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         Plant Genetics:     more books (100)
  1. Dictionary of Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology by Gurbachan Miglani, 1998-03-30
  2. Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding by Professor George Acquaah, 2006-09-27
  3. Quantitative Genetics in Maize Breeding (Handbook of Plant Breeding) by Arnel R. Hallauer, Marcelo J. Carena, et all 2010-09-03
  4. Plant Breeding and Genetics in Horticulture by C. North, 1980-06
  5. Agricultural Values of Plant Genetic Resources by D Gollin, V Santaniello R E Evenson, 1998-01-09
  6. Elsevier's Dictionary of Plant Genetic Resources: In English (with definitions) by International Board for Plant, 1991-03-12
  7. Plant Genetic Conservation: The in situ approach by N. Maxted, B.V. Ford-Lloyd, et all 1997-01-31
  8. Collecting Plant Genetic Diversity: (Cabi) by L Guarino, V R R Rao, et all 1995-01-05
  9. Plant Genetic Conservation by Nigel Maxted, 2010-10-30
  10. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture - A Tool in Biotechnology: Basics and Application (Principles and Practice) by Karl-Hermann Neumann, Ashwani Kumar, et all 2009-06-26
  11. Plant Biotechnology: The Genetic Manipulation of Plants by Adrian Slater, Nigel W. Scott, et all 2008-06-02
  12. Genetics and Conservation of Rare Plants
  13. Plant Biotechnology and Genetics: Principles, Techniques and Applications
  14. Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Sugarcane (Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Crop Plants)

1. Home
Research on genetic materials for efficiency, reliability and profitability of crop production and use, including environmentally sound practices. Includes distance learning and outreach education programs from St. Paul.
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2. Essentials Of Genetics [M.Tevfik DORAK]
Provides a range of notes including landmarks, basic terms and rules, chromosomes and genes, population genetics, viral and bacterial genetics, and plant genetics. Includes links to related resources .
Back to Evolution Back to Biostatistics Back to HLA Back to MHC ... Homepage ESSENTIALS OF GENETICS M.Tevfik DORAK Landmarks in the History of Genetics Basic Genetic Terms and Rules Glossary Chromosomes and Genes ... Possible Misunderstandings in Genetics Internet Links Genetics Virtual Library Biomedical Life Long Learning (Online Genetics Courses) BBC Adult Learning BBC-OU Learning Zone Genetics Education: ROCHE GLAXO WELLCOME TRUST Dictionary of Genetic Terms ... Genetic Animations Online Books Introduction to Genetic Analysis Modern Genetic Analysis Mouse Genetics Human Genome Epidemiology ... Genetics in WikiPedia Genetics in WikiBooks Encyclopedia of Genetics Encyclopedia of Life Sciences M.Tevfik Dorak , B.A. ( Hons ), M.D., Ph.D. Last updated on 23 Febr Back to Evolution Back to Biostatistics Back to HLA Back to MHC ... Homepage

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4. Genetics Virtual Library
Virtual Library on Genetics (Biosciences) Evolution Medicine - Veterinary Medicine - Microbiology Virology - Plant Biology - Model

5. Internet Resources On Plant Genetics [Internet Resources]
This Webliography facilitates access to many important plant genetics resources on {FAO Plant Genetic Resources} Country information related to plant
Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Spring 1997 URLs in this document have been updated. Links enclosed in have been changed. If a replacement link was located, the new URL was added and the link is active; if a new site could not be identified, the broken link was removed.
Science and Technology Sources on the Internet
Elizabeth W. Brown, Editor
William T. Johnson
University Library
Texas Tech University
Guide to the Internet Resources on PLANT GENETICS
Databases Electronic Publications Government Resources Library Resources ... Miscellaneous Items The number of biological resources on the Internet is staggering, and the apparent complexity of how to locate specific items of interest and relevance can be frustrating or maddening for both novice and experienced searchers. The purpose of this guide is to provide a timely, well-designed, and quality resource to the HYPERTEXT OF PLANT GENETICS. Therefore, no attempt is made at comprehensive coverage. Rather, scholarly research oriented information sources are selected and a brief description of each site provided. A diverse strategy was employed to create this guide. Broad subject catalogs such as those provided by INFOMINE and the WWW Virtual Library were browsed, and several Internet search engines were used to determine the initial group of sites for inclusion. Additionally, several listservs, as well as a number of print sources, were consulted to find relevant sites.

6. Internet Resources On Plant Genetics [Internet Resources]
Guide to the Internet Resources on plant genetics

7. Plant Genetics & Breeding

8. Welcome To Plant Research International
Offer research services in plant genetics and reproduction, crop physiology, agrosystems, soil fertility, and the optimization of plant health.

9. Welcome To Plant Research International
Offer research services in plant genetics and reproduction, crop physiology, agrosystems, soil fertility, and the optimization of plant health.

10. Plant Genetics Breeding

11. BUBL LINK: Plant Genetics
Subjects animal genetics, plant biology, plant genetics DeweyClass 570 Subjects genetics links, human genetics, plant genetics DeweyClass 599.93
BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus Countries ... Z
Plant genetics
Titles Descriptions
  • American Journal of Botany Angiosperm DNA C-Values Database ATCC: American Type Culture Collection BeanRef ... TIGR Rice Gene Index (OsGI)
  • Comments:
    American Journal of Botany
    American Journal of Botany Online contains the full content of each issue of the journal, searchable by keyword. Covers topics such as ecology, physiology, development, population biology, systematics and cytogenetics. Cited references include hyperlinks to Medline and to the full text of many other online journals.
    Author: Botanical Society of America
    Subjects: botany, plant genetics
    Resource type: journal
    Angiosperm DNA C-Values Database
    A database of DNA C-values. Access to this database is free but the user must provide an email address as well as the genus of interest. Search results include taxon, family, 4C DNA amount, entry number and reference citation, listed separately for each species.
    Author: Royal Botanic Gardens
    Subjects: plant genetics
    Resource type: reference data
    ATCC: American Type Culture Collection
    Global nonprofit bioscience organisation that provides biological products, technical services, and educational programs to private industry, government, and academic organisations around the world. Includes a catalogue of biological cultures, databases and other product information.

    12. Plant Genome Data And Information Center
    Barley Genetics Newsletter Dendrome Newsletter Journal of Agricultural Genomics Plant Genome Meeting Abstracts Report of the Tomato Genetics

    13. BUBL LINK: Plant Biology
    Subjects animal genetics, plant biology, plant genetics DeweyClass 570 Subjects genetics education, history of science, plant biology
    BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus Countries ... Z
    Plant biology
    Titles Descriptions
  • APHIS: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Aquatic and Wetland Plant Glossary BeanRef Botanic Diversity Pages ... Scientific Journals: Botany, Crop and Soil Science
  • Comments:
    APHIS: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
    Aims to ensure the health and care of animals and plants, improve agricultural productivity, and contribute to the national economy and the public health.
    Author: US Department of Agriculture
    Subjects: pest control, plant biology, public health, united states agriculture, veterinary science
    Resource type: documents
    Aquatic and Wetland Plant Glossary
    Glossary of terminology relating to aquatic and wetland plants.
    Author: Sutton, Dave L.
    Subjects: plant biology, plant distribution
    Resource type: dictionary
    A collection of references from printed literature and electronically available information covering different aspects of research on beans (genus Phaseolus and Vigna). Includes general overview, germplasm collections, cell culture, taxonomy, molecular biology, genetics, cytogenetics, physiology, phytopathology, production and consumption, conferences, organisations, groups, and databases.
    Author: University of Kaiserslautern
    Subjects: plant biology, plant genetics

    14. - Technology Measures Corn's Suitability For Ethanol
    Pioneer HiBred, a subsidiary of DuPont, provides access to advanced plant genetics, crop protection solutions and quality crop systems to

    15. IPGRI - International Plant Genetic Resources Institute
    IPGRI International Plant Genetic Resources Institute is the world's largest international nonprofit agricultural research and training organization

    16. Our Website Has Moved...
    The mission of the Department of Agronomy and plant genetics is to discover andshare information and genetic materials that increase the efficiency,
    The Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics - University of Minnesota Our new website has moved to
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    17. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Research and educational institution with programs on cancer, neurobiology and plant genetics.

    18. Plant Genetics
    Dept. of plant genetics. Rivka Barg, Ph.D. Yedidya Gafni, Ph.D. Head; David Gidoni,Ph.D. Shamay Izhar, Ph.D. Abraham Lalazar, Ph. D. Ilan Levin, Ph.D.
    State of Israel / Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
    Agricultural Research Organization
    Dept. of Plant Genetics
  • Rivka Barg , Ph.D. Yedidya Gafni , Ph.D. Head David Gidoni , Ph.D. Shamay Izhar, Ph.D. Abraham Lalazar, Ph. D. Ilan Levin , Ph.D. Arieh Levy , Ph.D. Nurit Firon , Ph.D. Michael Friedman , Ph.D. Ilan Paran , Ph.D. Meir Pilowsky, Ph.D. Yehiam Salts , Ph.D. Chen Shifriss, Ph.D. Benjamin Steinitz , Ph.D. Nissim Yonash, Ph.D. Aaron Zelcer , Ph.D.
  • The Prof. Rafael Frankel Foundation
    Develop strategies to improve the quality of vegetable crops, in particular tomato and pepper.
    Identification of molecular markers linked to genes for disease resistance, better pigmentation and sugar accumulation.
    Improvement of crops by tissue culture based manipulations and molecular biology.
    Studies oriented at zygotic, somatic and microspore-derived embryogenesis. Also studies of the parameters controlling cell and tissue differentiation. Development of efficient methods for the delivery and optimal expression of foreign genes in plant cells.
    Develop strategies to combat plant viruses, in particular viruses of tomato and pepper.

    19. American Society Of Plant Biologists Home Page
    plant genetics 2005 Snowbird, Utah * October 1216, 2005 Registration and Abstract Submission

    20. ASPB - Meetings - Plant Genetics 2005
    To promote the growth and development of plant biology, to encourage and publishresearch in plant biology, and to promote the interests and growth of plant



    ©2005 ASPB
    Plant Genetics 2005
    Mechanisms of Genetic Variation
    This conference on Plant Genetics will be the second of a series of specialty meetings sponsored by ASPB. The focus of this meeting will be on the nature and mechanisms of genetic variation and their effects on evolution of plant form and function, as well as on plant speciation and crop domestication. The meeting will bring together speakers working on different organisms, and on different aspects and approaches, with the aim of achieving a synthesis of understanding to stimulate discussion and further research. Attendance will be limited to 250 participants. The secluded setting and schedule are designed to facilitate ongoing interaction between the presenters and attendees. All meals will be on-site , and the speakers will be in attendance throughout the entire conference. Afternoons will be free for recreation, informal discussions and other activities. Participation by graduate students and young postdoctoral fellows is strongly encouraged, and discounted rates for registration and accommodation will be available.
    The Snowbird Conference Center is located in a spectacular setting surrounded by mountains.

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