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         Doyle Charles Altamont:     more books (19)
  1. The Doyle diary: The last great Conan Doyle mystery: With a Holmesian investigation into the strange and curious case of Charles Altamont Doyle by Michael Baker, 1978
  2. Coelebs the younger in search of a wife; or, The drawingroom troubles of Moody Robinson esquire by Charles Altamont. Doyle, 2010-08-10
  3. Men who have risen: a book for boys by Charles Altamont Doyle, 2010-09-09
  4. The Long Holidays: Or Learning Without Lessons (1861) by Harriot Anne Ford, 2010-02-17
  5. The queens of society. By Grace and Philip Wharton. Illustrated by Charles Altamont Doyle and the brothers Dalziel by Grace Wharton, John Cockburn Thomson, 2010-08-20
  6. Remollescences of a Medical Student. With an Anthropophology of the Author and a Physician's Holiday ... With eighty illustrations by J. Smart and C. Doyle by James Archibald. Crucelli, Father [pseud.]. Doyle, Charles Altamont. Smar Sidey, 1886
  7. The Queens Of Society by Grace Wharton, Philip Wharton, 2007-01-17
  8. The Long Holidays: Or Learning Without Lessons (1861) by Harriot Anne Ford, 2010-09-10
  9. Men Who Have Risen: A Book For Boys (1861) by James Hogg, 2010-09-10
  10. The Long Holidays: Or Learning Without Lessons (1861) by Harriot Anne Ford, 2010-09-10
  11. Men Who Have Risen: A Book For Boys (1861) by James Hogg, 2010-09-10
  12. A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle, 1888-01-01
  13. The Queens of Society Illustrated by Charles Altamont Doyle and the Brothers Dalziel (Illustrators) Grace and Philip Wharton, 1860
  14. THE DOYLE DIARY: The Last Great Conan Doyle Mystery by Charles Altamont; Baker, Michael (Sherlockiana). Doyle, 1978-01-01

1. Charles Altamont Doyle - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Charles Altamont Doyle (1832 – 1893) was a Victorian artist. He was the brother of the artist Richard Doyle, and the son of the artist John Doyle.
Charles Altamont Doyle
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Charles Altamont Doyle, (1888) Charles Altamont Doyle ) was a Victorian artist. He was the brother of the artist Richard Doyle , and the son of the artist John Doyle . Although the family was Irish , Doyle was born and raised in England In 1849 he moved to Edinburgh where he met Mary Foley. They were married, and their children included Arthur Conan Doyle , creator of Sherlock Holmes Doyle was not as successful an artist as he wished, and suffered depression and alcoholism . His paintings, which were generally of fairies or similar fantasy scenes, reflected this, becoming more macabre over time. In 1881 Doyle was committed to a nursing home specialising in alcoholism. While there, his depression grew worse, and he began suffering epileptic seizures. Following a violent escape attempt he was sent to Sunnyside, Montrose Royal Lunatic Asylum, where he continued to paint. He died in Crighton Royal Institution in 1893. An edition of A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle was published in 1888, with illustrations by Charles Doyle.

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Charles Altamont Doyle
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3. Where To My Lovelies?
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4. Books And Writers - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Charles Altamont Doyle The Doyle Diary (1978 Paddington Press) Chris Steinbrunner Norman Michaels The Films of Sherlock Holmes (1978)
@import "";
Books and Writers
Surname : All A B C ... Z
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Male : Nationality : Scottish Place of Birth : Edinburgh
Date of Birth : Date of Death : Age :
Other Work : Doctor in Southsea from 1882 to 1890.
A Study in Scarlet (1887 Ward Lock : 28th Beeton's Christmas Annual)
[Doyle received £25 for this story]
[This edition of the Annual has been valued at £35.000 +]
A Study in Scarlet (1888 Ward Lock) - first separate book appearance. Richard Doyle
Sold at Auction in 1998 for £12,650
A Study in Scarlet (1891 Ward Lock. New Ed) George Hutchinson
[Filmed in 1933] The Sign of the Four (February 1890 Lippincott's Magazine) [Doyle received £100 for this story] The Sign of the Four The Sign of the Four (1890 Spencer Blackett) [A poorish copy sold at auction for £2760 in 1998] The Sign of the Four (1891 P F Collier in the 'Once a Week Library', NY. wraps) [A copy sold at auction in 1998 for £9200] published in London it was sent to New York, Chicago or Boston to be copied and republished, often on cheap paper]

5. NEW - Doyle Charles Altamont 1832-1893 Quotazioni, Doyle Charles Al
Translate this page Quotazione Prezzo e Valore di Artisti Italiani e Internazionali, Stime Quotazioni Prezzi di Dipinti Sculture e Disegni, Risultati d Asta Online,
Risultati d'Asta Doyle Charles Altamont 1832-1893
Tipo Dimensioni Casa d'Aste Prezzo Fairy folk celebrating around the plough S
pen and ink and watercolour 18 X 27 cm
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6. The Chronicles Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Charles Altamont Doyle
Learn about charles altamont doyle, the father of Sir Arthur Conan doyle.
The Chronicles of
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Charles Altamont Doyle - The Father of Arthur Conan Doyle
Charles Altamont Doyle was born around 1832. He was the last surviving child of John Doyle, an artist, who moved in high society. John Doyle included people like the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria in his list of acquaintances. Charles and his brothers had artistic leanings like their father. In November of 1849 Charles left England for Edinburgh to take a position in Her Majesty's Office of Works. He hoped that the job would lead to a successful career, promotion and an eventual triumphant return to England. When Charles arrived in Edinburgh he rented a room from a widow with two daughters. One of the daughters, Mary , caught Charles's eye. In July of 1855 they were married. Records conflict about how many children the Doyles had together. However all accounts agree that seven of those children survived including their second child, Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle. Charles was able to supplement the income from his civil service job with money he received from paintings and book illustrations. However because of the demands of his job he was not able to devote a great deal of time to his art. He grew depressed as he was torn between the necessity to make a living and his dreams. No doubt his depression grew as he compared his lack of progress with his brothers' successes in London.

7. The Life And Art Of Charles Doyle
On the morning of October 10, 1893 charles altamont doyle suffered from a severe After a life long struggle with alcohol, charles altamont doyle finally
Home Introduction Purpose Subject Headings ... Contact Info. Introduction Above: Doyle at age 33 Doyle was born on March 25, 1832 in London England. He grew up in a very artistic family: his father, John Doyle, was the famous political cartoonist "HB" while his older brother, Richard "Dicky" Doyle, was a prominent illustrator, best known for his work with Punch magazine. His other brother, Henry Doyle, was also an accomplished artist who would go on to become the director of the National Gallery in Ireland. Although Charles exhibited a great deal of artistic talent, he was not able to earn a living from his artwork. At the age of 17, he moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, and started working in the Scottish Office of Works as an architectural draftsman. His most famous accomplishment was designing the Fountain at Holyrood Palace. Doyle would hold a position in the Scottish government for 30 years, supplementing his income by illustrating books and magazine articles. In 1855, Charles married Mary Foley whose mother owned the boarding house where Charles was living. Together, Charles and Mary would raise seven children together. Their eldest son, Arthur Conan Doyle, would grow up to become a well-known author and creator of the famous literary detective, Sherlock Holmes. It would seem as if Charles Doyle had the perfect life: a reliable job, a budding artistic career, and a large loving family. However, Charles had a weaknessriddled with feelings of inadequacy, and low self-esteem, Charles found solace in alcohol. Over time, he became so addicted to drink that his health began to decline. He started to suffer from both physical and mental exhaustion which resulted in the loss of his job at the Scottish Office of Works in June of 1876. Over the next several years, his condition deteriorated rapidly into acute

8. Charles Altamont Doyle Online
charles altamont doyle English Illustrator, 18321893 Guide to pictures of works by charles altamont doyle in art museum sites and image archives
Charles Altamont Doyle art links
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Charles Altamont Doyle
[English Illustrator, 1832-1893]
Father of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes.
Brother of Richard Doyle British artists illustrators
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9. LA Weekly - Art+Books - Discovering The Jolly Nightmare - Greg Stacy - The Essen
It reprinted the 1889 sketchbookjournal that charles altamont doyle (father . The art of charles altamont doyle hurts, but it’s a hurt you’ll never get
@import url( ); >
LA Weekly
Discovering the Jolly Nightmare
The lost world of Charles Altamont Doyle By Greg Stacy Thursday, November 27, 2003 - 12:00 am When I was a kid in the late ’70s, Linnea, a dear friend of the family, loaned me a peculiar book entitled The Doyle Diary . It reprinted the 1889 sketchbook-journal that Charles Altamont Doyle (father of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes) kept during his lengthy stay in a Scottish lunatic asylum. If Linnea ever hopes to get the book back, she’ll have to kill me first. Individual pages of The Doyle Diary can be dazzling, but you have to spend some time with the book to realize what a masterpiece it truly is. The Doyle Diary grants you free access inside Charles Doyle’s busy brain. There are cheeky fairy women and giant polecats, humorously unflattering self-portraits, meticulous studies of the local flora and fauna, political rants and melancholy familial reminiscences, affectionate doodles of the asylum’s cleaning staff and lots of agonizing puns. Overall, one gets the impression of a gentle, highly imaginative Victorian gentleman who somehow ended up in a madhouse but was too polite to inconvenience anybody by making a big fuss about it. While Doyle’s flights of fancy are entrancing in their own right, one of my favorite drawings in the book features a seemingly unremarkable scene the artist witnessed between two crows. One crow stands with a worm in its mouth, offering it to the other. The caption: “I have just seen this out of the window. Could unselfishness go further?”

10. Charles Altamont Doyle ( - ) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
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: Charles Altamont Doyle
Artworks in Museum Collections: (40)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Charles Altamont Doyle. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco -
Charles Altamount Doyle, Little Girls When They Practise Alone..., 1887

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco -
H.B. (John Doyle), Looking Out, 18th - 19th century

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco -
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco -
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco -
H.B. (John Doyle), May Day in 1837, 18th - 19th century
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - H.B. (John Doyle), Balaam and his Ass, 18th - 19th century Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - H.B. (John Doyle), Balaam and his Ass, 18th - 19th century Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - H.B. (John Doyle), The Confessional, 18th - 19th century Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - H.B. (John Doyle), A Metamorphosis, 18th - 19th century Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - H.B. (John Doyle), Finality, 18th - 19th century

11. Charles Altamont Doyle On Artnet
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Charles Altamont Doyle (British, 1832-1893)
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12. Charles Altamont Doyle, 1832-1893: An Overview
In artistic circles charles doyle was less well known that his brother Richard. He was, by profession, a civil servant, but produced illustrations of
Charles altamont Doyle, 1832-1893: An Overview
Home Visual Arts Victorian Painters
In artistic circles Charles Doyle was less well known that his brother Richard . He was, by profession, a civil servant, but produced illustrations of flights of fantasy, mostly of Fairy beings, throughout his life. He published a children's book, Our Trip to Blunderland with sixty illustrations in 1877 and contributed illustrations to the Illustrated Times London Society , and The Graphic between 1858 and 1877. He was the father of Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes.
Nahum, Peter. Fairy Folk in Fairy Land . London: Peter Naham at Leicester Galleries, 1997. Catalogue number 26. Last modified 30 July 2001

13. Doyle,Charles Altamont Paintings | Oil Paintings | Oil Painting Reproductions
doyle,charles altamont Oil Paintings and Oil Painting Reproductions. Every painting is hand painted to your exact specifications.

14. Charles Altamont Doyle Artworks And Fine Art At
charles altamont doyle art artwork and indepth artistic information such as paintings, sculpture, photography doyle, charles altamont.
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15. Second Life Books: THE DOYLE DIARY. (DOYLE, Charles Altamont.)
With an investigation into the case of charles altamont doyle by Maichel Baker. A sketchbook diary by Arthur Conan doyle s father, done while he was
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DOYLE, Charles Altamont.
THE DOYLE DIARY. London: Paddington Press, (1978). First Edition. Horizontal 8vo, pp. 91. With an investigation into the case of Charles Altamont Doyle by Maichel Baker. A sketchbook diary by Arthur Conan Doyle's father, done while he was confined in the Royal Lunatic Asylum in Scotland in 1889. Little scuffed at ends of spine, o/w a nice copy in somewhat chpped and scuffed dj. $15.00 Book Id: Inquire about this book Site Map Contact Us Privacy
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17. The Doyle Diay; The Last Great Conan Doyle Mystery - DOYLE, CHARLES ALTAMONT
doyle, charles altamont The doyle diay; the last great Conan doyle mystery London, Paddington Press. 1978, First Edition. (ISBN 0709200471) Cloth with dust
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DOYLE, CHARLES ALTAMONT The Doyle diay; the last great Conan Doyle mystery
London, Paddington Press. 1978, First Edition. (ISBN: 0709200471) Cloth with dust jacket, 26 x 19 cm. Ill.: Charles Doyle. Oblong 4to, cream cloth, stamped in gilr cover and spine. Pp 91, with drawings throughout the book. Semi-demented drawings by Arthur Conan Doyle's father in his lunatic asylum. Sub-title: With a Holmesiam invesigation into the strange and curious case of Charles Altamont by Michael Baker. As New/Very Good.
US$ 21.78 Offered by: Kew Books Caxton - Book number: 2825
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18. Oak Knoll Books & Oak Knoll Press
With a Holmesian Investigation into the Strange and Curious Case of charles altamont doyle by Michael Baker.A diary written by Arthur Conan doyle s father, Charles Altamont&s_ShowPics=

19. Books & Collectibles Online Bookstore And Search Engine For Rare, Out Of Print,
AC010650I Baker, Michael charles altamont doyle The doyle Diary The Last Great Conan doyle 003760 Baker, Michael, Illustrated by charles altamont doyle

20. ArtMagick S Archive Artists
Dollman, John charles (British, 18511934). Dollond, William Anstey. Doré, Gustave (French, 1832-1883). doyle, charles altamont (British, 1832-1893)

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