ... Astronomy Directories
Directories Subscribe
Links Alphabetic listing of astronomy sites. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
AstroLinks - Internet's Astronomy Guide ... Cosmobrain's Astrolinks is a complete guide for Astronomy on the web. Only selected links. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
Astronomy by ... Includes an online store, classifieds, telescope information, discussion forum, and astronomy links. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
Astronomy Links for Drennon's Science ... Links to hundreds of astronomy sites. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
Astronomy World Wide Space Link ... Links to largest telescopes, professional astronomers, planetaria, pictures, amateur equipment. Review It Rate It Bookmark It ... Over 500 astronomy and space related links, updated frequently. Submit your own link. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
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9. The Sciences - Astronomy - Directories
M3 Web OPAC Online Research Collection. Astronomy Astronomy News Directories *The Solar System Asteroids Comets The Earth Mars

10. Astronomy Resources - Details For: Astronomy: Directories: Astronomy Resources
UFOseek directory for Astronomy Resources, astronomy directories Astronomy Resources.
Astronomy: Directories: Astronomy Resources
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Astronomy Resources
Submitted: Sat Sep 06 2003
Title: Astronomy: Directories: Astronomy Resources
Links to hundreds of astronomy sites. Review It Rate It Bookmark It Detailed Traffic Statistic From Alexa
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11. Directories Astronomy Science English LoCuaL
English Science astronomy directories ? Amateur Organizations English Science Astronomy Amateur Organizations Directories

12. Web Directory
PlanetOut Search Science Astronomy Directories

13. Science Astronomy Directories - Science Astronomy Directories - ABC.NET Web Dire
Science astronomy directories , web directory and search engine, featuring adirectory of millions of links along with thumbnails of websites.
Search: search the entire directory search this category only Top Science Astronomy Directories ... See also: This category in other languages: German

14. 1Up Science > Links Directory > Astronomy: Directories
astronomy directories . Uncover resources and links to Web sites related toastronomy directories .
Home Contact Us Privacy Search 1Up Science
Science A-Z
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Astronomy Astrophysics
Calendars and Timekeeping
Cosmology Eclipses and Occultations ... More.. Biology Biochemistry Biotechnology Botany Ecology ... More.. Chemistry Biochemistry Chemical Engineering Electrochemistry Elements ... More.. Earth Sciences Ecology Geology Geomatics Geophysics ... More.. Environment Air Quality Ecology Energy Health ... More.. Math Algebra Chaos and Fractals Differential Equations Geometry ... More.. Physics Alternative Astronomy Astrophysics Crystallography ... More.. Social Sciences Anthropology Archaeology Cognitive Science Economics ... Urban and Regional Planning s More.. Technology Acoustics Aerospace Chemical Engineering Electronics ... Astronomy : Directories See Related Categories Science: Directories Other Languages German Sites Amateur Astronomy - WWW Virtual Library The Astrobiology Web An online guide to the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the Universe as well as all other aspects of space exploration.

15. Department Of Astronomy: Directories And Activities
Department of Astronomy General Information and Activities.
Department Directories
and Site Map
Click for UF Phone Book

Announcements ...
Web Sites

Last updated January 18, 2002
For a list of specific people to contact about questions, see our Contact Page
Department Personnel
Department Facilities Directory
Department Activities

16. CTAS Links
Amateur Astronomy. Astronomy Calendars. astronomy directories. CTAS People.Companies Products. Conferences and Events. Education. General Resources
CTAS Members Area
Calendar Meet Some CTAS'ers ... Terms of Use
Astronomy Links
Amateur Astronomy Astronomy Calendars Astronomy Directories CTAS People ... Weather Amateur Astronomy Astronomical League
The Amateur Telescope Making Page

Southwest Region, Astronomical League

Astronomy Calendars Space Calendar - NASA
Astronomy Directories CTAS People George Kidwell's Web Site (Astrophotography)
Janice Van Cleave Science for Kids Web Page

Paul Derrick's Stargazer Page

Paul Derrick's Newspaper Column

Conferences and Events Education Hands On Universe Institute for the Humanities at Salado Astronomy Class General Resources Astronomy for Kids! Heavens-Above Jet Propulsion Laboratory Comet Page NASA GRIN (NASA Photo gallery) ... ThinkQuest's Astronomy Kids Site Light Pollution International Dark Skies Association Texas Dark Skies Association Mayborn Planetarium McDonald Observatory ... The U.S. Naval Observatory Other Astronomy Organizations Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers Barnard Seyfert Astronomical Society International Dark Sky Association IOTA (International Occultation Timing Association) ... NASA Online Publications Amateur Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Magazine ICARUS (International Journal of Solar System Studies) Sky and Telescope Magazine ... Stardate Online Weather (Don't forget to check out the "Dark Skies Clock" on the Observatory Web)

17. Science Astronomy Directories
Top » Science » Astronomy » Directories » http// (Hits 5 Visits 7 Rating 0 Comments 0 AverageRating
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Sky Router
Reviews Rate astronomy,astronomy magazine,star charts,space news,astronomy pictures,planets,solar system,space missions,eclipse,nebulae,sun,venus,earth,moon,mercury,mars,pluto,saturn,jupiter,uranus,neptune,Patrick Curran,Pat Curran,astronomy vacation,webcam,night sky,kilkenny,The Rower,satellite,science,irish as
(Hits: 7 Visits: 8 Rating: Comments: Average Rating: 0.00 Added: 10/20/2004)
Astronomy Links for Drennon's Science
Reviews Rate astronomy, lunar events, moon, mars, planets, probes, satelites, tides, aurora, anti ufo, comets, spirit, gusev plains, gusev crator, sun, deep space, missions, shuttle, HST, NASA, space station, earth, astrophysics, astronomy links, extrasolar, denmark, Visalia, California, extrasolar, lessons, les
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18. Science Astronomy Directories -
Science astronomy directories, web Science astronomy directories, Motori diricerca posizionamento, registrazione ed iscrizione gratuita su 200 motori di
Open Directory: all the sites in the category Science Astronomy Directories
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Top Science Astronomy Directories Categorie correlate: Science/Directories Perfeziona la tua ricerca: Amateur Organizations Websites:
  • Alphabetic listing of astronomy sites.
  • Amateur Astronomy WWW Virtual Library
  • AstroLinks - Internet's Astronomy Guide Cosmobrain's Astrolinks is a complete guide for Astronomy on the web. Only selected links.
  • Astronomy by
  • 19. U. Mary WWW Resources - By Subject - Web Resources - Astronomy
    Pages The ABC s of Distances - Cosmic Mystery Tour - Cosmology of the Local Group. OTHER astronomy directories
    Back: Welder Library Directory of World Wide Web Resources Home Web Resources
    NOTE: The links on this page are raw material constituting the collection phase of directory development. (See About This Directory for information on phases of development.) They have not yet been re-examined and weeded. When they are, about half the links here now will have been discarded as insufficiently fruitful and a somewhat smaller number of brand new and more rewarding links will have been added. Unprocessed pages like this are also likely to have a higher number of broken links. To learn how to work around them, please read about Error Messages if you haven't already done so. Page Index:
    Astronomy Overview
    Astronomy Constants and Equations Astronomy Images Astronomy Articles and FAQs ... Other Astronomy Directories
    Astronomy For Kids - What is Theoretical Cosmology? - Leicester University Educational Guide to Space and Astronomy - Welcome to the Universe at the Museum of Science ... - Windows to the Universe

    20. Astronomy A WVC Library Research By Subject Page
    Accretion Disk An Astronomy Internet Directory The Accretion Disk is one ofthe Largest ExpertReviewed astronomy directories Lists
    Research by Subject: ASTRONOMY
    Navigation Menu Research by Subject Menu WVC Library Home Page WVC Library Home Page Research by Subject Menu ... Sciences Index Astronomy
    On this page: Associations Dictionaries, Gazetteers and Image Collections News Journals and Newsletters ...

    Dictionaries, Gazetteers, Image Collections
    • Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA / Michigan Tech. University) Includes searchable archive.
    • Encyclopedia Astronautica (Mark Wade) the "most complete resource for rockets, spacecraft, launch vehicles, astronauts, cosmonauts, spaceflight, engines, space history [and] exploration."

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