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         Leighton Frederic:     more books (82)
  1. A Student's Bible Dictionary by Frederic Leighton Fay, 1956
  2. Frederic Lord Leighton, Late President of the Royal Academy of Arts: An Illustrated Record of His Life and Work, by Ernest Rhys [ 1900 ] by Ernest Rhys, 2009-08-10
  3. Frederic Lord Leighton - An Illustrated Record of His Life and Work by Ernest Rhys, 2010-07-06
  4. Frederic Lord Leighton, late president of the Royal Academy of Arts; by Ernest Rhys, 2010-09-09
  5. Frederic Lord Leighton, late President of the Royal Academy of Arts, an illustrated record of his life and work by Ernest Rhys, 2010-08-16
  6. Romola (Volume 2) by Baron Frederic Leighton Stretton, 2010-10-14
  7. Leighton's frescoes in the Victoria and Albert Museum (Brochure - Victoria and Albert Museum ; 6) by Richard Ormond, 1975
  8. Addresses Delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy by Frederic Leighton Leighton of Stretton, 2009-04-27
  9. The Life, Letters and Work of Frederic Leighton (Volume 1) by Russell Barrington, 2010-01-04
  10. Artists' Rifles Officers: Ranulph Fiennes, Frederic Leighton, 1st Baron Leighton, Patrick Baty, Alfred Gardyne de Chastelain
  11. Sir Frederic Leighton, Bart., P.R.A: An illustrated chronicle, by Ernest Rhys, 1895
  12. The life, letters and work of Frederic Leighton by Emilie Isabel Wilson Barrington, 1906
  13. Frederic Leighton. A funeral ode, etc. by Philip H. Newman, 2010-04-27
  14. The Life, Letters and Work of Frederic Leighton by Mrs. Russell Barrington, 2009-12-27

21. Lord Frederic Leighton On The Internet
Lord frederic leighton English Classicist Painter and Sculptor, 18301896 Links to works by Lord frederic leighton in art museum sites and image archives
Lord Frederic Leighton
[English Classicist Painter and Sculptor, 1830-1896]
The paintings of Lord Frederic Leighton can be found in the following online exhibits:
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22. Art History At Loggia | Exploring The Victorian Artist Frederic Leighton
Exploring the Victorian artist frederic leighton, with information about his paintings, and recommended art books.

art art history 19th c. ... gallery Leighton
Portrait of the Artist Frederic Leighton
name Frederic Leighton
period Victorian
selected works

Captive Andromache


Daedalus and Icarus
... The Return of Persephone
Frederic, Lord Leighton was - and still is - an important and influential Victorian artist. During the Nineteenth century, Leighton reigned as one of the most fashionable and significant painters of his time. Indeed, he was so well regarded as a painter that he was made President of the Royal Academy in 1878. And the reason that Lord Leighton was so successful during his lifetime is simple - his paintings brilliantly captured the Victorian nostalgia and longing for the glorious "Golden Age" of ancient Greece and Rome. In classically inspired works such as Clytie Idyll , and Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles by the Sea , Leighton depicted an idealized vision of the past that perfectly appealed to the sensibilities of the time. Combining a flawless painting technique with a keen sense for color and composition, the artist created some of the most beautiful - and memorable - images made during the Nineteenth century. See for yourself, and learn more about this remarkable painter by selecting one of the links to his works above. For more information, see our "artist at a glance" area - it features a brief biography of

23. CGFA- Frederic, Lord Leighton
Lord leighton Page 1. To Biography 113KB. Home Page, Online Since 1996. To leighton-2 Alphabetical Index Nationality/Time Index Featured Artists.
The Reconciliation of the Montagues and Capulets over the Dead Bodies of Romeo and Juliet, 1853-55, oil on canvas, Agnes Scott College at Decatur, Georgia. 85KB Cimabue's Celebrated Madonna is Carried in Procession through the Streets of Florence, detail of left half, 1653-55, oil on canvas, Royal Collection- on loan to The National Gallery, London. 168KB Cimabue's Celebrated Madonna is Carried in Procession through the Streets of Florence, detail of right half, 1653-55, oil on canvas, Royal Collection- on loan to The National Gallery, London. 167KB Pavonia, 1859, oil on canvas, private collection. 74KB Sisters, exhibited 1862, oil on canvas. 129KB Eucharis (A Girl with a Basket of Fruit), exhibited 1863, oil on canvas, private collection. 76KB A Girl Feeding Peacocks, exhibited 1863, oil on canvas, private collection. 114KB Golden Hours, exhibited 1864, oil on canvas, collections of Sir George and Lady Christie. 93KB The Painter's Honeymoon, 1864, oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts at Boston. 103KB Mother and Child (Cherries), detail, exhibited 1865, oil on canvas, Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery. 105KB

24. Lord Frederic Leighton Oil Painting Reproductions
Lord frederic leighton hand painted oil painting reproduction on canvas, fine art Lord frederic leighton oil paintings masterpieces copies reproductions.
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25. Howstuffworks "Leighton, Frederic - Encyclopedia Entry"
Learn about leighton, frederic. Read our encyclopedia entry on leighton, frederic. RSS Make HowStuffWorks your homepage Get Newsletter Search HowStuffWorks and the web:
Humanities Painting British Painters Learn about British Painters and get information on topics related to British Painters. Related Categories:
REFERENCE LINKS PRINT EMAIL Leighton, Frederic Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896), was an English painter and sculptor in the Classical style that was inspired by the art of ancient Greece. Among his most famous paintings is Cimabue's Madonna Carried Through the Streets of Florence (1855). Queen Victoria bought the painting, assuring Leighton's reputation as a leading English artist. Leighton began painting in the Classical style in the 1860's. Typical examples include Syracusan Bride (1865-1866) and Captive Andromache (1888). His Classical sculptures emphasized idealized nudes, as in Athlete Wrestling with a Python (1877). He also painted portraits and illustrated books.
Related Topics: Stubbs, George (1724-1806), a British painter, engraver, and anatomist, won fame for his paintings of horses. He wrote and engraved the... Nicholson, Ben

26. Leighton, Frederic (British, 1830-1896) | Artist Index | Timeline Of Art History
leighton, frederic (British, 18301896). Works of Art (1). Lachrymae (Mary Lloyd), ca. 1895, frederic leighton (British, 1830–1896), Oil on canvas (96.28)
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27. Leighton, Frederic Stretton - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Leighton, Fr
Hutchinson encyclopedia article about leighton, frederic Stretton. leighton, frederic Stretton. Information about leighton, frederic Stretton in the, Frederic Stretton
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Leighton, Frederic Stretton
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English painter and sculptor. One of the most highly respected artists of his day, he specialized in recreations of classical Greek subjects, such as his Captive Andromache The Garden of the Hesperides Comprehensively trained in Florence, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Paris (under the Nazarene Eduard von Steinle), he became the main representative of classicism in its late-Victorian form, painting subject pictures inspired by ancient Greece and the Parthenon frieze. Many landscapes also resulted from his extensive travels, and his visits to the Middle East suggested the of the Arab Hall at his London house. His decorative art in fresco and mosaic may be studied in the Victoria and Albert Museum, and his bronzes The Sluggard and Athlete Struggling with a Python (1877) at the Tate Gallery, London. His varied talents, learning, and personal charm contributed to make him a great success as president of the Royal Academy.

28. Leighton, Frederic, Lord Oil Paintings, Oil Painting Reproductions, Hand-painted
Oil Paintings Gallery Home Artists leighton, frederic, Lord. Page 1/2 Prev 1 2 Next. leighton, frederic, Lord Oil Paintings, Titles in text list

29. Frederic Leighton Biography Plus Art Prints / Posters Delivered Free
frederic leighton artist biography, plus hundreds more biographies of famous artists, frederic leighton art prints / posters delivered free plus thousands

30. LEIGHTON, Frederic
leighton, frederic. Britain, 18301896 The feigned death of Juliet 1856-58, Rome, Paris London oil on canvas 113.6 x 175.2 cm Elder Bequest Fund 1899

31. The National Archives | National Register Of Archives | Person Details | Archive
leighton, frederic (18301896) Baron leighton of Stretton, painter. GB/NNAF/P164766 (Former ISAAR ref GB/NNAF/P17162)

32. Search By Artist L
leighton, frederic. Music Lesson, The. 3262T. 23.75 x 23.75 leighton, Lord frederic. Bath of Psyche. 3165T. 5.5 x 17.25
L Artist Title Item # Image Size Framed Size Frame Liner Sales Price Ladell, Edward 18.5 x 22 24 x 28 ST Ladell, Edward Tazza, The 17 x 20.75 23 x 26 ST Lake, Randall Peacock Vase 25 x 19.5 31 x 25 SPJ Lambdin, George C. Roses 18 x 23.75 23 x 29 SA L Lambdin, George C. Roses 18 x 23.75 25 x 30 SPC Lancaster, John Flowers of Britain 9.25 x 11.75 15 x 17 SX L Landseer, Edwin 19.25 x 24 24 x 29 SJ Landseer, Edwin Monarch of the Glen, The 19.5 x 20 27 x 27 SF L Lane, Fitz Hugh Boston Harbor 14 x 18 Lane, Fitz Hugh Boston Harbor 18 x 24 Lane, Fitz Hugh Boston Harbor 22 x 30 Lane, Fitz Hugh Boston Harbor 26 x 36 Lane, Fitz Hugh Boston Harbor 30 x 42 Lane, Fitz Hugh Boston Harbor 20.75 x 30 25 x 35 SJ Lane, Fitz Hugh Yacht "Northern Light" Boston 20.75 x 30 25 x 35 SJ Lange, C. D. Prize Heifer 19.25 x 25 24 x 30 Lassale, Camille At The Birdseller 23.5 x 28 30 x 35 SM NL Laubin, Carl Architectural Fantasy 20 x 30 25 x 35 Lavery, Sir John Tennis Party, The 10.5 x 25.75 15 x 31 SM Lawrence, Sir Thomas Calmady Children, The 24 x 24 30 x 30 SK Lawrence, Thomas Calmady Children, The 23 x 23 29 x 29 OG Lawrence, Thomas

33. Lord Frederic Leighton [1830-1896] - Find, Price & Research On
Lord frederic leighton biography, auction, prices, literature and links. Find leighton at global auctions.

34. A Condottiere Leighton, Frederic, Lord Oil Painting Reproduction, Hand-painted O
A Condottiere leighton, frederic, Lord museum quality reproduction , hand painted by talented oil painting artists ,24x36inches 189US$, difference size
View cart My account Wish list Track my orders ... Contact us All artists index A B C D ... Z Selected Artists Alma-Tadema Botero, Fernando Botticelli,Sandro Bouguereau, William ... Leighton, Frederic, .. A Condottiere
A Condottiere
Title: A Condottiere Artist: Leighton, Frederic, Lord Location: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Type: Oil painting reproduction Size: 24 by 36 inches
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35. Liverpool Museums - A-Z Of Artists Index
Goodall, frederick ‘Fair at Fougères, Brittany’ (First Floor, Sudley House) leighton, frederic - ‘A Sunny Corner’ (Garden Hall, Sudley House)

36. Art Guide Leighton, Frederic, Lord
leighton, frederic, Lord. British 18301896. General Information. frederic Lord leighton.

37. The Victorian Nude: List Of Exhibits
35, Figure Studies, leighton, frederic, c.1882, Black and white chalk on brown paper, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, leighton House Museum
List of exhibits Title Artist Year Technique/Material Lender Section 1 The English Nude Youth on the Prow, and Pleasure at the Helm Etty, William Oil on canvas Tate Britomart Redeems Faire Amoret Etty, William Oil on canvas Tate Musidora: The Bather 'At the Doubtful Breeze Alarmed' Etty, William Oil on canvas Tate The Bathers Mulready, William Oil on millboard Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin The Sea Cave Frost, William Edward c.1851 Oil on canvas Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth The Syrens Pickersgill, Frederick Richard c.1847-57 Oil on panel Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth The Midsummer Night's Fairies Huskisson, Robert Oil on panel Tate Lady Godiva Woolmer, Alfred Joseph c.1856 Oil on canvas Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry Lady Godiva's Prayer Landseer, Edwin c.1865 Oil on canvas Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry The Knight Errant Millais, John Everett Oil on canvas Tate The Wrestlers Etty, William c.1840 Oil on millboard York City Art Gallery Study for a male nude seated as if on horseback Millais, John Everett c.1843-53

38. - Classic Art
leighton The Light of the Harem. leighton, frederic leighton The Nymph of the river. leighton, frederic leighton, frederic Mother and child
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- Classic art
Botticelli, Sandro Leonardo Da Vinci Michelangelo Raphael Landkaarten Klik hier
Friedrich: Der Wanderer
Friedrich, Caspar David
"Der Wanderer im Nebelmeer" dw(ld('LD_PRODUCT_CLICKHERE','')) Klik hier
Friedrich:Greifswalder Hafen
Friedrich, Caspar David
"Der Greifswalder Hafen" dw(ld('LD_PRODUCT_CLICKHERE','')) Klik hier
Friedrich: Schiff im Eismeer
Friedrich, Caspar David
"Schiff im Eismeer" dw(ld('LD_PRODUCT_CLICKHERE',''))
Klik hier
Friedrich: The Chalk Cliffs
Friedrich, Caspar David
"The Chalk Cliffs of Rugen" dw(ld('LD_PRODUCT_CLICKHERE','')) Klik hier
Friedrich: Das Eismeer
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Friedrich: Mondaufgang...
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Godward: Dolce fa niente
Godward, John W.

39. Frederic Leighton Artworks And Fine Art At
frederic leighton art artwork and indepth artistic information such as paintings, sculpture, photography Head Woman, Called Lucia frederic Lord leighton
login password artist portfolio gallery portfolio MYabsolutearts help media kit about us services ... DISCUSS Artist: L : FREDERIC LEIGHTON Alphabetical Artist Index: A B C D ... Z
Museum Image Collections: (3) Head of a Woman, Called Lucia Frederic Lord Leighton (British, 1830-1896)Oil on canvas; 14 7/8
Lachrymae (Mary Lloyd), ca. 1895 Frederic Lord Leighton (British, 1830-1896)Oil on canvas; 62 x 24

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Leighton, Frederic, Lord

. Tate Collections, with a multitude of images. 1830-1896. Tate Collections, with a multitude of ima...
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40. Frederic Leighton
The acknowledged leader of the Victorian classical school of painting, frederic leighton was born in Scarborough, the son of a doctor.
Leighton, Frederic (British, 1830-1896)
The acknowledged leader of the Victorian classical school of painting, Frederic Leighton was born in Scarborough, the son of a doctor. His grandfather, Sir James Leighton, was court physician to Czar Alexander I of Russia; and Sir James' son was also a doctor. Soon after Nicholas I became Czar in 1825 the Leighton family left Russia and spent the ensuing years travelling around Europe, giving their only son, Frederic, first-hand acquaintance with its cultural and artistic treasures.
Unlike most major artists of the nineteenth century Leighton did not study at the Royal Academy Schools, but received his training in Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt. In 1852 he went to live in Rome, where he moved in a large artistic circle which included Thackeray Robert Browning and some of the most important French painters of the time.
On his return to England in 1855, his historical painting Cimabue's Madonna Carried in Procession through the Streets of Florence was shown at the Royal Academy, where it received a rapturous reception from the critics and was later bought by Queen Victoria. It was the start of what was to be a glittering career that took him to the very heights of his profession.

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