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         Sisley Alfred:     more books (72)
  1. Alfred Sisley: "no tengo donde caerme muerto": pidió prestado para vivir ("no tengo donde caerme muerto") pero un siglo después de su fallecimiento, Sisley ... Breve): An article from: Epoca by Jesús Yuste, 2002-05-31
  3. Alfred Sisley : Poète de l'impressionisme - Lyon, musée des Beaux-Arts, 10 Octobre 2002 - 6 janvier 2003
  4. Alfred Sisley: Poeta Dell'impressionismo by Mary Anne, Ann Dumas Stevens, 2002
  5. The Masters 24: Alfred Sisley by Sir John Rothenstein (ed), 1966
  6. Alfred Sisley in the Musee du Louvre by Pierre Du Colombies, 1947-10-01
  7. Alfred Sisley. With contributions by Isabelle Cahn, Caroline Durand-Ruel Godfroy, William R. Johnston, Christopher Lloyd, Sylvie Patin, Mary Anne Stevens. by Alfred (Mary Anne Stevens, ed.) Sisley, 1992
  8. Sisley, loan exhibition by Alfred Sisley, 1966
  9. Sisley by Raymond Cogniat, 1978
  10. Sisley (French Edition) by Raymond Cogniat, 1992
  11. SISLEY. by Iain. Gale, 1992
  12. ALFRED SISLEY. by Francois. Daulte, 1974
  13. Sisley: Landscapes (Rhythm and colour) by Francois Daulte, 1962
  14. Monet, Sisley, Pissarro, (Masterpieces of French painting. xix century) by Pierre Francastel, 1939

21. Alfred Sisley
The landscape paintings of alfred sisley occupy an inviolable position in the history of early Impressionism. His depictions of the Thames at Hampton Court,
Alfred Sisley images and biography
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See also: Impressionism VIEW IMAGE LIST The landscape paintings of Alfred Sisley occupy an inviolable position in the history of early Impressionism. His depictions of the Thames at Hampton Court, the Seine in flood, the snow bound suburbs of Paris are indispensable to an account of Impressionist landscape painting in the 1870s. Indeed, they are so fundamentally representative of our notion of what constitutes 'pure' Impressionism, that the re-evaluation of the movement in recent years has often left Sisley stranded outside it. This has greatly added to the comparative neglect of his work. He is famous but not known, admired but little studied. Many accounts of Impressionism treat him perfunctorily; assessments run on the comfortable premise that he was a marvellous painter for two or three years but became a victim of his style and collapsed into an irreversible decline. ... While there can be little doubt that the best paintings were made in the 1870s, there are vigorous and beautiful works from the years that followed. Other reasons exist for Sisley's shadowy reputation. Most obviously, his output appears less substantial and less clearly directed than that of his associates -

22. Alfred Sisley - Olga's Gallery
Collection of works of the French Impressionist artist with a biography and historical comments.
Olga's Gallery
Alfred Sisley
Biography Page One Alfred Sisley at Artprice To look at auction records, find Sisley's works in upcoming auctions, check price levels and indexes for his works, read his biography and view his signature, access the Artprice database. Lane near a Small Town. 1864-65. Oil on canvas. Kunsthalle, Bremen, Germany. Village Street in Marlotte. 1866. Oil on canvas. Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, USA. Women Going to the Woods. 1866. Oil on canvas. Bridgestone Museum, Tokyo, Japan. Still Life with Heron. More. The St. Martin Canal in Paris. 1870. Oil on canvas. Oscar Reinhart Collection, Winterthur, Switzerland. The Saint-Martin Canal in Paris. Early Snow at Louveciennes. 1871-2. Oil on canvas. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA. More. 1872. Oil on canvas. The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA. Footbridge at Argenteuil. La Grande-Rue, Argenteuil. 1872. Oil on canvas. Castle Museum, Norwich, UK. Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne. 1872. oil on canvas. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA. Village on the Banks of the Seine (Villeneuve-la-Garenne).

23. Alfred Sisley Online
alfred sisley French Impressionist Painter, 18391899 Guide to pictures of works by alfred sisley in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
Alfred Sisley art links
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Alfred Sisley
[French Impressionist Painter, 1839-1899]
Studied under Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot French artists
Commercial Galleries: Galleries: We invite you to register and list your site (no charge for this service) Original works by Alfred Sisley available for purchase at art galleries worldwide
Paintings in Museums and Public Art Galleries: Art Institute of Chicago Art Explorer - Images and Text Resources NEW!
Art Institute of Chicago Collection Database
5 works by Alfred Sisley online
Dallas Museum of Art
, Texas NEW!
Road Along the Seine at Saint-Mammes
, ca.1880 Alfred Sisley at the Detroit Institute of Arts , Michigan Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 5 works by Alfred Sisley Fitzwilliam Museum at the University of Cambridge , UK Hermitage Museum , Saint Petersburg, Russia Windy Day at Veneux River Banks at Saint-Mammes Barges at Billancourt Villeneuve-la-Garenne (Village on the Seine) J. Paul Getty Museum , Los Angeles The Road from Versailles to Saint-Germain Alfred Sisley in the Louvre Museum Database , Paris (only available in French) 3 paintings Metropolitan Museum of Art Timetable of Art History , New York City , Paris NEW!

24. Sisley, Alfred
Biographical information and a selection of 161 images by sisley.
French landscape painter, born in Paris of English parents. As a pupil in the studio of Swiss painter Charles Gabriel Gleyre, Sisley met French artists Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir, with whom he founded the impressionist school of painting. Although Sisley's work attracted little attention in his lifetime, its importance has since been recognized. Sisley's gentle, idyllic paintings, mainly of scenes near Paris, reveal the influence of French painter Camille Corot, especially in their soft, harmonious colors. Microsoft Encarta

25. CGFA- Alfred Sisley
sisley Page 1. To Biography Graphic Avenue of Chestnut Trees, 1867, Southampton Art Gallery. 115KB. Graphic The St. Martin Canal, 1870. 167KB
Avenue of Chestnut Trees, 1867, Southampton Art Gallery. 115KB The St. Martin Canal, 1870. 167KB Early Snow at Louveciennes, 1870-71, oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 119KB The Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne, 1872, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 136KB Snow at Louveciennes, 1874. 183KB Meadow, 1875, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 148KB Flood at Pont-Marley, 1876. 181KB The Chemin de By through Woods at Roches-Coutaut: St. Martin's Summer, 1880, Musuem of Fine Arts, Montreal. 167KB Provencher's Mill at Moret, 1883, oil on canvas. 179KB The Tugboat, 1883. 193KB A Farmyard near Sablons, 1885, Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum, Scotland. 157KB The Banks of the Seine: Wind Blowing, 1894. 208KB
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26. Alfred Sisley (1839 - 1899) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
alfred sisley Born into an English family living in Paris, alfred sisley received his training in Paris, strongly influenced by Corot.
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: Alfred Sisley
Nationality: English
Movement: Impressionism
Media: Painting

Born into an English family living in Paris, Alfred Sisley received his training in Paris, strongly influenced by Corot. In 1862, he studied under Charles Gleyre alongside fellow Impressionists Monet and Renoir. The three students traveled and exhibited together as strong leaders of the movement. Sisley often painted landscapes of the Sienne, Loire, and the Thames Rivers and focused on light in the clouds and reflections. Because of his lack of salesmanship, Sisley’s work did not sell and was not appreciated until after his death. As a result, he spent the end of his life in poverty.
Artworks in Museum Collections: (40)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Alfred Sisley. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco -
Alfred Sisley, Banks of the Loing, 1891
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - Alfred Sisley, Les Oies, 19th century

27. L'Impressionnisme - Alfred SISLEY
Translate this page Peintre paysagiste impressionniste, un maître du style impressionniste avec Manet, Pissarro, Degas, Monet, Renoir, Caillebotte, Cézanne, Guillaumin,
Alfred Sisley Monet et Renoir Bazille Caillebotte Degas Gauguin ... Van Gogh DEBUSSY - Suite Bergamasque, Clair de lune (1905) C l i q u e z sur les i m a g e s
le paysagisme britannique
Alfred Sisley Moret-sur-Loing Avec lui disparaissait le seul des grands peintres du groupe des impressionnistes Durand-Ruel et Georges Petit Corot , et avec Monet D'origine et de Constable , Bonington et Turner
Portrait de Sisley
E.G. Buhrle Collection
Zurich , Suisse
l e s a g r a n d i r L'AVANT-GUERRE Beaux-Arts atelier de Gleyre, Renoir Monet et Bazille Fontainebleau Vue du Canal Saint-Martin Pissarro Corot et Daubigny. Un critique d'art écrit à son sujet, l'année de sa mort : "C'est Corot qui l'impressionne, le Corot clair et argenté, à la fois léger et solide, toujours large, profond, infini, le Corot rêveur, calme et précis...". Il sera admis au Salon en 1866, 1868 et 1870

28. Sisley Reproductions – Art Reproductions
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Art Reproductions Gallery Work Samples F.A.Q. Ordering Info ... artists title artist museum Sisley, Alfred
British (Active in France) Impressionist Painter
view shopping cart 19 pages per page: Signature: ASI-1468-1514 Medium: Oil on Canvas Condition: Unframed Size: 55/74 cm 21.7/29.1 in Price: 290 USD Early Snow at Louveciennes c.1871/72
Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts, USA
Signature: ASI-1469-1515 Medium: Oil on Canvas Condition: Unframed Size: 50/65 cm 19.7/25.6 in Price: 270 USD View of the Canal St. Martin
Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France
Signature: ASI-1470-1516 Medium: Oil on Canvas Condition: Unframed Size: 45/36 cm 17.7/14.2 in Price: 135 USD Rural Guardsman in the Fontainebleau Forest
Private Collection
Signature: ASI-1471-1517 Medium: Oil on Canvas Condition: Unframed Size: 46/78 cm 18.1/30.7 in

29. Alfred Sisley —
October 30 Birthdays Ezra Pound October 30 birthdays Ezra Pound, Diego Maradona, Louis Malle, Fred W. Friendly, Ruth Gordon, John Adams, alfred sisley,
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    Sisley, Alfred
    Sisley, Alfred key , French impressionist landscape painter, b. Paris, of English parents. He studied under Corot , Gleyre, and Courbet and was (1873) a founding member of the Impressionist group. After 1871, Sisley lived modestly at Moret-sur-Loing and painted subtly shimmering small-town landscapes that reveal a wistful, lyrical sensibility. Influenced by his friends Renoir and Monet Barbizon School tradition. He is well represented in many museums, e.g., the Art Institute of Chicago, which owns

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31. Artdreamguide: Alfred Sisley. Biografia Di Alfred Sisley (Vita Di Alfred Sisley)
Translate this page La biografia di alfred sisley (la vita di alfred sisley), con i momenti principali della sua attività artistica.
Alfred Sisley
Cenni biografici
Alfred Sisley nasce a Parigi nel 1839.
Stanco della situazione, nel 1861 Sisley torna a Parigi, deciso a dedicarsi all'arte.
Per sua fortuna la famiglia lo asseconda nelle sue incinazioni artistiche, assicurandogli appoggio morale e finanziario. Sisley inizia a frequentare i corsi nell'atelier di Charles Gleyre
Lavora spesso all'aperto, a Fontainebleau, Chailly e Marlotte. Una pratica che diventa predominante dopo la chiusura dello studio di Gleyre, avvenuta nel 1864.
Nel 1866 sposa Marie Lescouezec, dalla quale l'anno successivo ha un figlio.
Negli anni che precedono la guerra franco-prussiana Alfred Sisley intensifica il sodalizio artistico con Renoir, Monet e Bazille. Con loro frequenta assiduamente il , ritrovo di altri giovani artisti attorno alla figura carismatica di Edouard Manet.
Nel 1869 affitta una casa a Louveciennes, dove nasce un secondo figlio. Qui trascorre il periodo della guerra e dei drammatici fatti che seguono, dipingendo spesso con Renoir. Le conseguenze della guerra franco-prussiana si abbattono pesantemente sulla vita di tutti gli artisti. Ma a farne le spese sono soprattutto Bazille, che muore al fronte, e Sisley.

32. Alfred Sisley Posters At
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var isLoaded = true; Top Fine Art Fine Art by National... French Art Browse French Art: Adam, Henri Adam, Lambert-Sigisbert Adam, Victor Jean Alaix, Gustave Allegrain, Etienne Amaury-Duval, Eugene Emmanuel Anderson, Sophie Angrand, Charles Auvray, Felix Avril, Edouard-henri Barbier, Georges Barye, Antoine-Louis Bastien-Lepage, Jules Baugin, Lubin Bazille, Frederic Bendall, Mildred Bennet, L Beraud, Jean Berthon, Paul Besnard, Albert Bichard, Alphonse Adolf Boilly, Louis Leopold Bonheur, Rosa Bonnard, Pierre Bonnart, Nicolas Bonnat, Leon Joseph Florentin Bonvin, Francois Boucher, Francois Bouchot, Francois Boudin, Eugene Bouguereau, William Adolphe Bouhot, Etienne Boulanger, Gustave Clarence R... Boulanger, Louis Bourgonnier, Claude Charles Breton, Jules Brion, Gustave Burnand, Eugene Cabanel, Alexandre Caillebotte, Gustave Calmet, Dom Augustin Caron, Antoine Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste Carrier-belleuse, Albert-ernest Carrier-Belleuse, Louis Robert Carrier-belleuse, Pierre Cezanne, Paul Champaigne, Jean Baptiste de Champaigne, Philippe De Chardin, Jean-Baptiste Simeon Charpentier, Jean Baptiste

33. Alfred Sisley - Art Prints, Pictures
sisley art prints, posters - Aqueduct at Marly so, alfred sisley, quite possibly, probly, outta doors at least, the best of the impressionists
Alfred Sisley - art prints, pictures
born October 30th, 1839
died January 29th, 1899 so, alfred sisley, quite possibly, probly, outta doors at least, the best of the impressionists
(you heard it here first)
Sisley art prints, pictures, here = Stuff in bookform Sisley on the web sisley images ...

34. Alfred Sisley - MSN Encarta
sisley, alfred (18391899), French landscape painter, born in Paris of English parents. As a pupil in the studio of Swiss painter Charles Gabriel
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Alfred Sisley
Encyclopedia Article Find Print E-mail Blog It Multimedia 1 item Alfred Sisley (1839-1899), French landscape painter, born in Paris of English parents. As a pupil in the studio of Swiss painter Charles Gabriel Gleyre, Sisley met French artists Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir , with whom he founded the impressionist school of painting ( see Impressionism ). Although Sisley's work attracted little attention in his lifetime, its importance has since been recognized. Sisley's gentle, idyllic paintings, mainly of scenes near Paris, reveal the influence of French painter Camille Corot , especially in their soft, harmonious colors. They include

35. Prints And Posters
sisley Boats on the Seine, Boats on the Seine alfred sisley 11 X14 $7.95. sisley Bougival, Bougival alfred sisley 9.5 X12 $8.95, sisley Bougival

36. Alfred Sisley Prints & Canvases - Bridgeman Art On Demand
You are here Home alfred sisley prints canvases. Search 49630 images . alfred sisley. From £34.99. View Buy. A Road in Seineet-Marne, 1878

37. Alfred Sisley Paintings Prints Reproductions
alfred sisley paintings to download and print. Over 2000 major artists and 23000 Art works exhibited. Reproduction copies also available, hand painted on
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Alfred Sisley
French 1839-1899 Alfred Sisley Prints The Bridge at Villeneuve la Garenne 1872 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York The Seine at Bougival 1873 Musee d'Orsay, Paris Snow at Louveciennes 1878 Musee d'Orsay, Paris Boat During a Flood 1871 Musee d'Orsay, Paris St.Martin's Summer 1880 Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal A Farmyard near Sablons 1885 Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum, Scotland Meadow 1875 National Gallery of Art, Washington DC Early Snow at Louveciennes 1870-71 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Provencher's Mill at Moret The St.Martin Canal Snow at Louveciennes Flood at Pont-Marley The Tugboat The Banks of the Seine : Wind Blowing Avenue of Chestnut Trees 1867 Southampton Art Gallery See also Hendrick Avercamp Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot Claude Monet Camille Pissarro ... Alfred Sisley
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38. Alfred Sisley | Biography (1839-1899) / Gallery
Of the artists who exhibited at the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874, it was alfred sisley who was the purest landscape painter.
alfred sisley



andy warhol
Alfred Sisley
a l f r e d s i s l e y : b i o g r a p h y ]
"Alfred Sisley painted a world of tranquility without sentiment."
Paul Page
books gallery prints ...
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alfred sisley paul cézanne edgar degas edouard manet claude monet ... alfred sisley
    biography Alfred Sisley was born on the 30th October 1839, in Paris, France. His parents were English. Of the artists who exhibited at the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874, it was Alfred Sisley who was the purest landscape painter. In an oeuvre of almost 900 oil paintings he produced less than a dozen still lifes and only one or two genre scenes. All of his remaining works are landscapes, and throughout his career he favored the same kind of environment whether in the forest of Fontainebleau, in Louveciennes, London, Moret, or Wales. His works tend to be calm with little attention paid to cityscapes or recent industrialization. They are often devoid of people, any figures or staffage in them being used as compositional devices or perhaps narrative elements rather than as a means of representing a humanized landscape. Avenue of Chestnut Trees near La Celle Saint-Cloud (Southampton), demonstrates an acquaintance with the soft tonality of Corot and the dramatic massing of Courbet, both of whom were to remain influential.

39. Alfred Sisley Catalogue
View an online catalogue of alfred sisley s biography and artwork.
JavaScript is disabled within your browser, several site items like the menu will not show up correctly. Alfred Sisley artist's home Works of Art Biography ... at
Alfred Sisley
Photographié en 1882, Archives Durand-Ruel, Paris The son of a rich British businessman established in Paris, Alfred Sisley, became a painter, in spite of his parents' opposition. Beginning his apprenticeship in Gleyre's studio in 1862, he met there Renoir, Bazille and Monet, who were instrumental in his development towards a clearer style of painting. Fascinated at once by the study of nature and the spectacle of the street, Sisley renounced the depiction of purely urban scenes, following his friends in the forest. He first lived in Louveciennes and Marly-le-Roi, west of Paris, and later in Moret-sur-Loing, close to Fontainebleau. A follower of Corot in his refined and sensitive palette, Sisley was in a way the chronicler of life in the countryside, exelling in depicting with accuracy its atmosphere.
While accepted in 1866, Sisley was refused at the Salon in the following years. He took part in the first three Impressionist exhibitions, but remained the unlucky one of the group and never received as much praise as his fellow painters. He participated in several important exhibitions held by leading art galleries, but encountered commercial success only after his death, when he was at last recognized as one of the great Impressionist Masters. Over his lifetime, he executed almost 900 oil paintings, mainly landscapes, revealing his fascination for skies, snow and the effects of light in general. The early works, in the pure tradition of 'L'Ecole de Barbizon', rarely integrated figures or busy city settings. Later, they reflected the serene and undisturbed atmosphere of French countryside. Today his paintings remain a source of delight, suggesting such adjectives as gentle, idyllic, timeless, wistful or harmonious.

40. Howstuffworks "Sisley, Alfred - Encyclopedia Entry"
Learn about sisley, alfred. Read our encyclopedia entry on sisley, alfred. RSS Make HowStuffWorks your homepage Get Newsletter Search HowStuffWorks and the web:
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REFERENCE LINKS PRINT EMAIL Sisley, Alfred Sisley, SIHS lee or sees LAY, Alfred (1839-1899), was an Impressionist artist best known for his landscape paintings. Sisley captured a variety of effects in his landscapes, ranging from full sunlight to gloomy mist. His best pictures are delicately painted and reveal a more spacious, airy feeling than those of his fellow Impressionists. Sisley particularly excelled in portraying snow scenes.
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