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         Whistler James Abbott Mcneill:     more books (52)
  1. A catalogue of the etchings and dry points of James Abbott Macneil Whistler by James McNeill Whistler, 1874
  2. Whistler by Stanley Weintraub, 1988-11-29
  3. The World of Whistler, 1834-1903, by Tom Prideaux, 1970-06
  4. The Man Whistler by Hesketh Pearson, 1979-02
  5. World of Whistler, 1843-1903 by Tom Prideaux, 1975-06
  6. Catalogue of the notable collection of books and brochures by and relation to James McNeill Whistler, by Frederick William Hunter, 1919
  7. Catalogue of the notable collection of books and brochures by and relation to James McNeill Whistler, by Thomas Ellis Kirby, 1920
  9. A descriptive catalogue of the etchings and dry-points of James Cibbot Mc. Neill Whistler by Howard Mansfield, 1919

61. Paintings Of James Abbott McNeill Whistler ..1
famous works, paintings of painter james abbott mcneill whistler, portrait of theodore duret, cremorne gardens, gossips, ajaccio, famous painting , chelsea,
paintings of
James Abbott
McNeill Whistler
Images expand instantly on clicking next page Portrait of Theodore Duret
Arrangement in Flesh Colour and Black:
by James Abbott
McNeill Whistler
The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York 1883-84 "Chelsea"
Nocturne, Blue and Silver
by James Abbott McNeill Whistler,1871 Tate Gallery, London "Cremorne Gardens", by James Abbott McNeill Whistler 1872-77 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York "The Gossips, Ajaccio", by James Abbott McNeill Whistler of famous painters Whistler's mother Religious pictures Religious clipart Art paintings from whistler collections famous paintings Index Page famous paintings famous artists famous painters Site Map The Paintings of James Abbott McNeill Whistler Portrait of Theodore Duret, Chelsea, Cremorne Gardens, The Gossips, Ajaccio The Lagoon, Venice, The Fan, Mrs. Frederick R. Leyland, Portrait of the Painter's Mother The White Girl, Self-Portrait , The Princess from the Land of Porcelain, Symphony in Blue and Pink self portrait, At The Piano, Miss Cicely Alexander, Portrait of Thomas Carlyle ... Art Institute Famous paintings of James Abott McNeil Whistler are shown. Careers in art framed art sources My cliparts Framed Art ... Encouraging art Video clip above shows famous paintings and narrates lifestory of James Abbott Mcneill Whistler.

62. [Whistler, James Abbott McNeill] Kennedy, Edward Guthrie....; The Etched Work Of
whistler, james abbott mcneill Kennedy, Edward Guthrie . The etched work of whistler, illustrated by reproductions in collotype of the different states
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    [Whistler, James Abbott McNeill] Kennedy, Edward Guthrie....
    The etched work of Whistler, illustrated by reproductions in collotype of the different states of the plates. . . with an introduction by Royal Cortissoz. PLUS The lithographs by Whistler, ilustrated by reproductions in photogravure and lithography, arranged according to the catalogue by Thomas R. Way, with additional subjects not recorded.
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63. James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Artist Biography
His most famous painting, best known to us as The Artist s Mother, has as its first title Arrangement in Black and Gray. whistler s works aroused the
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James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Birth Year : 1834 Death Year : 1903 Country : US James Abbott McNeill Whistler was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, a fact of which he did not care to be reminded. His father was a builder of railroads and took his nine year old son to St. Petersburg where the boy lived like an aristocrat and attended the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. When his father died, Whistler was brought back to the family farm, but he was restless and discontented, flunked out of West Point, lost several jobs, and then, having read Murger's La Vie de Boh¨me, left for Paris in 1855, never to return home. He arrived at Gleyre's Academy when Manet Monet , and Degas were students there and the first stirrings of Impressionism were in the air. Four years later, Whistler went to live in London, carrying with him an interest in quick

64. The Old Print Shop
Etchings of james A. McN. whistler. by james abbott mcneill whistler. james abbott mcneill whistler. Author John Walker Artist james abbott mcneill

65. Taft Museum Of Art :: Collections
26-3/8 x 36-1/8 in. Oil on canvas......Artist james abbott mcneill whistler Date Completed 185859 Date Acquired 1962

66. Whistler, James Abbott Mcneill
whistler, james abbott mcneill Encyclopedia article; The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2007.;jsessionid=HGmQVbGqJhgvwGdRy2hXMbJNV269zdmJyGxmLH5

67. James Abbott McNeill Whistler Etching - Drouet.
james abbott mcneill whistler. Drouet, the sculptor. Etching. Kennedy 55.iii. Signed in the plate.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler. 1834-1903.
Drouet, Sculpteur. 1859. Drypoint. Kennedy 55.ii. With the cancellation lines in the nose erased. Two of the cancellation lines are just visible on the bridge of Drouet's nose. 8 7/8 x 6 (sheet 11 x 8 7/8). Illustrated: Salaman, Modern Masters of Etching: Whistler. Signed in the plate. A good impression on cream colored laid paper with full margins and deckle edges. Pristine condition. $2,250. Charles Drouet (1836-1908); a sculptor who lived and worked in Paris, was a friend of Whistler's. Whistler sold the plate to Frederick Keppel, who had Goulding, the master printer of the day, run off multiple proofs. Whistler wanted additional money for the proofs, and Keppel demurred. The situation caused a rift between Whistler and Keppel. Next. James Abbott McNeill Whistler. Allinson Gallery Index. American Fine Prints. To order, to request additional or to be placed on the email list, please contact Jane Allinson (

68. Hunter Museum Of American Art
james abbott mcneill whistler, 1900, oil on panel, 5 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches, signed lower right with butterfly monogram, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Probasco,

69. James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Bio
james abbott mcneill whistler, the American expatriate whose philosophy “l’art pour l’art” art for art’s sake significantly influenced European and
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70. Art Guide Whistler, James Abbott McNeill
Details on the artist whistler, james abbott mcneill.

71. An Engraving, Weary By James Abbott McNeill Whistler
An Engraving, “Weary” by james abbott mcneill whistler (American 18341903) whistler originally did this engraving full of emotion in 1863. Corday Gros.
Home An Engraving, Weary by James Abbott McNeill Whistler
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72. James Abbott McNeill Whistler Oil Painting, Master Artist At Low Prices With Fre
james abbott mcneill whistler was an American painter. Biography and painting, At the Piano Symphony in White Number 1 2 Peacock Room Japanese Falling
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James Abbott McNeill Whistler [American Painter and Printmaker, 1834-1903] Biography Whistler was the son of a railway engineer, born in Lowell, Massachusetts, but throughout his life he pretended to be a Southern gentleman. He was, in most imaginable ways, self-invented. Like Benjamin West , he was irked by the low status America accorded its artists. His solution was not to attach himself to a court, as West did, but to depart for Paris and London and pretend to be a native aristocrat from an America he would never revisit.

73. James Abbott Mcneill Whistler (1834 - 1903) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
james abbott mcneill whistler After studying at West Point, james Abbot McNeil whistler served briefly in the Navy before moving to Paris.
arts marketplace browse the arts submit arts news media kit ...
: James Abbott Mcneill Whistler
Nationality: American
Movement: Realism
Media: Painting

After studying at West Point, James Abbot McNeil Whistler served briefly in the Navy before moving to Paris. He met and joined the Realists, primarily Courbet and Fatin-Latour. He then moved to London where he combined his French influences with his love of Japanese art to create a unique style. His work received mixed reviews from critics but had a profound impact on later British artists.
Artworks in Museum Collections: (40)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by James Abbott McNeill Whistler. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco -
James Abbott McNeill Whistler, The Doctor, 1894
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - James Abbott McNeill Whistler, A Wharf, 1859 Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Billingsgate, 1859 Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Billingsgate, 1859

74. The Athenaeum - Displaying Artworks For James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Please note that this list contains all of the artworks The Athenaeum has for james abbott mcneill whistler, but they may have produced other works which

75. Whistler, James Abbott McNeill
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Whistler, James Abbott McNeill
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Whistler, James Abbott McNeill
US painter and etcher. Active in London from 1859, he was a leading figure in the Aesthetic Movement . Influenced by Japanese prints, he painted riverscapes and portraits that show subtle composition and colour harmonies, for example He settled in Chelsea, London, and painted views of the Thames including Old Battersea Bridge Ruskin published an article on his The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
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76. James Abbott McNeill Whistler Poster Su
james abbott mcneill whistler Poster su Scegli tra oltre 300.000 poster e stampe. Disponibili cornici personalizzate professionali.
var isLoaded = true; Ci siamo accorti che potresti essere in Stati Uniti. Preferisci continuare su Su Belle arti Quattro secoli di ar... Capolavori del XIX s... Curiosare Capolavori del ...: Aagaard, Carl Frederic Abbati, Giuseppe Abbati, Vincenzo Abbema, Louise Abbey, Edwin Austin Absolon, John Achenbach, Oswald Adam, Henri Adam, Victor Jean Adamo, M. Ademollo, Luigi Adlard, Henry Agasse, Jacques-Laurent Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich Alajos, Gyorgyi Giergl Alenza, Leonardo Alexander, John White Alexander, William Alken, Henry Thomas Allan, Sir William Allingham, Helen Alma-tadema, Lady Laura Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence Alsina, Ramon Marti Alt, Rudolph von Altamura, Saverio Altson, Abbey Alvim-correa Amaury-Duval, Eugene Emmanuel Amerling, Friedrich Von Anderson, Sophie Anderson, William Angrand, Charles Ansdell, Richard Anshutz, Thomas Pollock Aranda, Luis Jimenez Y Archer, James Arkhipov, Abram Efimovich Armitage, Edward Atkinson, George Franklin Audubon, John James Auvray, Felix Avril, Edouard-henri Babb, Charlotte E. Back, George

77. Anecdotage.Com - Thousands Of True Funny Stories About Famous People. Anecdotes
whistler, james abbott mcneill (18341903) American painter noted for such paintings as (the co-called) whistler s Mother - and for a book entitled The

78. James McNeill Whistler
Offers biographical data and a review of works exhibited at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.
James McNeill Whistler
A Review by Mark Harden James McNeill Whistler, the painter of that most American of worksthe very icon of American motherhood"Arrangement in Grey and Black" (better known, of course, as "Whistler's Mother"), ironically left the United States at the age of twenty-one, never to return. Whistler lived as an expatriate, alternating between London and Paris depending on the local artistic climate at the time. Egotistical, abrasive, and yet extremely talented, he stands as an isolated figure in art history, never directly associated with a specific style or school of painting. As a result, Whistler's work has in modern times rarely received the attention it deserves. The exhibition "James McNeill Whistler", now ending its run at the National Gallery in Washington, attempts to remedy this inattention by displaying major works spanning his artistic career. "At The Piano", 1858-59
( 800 x 575 / 48 k / jpeg ) "Wapping", 1860-64
( 640 x 445 / 64 k / jpeg ) Had Whistler continued with subjects such as "At the Piano", his acceptance into genteel art society would have been assured. "Wapping," however, was soundly rejected by the art establishment. Whistler's confrontation of this rejection foreshadowed the iconoclastic nature of his art that would continue for the rest of his life. "Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl", 1862

79. NYPL, Print Collection
james A. mcneill whistler American (18341903). Annie Haden. Etching, 2nd state 1860 S.P. Avery Collection - MEZAP - Kennedy 62
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American (1834-1903).
Annie Haden.
Etching, 2nd state
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80., The World Leader In Art Market Information
whistler james Abbot mcneill ( 18341903 ) whistler Joseph Swift ( 1860-1905 ) whistler Reginald John ( 1905-1944 ) whistler Rex J. (Attrib.

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