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         Mackintosh Charles Rennie:     more books (101)
  1. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Architect and Artist by MacLeod, 1983-09-01
  2. Charles Rennie Mackintosh and The Glasgow School of Art by Douglas Percy Bliss, 1961
  3. Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Art is the Flower by Pamela Robertson, 1997-06-19
  4. Charles Rennie Mackintosh in France: Landscape Watercolors by Pamela Robertson, Philip Long, 2006-08-30
  5. Ironwork and Metalwork by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1969-12
  6. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Pocket Guide: Revised Edition by John McKean, 2001-07
  7. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1868-1928: Architecture, design and painting : an exhibition arranged by the Scottish Arts Council in association with the Edinburgh Festival Society
  8. Die neue Wohnung und das alte Japan: Architekten planen fur sich selbst : Edward William Godwin, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Walter Gropius, Egon Eiermann, Toyo Ito (German Edition) by Karin Kirsch, 1996
  9. Remembering Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Moffat, 1998-04-06
  10. Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Anthony Jones, 1990-11
  11. The Quest for Charles Rennie Mackintosh by John Cairney, 2007-08-01
  12. Exhibition of Work By Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Thomas. (Foreword) Howarth, 1953
  13. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1868-1928: A memorial exhibition sponsored by the Art Gallery of Ontario and arranged by Dr. Thomas Howarth ... 18 November-31 December, 1978 by Thomas Howarth, 1978
  14. The Flower and the Green Leaf: Glasgow School of Art in the Time of Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Alison Brown, Ray McKenzie, et all 2009-12-01

41. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Collection - Furniture
The full range of charles rennie mackintosh dining furniture can be made in Our craftsman has access to most of original charles rennie mackintosh
The full range of Charles Rennie Mackintosh dining furniture can be made in different colours of wood stain . We can also offer a wide choice of fabrics and upholstery.
Each Mackintosh piece is hand crafted and made to the individual needs of our customers. Our craftsman has access to most of original Charles Rennie Mackintosh drawings and original furniture and is able to produce any piece to a very high standard.
Our craftsman is recognised by the Mackintosh Society and all pieces are handmade to original specifications in a small workshop in Glasgow. We have been commissioned to produce pieces for the National Trust and other museums and exhibitions.
As each piece is handmade to order by our craftsman, he is able to produce a small amount for the discerning collectors throughout the World.
This hand-crafted dining room table and eight chairs is the first produced from Mackintosh’s own specifications for Sculpt Art Creations.

42. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Posters At
charles rennie mackintosh Posters at Choose from over 300000 posters and prints. Professional custom framing available.
var isLoaded = true; Top Fine Art Fine Art by Era 19th Century Art Browse 19th Century Art: Aagaard, Carl Frederic Abbati, Giuseppe Abbati, Vincenzo Abbema, Louise Abbey, Edwin Austin Absolon, John Achenbach, Oswald Adam, Henri Adam, Victor Jean Adamo, M. Ademollo, Luigi Adlard, Henry Agasse, Jacques-Laurent Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich Alajos, Gyorgyi Giergl Alenza, Leonardo Alexander, John White Alexander, William Alken, Henry Thomas Allan, Sir William Allingham, Helen Alma-tadema, Lady Laura Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence Alsina, Ramon Marti Alt, Rudolph von Altamura, Saverio Altson, Abbey Alvim-correa Amaury-Duval, Eugene Emmanuel Amerling, Friedrich Von Anderson, Sophie Anderson, William Angrand, Charles Ansdell, Richard Anshutz, Thomas Pollock Aranda, Luis Jimenez Y Archer, James Arkhipov, Abram Efimovich Armitage, Edward Atkinson, George Franklin Audubon, John James Auvray, Felix Avril, Edouard-henri Babb, Charlotte E. Back, George Bacon, John Henry Frederick Baines, Thomas Banti, Cristiano Barabas, Miklos Barber, John Warner Barnard, Frederick Barye, Antoine-Louis

43. Charles Renie Mackintosh: An Overview
Moffat, Alistair, and Colin Baxter. Remembering charles rennie mackintosh An Illustrated Biography. Lanark Colin Baxter Photography, 1989.
Charles Renie Mackintosh: An Overview
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44. Glasgow Museums - Projects - Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Ingram Street Tearooms
Glasgow Museums is currently assessing what will be needed to research and preserve the charles rennie mackintosh interiors of the Ingram Street Tearooms

45. Martyrs' School, Glasgow, Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Martyrs School, Glasgow, charles rennie mackintosh, Martyrs School Glasgow, CR mackintosh, Scotland Scottish Arts Crafts School Modern Building.
Martyrs School, Glasgow: Building
Rennie Mackintosh School, Scotland
Martyrs' School Glasgow
Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Martyrs' School, 52 Parson St, Glasgow, Scotland 1898
Contact: 0141 271 8301 or 552 2356
Visits: Martyrs' School is open by appointment only: call St Mungo Museum on 0141 553 2557.
Martyrs' School is one of the earliest buildings by architect and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928). Mackintosh was a junior assistant with Honeyman and Keppie, having just completed his apprenticeship. The practice survives to this day as Keppie Architects
Rosslyn Chapel

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Rennie Mackintosh
Alexander Thomson Glasgow School of Art Glasgow Walking Tours Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928)

46. Charles Rennie Mackintosh —
mackintosh country. (McLellan Galleries in Glasgow pays tribute to Scottish architect and designer charles rennie mackintosh) (Country Living)
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    Mackintosh, Charles Rennie
    Mackintosh, Charles Rennie u key , Scottish architect, artist, and furniture designer. Probably the greatest architect and designer Scotland has produced, he attempted to create a native style for the modern era. His decorative and graphic works are some of the finest manifestations of art nouveau As a designer, Mackintosh was influenced in his early work by the English

47. Charles Rennie Mackintosh -
The sensuous and organic imprint of Scottish architect, painter, and designer charles rennie mackintosh can best be seen in the details of the furniture,
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Other Articles Eric Gill and the Golden Cockerel Press The Speed and Grace of Roger Excoffon Essential Books On Type Type Definitions Charles Rennie Mackintosh Aural Fixations A Youth in The Youth Culture To Justify Or Not To Justify Damien Hirst A Publisher's Story Golden Cockerel Press ITC Golden Cockerel Robert Gibbings
Scottish architect, painter and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh was the recent subject of a major retrospective which opened in his native Glasgow last May, and has traveled to the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In conjunction with this tour, ITC has released a new typeface family, ITC Rennie Mackintosh, which comes in two weights, light and bold, and includes an ornament font. Click here to learn more about the development of ITC Rennie Mackintosh Charles Rennie Mackintosh is the architect most closely associated with Glasgow. He was born in this city in l868, and in a relatively short career as an architect there, he left his imprint indelibly in startlingly modern designs. His acknowledged masterpiece, the Glasgow School of Art, is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and it stands as the lasting memorial of Mackintosh's vision. Mackintosh was the first architect of the modern movement to find inspiration in his Scots heritage. He interpreted this esthetically as having a simplicity and honesty of line with the influence of nature and natural elements. Mackintosh had a total vision, designing buildings from the inside out. In contemporary terms this could be called "holistic" architecture: the interiors with their impeccably wrought details-fittings, furniture, textiles ceramic tiles, wall coverings, carpets, even cutlery-were a total complement to his unique architectural structures. Mackintosh's work is presented with the straightforwardness of black and white, with materials like stained pine, dressed stone, sailcloth, even screen-printed brown paper for wall covering, as well as the new material-concrete. These were all seized as part of his architectural and design vocabulary.

48. 78 Derngate, Home Of Bassett-Lowke Designed By Charles Rennie Mackintosh
The charles rennie mackintosh designed house in Northampton; 78 Derngate has stunning interiors to delight and surprise. Public tours are available.


What is 78 Derngate? News

From the early 19th century to the present day Events
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Opening times admission and how to find us Education
Resources available to teachers and pupils Friends
The Friends of 78 Derngate and how to join Volunteers
Can you help? The Charles Rennie Mackintosh House Home Introduction Education Events ... Acknowledgements

49. Charles Rennie Mackintosh : Books : Thames & Hudson
charles rennie mackintosh’s finest work dates from about a dozen intensively creative years around 1900. His buildings in Glasgow, and especially his craggy
Alan Crawford
‘Admirably succinct and perceptive . . . deserves to become a standard, essential text’ – The Spectator
‘Remarkable for its freshness, poignancy, imaginative understanding and wealth of new research’ – The New York Times Book Review
Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s finest work dates from about a dozen intensively creative years around 1900. His buildings in Glasgow, and especially his craggy masterpiece the Glasgow School of Art, are more complex and playful than anything in Britain at that time. His interiors, many of them designed in collaboration with his wife, Margaret Macdonald, are both spare and sensuous, creating a world of heightened aesthetic sensibility. Finally, during the 1920s, he painted a series of watercolours which are as original as anything he had done before. Since his death, Mackintosh has been lauded as a pioneer of the Modern Movement and as a master of Art Nouveau.
This book, with illustrations that include specially prepared plans and sections, takes a clear-eyed view of Mackintosh and his achievement, revealing a designer of extraordinary sophistication and inventiveness. ISBN 0500202834 ISBN-13 978-0500202838 21.0 x 14.9 cm

50. Mackintosh In Scotland
charles rennie mackintosh s Scotland. 191619 house and furnishings by mackintosh Armin Grewe s charles rennie mackintosh Page
J.J. and Chuck have... BEEN THERE, DONE THAT…
Discovering in Scotland
It was raining when we got to Scotland (what else is new?), so we decided to go hunting for examples of the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the renowned Scottish architect, water colorist, and designer. Everywhere you could see those strange letters with the little dots under the O's, a unique way of printing that he often used, now known as the Mackintosh Font . In a brochure on Glasgow we saw a picture of a guest room he designed and the caption read, "Toshie's Bedroom" and that was an indication of the affection which the Glaswegians now have for one of their own. It was not always so. During his lifetime there were few who appreciated his rare genius for design, or that of his wife, Margaret MacDonald, and their partners in art, Margaret's sister Frances, and her husband, Herbert MacNair. They were called "The Four," and their fame was greatest abroad. However, when Toshie won the competition for the design of the Glasgow School of Art in 1896 his reputation as an architect was assured. Soon all Glasgow knew his work, and that of Margaret as well, at Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms, delightful emporia where sociability and art mingled. Mackintosh designed everything tables and tableware, wall paintings and windows, doorways and clocks, and the only present-day example of his tea rooms survives as

51. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Exhibition Port Vendres 2004 - Scottish Arts
In June 2004 the Lord Provost of Glasgow opened a charles rennie mackintosh exhibition in the small Mediterranean port of Port Vendres.
November 2004
Port Vendres Mackintosh exhibition to run and run
back to features In June of this year, the Lord Provost of Glasgow opened a Charles Rennie Mackintosh exhibition in the small Mediterranean port of Port Vendres, where the renowned Scottish artist, designer and architect spent the last four years of his life, but where until this year he remained virtually unknown. The exhibition formed part of an official programme of events funded by the Scottish Executive, commemorating the centenary of the Entente Cordiale , a celebration of the long-standing tradition of cultural co-operation and understanding that exists between Scotland and France With the Lord Provost's personal piper leading a procession of kilts and Catalan costumes around the town, a commemorative plaque was inaugurated on the building where Mackintosh stayed, and six reproductions of his paintings were unveiled in situ , where the originals were created. As well as his architectural and design works, Mackintosh produced over 200 watercolours, of which more than 40 were painted after moving to the Roussillon region of France. The exhibition acted as the beginnings of a trail which will be extended next year, to follow Mackintosh's journeys throughout the Pyrénées Orientales. During the summer, the exhibition attracted about 4000 visitors, with its run being extended by public demand. Word of its popularity spread around the region, leading to requests from other galleries, and so in September the exhibition travelled to Ile Sur Têt, before moving on to Marseilles in October, Perpignan in November and Montpellier in December.

52. Tickets - Charles Rennie Mackintosh Trail
See your favourite charles rennie mackintosh attractions in just one day with the mackintosh Trail Ticket.
Adobe Reader (Version 7.0 or higher) may be required to view some of the publications accessed via this page. If you do not have it installed already, you can download it from the link below (it's free). If you have any difficulty reading documents in PDF format, you can get them converted to text with Adobe Access Online Tools: (new window) SPT tickets
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Trail
What is the Mackintosh trail ticket?
Get around Glasgow and see your favourite Charles Rennie Mackintosh attractions in just one day with the Mackintosh Trail Ticket! , the Mackintosh Trail Ticket gives you unlimited travel on the SPT Subway* and First's bus services* in greater Glasgow, and includes entry to all participating Mackintosh attractions in and around Glasgow. *The ticket is valid for all journeys commencing between 0930 and 2359, Monday to Friday, and from the start of daytime services all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. top of page
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53. Charles Rennie Mackintosh
The first British architect to acquire an international reputation since the eighteenth century, charles rennie mackintosh was the leading exponent of the
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Charles Rennie Mackintosh
The first British architect to acquire an international reputation since the eighteenth century, Charles Rennie Mackintosh was the leading exponent of the distinctive style known as `Glasgow Art Nouveau.' He is probably best known for his Glasgow School of Art - it was remarkable that in 1896, when Art Nouveau still made hackles rise, his design should have been accepted - but he was also responsible for several other buildings including private houses and a school. The film examines these projects in detail, and also others that were never realized, such as his proposals for Liverpool Cathedral. Also shown are his posters, furniture, interiors and, notably, Miss Cranston's famous Tea Rooms. Later in his life, when commissions had dried up, Mackintosh turned to painting, and the film concludes with a look at his watercolors.
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54. Glasgow Guide: Glasgow Info: Famous Glaswegians: Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Famous Glaswegian charles rennie mackintosh Born in Glasgow, the second son in a The charles rennie mackintosh Society was formed in Glasgow in 1973;

Glasgow Reviews

Glasgow Gallery

Glasgow Links
Discuss ... Printing? Location: Glasgow Guide Glasgow Information Famous Glaswegians / Charles Rennie Mackintosh Famous Glaswegians (and those who became famous in Glasgow) Mackintosh, Charles Rennie [Born: June 7, 1868, Glasgow - Died: December 10, 1928, London] Born in Glasgow, the second son in a family of eleven children, his father was a superintendent of police. From an early age he was interested in a career as an architect, and when he was sixteen he was articled in the office of the Glasgow architect John Hutchison, studying at the same time as an evening student at the Glasgow School of Art. Here he came into contact with J. Herbert MacNair and the Macdonald sisters, Frances and Margaret (wham he later married), with whom he was to form the group which became known as the Glasgow Four. They exhibited together on a number of occasions; the work shown at the 1896 Arts and Crafts Exhibition was greeted with incomprehension and distaste. Robert Adam John Logie Baird Henry Bell Joseph Black ... Robert Foulis Jr Thomas Graham David Hamilton Francis Hutcheson Saint Kentigern ... Info+ All material in the site Glasgow Guide Glasgow Hotels: book cheap hotels in Glasgow online now

55. Charles Rennie Mackintosh On Artnet
charles rennie mackintosh (Scottish, 18681928) - Find works of art, auction results sale prices of artist charles rennie mackintosh at galleries and
Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Scottish, 1868-1928)
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Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Port Vendres
The Fine Art Society

Charles Rennie Mackintosh
The lighthouse, circa 1927
The Fine Art Society
Past auction results View All Charles Rennie Mackintosh ANEMONES Sold: Feb 5, 1991 lot detail Charles Rennie Mackintosh Yellow tulips Sold: Nov 17, 1994 lot detail Charles Rennie Mackintosh Sold: Apr 27, 1989 lot detail Links to further information artnet - The art world online search artists: A B C D ... Z

56. Charles Rennie Mackintosh -
charles rennie mackintosh, Glasgow, Scotland. A web resource guide to architecture which includes links to major sites.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Photo: Not available (Non disonibile)
Glasgow, Scotland, 7.6.1868 - Glasgow, Scotland, 10.12.1928 (Glasgow, Scozia, 7.6.1868 - Glasgow, Scozia, 10.12.1928)
Official site: Mackintosh Society's Web
(Informazioni) Architetto scozzese...
Most important projects (Progetti principali)
The Lighthouse
, Glasgow, Scotland, 1893 - 1895
The Martyrs' Public School
, Glasgow, Scotland, 1895 - 1897
The Glasgow School of Art, Scuola d'arte
, Glasgow, Scotland, 1897 - 1899
Queen's Cross Church
, Glasgow, Scotland, 1897 - 1899
Ruchill Church Hall
, Glasgow, Scotland, 1898 - 1899
House Windyhill
, Kilmacolm, Scotland, 1899 - 1910 House for an Art Lover , Glasgow, Scotland, 1900 - 1901 Daily Record Building , Glasgow, Scotland, 1900 - 1904 The Hill House , Glasgow, Scotland, 1902 - 1904 The Willow Tea Rooms , Glasgow, Scotland, 1903 - 1904 Scotland Street School , Glasgow, Scotland, 1903 - 1906 Literature (Bibliogarfia) Selected Books from

57. Beginnings - Charles Rennie Mackintosh S Early Sketches - Elsevier
Together with the National Library of Ireland, Architectural Press presents seventy previously unpublished drawings by charles rennie mackintosh.
Home Site map Elsevier websites Alerts ... Beginnings - Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Early Sketches Book information Product description Audience Author information and services Ordering information Bibliographic and ordering information Conditions of sale Book-related information Submit your book proposal Other books in same subject area About Elsevier Select your view BEGINNINGS - CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH'S EARLY SKETCHES
To order this title, and for more information, click here
Elaine Grogan
, Art historian who has taken a particular interest in Mackintosh's early career.

Architects (practicing and student), architecture and art historians, Mackintosh enthusiasts, general interest.
Preface; Introduction; Section one: Scottish Drawings; Section Two: Italian Drawings; Section Three: Botanic Drawings; Afterword; Index.
Hardbound, 177 pages, publication date: OCT-2002
ISBN-13: 978-0-7506-5425-8 ISBN-10: 0-7506-5425-2 Imprint: ARCHITECTURAL PRESS Price: Order form EUR 27.95 USD 34.95

One of the pioneers of the Modern movement, architect and celebrated local son charles rennie mackintosh (1868–1928) is as essential to Glasgow s fabric as

59. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Products By Mackintosh Store
charles rennie mackintosh architect, designer and artist is celebrated around the world as one of the most significant talents to emerge from the Art
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Charles Rennie Mackintosh
At The Mackintosh Store we have gone out of our way to pick the best examples we can find of Mackintosh influenced jewellery design, from bracelets, brooches and earrings to watches, gifts and accessories which together represent a remarkable homage to this remarkable designer.
Mackintosh Eight Bud Cufflinks with Presentation Box
An ideal accessory when dressed for dinner!

60. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Trail (Glasgow) | The List
Artist, architect and designer charles rennie mackintosh was born in Glasgow in 1868 and his legacy remains strikingly writ across the city s skyline,
@import "/css/screen-1200666073.css"; What e.g. The Hive Where e.g. Glasgow Edinburgh Inverness
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Trail
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Trail Glasgow Scotland Phone: Email: Website: Artist, architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born in Glasgow in 1868 and his legacy remains strikingly writ across the city's skyline, museums and galleries. Blending Scottish baronial influences with Art Nouveau motifs, the School of Art *3(Map 8: C1)*2 is his masterpiece, while the innovative light capture of the Scotland Street School Museum near Shields Road Underground station was to be his last major Glaswegian commission. The stunning House for an Art Lover in Bellahouston Park, inspired by a 1901 series of the artist's drawings, opened in 1996. A CRM Trail Ticket includes entry to the attractions above, the Mackintosh House at the Hunterian Art Gallery, the Lighthouse, the Hill House in Helensburgh (see entries elsewhere in the guide) and the Mackintosh Church, headquarters of the CRM Society, plus unlimited travel on public transport.
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At-a-glance guide to the weekend's best events
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