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  1. How to Land a Top-Paying Physicists and Astronomers Job: Your Complete Guide to Opportunities, Resumes and Cover Letters, Interviews, Salaries, Promotions, What to Expect From Recruiters and More! by Brad Andrews, 2010-09-16
  2. Health Care Cost Containment (The Johns Hopkins Studies in Health Care Finance and Administration) by Dr. Karen Davis PhD, Professor Diane Rowland, 1990-03-01

141. HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center's Astronomy Camp
Offers handson astronomy instruction in separate programs for kids 7-14, families, and adults. Located in Highbridge, Wisconsin. Brochure, astronomy resources, FAQ, dates, and rates.
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NLAF Registration

Our website is currently being updated, please check back soon. We reserve the right to cancel any session due to low enrollment.

142. Islamic Astronomy By Owen Gingerich
An article by Owen Gingerich, in Scientific American, on ancient astronomy preserved and improved in the Islamic empire. astronomy.htm
Islamic astronomy by Owen Gingerich Scientific American , April 1986 v254 p74(10) Historians who track the development of astronomy from antiquity to the Renaissance sometimes refer to the time from the eighth through the 14th centuries as the Islamic period. During that interval most astronomical activity took place in the Middle East North Africa and Moorish Spain. While Europe languished in the Dark Ages, the torch of ancient scholarship had passed into Muslim hands. Islamic scholars kept it alight, and from them it passed to Renaissance Europe. Two circumstances fostered the growth of astronomy in Islamic lands. One was geographic proximity to the world of ancient learning, coupled with a tolerance for scholars of other creeds. In the ninth century most of the Greek scientific texts were translated into Arabic, including Ptolemy's Syntaxis , the apex of ancient astronomy. It was through these translations that the Greek works later became known in medieval Europe . (Indeed, the Syntaxis is still known primarily by its Arabic name, Almagest, meaning "the greatest.")

Facts and statistical information about planets, moons, constellations, stars, galaxies, and Messier objects.
We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.... Carl Sagan
Select a Planet Earth Jupiter Mars Mercury Neptune Pluto Saturn Uranus Venus Moons
Select a Satellite Adrastea Amalthea Ananke Ariel Atlas Belinda Bianca Callisto Calypso Carme Charon Cordelia Cressida Deimos Desdemona Despina Dione Elara Enceladus Epimetheus Europa Galatea Ganymede Helene Himalia Hyperion Iapetus Io Janus Juliet Larissa Leda Lysithea Metis Mimas Miranda The Moon Naiad Nereid Oberon Ophelia Pan Pandora Pasiphae Phobos Phoebe Portia Prometheus Proteus Puck Rhea Rosalind Sinope Telesto Tethys Thalassa Thebe Titan Titania Triton Umbriel Constellations
Select a Constellation Andromeda Antlia Apus Aquarius Aquila Ara Aries Auriga Bootes Caelum Camelopardalis Cancer Canes Venatici Canis Major Canis Minor Capricornus Carina Cassiopeia Centaurus Cepheus Cetus Chamaeleon Circinus Columba Coma Berenices Corona Australis Corona Borealis Corvus Crater Crux Cygnus Delphinus Dorado Draco Equuleus Eridanus Fornax Gemini Grus Hercules Horologium Hydra Hydrus Indus Lacerta Leo Leo Minor Lepus Libra Lupus Lynx Lyra Mensa Microscopium Monoceros Musca Norma Octans Ophiuchus Orion Pavo Pegasus Perseus Phoenix Pictor Pisces Piscis Austrinus Puppis Pyxis Reticulum Sagitta Sagittarius Scorpius Sculptor Scutum Serpens Sextans Taurus Telescopium Triangulum Triangulum Australe Tucana Ursa Major Ursa Minor

144. ZDNet Downloads
business Email, Applications, Personal Info Managers, More Mobile Pocket PC, Palm OS, More Security Adware Spyware, Antivirus,

145. Welcome To The Central Washington University Astronomy Club's Homepage
Calendar, club gallery, the sky, and newsletter.
This web page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

146. University Of Hawaii At Manoa - Department Of Physics And Astronomy
Announcements and degree program descriptions, course overviews, and research specialties.

147. Magi - Early Natural Philosophers & Thinkers (and A Great Poet, Too)
Introduction to contributions by AlKhwarismi, Al-Kindi, and Omar Khayyam in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, medicine, and optics. Period of time discussed is from around 680 AD to 1120 AD in the present day Middle East.
comment + criticism welcome
"Perceptions" ITEM
Ray Dickenson
early Eastern philosophers
(and a great poet)
Here's picture of Taqi al-Din ibn Muhammad ibn Ma‘ruf, Director of Istanbul Observatory. He's holding the astrolabe, an early analog computer, which he's discussing with another senior astronomer.
[Just to confuse us, Assyriologists also refer to Mesopotamian constellation-lists - i.e. text documents - as `astrolabes']
Below, a `universal' astrolabe - for all latitudes - which can solve the celestial navigation problems, including `time'. Astrolabes were developed from c. 900 CE in the Islamic world, which inherited both the genius and the records of the Babylonians.
In the picture there are only two western instruments - a celestial globe (front center) and a carriage-clock (middle far right).

Al-Kindi Omar Khayyam
Al-Khwarizmi (c. 680 - 750 CE)
Al-Khwarizmi (c. 680 - 750 CE) Abu Abdullah Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi al-Magusa was possibly the most influential of the intellectually adaptive Arab mathematicians ...
at a time when the Europeans were trapped in a primitive fundamentalism, with its resulting intolerance and persecution of (secular) knowledge"

148. Small Telescope Astronomy For Beginners
Information for the inexperienced backyard astronomers of small optics.
The information on this website is displayed in frames. Your browser can't view frames, or you've turned frame viewing off. To view the non-frame version click here: Small Telescope Astronomy For Beginners Without Frames

149. History Of Astronomy In Ancient India
Eclipse calculation, heliocentric theory, size of the world.

150. Astronomy And Astrophotography
Solar, lunar, planets, deep sky, widefield, and terrestrial images.
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This, the Raven said... was a star.
From Carl Sagans Cosmos.
A look at the Solar System
I use.
Images of the solar system from 4 billion miles, taken by the Voyager1 spacecraft Feb.04 1990. LIFT OFF TO SPACE EXPLORATION (NASA) Track the Space Shuttle, The ISS and Satellites. U.S. NAVAL OBSERVATORY Here you can calculate Sun/Moon rise/set times. NATIONAL RADIO ASTRONOMY OBSERVATORY For the Radio Astronomy enthusiast NATIONAL OPTICAL ASTRONOMY OBSERVATORY BAD ASTRONOMY Heard about the Lunar landings being a hoax? Go here to see how to explain they weren't. SPACE WEATHER Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment. THE UNIVERSE WITHIN 50000 LIGHT YEARS See where our star among the billions in our galaxy lies within the Milkyway.

151. Swinburne Astronomy Online Home Page
Online degree granting program in astronomy offering courses for Master of Science and Graduate Diploma of Science. Based in Melbourne, Australia.
Swinburne Astronomy Online Student Login Online Courses in Astronomy Master of Science in Astronomy* Graduate Diploma of Science in Astronomy* individual-unit enrolment* Graduate Certificate of Science in Astronomy** short course in Astronomy* Follow these links for i nformation about: online and accessible worldwide Australian residents only Caribbean resident: " I am writing to thank you and the staff at Swinburne. I cannot say how much I enjoy these courses. They bring back all the fun and adventure I experienced in College Introduction Units Entry Requirements Sample course content ... Swinburne
Maintained by: Sarah Maddison (
Authorised by: Matthew Bailes (
Last modified: 5 August 2002 11:28:39 EST

152. SpaceWatch.UK Homepage
Resource providing a comprehensive collection on multimedia, directories, science, space weather and other material on space and astronomy.
SpaceWatch.UK Homepage Cassini Spacecraft
Saturn Orbit Insertion (SOI)
Information Center

National Schools Observatory

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For Dynamic
Solar Observation Page SpaceDaily News Weather Sat Data Complete Image Sheet Latest images transmitted by the Meteosat satellite. Nottingham university Astronomy Dept Times in UT. D2 Thermal ir spectrum. X2 Colourised composite. XTOT Colourised composite. E2 Water vapuor ir spectrum. Meteotsat-7 weather sat. 6 hourly Hi-Res image of N.Europe (Dundee university) Current visibility over the U.K. Current Atmospherics Over Observatory Current air quality Data Graphs. Tempreture Data Plots. UK Weather Data Plots. Astronomy Links The Web Nebula. By Bill Arnett. Bad Astronomy. Who is this guy who calls himself "The Bad Astronomer?" Is he really bad? Is he really an astronomer? Rolal Astronomical Society. (RAS) Index of Messier objects. Image icon sheet, text notes and images of all the Messier objects. Constellations Munich Astro Archive Constellation Pages. The Night Sky this month.

153. Astronomy At The Idea Channel
Dr. Marc Davis, Professor of Physics and astronomy at UC Berkeley and Dr. Bernard Lloyd Motz, Professor Emeritus of astronomy at Columbia University and
Palmer R. Chitester Fund The Idea Channel Free To Choose In The Classroom
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The Idea Channel.

Astronomy Dark Matter
read abstract

Dr. Marc Davis, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UC Berkeley and Dr. Bernard Sadoulet, the Director of the Center for Particle Physics explain how we know what we know about the nature of the universe. They discuss theories that have yet to be proved, and predict the emphasis of future research. ©1994 32 min. Order Books

Essentials of Astronomy read abstract Lloyd Motz, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at Columbia University and broadcaster Hugh Downs discuss Motz’s life and work including his book “The Essentials of Astronomy” which is arguably the best introductory astronomy text ever written. Downs is a former student who took astronomy at Columbia in 1957. Dr. Motz, who was named professor emeritus in 1977, believes the major discoveries in physics have already been made, and that what remains is for science to harness that knowledge to humanity's benefit. ©1999 63 min Order Books Downs Motz RealVideo

154. ISAAC: The International Society For Archaeoastronomy And Astronomy In Culture
Contact details for this international academic society.
Center for Archaeoastronomy Main Page NEWS Find Out More What is Archaeoastronomy? More About the Center for Archaeoastronomy More About ISAAC
  • About Us ... Lost Codex Used Book Sale Outside Links Archaeoastronomy Archaeology Astronomy History of Science ... Museums
    ISAAC , the I nternational S ociety
    for A rchaeoastronomy and A stronomy in C ulture
    ISAAC is a professional organization established in 1996 to promote the academic development of archaeoastronomy, including ethnoastronomy. The goal of this society is to enhance the professional status of archaeoastronomy by forming ties with existing international, regional and national academic bodies, organizing meetings, and assisting in the development of interdisciplinary projects in cultural astronomy in its widest sense.
    To explore more information about this international society, please use the links at left.
    Dr. Stephen C. McCluskey
    Vice President
    Deptartment of History West Virginia University
    Morgantown, WV 26506 USA
    scmcc at
    Col. Isidoro Fabele Del. Tlolpan 14030 Mexico City, MEXICO (Alternate address) State Archaeological Museum 52 Dluga Street, PL 00-241

155. UCL P&A Homepage
Information grouped under admissions, people, teaching and research.
UCL Department of
Schools Liaison

Science Centre

Intradepartment (password required): Students Staff

156. Encyclopedia Of Astronomy And Astrophysics
Comprehensive archive of explantory articles on all key Astrophysics topics, categorised and fully searchable; actively updated by the Institute of Physics.
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Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics
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Full text Summary records Site: Unregistered Site
Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics
This unique resource covers the entire field of astronomy and astrophysics and this online version includes the full text of over 2,750 articles, plus sophisticated search and retrieval functionality, links to the primary literature, and is frequently updated with new material. An active editorial team, headed by the Encyclopedia's editor-in-chief, Paul Murdin, oversees the continual commissioning, reviewing and loading of new and revised content.
Forthcoming articles
Dark Matter : Its Nature
Georg Raffelt
Nobel Prize Winners in Astronomy
Patick Moore
Giacconi, Riccardo
Paul Murdin
European Southern Observatory
Catherine Cesarsky
Observatory De Haute Provence
Robert Burnage
The W.M. Keck Observatory

157. RAS Committee For Women In Astronomy And Geophysics
The Royal Astronomical Society's page for women, with connections and information on the organization.
RAS Committee for Women in Astronomy and Geophysics
CWiAG Homepage
The Royal Astronomical Society Committee for Women in Astronomy and Geophysics (RAS CWiAG) supports and represents the interests of female astronomers and geophysicists to the RAS and other groups/organisations.
CWiAG is a standing committee of the RAS , with the particular remit of:
  • supporting and representing female RAS members and young female astronomers ensuring that women are properly represented among speakers at RAS meetings representing the RAS at 'Women in Science, Engineering and Technology' meetings raising issues at and making recommendations to RAS Council meetings raising the profile of women in astronomy by liaising with the RAS publicity officer and Education Committee taking note of efforts to raise the profile of Women in Science both nationally and internationally liaising with the OST Development Unit and monitoring the implementation of official recommendations on Women in Science ensuring that the RAS sets an example of good practice following up the 1989, 1992, 1998 manpower surveys and the response of the RAS, together with liaising on future surveys

158. Alternative Concepts On - Human Imagination, Cosmology, Astronomy, Gravity, Iner
Ideas on astronomy, cosmology, biology, philosophy, physics and psychology.
Ideas that will challenge your Mind!
By Donald Hamilton, author of "The MIND of Mankind"
The following links offer different perspectives on various subjects such as; Cosmology, Astronomy, the Origin and Nature of Mankind, Human Imagination and a lot more! Check them out! INERTIA - A PRIMARY LAW OF NATURE
- One of the most fundamental laws of nature is the "Inertia" phenomenon. Galileo experimented with it and Newton partially explained it with his famous mathematical equation (F=MA). HOW HUMAN IMAGINATION EFFECTS "FREE WILL" EVOLUTION BY DESIGN: Predetermined Randomness - Evolution may be a series of random mutations but the results end up just the way the 'Laws of Nature' intended. THE DEBATE BETWEEN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND GALILEO CONTINUES - It all began back in the 17th century when Galileo began offering observations that supported Copernicus’s theory that the planet Earth was revolving around the sun rather then the sun revolving around a stationary Earth." THE PERSONALITY OF THE UNIVERSE HOW GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE - "God is not a king who sits up on some faraway throne directing the actions of the universe. "God" is an Infinite Creative Power who created the “Laws of Nature” and thereby brought the universe into existence. " DEVELOP A POWERFUL IMAGINATION -"It is your ultimate power and can be the key to yor success. Being human - we all have been given the potential to develop a powerful 'creative imagination' to use for our benefit and possibly the benefit of all mankind."

159. Jobs In Physics, Engineering And Astronomy
Job openings for physicists, engineers, scientists. Post and read job listings and follow links to various science employment sites.
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Latest job update: July 23, 2005
Academic Positions
Radio Astronomy Department Head
At the Cornell University Arecibo, Puerto Rico The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC) is seeking exceptionally well-qualified applicants for the position of Radio Astronomy Department Head at the Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Applicants with extensive research experie more info Forums Moderator At the Innovation Frontier, Inc. Anywhere Join the team as a volunteer moderator for our discussion forums. Work from home at convenient times. more info Web Programming and Database Design At the Innovation Frontier, Inc. Long Beach, CA, USA Design and creation of a SQL database driven website sections of Experience with SQL and ColdFusion is required. more info go to the top Advertisement: '1995-'2005

160. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Astronomy Club
Provides members with the chance to appreciate and better understand the motion of celestial objects / coordinates used in astronomy.
Welcome to the website of the ACS (I) Astronomy Club. This is our first ever website. The ACS (I) Astronomy Club is one of the few Astronomy club's in Singapore. Our club also houses the 2nd largest telescope in Singapore. Feel free to browse around and ENJOY ! Club Members Objectives Activities Telescope ... Guestbook Send your comments and suggestions to... The ACS (I) Astronomy Club would like to thank the following... Bravenet Webpage Services Yahoo! GeoCities

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