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         Kupka Frantisek:     more books (48)
  1. Kupka: Paintings and gouaches : October 9-November 10, 1990 by Frantisek Kupka, 1990
  2. Frank Kupka: In White and Black (Artists Bookworks) by Arnauld Pierre, 1998-09
  3. Frantisek Kupka, 1871-1957, ou, L'invention d'une abstraction: Musee d'art moderne de la ville de Paris, 22 novembre 1989-25 fevrier 1990 (French Edition) by Frantisek Kupka, 1989
  4. Kupka-Waldes: The artist and his collector : works of Frantisek Kupka in the Jindrich Waldes Collection by Frantisek Kupka, 1999
  5. Frantisek Kupka (1871 - 1957). Eine Retrospektive.
  6. Kupka Frantisek (French Edition) by Brigitte Leal, 2003-01-01
  7. La creation dans les arts plastiques (Diagonales) (French Edition) by Frantisek Kupka, 1989
  8. Kupka, Gutfreund & C: In the National Gallery in Prague : nella Galleria Nazionale di Praga by Jiri Kotalik, 1980
  9. Kupka (Rizzoli 20th Century Artists) by Serge Fauchereau, 1989-04-15
  10. Kupka by Serge Fauchereau, 1988
  11. Anarchism in the Czech Republic: Czech Anarchists, Franz Kafka, Jaroslav Hasek, Frantisek Kupka, Frantisek Gellner, Hippolyte Havel, Frána Srámek
  12. Frank Kupka; pioneer of abstract art by Ludmila Vachtova, 1968
  13. Painting the Universe; Frantisek Kupka; Pioneer in Abstraction by Jaroslav Andel, Dorothy Kosinski, 1997-06-02
  14. Frantisek Kupka 1871-1957 by Narodni Galerie V Praze, 1968

1. Frantisek Kupka (1871 - 1957) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Frantisek kupka frantisek Kupka was born in Czechoslovakia, but worked mostly in France. He studied in Prague and Vienna before settling in Paris around
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: Frantisek Kupka
Nationality: Czech
Movement: Abstract Art
Media: Painting

Frantisek Kupka was born in Czechoslovakia, but worked mostly in France. He studied in Prague and Vienna before settling in Paris around 1895. He began working as an illustrator while creating Symbolist and Fauvist paintings on the side. His lifetime interest in spirituality inspired his concern with color and he made it his goal to pick colors for their rhythmic effects. After 1909, Kupka began experimenting with motion similar to the Futurists. His abstract series, Amorpha: Fugue in Two Colors was completed in 1912 and caused commotion at the Salon d’Automne of that year. Kupka served in the military during World War I and also designed propaganda posters. Post war, the Prague Academy gave him the position of professor in Paris, where his job was to introduce Czech students to France. In 1931, he helped found the Abstraction-Creation group, taking on a more geometrical style in his later life.
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2. Frantisek Kupka --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Frantisek Kupka Czechborn French pioneer of abstract painting and one of the first completely
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Page 1 of 1 born September 23, 1871, Opocno, Bohemia [now Czech Republic]
died June 24, 1957, Puteaux, France also called Frank Kupka , or Czech-born French pioneer of abstract painting and one of the first completely nonrepresentational artists. His mature works contributed much to the foundations of purely abstract painting in the 20th century. Portrait of the Artist with His Wife Courtesy of the National Gallery, Prague (75 of 198 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial

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4. Frantisek Kupka (Kupka)
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5. Frantisek Kupka Online
frantisek kupka Czech Abstract Painter, 18711957 Guide to pictures of works by frantisek kupka in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
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Frantisek Kupka
[Czech Abstract Painter, 1871-1957]
Frank Kupka
Founding member of the Abstraction-Creation Group in Paris, 1930s. Czech artists
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Paintings in Museums and Public Art Galleries: Art Institute of Chicago Collection Database NEW!
2 works by Frantisek Kupka online
Guggenheim Museum
, New York City
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Timetable of Art History , New York City , Paris NEW! Les cheminées Museum of Modern Art , New York City 19 works by Frantisek Kupka online New York Public Library Digital Gallery The Beginnings of Life , color aquatint, 1900-03 Peggy Guggenheim Collection , Venice Study for Amorpha, Warm Chromatism and for Fugue in Two Colors , ca.1910-11 Around a Point , ca.1920-25 Fondation de l'Hermitage , Lausanne, Switzerland NEW!

6. Frantisek Kupka Paintings.
frantisek kupka paintings and biography. frantisek kupka Links to artist s, museums and collections. CLICK the artist s GALLERY LINKS


Society of Arts Academy Honours ( HSAA )
Frantisek Kupka
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CLICK the artist's GALLERY LINKS Frantisek Kupka (Bohemia ) 1871 - 1957 HSAA
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Frantisek Kupka at the Society of Arts Academy.

Frantisek Kupka at the Tate Gallery, London.

Franyisek Kupka Art Forum. ( German )

Guggenheim Collection
Studio de Theo. "Studio de Theo." Pastel drawing: " Les enfants chez Le Touquet, France. " Artist: Theodore Zimmerman. H.P.S.A.A. (CLICK). Top of page. The Society of Arts Academy wishes to thank all private owners, galleries, museums, and institutions for the use of images of the great artists on this site. please inform us and the Society of Arts Academy will remove it. Thanks! Old Navy

7. Guggenheim Collection - Artist - Kupka
Works in the collection, biography, and suggested reading.
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Planes by Colors, Large Nude,
The Colored One,
ca. 1919- 1920
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8. Frantisek Kupka Artist And
frantisek kupka artist and art biography portrait and gallery ( Painting Printmakers ) on, resource modern and contemporary art,
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Frantisek Kupka
Born Sept 23 1871, Opocno, Bohemen, Czechoslovakia. Died June 24 1957, Puteaux. France.
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frantisek kupka
Vertical and Diagonal Planes frantisek kupka
Works in the MOMA collection frantisek kupka
Biography and works frantisek kupka
The Beginnings of Life frantisek kupka Disks of Newton (Study for "Fugue in Two Colors") Frantisek Kupka on eBay ebay international live auctions.

9. Kupka, Frantisek (Czech, 1871-1957) | Artist Index | Timeline Of Art History | T
Vertical and Diagonal Planes, ca. 1913–14, frantisek kupka (Czech, 1871–1957), Oil on canvas (1971.111). Thematic Essays (0). The Timeline of Art History
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10. Philadelphia Museum Of Art - Collections Search The Collections
Frank kupka (frantisek kupka), Czech (active France), 1871 1957 to Duchamp dated Oct. 27, 1937 We have had notice that the kupka has arrived .
Accessibility Information Skip to page content Jump to side navigation Search ... Search the Collections var fz_width=525; var fz_height=415; var fz_assetName="1950-134-122"; var f_width = 133; var f_height = 45; var f_file = "modCon/403"; var f_filetype = "collections/"; var f_title= "Audio Stop 403"; Modern and Contemporary Art Disks of Newton (Study for "Fugue in Two Colors") Frank Kupka (Frantisek Kupka), Czech (active France), 1871 - 1957 Oil on canvas 39 1/2 x 29 inches (100.3 x 73.7cm) © Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris Gallery 169, Modern and Contemporary Art, first floor The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection, 1950
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Collection of the artist, Paris, as of 1936; sold to Louise and Walter C. Arensberg, Los Angeles, through Marcel Duchamp as agent, 1937 [1]; gift to PMA, 1950. 1. See letter from Arensberg to Duchamp dated Oct. 27, 1937: "We have had notice that the Kupka has arrived". Duchamp's provenance notes dated September 8, 1951 (PMA, Arensberg Archives), record that the painting came from the Kupka's collection (although he was off by two years on the date of the sale, which he gives as 1939). * Works in the collection are moved off view for many different reasons. Although gallery locations on the website are updated regularly, there is no guarantee that this object will be on display on the day of your visit.

11. R. Kenton Nelson
frantisek kupka. by Ray Zone abstract painter is revealed in an exhibition representing a span of some thirty years of the work of frantisek kupka.

by Ray Zone
Louis Stern Fine Arts
, West Hollywood) In a series of reductive abstractions, a core tendency of a high modernist, abstract painter is revealed in an exhibition representing a span of some thirty years of the work of Frantisek Kupka. Showcased is what one writer has characterized as his "language of verticals." The signature and seminal work on view here is Architecture Philosophique , a large oil-on-canvas dating from 1913. This piece is fittingly given an entire wall for display. It is entirely vertical in both shape and thrust. Using a simple palette of blue, red, green and black over a white field, the ascending obliques suggest the propulsive growth of modern cities in the 20th century. Twin blue towers rising from motive colored facets make one think of the two monoliths standing in Century City amid the urban array.
Kupka was a Czechoslovakian painter, born in 1871 in the small town of Opocno in Eastern Bohemia. He arrived in Paris in 1896 and for over sixty years lived at the very epicenter of all the major art movements of the 20th century. Kupka was an accomplished landscape and portrait artist who always displayed a propensity toward the scientific and the metaphysical. To support himself Kupka created illustrations in Art Nouveau style for magazines such as Cocorico and La Plume , and fraternized with Alphonse Mucha, a fellow Czech.

12. R.A. Forum > Galleries : Kupka, Frantisek - 12 -
See all kupka’s gallery on this web (French comments) Bibliography Virginia Spate, Orphism The Evolution of NonFigurative Painting in Paris, 1910-1914.

13., Franti¹ek Kupka, 97 Umìleckých Dìl
František kupka vyberte si z 97 d l tohoto um lce v internetové galerii
Dictionary Kè Celkem autorù: polo¾ek: za týden má svátek HYNEK (kliknìte na jméno) jak dra¾it jak nakupovat ... techniky umìlec hnutí/období realismus secese sociální kritika impresionismus fauvismus kubismus expresionismus surrealismus art-deco poetismus abstrakce naivní umìní svìtová avantgarda ès. avantgarda pop-art op-art ©kola prof. Z.Sklenáøe ©kola prof. A.Brunovského soudobá tvorba rok od do min. cena Kè øazení podle umìlec rok cena zhlédnuto stáøí nabídky název díla ¾ánr akt/erotika figura portrét krajina/venkovský motiv záti¹í­ architektura/mìsto humor/karikatura gastronomie pragensia zvíøata/zoologie kvìtiny/botanika bible sport móda/kostýmy do dìtských pokojù dekorativní umìní­ hudba technika typografie/ornament abstraktní motiv technika max cena Kè v¹echny kategorie REGISTRACE PØIHLÁSIT jméno heslo GALERIE grafiky (11394) obrazy (42) kresby (628) plakáty (179) ... sklo (1) AUKCE chystané aukce (48) bì¾ící aukce (48) skonèená aukce INFO na¹e akvizice ná¹ tip na¹e slevy/akce Va¹e Top 20 ... na¹e aktuality
Franti¹ek Kupka
Franti¹ek Kupka - grafiky a obrazy v galerii ArtBohemia celkem:
Franti¹ek Kupka J.S.Machar: Sonety (sedmé vydání) (obálka)

14. Biography
František kupka began his artistic training in 1887 at the Academy in Prague under frantisek Sequens, an artist strongly influenced by the Nazarene School.
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František Kupka
deutsch english
Stanley William Hayter

"Ohne Titel"

Rudolf Alfons Scholl

"5 Bll.: Abstrakte Kompositionen"

Biography Art Market/Services Literature Contact
Opocno/Böhmen 1871
- Puteaux bei Paris 1957

15. FRANTIŠEK KUPKA - FRANK KUPKA - Galerie ART - Svetlana & Lubos Jelinkovi
frantisek kupka was born September 23, 1871, in Opocno in eastern Bohemia. From 1889 to 1892, he studied at the Prague art academy.
Frantisek Kupka - Graphic sheets
František Kupka
malíø a grafik
painter and graphic artist
1871 Opoèno - 1957 Paris
František Kupka, autoportrét Pocházel z Opoèna, avšak svoje dìtství a mládí (1872-1889) prožil v Dobrušce. Zde se vyuèil sedláøskému øemeslu, zde se však také zaèal prosazovat jeho mimoøádný malíøský talent. Z iniciativy profesora kreslení Studnièky na pokraèovací škole v Jaromìøi odchází Kupka na malíøskou akademii do Prahy k profesoru Sequensovi, pozdìji na vídeòskou akademii k profesoru Eisenmergovi.
V roce 1895 pøijíždí Kupka do Paøíže, kde se záhy uplatnil jako kreslíø a karikaturista. Známé jsou zejména jeho cykly kreseb "Náboženství", "Peníze" a "Mír". Prosadil se i jako ilustrátor (Récluse: Èlovìk a zem, de Lisle: Erinye, Aristofanes: Lisystrata, Aischylos: Prometheus).
V období let 1905 - 1910 se vìnoval portrétní malbì. Od roku 1911 spoluvytváøel moderní abstraktní malbu (orfismus). V roce 1912 vystavuje v Podzimním salónu a o roku pozdìji v Salónu neodvislých obrazy "Dvojbarevná fuga", "Sólo hnìdé èáry" aj. Za první svìtové války se zapojil do èinnosti èeskoslovenských legií ve Francii. Po válce se stal profesorem malíøských akademií v Praze (pro stipendisty ve Francii) a v Paøíži. Natrvalo již zùstává ve Francii.

16. O SÉCULO PRODIGIOSO: Kupka, František - Futurismo / Abstraccionismo
Pintor checo, frantisek kupka nasceu em 1871 em Opocno, na Checoslováquia. Estudou na Escola de Artes Aplicadas de Jaromer e interessase pelo desenho
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A arte no s©culo XX
Kupka, František - Futurismo / Abstraccionismo
Admiration, c. 1899
Gouache, charcoal, watercolor, crayon, and pastel on paper
15 1/2 x 15" (39.4 x 37.8 cm)
Museum of Modern Art, New York City
The Beginnings of Life, 1900-1903
Color aquatint
New York Public Library
The Way of Silence, 1900 - 1903
Oil on canvas
Public collection
View from a Carriage Window, c. 1901 Gouache and watercolor on paper with cardboard overlay, with cut out overlay 19 7/8 x 23 5/8" (50.6 x 60 cm) Museum of Modern Art, New York City Bather, 1906 Pastel and charcoal on gray paper 11 1/2 x 15 3/4" (29.1 x 39.8 cm) Museum of Modern Art, New York City Girl with a Ball, c. 1908 Pastel on paper 24 1/2 x 18 3/4" (62.2 x 47.5 cm) Museum of Modern Art, New York City Carmine nº 1, 1908 Oil on canvas 63.5 x 63.5 cm Muse© National d'Art Moderne, Par­s Planes by Colors, Large Nude, 1909–10 Oil on canvas 59 1/8 x 71 1/8 inches Guggenheim Museum, New York City

17. František Kupka - Biografie Und Angebote
Translate this page frantisek kupka beginnt seine künstlerische Ausbildung 1887 an der Akademie in Prag bei frantisek Sequens, der stark von der Schule der Nazarener

Impressum/ Kontakt

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B C D ... Presse
František Kupka
1871 Opocno/Böhmen
1957 Puteaux bei Paris
Weitere aktuelle Angebote: 2
Lot 400502452 Farbradierung 1952 Jetzt kaufen Detailansicht
Direktverkauf Lot 400502363 Radierung Jetzt kaufen Detailansicht Ja, ich möchte zukünftig Angebote zu: František Kupka weiter Verkaufte Objekte
Kupka, F.
Auktion 293 - 12.05.05 Lot 57 Gouache 1925 verkauft Detailansicht
Kupka, F.
Auktion 318 - 30.03.07 Lot 266 Bleistiftzeichnung 1930 verkauft Detailansicht

18. Frantisek Kupka And Otto Gutfreund
She herself wrote an essay on the artwork of František kupka, which can be read in the catalogue published in connection with the exhibition.
Works of Frantisek Kupka and Otto Gutfreund from the Collection
of Jan and Meda Mladek
For further information:

tel: 375 7848

19. Frantisek Kupka On Artnet
frantisek kupka (Czech, 18711957) - Find works of art, auction results sale prices of artist frantisek kupka at galleries and auctions worldwide.
Frantisek Kupka (Czech, 1871-1957)
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Frantisek Kupka
Etude pour la montée
Frantisek Kupka
Les Noces Métalliques
Frantisek Kupka Formes de bleu Galerie Seroussi Frantisek Kupka Study for Woman Picking Flowers Nancy Schwartz Fine Art Past auction results View All Frantisek Kupka CONTRASTES GOTHIQUES 1920 Sold: Mar 27, 1990 lot detail Frantisek Kupka Plans verticaux bleus et rouges Sold: May 13, 1998 lot detail Frantisek Kupka Plans diagonaux Sold: Jun 21, 2005 lot detail Frantisek Kupka Biography Exhibits at the Salon des Independants New York Times proclaims him 'Creator of Orphism' First One-Man show in Paris, Galerie Povolzky Signs first Gallery Contract with Louis Carre Selected Exhibitions Frantisek Kupka (Retrospective), Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York City Frantisek Kupka (Retrospective), Musee National d'Art Moderne France

20. Artfacts.Net: František Kupka
František kupka Die Sammlung des Musée National d’Art Moderne frantisek kupka and Otto Gutfreund in the Jan and Meda Mladek Collection
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KUPKA, Frantisek (1871-1957)
"LA COMPOSITION 88", Print, Etching (FRANCE)
KUPKA, Frantisek (1871-1957)
"Eau-forte originale en couleurs - Composition 1913", Print, Etching (FRANCE)
KUPKA, Frantisek (1871-1957)
KUPKA, Frantisek (1871-1957)
"Study of a Figuer", Drawing-Watercolour, Charcoal (UNITED KINGDOM)
KUPKA, Frantisek (1871-1957)
"abstraction", Print, Woodcut (FRANCE)
KUPKA, Frantisek (1871-1957)
"composition 1717", Print, Etching (FRANCE) Biography Died in Puteaux, Hauts-de-Seine (FR) Public exhibitions until 24.2. Il Futuro del Futurismo GAMeC - Galleria d´Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo , Bergamo until 3.2.

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