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         Orozco Jose Clemente:     more books (101)
  1. Jose Clemente Orozco by Jose Clemente Orozco, 2001-12-19
  2. Jose Clemente Orozco in the United States, 1927-1934 by Renato Gonzalez Mello, 2002-04
  3. Jose Clemente Orozco: Prometheus by Jose Clemente Orozco, Marjorie L. Harth, 2002-03
  4. Jose Clemente Orozco: una vida para el arte. Breve historia documental (Vida y Pensamiento de Mexico) (Spanish Edition) by Tibol, Raquel, 1996-01-01
  5. Orozco: Hospicio Cabanas (Jalisco En El Arte) by Jose Clemente] Echavarria, Salvador; Alvarez, Jose Rogelio (editor) [Orozco, 1962
  6. Jose Clemente Orozco: An Autobiography (Translated By Robert C. Stephenson) by Jose Clemente Orozco, 1962-01-01
  7. Jose Clemente Orozco, 1883-1949: [Text-Bild-Band zur Ausstellung aus Mexiko, Orangerie Schloss Charlottenburg Berlin, 24. Januar bis 1. Marz 1981] (German Edition) by Jose Clemente Orozco, 1981
  8. José Clemente Orozco: Graphic Work (Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Series in Latin American and Latino Art and Culture) by Clemente Orozco, 2004-09-01
  9. Jose Clemente Orozco 10 Reproductions of His Mural Paintings by Justino Fernandez, 1944-01-01
  10. Jose Clemente Orozco: Forma e Idea by Justino Fernandez, 1942
  11. Artist in New York (The Texas pan American series) by Jose Clemente Orozco, 1974-10-24
  12. Orozco Mural Painting (Spanish Edition) by Jose Clemente Orozco, 1998-08
  13. Orozco, pintura mural (Spanish Edition) by Jose Clemente Orozco, 1989
  14. Glories of Venus by Susan Smith, 1931

1. Jose Clemente Orozco
Jose Clemente Orozco was born on November 23, 1883 in Jalisco, Mexico. Like the other two Mexican muralists, Orozco studied art at the San Carlos Academy
Jose Clemente Orozco 1883-1949 Jose Clemente Orozco
picture from MACG Web BACKROUND:
Jose Clemente Orozco was born on November 23, 1883 in Jalisco, Mexico. Like the other two Mexican muralists, Orozco studied art at the San Carlos Academy for Fine Arts in Mexico City. He was greatly influenced by another famous Mexican artist, Jose Posada. He painted like a camera took pictures, clear and detailed. The major art movement that influenced him was Symbolism. During an experiment in school Orozco lost his right hand and partial sight in one of his eyes. He joined the student strikes initiated my the painting students to over throw the strict Director. Orozco was very active politically throughout the revolution and witnessed its horrors first hand. He became a political cartoonist, publishing most of his work in local newspapers.
Orozco could be considered the most complex of the Mexican muralists. He was dedicated to depicting the truth and had a greater sense of realism that Diego Rivera. This is illustrated by his violent displays of conflict and chaos and misery. He realized the enormous gap between social ideals and social realities. He focused on showing personal suffering in a pessimistic, skeptical, yet sympathetic way. Prometheus was painted at Pomona College in California. This was his first mural in the United States. It illustrates Orozco's belief that all the events of history are in a never ending circular sequence.

2. Jose Clemente Orozco --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Jose Clemente Orozco Mexican painter, considered the most important 20thcentury muralist to work in fresco.
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3. Jose Clemente Orozco
Jose Clemente Orozco images. Click Here Mark Harden s Artchive Search ARTCHIVE.COM and WWAR.COM. Jose. American Civilization The Gods of the Modern
Jose Clemente Orozco images
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American Civilization - The Gods of the Modern World
Prometheus Zapata ... [Links]

4. Jose Clemente Orozco - Britannica Concise
Balcony lobbies display murals by Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, and other Mexican artists. Examples of 19th and 20th-century Mexican painting and
Britannica Concise
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The Trench
The Granger Collection, New York
died Sept. 7, 1949, Mexico City Mexican mural painter. When he lost his left hand at age 17, he abandoned architectural studies for painting, pursuing Mexican themes. As a caricaturist for a revolutionary paper, he explored Mexico City's slums and painted a series of watercolours, House of Tears , on the lives of prostitutes. The reaction of moralists forced him to flee to the U.S. in 1917, but in 1919 the new government of welcomed him back, and he joined Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros in creating large-scale murals for public buildings, in which he continued his radical social commentary. Again forced to abandon Mexico in 1927, he worked until 1934 in the U.S., where his style evolved and matured in murals from coast to coast. In 1934, his international reputation firmly established, he returned to Mexico and embarked on his most technically impressive and emotionally expressive murals, including Catharsis (1934), in the Palacio de Bellas Artes. He was a leader among those who raised Mexican art to a position of international eminence.

5. Like Two Deer Winning A Race: Jose Clemente Orozco
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6. Jose Clemente Orozco - Definition Of Jose Clemente Orozco By The Free Online Dic
Definition of Jose Clemente Orozco in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Jose Clemente Orozco. What does Jose Clemente Orozco mean? Jose Clemente Orozco Clemente Orozco
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Jose Clemente Orozco
Also found in: Wikipedia 0.10 sec. write_ads(AdsNum, 0) Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun Jose Clemente Orozco - Mexican painter noted for his monumental murals (1883-1949) Jose Orozco Orozco
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Email Feedback Add definition Charity('US') Mentioned in References in periodicals archive Jose Orozco Orozco The most natural, purest, and strongest form of painting is the mural," said Mexican muralist Jose Clemente Orozco , "it is also the most generous . Mural: "Reach High" by Hale, Christy Instructor (1990) Three famous painters of murals are Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Jose Clemente Orozco , all from Mexico. Lets take a walk by Berry-Caban, Cristobal

7. Jose Clemente Orozco Online
jose clemente orozco Mexican Social Realist Muralist, 18831949 Guide to pictures of works by jose clemente orozco in art museum sites and image archives
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8. José Clemente Orozco - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
jose clemente orozco was born to Rosa de Flores orozco, orozco, jose clemente. An Artist in New York Letters to Jean Charlot and Unpublished Writings.é_Clemente_Orozco
Jos© Clemente Orozco
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Jos© Clemente Orozco
Jos© Clemente Orozco. Photo Credit: Edward Weston Born November 23
Zapotl¡n el Grande, Jalisco, Mexico Died September 7
Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation Painter- Muralist Jos© Clemente Orozco (born November 23 , in Zapotl¡n el Grande (now Ciudad Guzm¡n Jalisco ; died September 7 , in Mexico City ) was a famous Mexican social realist painter , who specialized in bold murals that established Mexican Mural Renaissance together with murals by Diego Rivera Siqueiros , and others. Orozco was the most complex of the Mexican muralists, fond of the theme of human suffering, and less realistic than fascinated by machines Rivera. Mostly influenced by Symbolism , he was also a genre painter and lithographer . Between 1922 and 1948, Orozco painted murals in Mexico City Orizaba Claremont, California New York City ... Guadalajara, Jalisco , and Jiquilpan, Michoac¡n . His drawing and paintings are exhibited by the Carrillo Gil Museum in Mexico City, and the Orozco Workshop-Museum in Guadalajara.
edit Life and Work
Jose Clemente Orozco was born to Rosa de Flores Orozco, married Margarita Valladares, and had three children.

Nobody realized this better than José clemente orozco. Born at a time when Mexico was ruled by a seemingly revolutionproof dictator, orozco was in an ideal

His Home Page

His Biography.
A great ideological struggle is never a day at the beach. Whether its matrix is race, nationality or economic inequality, the fight of the oppressed against the oppressor is always a somber affair. Nobody realized this better than José Clemente Orozco. Born at a time when Mexico was ruled by a seemingly revolution-proof dictator, Orozco was in an ideal position to depict how difficult would be the effort of the Mexican people to obtain social justice. And, with the possible exception of Goya, no artist depicted the human condition of his times with more passion and skill than Orozco. The artist was born in the Jalisco town of Zapotlán el Grande (today Ciudad Guzmán) on November 23, 1883. His family moved first to Guadalajara and then to Mexico City, where he arrived in 1890. As noted in my coverage on José Guadalupe Posada , one of that great satirist's disciples was young Orozco. Orozco was inspired to take up art as a career after seeing some of Posada's engravings. He began classes at the San Carlos Academy but at first wasn't convinced that he could make a full-time career out of art. So he studied agriculture for three years, only to return to the academy in 1906 and remain there until 1910.

10. Jose Clemente Orozco
José clemente orozco’s exquisite preparatory drawings for Prometheus, his powerful mural (measuring 20 x 28’) located in Frary Hall at Pomona College,

January 22 - March 3 at the Pomona College Museum of Art , Pomona
by Kathy Zimmerer

The preparatory drawings for Prometheus
Beautifully composed by Orozco to perfectly fit the architectural space, the mural depicts Prometheus, the mythological titan who stole fire from the gods to give to humanity, and who was then horribly punished by a raging Zeus. His magnificent but anguished figure fills up the apex of the arch, and beams of orange fire radiate out from his powerful hands. Rows of distorted figures reaching for the fire are clustered symmetrically behind him. The incredibly dynamic upward movement induced by the symmetry and action of the figures adds a great sense of psychological tension to the narrative.
The preparatory drawings serve to visually elucidate this masterpiece. Most beautiful is a detailed drawing of the figure of Prometheus that outlines the triangular composition and shows the strong musculature of his body. Humanity is dwarfed beside his magnificent scale, and he seems confined within a space too small for his power. In its skill and beauty of line and modeling, the study measures up to the Renaissance and Mannerist masters that it echoes.
Also highlighting the drawings is a study of a torso for one of the larger human figures, a dynamic image that reveals the inherent movement in the body with strong lines and shadows. Another amazing study entitled

11. Jose Clemente Orozco (1883 - 1949) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
jose clemente orozco Mexican artist, jose clemente orozco studied engineering and architecture in Mexico City and then enrolled at the Academia San Carlos
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: Jose Clemente Orozco
Nationality: Mexican
Movement: Expressionism
Media: Painting

Mexican artist, Jose Clemente Orozco studied engineering and architecture in Mexico City and then enrolled at the Academia San Carlos to study art. His interest in the art and architecture of the Toltecs and Mayas was evident in his paintings, giving his work a distinctive quality that separated him from the European Expressionists. Because of his revolutionary and political beliefs, his paintings often chronicle the dramatic social changes and events in Mexico during his Orozco’s lifetime. Between 1917 and 1934, he sporadically worked in the United States and muralist and decorative painter for several public buildings.
Artworks in Museum Collections: (40)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Jose Clemente Orozco. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco -
JosÈ Clemente Orozco, Three Generations, 1926
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - JosÈ Clemente Orozco, Inditos, 19th - 20th century

12. Jose-Clemente Orozco Artist And
joseclemente orozco artist and art biography portrait and gallery ( Painting Printmakers Mural Art / Muralism ) on, resource modern and

13. Jose Clemente Orozco:
jose clemente orozco The Epic of American Civilization painted by the Mexican artist José clemente orozco between 1932 and 1934 in the reserve corridor
The Epic of American Civilization Skip to main content Dartmouth Home Search Index
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Collections Overview ... Mesoamerica
Jose Clemente Orozco: The Epic of American Civilization
Murals and Preliminary Drawings
One of the greatest treasures of the Dartmouth College collection is the ambitious mural The Epic of American Civilization, painted by the Mexican artist Jos© Clemente Orozco between 1932 and 1934 in the reserve corridor of Baker Library. Offering a complex and compelling narrative that covers the history of the Americas from the migration of the Aztecs into central Mexico to the development of our modern industrialized society, the mural is composed of twenty-four individual panels, or "scenes," and covers approximately 3,200 square feet. One of Orozco's greatest works, The Epic of American Civilization must also be counted among the finest examples of mural painting in this country. Visitors can view the mural whenever the reserve room is

14. Jose Clemente Orozco On Artnet
jose clemente orozco (Mexican, 18831949) - Find works of art, auction results sale prices of artist José clemente orozco at galleries and auctions
José Clemente Orozco (Mexican, 1883-1949)
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José Clemente Orozco
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15. Howstuffworks "Orozco, Jose Clemente - Encyclopedia Entry"
Learn about orozco, jose clemente. Read our encyclopedia entry on orozco, jose clemente. RSS Make HowStuffWorks your homepage Get Newsletter Search HowStuffWorks and the web:
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REFERENCE LINKS PRINT EMAIL Orozco, Jose Clemente Orozco, Jose Clemente, oh ROHS koh, hoh SAY klay MAYN tay (1883-1949), was a Mexican painter. He became known for murals that use themes from Mexico's history. Orozco's style emphasizes human figures portrayed with strong lines, dramatic angles, and brownish colors.
Related Topics: Covarrubias, Miguel , koh vuh ROO bee uhs, mee GEHL (1904-1957), a Mexican painter, became internationally known for his caricatures of famous... Kahlo, Frida (1907-1954), was an important Mexican painter known for her harsh, revealing self-portraits. At the age of 15, she was severely... Tamayo, Rufino , tah MAH yoh, roo FEE noh (1899-1991), was an important Mexican painter. He became noted for his bold, brightly colored paintings of... Orozco, Jose Clemente, oh ROHS koh, hoh SAY klay MAYN tay (1883-1949), was a Mexican painter. He became known for murals that use themes from...

16. Jose Orozco - Artist, Art - Jose Clemente Orozco
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17. Jose Clemente Orozco - Research And Read Books, Journals, Articles
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18. Jose Clemente Orozco
One of Mexico s three most renowned muralists (along with David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera), orozco (18831949) studied at Mexico City s San Carlos

Biographical Information
One of Mexico's three most renowned muralists (along with David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera), Orozco (1883-1949) studied at Mexico City's San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts. He painted murals (mostly al fresco ) between 1922 and 1949 in Mexico, New York City (at the New School for Social Research and the Museum of Modern Art), New Hampshire (at Dartmouth College), as well as at Pomona College in southern California.
Mural Credits
Prometheus (photo)
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19. Jose Clemente Orozco In The United States, 1927-1934 (Main Page)
jose clemente orozco in the United States, 19271934. The complete North American work of one of Mexico s greatest muralists.
Renato Gonzalez Mello et al.
Jose Clemente Orozco in the United States, 1927-1934
The complete North American work of one of Mexico's greatest muralists.
The Epic of American Civilization , at Dartmouth College, Orozco's stinging characterizations of hypocrisy, greed, and oppression challenged conventional conservative views, to such an extent that in certain instances demands were made for the destruction of his works.
All of Orozco's North American work is presented here, with discussions on his life and influences as well as his place among the other Mexican artists and his impact on the exuberant art of the 1960s and 1970s. 250 illustrations, over half in color.
is professor of contemporary art at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he also conducts research for the Institute for Aesthetic Investigation. 2002 / hardcover / ISBN 0-393-04176-X / 10" x 12" / 288 pages / Art

20. Orozco, Jose Clemente (Mexican, 1883-1949) | Artist Index | Timeline Of Art Hist
orozco, jose clemente (Mexican, 18831949). Works of Art (1). Rear Guard, 1929, José clemente orozco (Mexican, 1883–1949), Lithograph (29.63.4)
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